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Rome police issue warning about realistic-looking BB guns

Rome Police have issued a warning about realistic-looking BB guns after one such weapon worried customers outside the Quick N Easy shop on East Bloomfield Street Thursday afternoon.

Police said a man was witnessed in the parking lot of the Quick N Easy with what appeared to be a handgun sticking out of the waistband of his pants shortly after 1 p.m. Thursday. Other people on the scene called and officers responded.

After speaking with the man, police said the revolver was determined to be a very realistic-looking BB gun.

“The passerby called thinking the person was going to rob the store,” explained department spokesperson Lt. Sharon Rood.

“Use caution when carrying them in public.”

Rood said Rome Police have confiscated several such BB guns recently, and they want to warn the general public of the potential dangers. The revolver BB gun was made of metal and functioned similarly to a real gun, complete with a hammer and moving cylinder. Other BB guns look like pistols.

Rood noted that these types of BB guns can make it difficult for responding officers to make snap decisions if confronted with one.

“It’s dangerous. There’s no way we can determine if that’s a real gun” from looks alone, Rood explained. “We aren’t going to know the difference until it’s too late.”

The warning, by Rome police, comes just days after police agencies responding to a mental health check of a year-old Jamesville boy who may have died by “suicide by cop,” in which the victim creates a situation to receive a lethal response by officers. At some point during the incident, law enforcement officials say the teenager pulled out what appeared to be a handgun and pointed it at officers. The teen was killed after multiple officers from different agencies opened fire. It was later determined, officials said, that the weapon was really an airsoft or pellet gun made to look like an actual handgun.

Rood said it is not illegal for adults to own and possess these realistic-looking BB guns, but it is illegal for children and juveniles to have the weapons. Police have confiscated several such weapons from juveniles recently, including one handgun that a juvenile used to threaten another person.

Sours: https://romesentinel.com/stories/rome-police-issue-warning-about-realistic-looking-bb-guns,

Steve Colville

Avoid like the plague

Avoid like the plague! Received £ SRTAc yesterday and it feels and looks great. Unfortunately the box was ripped and open at the end but the plastic cover surrounding this was fine which suggested to me the box had been ripped and damaged before being wrapped and posted.
Also on inspecting the Rifle as this was a Christmas present for my son and wanted to check it was working the dust cover came off. I tried numerous attempts to reattach but struggled to do so.
After a number of emails and Just BB guns sending a YouTube video of an actual AK47 dust cover being refitted to demonstrate how it was done I received a phone call from them.
Too be honest I&#;m in still awe of the gentleman I spoke that you can fit that much condescending rudeness inside a human being.
No pleasant introductions straight on the defence that I was doing it wrong and he could do it in 2 seconds flat if it was in front of him. He then asked me if I had any experience of guns which I then informed him I&#;d done 4 years in the army. At that he said he&#;d spoke to a number of people who claimed to be in the army and that I should stop boasting about it. I did point out he had asked the question about gun experience beforehand.
Not happy with this he informed me they had to treat every customer as if they were lying on which I congratulated him on a wonderful customer ethos.
Anyway this conversation or rather him attempting to talk over me went on for 10 minutes or so with the gentleman informing me if I was to send it back I couldn&#;t expect them to pay for postage.
To cut a long story short they were rude, disinterested with little or no customer care as far as I can tell.
They did agree for me to eventually send it back and even emailed a postage slip so I didn&#;t have to pay.
Just to add the gentleman was right after doing my own research into actual air soft dust covers and the correct way to reattach them I did get it on. If he&#;d not acted like an aggressive teenager maybe we could of got to that point rather than boasting how great he is with airsoft dust covers.
Ultimately do yourself a favour this Christmas pick a different company to buy from.
Just to add I had brought from this company before so was a returning customer but not again.



would avoid this shop!

I deleted my first review as a good will gesture as I thought they was sorting the problem

bought 2 mags, 1 was brand new the other used.
I asked for an exchange on the used mag. Phoned the shop as was greeted by some rude guy on the phone who didn't really seem as if he wanted to help me. I explained my problem that it was some boneyard or used item.

I did as they asked and took pictures of the item and started my first review of the mess up and poor customer service. I was emailed shortly after and told if I want to take the long Route of starting a PayPal claim and review they would make me wait. (love how professional they are)

I was emailed back and told they can exchange it but the item would not be in its original packing (don't know what that's all about)

I have sent 3 emails to them following this to no response. Still not got my exchange or a refund and now having. to escalate it to payal.

Completely let down by them and a bunch of crooks. They will only respond once you write a bad review to cover them.

only have to go and read the reviews to see for yourself and I should of listened

Awaiting refund or exchange.

Horrible Company - Upsetting

Horrible company. Waited months for a replacement for a faulty item and never came. Was upset by email communication from the company calling me a criminal and other slanderous remarks. I have email chain of the horrid customer service. Please don't deal with this company. I will send over the email chain to anyone that is considering dealing with this company to show just how upsetting it was!

Avoid this company "justbbguns"

Avoid this company "justbbguns". I paid for more expensive gun and they sent out a cheaper one. Asked for diffrence of money to be refunded and they tried to pie me off with some free bbs which was half the diffrence in money I'd paid extra! Bad attitude on phone and email!


Thinking of starting airsoft? Avoid!

Alright, this rant is back from when lockdown got the better of me and my youtube addiction grew to a new high (low really but you know what I mean). I watched a lot of films and videos just like everyone else during the March lockdown and one of the videos that popped up in my watch next was a guy called DesertAirsoft. Long story short I was hooked on trying airsoft after this lockdown so I went to JustBBGuns to buy one, I got an M4S1 AEG rifle bundle for about £ which was totally reasonable compared to other sites, bought the gun and waited for it to arrive. Once it did I initially noticed that the battery was useless for the barrel of this gun and I had to almost snap the barrel to fit it, I contacted support and was met with arrogance and a sense of being less than them (it was the first time I had even been around an airsoft rifle and DesertAirsoft was just site videos not like he to fit batteries), they told me that every battery type will fit in the gun which is just a blatant lie and that they won't accept the fact that it wouldn't fit. I have since played airsoft a lot more and made some good friends in doing so, ones who told me to avoid JustBBGuns at all costs as they are useless, something I wish I would've known before buying a gun. If you are thinking of buying an airsoft rifle in the UK I would wholeheartedly recommend patrol base or have a look around Usedairsoft and question the people on that instead. The only reason they get two Trustpilot stars is because the gun was decent enough, despite the fact the barrel fell off on-site 3 times in one situation.


Royal Mail lost my parcel they were&#;

Royal Mail lost my parcel they were excellent in sending me out a replacement straight away , great customer service , I can see there are some bad reviews on here , but you get what you pay for !
If you pay for a cheap gun it&#;s not going to last , if it says garden fun then that&#;s what it&#;s meant for , you got to pay the money if you want a decent gun so don&#;t be put off by the bad reviews if you are considering buying a decent airsoft gun &#;.use these guys !!

I Ordered A SR BB Gun

I ordered a SR BB Gun, with gas, pellets and a target to shoot at. I was at first pleasantly surprised when the gas, bullets, and target came quickly. Next arrived the gun, and that was a terrible experience, the magazine looked used with various scratch marks, and I was quite unhappy with the lack of service, I was even accused of ruining the magazine, this company know nothing, about the fact that the customer is always correct, I showed Adil whom I communicated with two WhatsApp videos, to prove my point, on the second WhatsApp video, he finally said I received the wrong magazine, today I received the correct magazine and a curtesy speed loader, I am happy with the gun performance the gun has a great kickback and blow action. I am very unhappy with this company, in terms of being accused of ruining the gun magazine, this company need better customer service, and should drop their arrogance and ignorance, and listen to their customer, I did after all spend £ These are the reasons I rate this company three stars, I advise everyone and a note to myself to maybe shop elsewhere and shop with caution on this site. I even asked for an exchange so that I could use a simpler gun at first, when I didn't understand how to use it, it's clear this company doesn't know the difference between exchanging and refunding. I hope customer service improves. Thank you!

Purchased from justbbguns.ie and&#;

Purchased from justbbguns.ie and received an email saying my order was refunded, two weeks later with no explanation. I contacted them through email and their Facebook page just looking for a reason my order had been cancelled on me but both were ignored. I have previously purchased from them and was very happy but their customer service apparently sucks.


Rubbish Service

Really getting annoyed with this company. I have given them proof that I am legitimately a member of an Airsoft site. But they have decided that they will not serve me because they do not believe I have genuine Airsoft site membership - my advice: avoid these clowns and shop elsewhere!

anthony black

Disgraceful Service

Where is the zero stars award because this company deserve it! I have a BB Gun, bought for my wife and she can't use it because it's got no working battery, so the gun itself may be also broken but i can't tell yet. I am on to the second battery from a different supplier this time, so i am waiting on testing that before taking things further but the crux of my problems with this company are similar to the others that have written before, the customer service, or lack of! The gun came with no manual, broken pop up sites and no battery, to be fair the battery wasn't included in the package that i paid for but seriously who would sell a battery powered gun without a battery? That's right, a company who sell broken batteries and make you purchase seperately so that you don't send the gun (the larger purchase) back, smaller packages and they get to keep the larger money amounts. When you try to complain to customer services you get BLANK they will ignore you, so i am cancelling the CC payments, so again be warned, use a CC to buy but try to use someone else. Your experiences may well differ from mine but i doubt it.

Broken weapon due to poorly made

Broken weapon due to poorly made. They blame me. Worst customer service ever. Disgrace of a company. Beware people they sell cheap Nast weapons then blame you when they break. Stay away. Most of the good reviews are FAKE too.

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore


Horrible Customer Service

This is ONLY about the Dublin branch and not about the English side. I ordered a rifle about a month ago and the delivery was superb it arrived the very next day. I soon found a problem within the barrel of the sniper so I emailed them about the problem but the customer service was horrible. I waited days for a response and to be fair, they did order a collection of my faulty gun and a replacement, but the replacement was even worse. It couldn&#;t even shoot pellets out of the barrel and when I emailed them about this problem, they told me I had to ship it back to them at my own expense to see if I might get my money back, I would strongly recommend buying somewhere else as the customer service is horrible. It took about days on average for them to respond which was not ideal and I ended up buying elsewhere with much better satisfaction.

Kyle Calder

I ordered a pack from this retailer

I ordered a pack from this retailer. As I was unable to use it in a city area once I finally got to try it it broke after a few shots. Retailer shown no interest in refunding faulty cheaply made plastic bb guns. I would not shop here again and do not recommend, I've had an awful experience with this retailer. Also charged shocking price for delivery. Refuses to refund or even replace the rifle I bought.

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore


Sours: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.justbbguns.co.uk
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Sours: https://www.just-airsoftguns.com/
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