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The Lifelike doors (the ones with springs) are a little silly, IMHO. I have always wondered about that one.

For me, the separate doors are important for kitbashing/detailing purposes. Think about a Cannon cab kit. I often model doors in open or partially open positions. This is difficult or not worth doing with doors and such that come molded on.

The Athearn comment is poignant because there is a discussion recently title depression era pricing. Old Athearn bluebox have those ridiculously huge door tracks, etc. Following current (almost finescale) modeling standards, a lot of the Athearn blueboxes fall short of desirable. Kitbashes are even a little difficult because of all of the molded on junk. So, having separate doors/details are beneficial for modeling specifics.

Photography is one more reason to have doors that open, etc. Maybe, I want to have a loading plate from the dock into the boxcar for a picture or something. It is kinda difficult to do this if doors are molded on.

Finally, it seems to me that separate doors offer a little more relief between the door and the car than does a door that is molded on. In other words, it just looks better. It looks like a door that actually might open.

Sours: https://model-railroad-hobbyist.com/node/7229

Scale Model Building - Cross Referencing HO Scale Doors & Windows:

The chart below is designed to assist in the selection of suitable windows for your HO, N, or OO www.ScaleModelPlans.com structure projects.


Modern day windows are generally factory made to strict specifications, and can be framed in aluminum, steel, wood, vinyl-wrapped wood, or other materials.  Standard sized windows are often available in increments of 6" in width or height, and custom windows can be manufactured to non-standard sizes and shapes. However, in many older buildings the windows were fabricated on site by the builder, or in local woodwork shops, to various sizes and tolerances.  Because of this it is not uncommon to find an old building with odd sized windows.  If you are trying to model such a building to exact specifications it might be difficult, unless you plan on making your own scale windows. Even if you do, unless you can work within a tolerance of a few thousandths of an inch you are going to experience some difficulty.  For this reason, we sometimes have to be somewhat forgiving when choosing windows. 

HO Scale door

HO Scale door used as N Scale freight door

Doors and windows in ScaleModelPlans.com plans are drawn as closely as Model Train Plans for Structures practicable to represent the original buildings that they model. In most cases you can achieve very accurate historical representation with commercially available scale plastic windows, but in some cases you can comfortably accept a close facsimile. After all, a difference of one inch in real life works out to the thickness of only a sheet or two of paper in HO or N scale.  Another thing to consider is that many older buildings were taken from plans that were repeated, or catalog homes, where window sizes would vary from site to site, so it is difficult to determine what the "correct" size would have been.

Interchaneabilty - Things are not always as they appear!

Having a good supply of windows and doors makes interchangeability a lot easier. I try to keep some of everything on hand so I am able to sort through and find just what I'm looking for.  Sometimes, a little imagination and creativity comes in handy.  The chart below will help in this regard.


The image on the left shows a Northeastern Scale Lumber D104 HO Scale panel door, being used as a loading dock door for an N Scale CPR Depot. The door was glued in place, then trimmed flush to the bottom of the wall with a reinforced edge razor blade. In this case the 30" wide doors scale to just under 5' wide in N scale, which works out suitably for the freight doors required for the CPR depot done in N scale.

N Scale Structure using HO Scale Openings:

This is Plan 2054, a CPR Plan Type 10 Depot done in N scale using HO Scale windows and freight doors.  The 'man doors' were hand made using .017" veneer, but the other doors and windows are either stock or trimmed HO scale from Northeastern Scale Lumber.

Passenger depot windows are stock W105NEB, dormer windows are trimmed W112NEB, clerestory/transom windows are W112NEB, (one piece makes two windows), and the freight doors were D104NEB.

How to Use This Chart:

N Scale house

This N Scale model uses HO Scale Windows

Decide on the window sizes that you plan on using either based on the plans or your personal choice, and convert the window plan dimensions from feet & inches to just inches. On standard architectural plans, door and window dimensions are given in feet and inches, width by height.

For example:

a 4436 window is 52" (4'4") wide by 42" (3'6") high.

Check the HO scale dimensions column for the nearest match. In this example a Northeastern Scale Lumber part  #W109NEB would be an exact match. In some cases there may not be an exact match, in which case you could choose the closest available size.


Although there are several windows available in both N scale and O scale, HO scale still seems to be the most common. As mentioned above, in some cases HO scale windows can be used successfully on other scales.  The chart below lists the part numbers, actual, and scale sizes of HO scale doors and windows from three manufacturers.  It also lists the N scale and O scale equivalent dimensions.

Example #1:

Part  #W105NEB  is an HO scale 18" by 28" window, (1624 on the plans), but could be used as a 33" by 51" window in N scale.  If an N scale plan called for a 3040, this could be used as an alternative as it is very close in size.  Naturally, not every window will lend itself to multiple scales, but several will. This chart should help to find these alternatives so that you can increase your success in finding ready made windows for your scratch built structures.

Example #2:

If an OO scale plan called for a 3020 window, (36" by 24") you could get away with an HO scale  #W114NEB , which is actually 40" by 27" in HO scale.

Table of HO Scale (1:87) Doors & Windows by Manufacturer(dim. in inches)

Some of these will work with N and OO scale

Northeastern Scale Lumber

HO Scale dimensions



opening size


N Scale dimensions


OO Scale dimensions

Part #Description

W inches




W inches




W inches




W inches



W100NE 4/4 DBL Hung2762 0.370.78 50114 2454
W101NEB 4/4 DBL Hung2548 0.340.62 4688 2242
W102NEB2/2 DBL Hung 2869 0.380.83 51127 2460
W103NEB9/9 DBL Hung3892 0.471.11 70169 3380
W104NEBWork Car2424 0.370.36 4444 2121
W105NEBWork Car1828 0.260.37 3351 1624
W106NEB2/2 DBL Hung2456 0.330.71 44103 2149
W107NEB4/4 DBL Hung2762 0.370.78 50114 2454
W108NEB4/4 DBL Hung3481 0.440.98 63149 3071
W109NEB4/4 Horizontal Slider5242 0.650.53 9677 4537
W110NEB6 Panel3464 0.440.78 63118 3056
W111NEB2/2 DBL Hung3047 0.360.58 5586 2641
W112NEB6/6 DBL Hung3066 0.40.81 55121 2658
W113NEB6/6 DBL Hung3664 0.460.78 66118 3156
W114NEB6 Light4027 0.510.35 7450 3524
W115NEBDBL HUNG - DBL WIDE3066 0.770.81 55121 2658
W116NEB6/6 DBL HUNG3066    55121 2658


D100NEB4 Lite Door3080 0.380.94 55147 2670
D101NEB4 Panel Door3080 0.40.96 55147 2670
D102NEB4 Lite Door3080 0.381.16 55147 2670
D103NEBFreight Door w/ 5 Lite72108 0.951.29 132199 6394
D104NEBPanel Door3080 0.470.99 55147 2670
D105NEBBarn Door3680 0.420.89 66147 3170

Download Window & Door Cut-out Template

Tichytraingroup.com(Grandt in brackets)

HO Scale dimensions



opening size


N Scale dimensions


OO Scale Dimensions

Part #DescriptionWH WH WH WH
 80106 Lite4236 0.520.47 7766 3731
 80144/4 Double Hung3254 0.430.68 5999 2847
(5112) 80236 LITE ATTIC WINDOW2826 0.370.33 5148 2423
(5031) 80246/6 DOUBLE HUNG WINDOW3664 0.460.78 66118 3156
(5215) 80252/2 DOUBLE HUNG WINDOW3062 0.360.75 55114 2654
(5242) 80266 LITE WINDOW4027 0.510.35 7450 3524
(5030) 80284/4 DOUBLE HUNG WINDOW2762 0.370.78 50114 2454
80294/4 DOUBLE HUNG WINDOW2548 0.340.62 4688 2242
8030DOUBLE HUNG WINDOW3080 0.40.98 55147 2670
(5060) 80312/2 DOUBLE HUNG WINDOW2869 0.380.83 51127 2460
(5081) 8042HORIZONTAL SLIDER5233 0.640.42 9661 4529
(5117) 80432/2 DOUBLE HUNG WINDOW3664 0.450.78 66118 3156
8047ROUND TOP WINDOW3058 0.380.67 55107 2651
(5097) 80549/9 DOUBLE HUNG WINDOW4490 0.541.07 81166 3879
80559/9 DOUBLE HUNG ARCH TOP WINDOW4490 0.541.07 81166 3879
80569/9 DOUBLE HUNG WINDOW3892 0.471.11 70169 3380
80576/6 DOUBLE HUNG2592 0.341.11 46169 2280
(5195) 80612/2 DOUBLE HUNG WINDOW3682 0.51 66151 3172
80622/2 DOUBLE HUNG2456 0.330.71 44103 2149
8063DOUBLE DBL HUNG 2/25256 0.6750.71 96103 4549
(5222) 8064DOUBLE DBL HUNG 4/45964 0.7050.8 109118 5256
(5210) 8065SIX UNIT DBL HUNG 4/418064 2.110.8 331118 15756
(5239) 80674 PANE SASH.2424 0.370.36 4444 2121
(5059) 80684 PANE SASH.1828 0.260.37 3351 1624
80694/4 DOUBLE HUNG2762 0.370.78 50114 2454
(5032) 80718/8 DOUBLE HUNG3652 0.4550.61 6696 3145
80722/2 DOUBLE HUNG ARCH TOP3060 0.390.71 55110 2652
80742 PANE WINDOW369 0.50.152 6617 318
80884/4 DOUBLE HUNG3481 0.440.98 63149 3071
80894/4 HORIZONTAL SLIDER WINDOW5242 0.650.53 9677 4537
80906 PANE3464 0.440.78 63118 3056
(5204) 8094THREE 1/1 DOUBLE HUNG10092 1.181.1 184169 8780
(5205) 80951/1 DOUBLE HUNG6592 0.791.1 120169 5780
80961/1 DOUBLE HUNG3092 0.3851.1 55169 2680
80971/1 DOUBLE HUNG2864 0.370.825 51118 2456
(5221) 8098TWO 2/2 DOUBLE HUNG6369 0.7850.83 116127 5560
810027 PANE WINDOW FOR INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS44140 0.531.63 81257 38122
8102SINGLE SASH OR PICTURE WINDOW3682 0.51 66151 3172
8103DOUBLE UNIT OF WINDOW #80256462 0.750.75 118114 5654
8104TRIPLE UNIT OF WINDOW #80259862 0.751.14 180114 8654
81052/2 DOUBLE HUNG3047 0.360.58 5586 2641
8106DOUBLE UNIT OF WINDOW #81056447 0.750.58 11886 5641
(5230) 81131/1 ROUND TOP2472 0.340.825 44132 2163
(5212) 81141/1 DOUBLE ROUND TOP5272 0.640.87 96132 4563
8126DOUBLE DBL HUNG 4/46480 0.810.98 118147 5670
8127TRIPLE UNIT OF #80309880 1.2250.98 180147 8670
(5029) 81314/4 DOUBLE HUNG2764 0.360.78 50118 2456
813612/12 DOUBLE HUNG3162 0.40.75 57114 2754
8137DOUBLE DBL HUNG 4/48062 0.9550.76 147114 7054
81382/2 DOUBLE HUNG STOREFRONT7682 0.9251 140151 6672
8139DOUBLE CASEMENT3040 0.390.5 5574 2635
(5011) 8149ROUND ATTIC WINDOW3030 0.415  5555 2626
81536/6 DOUBLE HUNG3066 0.3850.81 55121 2658
815718 PANE TOP TILT OUT FOR INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS3594 0.471.1 64173 3182
8159TWO 6/6 DOUBLE HUNG7964 0.940.78 145118 6956
8161TRIPLE UNIT OF WINDOW #802412178 1.420.78 223143 10668
8163INDUSTRIAL WINDOW3684 0.461.02 66154 3173
82001/1 ROUND TOP2760 0.3350.695 50110 2452
82011/1 DOUBLE HUNG3072 0.370.84 55132 2663
82024/4 ROUND TOP2478 0.340.91 44143 2168
82034 PANE ROUND TOP2436 0.340.44 4466 2131
82054/4 ROUND TOP2472 0.340.825 44132 2163
820618 SMALL WORK CAR WINDOWS   0.250.25         
820618 SMALL WORK CAR WINDOWS   0.250.4         
820618 SMALL WORK CAR WINDOWS   0.20.15         
820618 SMALL WORK CAR WINDOWS   0.250.25         

Table is based on dimensions provided by others. The author assumes no liability concerning accuracy. Please verify dimensions with manufacturer if necessary.

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Sours: https://www.scalemodelplans.com/smp/tutorials/window_ref.html
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(w) x (h)Fits In
(w) x (h)502130″ 5 PANEL DOOR WITH FRAME

Door and Frame separate pieces

.430 x .965.390 x .93032.75502830″ DOOR W/WDW AND FRAME Door and Frame separate pieces.430 x .965.400 x .95032.75529234″ x 6-10″ PANELED DOOR WITH WINDOW AND FRAME
Door and Frame separate pieces.490 x 1.020.460 x .0.99023.305263RESIDENCE DOOR W ARCHED WINDOWS
Door and Frame separate pieces.450 x .975.370 x .9102 doors with frames3.305301PANEL DOOR W/TRANSOM PLUS CROSS-BRACED FREIGHT DOORsmall door: .550 x 1.440
frt door: .880 x 1.040small door: .500 x 1.415
frt door: .840 x 1.0302 SETS3.30508830″ STATION DOOR-4 PANEL
Door and Frame separate pieces.445 x 1.100.400 x 1.06033.305115
Door and Frame separate piecesdoor:
 .500 x 1.45
.800 x 1.250door:
.470 x 1.380
.770 x 1.201 each2.755259PEAKED PEDIMENT  WINDOW AND DOOR SETDoor:
.515 x 1.370
.755 x 1.075Door:
.480 x 1.295
.710 x .9502 sets3.30501336″ DURANGO STATION DOOR W/FRAME AND TRANSOM
Door and Frame separate pieces.535 x 1.240.470 x 1.15023.305058STATION DOOR W/FRAME AND TRANSOM
Door and Frame separate pieces.  Door has diagonal sheathing on one side, flat panels on the other.500 x 1.175.460 x 1.15033.30504236″ RESIDENCE DOOR W/OVAL WINDOW
Door and Frame separate pieces.560 x 1.240.480 x 1.17523.30513436″ DOOR WITH WDW AND TRANSOM
Door and Frame separate pieces.470 x 1.160.420 x 1.15032.755072DOOR-4 PANE WINDOW WITH TRANSOM
Door and frame are molded as one piece.435 x 1.2.380 x 1.18043.30516333″ DOOR W/ 6 PANE WDW AND TRANSOM.520 x 1.375.425 x 1.33033.305197RGS STYLE DEPOT DOOR WITH WINDOW AND TRANSOM-36″x 84″
Door and Frame separate pieces.520 x 1.325.475 x 1.30043.30529134″ x 6-10″ PANELED DOOR WITH WINDOW AND FRAME WITH TRANSOM
Door and Frame separate pieces.490 x 1.260.460 x 1.24023.30513939″x 92″ FACTORY FRONT DOOR WITH TRANSOM FOR MASONRY BLDGS
Door and Frame separate pieces.500 x 1.350.500 x 1.35023.3050226’9″ ASSAY OFFICE DOUBLE DOOR-12 PANEDoors and Frame separate pieces.780 x 1.290.740 x 1.27023.305073DOUBLE DOOR W/TRANSOM
Door and frame are molded as one piece.910 x 1.390.875 x 1.37023.305312DBL DOOR WITH FRAME AND TRANSOM.940 x 1.415.900 x 1.35023.305109DBL DOOR WITH FRAME AND TRANSOM
Door and Frame separate pieces.945 x 1.550.890 x 1.5323.3051365′ x 9’7″ DOUBLE DOOR WITH IRON SHUTTERS
Doors and frame are molded as one piecedoor: .750 x 1.320
shutter:  .380 x 1.31023.3051374’2″ x 9”7″ SINGLE DOOR WITH IRON SHUTTERS
Door and frame are molded as one piecedoor: .575 x 1.320
shutter: .300 x 1.31023.30514989 1/2″  x 130″ DOUBLE DOOR W/SIDELIGHT AND TRANSOM
Doors, side panels and transom are all one piece1.025 x 1.51023.305165COMMERCIAL STOREFRONT WINDOW AND DOOR SET
Wide Window – Narrow Window – Door Frame w/2 door styles – Door and Frame separate pieces wide window: .680 x 1.575
narrow: .400 x 1.575
door frame: .760 x 1.575
1 set4.255301PANEL DOOR W/TRANSOM PLUS CROSS-BRACED FREIGHT DOORsmall door: .550 x 1.440
frt door: .880 x 1.040small door: .500 x 1.415
frt door: .840 x 1.0302 SETS3.305131DOOR W/FRAME-2 TONGUE AND GROOVE PANELS
Door and Frame separate pieces.430 x .950.40 x .93532.75529330″x  66″ DOOR WITH PLANKS ON ONE SIDE, Z-BRACE ON THE OTHER
Door and Frame separate pieces.460 x .970.420 x .96023.305308
RGS Style Depot
Door and Frame separate pieces.975 x 1.355.940 x 1.32534.255080STATION BAGGAGE DOORS
Door and Frame separate pieces
Door has X-frame on one side, flat panels on the other1.230 x 1.4301.20 x 1.40033.305267WAREHOUSE DOOR
Door and Frame separate pieces.975 x 1.1.925 x 1.07523.305268WAREHOUSE DOORS
Door and Frame separate pieces.870 x 1.030.815 x 1.023.305274WAREHOUSE DOOR, NO FRAME
no frame.575 x .9933.3051026’6″ x 14’6″ ENGINE HOUSE DOORS AND HINGES
Doors, windows and hinges are separate piecesea. door: .810 x 2.02044.25513314’6″ x 19′ ROUNDHOUSE DOORS W/WINDOWS AND HINGESea. door: .990 x 2.6101 set4.255158 WAREHOUSE DOORS
“ROLL UP”-12’6 x 14’3″
36″ STEEL PERSONNEL DOOR-42″x 84″1.730 x 1.990.490 x .9802 sets3.305243DOOR ASSORTMENT GRAB BOX (ASST)
This is quite a good value, but the assortment varies, depending on stock on hand.21.005313CLEAR PLASTIC SHEETS (.010) TO BE USED IN WINDOWS–4.25″ x  5.5″2 sheets3.30Note: The following doors are intended for model railroad cars, but may be suitable for other uses.5063NARROW GAUGE  CABOOSE DOORS
Door and frame are molded as one piece.330 x .79043.3050785078…..NARROW GAUGE COACH ARCH-TOP END DOORS
Door and frame are molded as one pieceoutside dimensions:.530 x .985.410 x .93043.305070COACH END DOORS
Door and frame are molded as one pieceoutside dimensions:
.520 X .975.4 X .92043.305071COMBINE BAGGAGE DOORSoutside dimensions:
.765 x .775.645 x .77543.30
Sours: https://www.grandtline.com/architectural-and-detail-parts/ho-scale/ho-scale-doors/
My 4x6' HO Scale D\u0026H Layout is FINISHED!!

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Scale door ho

The house has a couple of rooms, a huge salon with a kitchen. There are three massage tables in the middle of the salon. Large bathroom with shower. He poured me and Tanya coffee from a thermus.

Laser Art Structures HO Scale Barn - Part 3 - More Trim and Doors

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