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Concrete Tractor Weight

Moore Concrete manufacture 2 distinctive styles of precast concrete Tractor Weight creating a range which is suitable for the majority of tractor models, including New Holland, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Case, McCormick, Deutz, Same & Zetor.

Our precast tractor weight are suitable for category 0, 1, 2 & 3 linkages.

Tractor Weight Block

We offer two Concrete Tractor Weights that are both highly cost-effective ballast solutions. The products give a greater effective weight on the tractor front axle offering a safer balance load for your tractor. They are durable, flexible and cost effective solution to meet your farming needs.

For further information regarding Concrete Tractor Weight Please contact a member of our agriculture Sales Team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1
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  • Tractor weight can be front or rear mounted

  • A galvanised 3 point linkage frame is used to mount the weight to the tractor

  • Suitable for the majority tractor models and category 0, 1, 2 & 3 linkages. Please note when using category 3 linkages, a category 2 mounting pin is required

  • A towing eye is included in the front of tractor weight design

  • Smooth concrete finish as standard

  • Can be painted to customer specifications on request

Tractor Weight Product Dimensions

Moore Concrete are proud to be one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high quality precast building products. The Conventional Tractor Weight design is available in 790Kg and 0.5 tonnes and can be easily hooked onto a bar between the lift arms of the tractor. The Compact Tractor Weight is available in 0.5 ton, 0.75 ton, 1 ton, 1.25 ton and 1.5 ton weights.

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DIY tractor weights ideas

Here you go:

Home made concrete, steel and lead wheel weights, 260 lbs for the right, 240 lbs for the left, total of 500 lbs (in addition to loaded rear tires):


Box blade rear weight block plus Rachet Rake holder, 410 lbs for the block and 110 lbs for the RR, total of 520 lbs at the rear of my box blade:


FEL torque tube weights. 4" 1/4" steel tube 18" long with 4"x4" 1/4" plate on one end, then 2" steel rod welded to plate, then filled with concrete. Total weight, around 40 lbs, total of 80 lbs for two of them:


Front end weights, total weight around 180 lbs:


The standard concrete filled barrel as a rear ballast weight, around 750-900 lbs +/-, now replaced with my box blade with rear weight block +1200 lbs:


Good luck!
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Concrete Tractor Weight


Moore Concrete compact tractor weight with galvanized linkage frame – Range of sizes available!

Prices on request – starting from £400 +VAT+Delivery.

Orders should be placed over the phone or by email. Contact 01677 424284 or email for inquiries and orders.

  • Can be supplied in weights of: 0.5 Ton, 0.75 Ton, 1 Ton, 1.25 Ton & 1.5 Ton.

Key Benefits:

  • Front or rear mountable – suitable for the majority of tractor models and linkage categories.
  • Galvanized 3-point linkage frame. Includes towing eye on the front of the weight.
  • Comes with smooth concrete finish as standard – Can be painted to customer specification if requested. Will include small additional charge to be painted.

Please note – When using category 3 linkages, a category 2 mounting pin is required.

Linkage pins are not included.

Concrete items are not always in stock. We try out hardest to get the item delivered to you as fast as possible.

For more information email or call the office on 01677 424284.

*Prices vary between item.

*Shipping cost can vary.

Concrete tractor ballast

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Tractor weights concrete

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3 Point Hitch Tractor Ballast Box

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