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One Piece: 10 Facts About Roronoa Zoro That Only The Most Diehard Fans Know

Roronoa Zoro is one of the strongest and most popular characters in One Piece. With the goal to become the world's strongest swordsmen, he is the perfect choice to serve as Monkey D. Luffy’s right-hand man on his journey to become the Pirate King.

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In addition to his exploits and adventures in the manga, there are tons of interesting facts and secrets about Zoro. However, only the most loyal fans are truly aware of these facts surrounding the signature swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates. Here is a list of 10 facts that only diehard fans know about Roronoa Zoro.

10 He Had Some Design Issues After The Time Skip

Since he first appeared in 1997, Zoro’s appearance has undergone several changes. After the story’s two-year time skip, he returned with a brand-new look. Unfortunately, there have been some moments when his appearance has suffered from the occasional error.

In the Jump edition of chapter 598, the scar he received during the time skip initially appears over his right eye. However, series creator Eiichiro Oda confirmed in the next chapter that this was an error. In chapter 698, he suffers another error when his iconic scar is replaced by another. Instead of a stitched diagonal scar, he has an X-shaped burn scar like Luffy. This error was later corrected in volume 70 of the manga.

9 He Would Be A Police Officer If He Wasn't A Pirate

Considering how ambitious Zoro is in becoming the world’s strongest swordsman, it is hard to imagine him doing anything else. However, this has not stopped some fans from wondering what his life would be like if he was not a pirate. Oda addresses this very inquiry in volume 76 of the manga's SBS question and answer column.

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He confirms that if Zoro was not a pirate, then he would be a police officer. It is somewhat ironic that an infamous pirate like him could ever become an officer of the law. Then again, he is a kind-hearted person who does not hesitate to protect the weak from evil. Either way, he’s still a great role model.

8 He Has Two Different Names

One of the most confusing things about Zoro is that he is sometimes addressed as 'Zolo.' This is mostly due to the interchangeable nature of 'L' and 'R' sounds during Japanese to English translations. However, this name change was also done because of copyright purposes.

In the infamous 4Kids English dub of One Piece, he is known as Zolo. This name change was supposedly done to avoid potential copyright issues between him and the fictional swordsman Don Diego de La Vega, also known as Zorro. In the Funimation dub, he is once more referred to as Zoro, while Viz Media still addresses him as Zolo.

7 He's The Only Crew Member Luffy Wanted To Recruit Before Meeting Him

Since the start of the series, Luffy has officially recruited 11 members into the Straw Hat pirates. He cares deeply for his crew and will do anything to protect them. While he does view them all as his equals, Zoro is somewhat unique compared to the other Straw Hats.

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At the start of his journey, Luffy learns about him from his friend Coby, who tells him of Zoro's fearsome reputation. Rather than feeling scared, Luffy becomes excited at the prospect of finding and recruiting him. Thus, Zoro is the only member of the Straw Hats that Luffy wanted to invite into his crew before even meeting him.

6 He’s Had The Most English Voice Actors

When it comes to the English dub versions of One Piece, Zoro is known for having the most voice actors than any other Straw Hat. As a kid, he is voiced by four different people. For the 4Kids dub, he is voiced by Andrew Rannells. His Funimation voice actors include Brina Palencia as well as Cynthia Cranz, who voices him during the second episode.

Aaron Dismuke also voices him in the video game Unlimited Adventure. As an adult, his voice actors include Brian Zimmerman for the Odex dub, Marc Diraison for 4Kids, and finally Christopher R. Sabat for the Funimation dub.

5 He Was The Second-Most Popular Character For Over A Decade

In the last 22 years since its debut, One Piece has had six character popularity polls. From the first to the fourth popularity polls, Zoro always ranked as the second-most popular character right after Monkey D. Luffy. This is a position that he proudly held for over a decade.

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In the fifth popularity poll in 2014, he once more made it into the top three but lost his second-place streak to Trafalgar Law. As of the sixth popularity poll in 2017, he has regained his position as the second-most popular character with over 10,400 votes. This is the highest number of votes he’s had since the second popularity poll in 2002.

4 He’s Never Called Sanji By His Real Name

Even though he is a pirate and a member of the “Worst Generation,” Zoro is not really such a bad guy. Deep down, he is an honorable person that gets along well with his fellow crew members, except for maybe Vinsmoke Sanji. Since they first met, the two have always been at each other’s throats.

An interesting fact about their rivalry is that in the original Japanese version of the manga, he's never addressed Sanji by name. In volume 73’s SBS, a fan took the time to identify the exact number of terms they have used to address one another. While Sanji has addressed him by name, Zoro has yet to return the favor.

3 He's The First Person To Kill A Dragon After The Samurai Ryuma

Even before the time skip, Zoro was already a powerful swordsman. After spending two years training with Dracule Mihawk, he became virtually unstoppable. He is so powerful that he even managed to kill a dragon.

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While he is not the first character in the series canon to kill a dragon, he is the first person to defeat a dragon since the Wano samurai Ryuma. Ryuma appears in Oda's one-shot manga Monsters, in which the events that take place are confirmed by Oda to be part of the One Piece canon. Furthermore, both Zoro and Ryuma defeated their respective dragons in similar ways by decapitating them while in mid-air.

2 He Was Supposed To Be Buggy’s Bodyguard

Zoro is one of the strongest members of the Straw Hat pirates, recognized alongside Luffy and Sanji as “the Monster trio.” Although, when Oda originally designed his character, he was almost part of a different trio. In the third volume of the manga, Oda reveals that Zoro was originally meant to be one of the bodyguards for Buggy the Clown.

Alongside Buggy's other bodyguards Mohji and Cabaji, he was supposed to be part of a family dynamic, in which he was the older brother. In the end, Oda decided to make him Luffy's first mate. That's a decision that fans will forever be grateful for.

1 He's Named After A Real Pirate

As someone who aims to become the world's strongest swordsman, it is only natural that Zoro’s power would reflect the scope of his ambition. Whenever he fights seriously, his killing intent becomes so intense that it terrifies even his own allies. This ruthlessness seems fitting considering that he is the only Straw Hat to be named after a real pirate.

Roronoa is actually the Japanese translation of the surname belonging to François L'Ollonais. Born as Jean David Nau and known as the “Flail of the Spanish,” L'Ollonais terrorized the Caribbean during the 17th century and was one of the cruelest and most fearsome pirates of his time.

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One Piece Creator Reveals the One of Zoro's Original Designs

One Piece fans love Luffy something fierce, but there is something to be said for his first mate. Roronoa Zoro has been with Luffy almost since the start of his journey outside his hometown. Of course, that means fans have spent over twenty years with Zoro, and they want to know everything they can about the hero.

Now, it seems a new bit of trivia has surfaced to give Zoro stans even more info on the pirate. A slew of artwork from One Piece's earliest days hit social media earlier this month to hype fans for the manga's 1,000th chapter. Now, an original sketch of Zoro is loose, and it proves the master swordsman has always been a fierce fighter.

The sketch can be found below as it shows Zoro to the bottom right. The hero has a bandana over his head, and the cloth casts some sinister shadows over Zoro's eyes. With a sly grin on his lips, Zoro looks par for the course with his short-sleeve shirt, belt, and pants.

After looking at this original design, it is easy to see how Zoro changed and stayed the same. Much of his outfit and design were kept the same in the manga, but he looks way more sinister here than usual. While the hero can be scary when called upon, this OG sketch has fans wondering how Oda envisioned Zoro's personality at first. After all, the only thing sharper than Zoro's tongue is his temper, so Oda might have had a more menacing story in mind for the hero before coming up with his actual backstory.


What do you think of this original sketch from Oda? Does this version of Zoro sit well with you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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One Piece Creator Reveals the One of Zoro's Original Designs

By Megan Peters

One Piece fans love Luffy something fierce, but there is something to be said for his first mate. Roronoa Zoro has been with Luffy almost since the start of his journey outside his hometown. Of course, that means fans have spent over twenty years with Zoro, and they want to know everything they can about the hero.



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Sours: https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2065797737595/one-piece-creator-reveals-the-one-of-zoro-s-original-designs

Design zoro original

Roronoa Zoro

Fictional character from One Piece

In this Japanese name, the surname is Roronoa.

Roronoa Zoro (ロロノア・ゾロ, spelled as "Roronoa Zoro" in some English adaptations), nicknamed "Pirate Hunter" Zoro (海賊狩りのゾロ, Kaizoku-Gari no Zoro), is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.

In the story, Pirate Hunter Zoro is the first to join Monkey D. Luffy after he is saved from being executed at the Marine Base. He is the crew's combatant,[1] and one of the two swordsmen of the Straw Hat Pirates, the other being Brook. As a native to the East Blue, he came from the town known as Shimotsuki, where he trained in a dojo and learned the one and two-sword styles (ittōryū and nitōryū), also he is proficient in both Armament haki and Observation haki, as well as being one of the few known characters who possess Conquerors haki.

Zoro is uniquely known as an expert of Santōryū (Three Sword Style), where he wields a third sword with his mouth in combat. Throughout the series, his primary sword is Wado Ichimonji, one of the World's 21 great swords that he inherited from a childhood friend Kuina, and is frequently the sword that he wields in his mouth. He also has a habit of frequently going in wrong locations which is a running gag throughout the whole series.


Roronoa Zoro first appears in the manga chapter "Enter Pirate Hunter Zoro" ("海賊狩りのゾロ"登場, Kaizoku-gari no Zoro Tōjō), first published in Japan's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on August 18, 1997.[2] He first appears as a captured criminal awaiting his execution at the hands of the Marines.[2] Before the beginning of the series' narrative, Zoro loses his childhood friend Kuina and vows to get strong.[3]

For years, he hunts pirates only to get money for food in the company of his friends Johnny and Yosaku. When Luffy offers Zoro to join his crew, he initially refuses. However, after Zoro is saved from being executed by Captain Morgan, he joins Luffy. When he discovers that the best swordsman in the world is Dracule Mihawk, Zoro thinks only to beat him one day.[4] However, he is defeated at Mihawk's hands.

Zoro appears in a special episode of One Piece X Toriko, fighting Zebra and Vegeta, Zoro appears lost, searching his crew, until Zebra appears to Zoro, and Vegeta appears searching Goku to "settle the score", the three were furious and fought among (without ending).

After fighting Daz Bonez in Alabasta, Zoro's bounty is initially set at Berrysymbol.gif60,000,000 but is later raised to Berrysymbol.gif120,000,000 after fighting the World Government at Enies Lobby. Later, the crew is separated by Bartholomew Kuma. Zoro encounters Mihawk again and trains under him before reuniting two years later. He receives a bounty of Berrysymbol.gif320,000,000 after defeating Pica and assisting Luffy in the end of Don Quixote Doflamingo's tyranny

Creation and conception[edit]


Zoro's surname was based on the Japanese pronunciation of French pirate François l'Olonnais. In several Western localizations, his name was changed to Zolo, in part to avoid confusion and trademark issues with Zorro, another fictional swordsman.[citation needed]


Zoro commonly wears a plain white shirt (though he can be seen wearing other types of shirts), black pants, and a light-green, haramaki sash that holds his three swords. Zoro also has a black bandanna tied around his left bicep that he only wears on his head while in a serious battle. Under his shirt, his torso is heavily scarred from many of the battles he has fought, especially since he joined the Straw Hats (like the one acquired during the battle against Dracule Mihawk, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea). He has three golden earrings in his left ear which denotes his three swords style. After the two year time-skip, Zoro has a scar across his left eye (obtained during his training under Dracule Mihawk) and replaces his shirt with a long dark green samurai's coat which he can even open the torso part while fighting (against the New Fishman Pirates) or when he experiences heat (burning side of Punk Hazard). Concerning his ethnic appearance, Oda revealed that he imagines Zoro to be of Japanese descent, albeit in a real-world context.[5]


Zoro is confident but often acts in a very comical manner. A running gag is that he has a terrible sense of direction (being capable of getting lost even while walking in a straight line) which he is very insecure about since he never admits it when he gets lost, instead always blaming someone else. While the crew is out at sea, Zoro can be found (usually) sleeping or training towards his goal of becoming the world's best swordsman. He and Sanji have a great rivalry, often resorting to fighting (both verbally and physically) over issues from minor to extreme.

Though not a samurai, he appears to maintain a certain degree of bushido and is frequently mistaken for one. Unlike Luffy and most of the other Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro has been known to kill his opponents if he has to, though never in cold blood. It is shown that Zoro enjoys fighting a strong opponent (usually left to face down the second strongest villain in each arc, as Luffy faces down the strongest). When battling a worthy opponent Zoro tends to retain a maniacal grin and serious glare throughout.

Zoro has a stern, serious and distanced personality, but unlike Robin, he often reacts in a goofy and exaggerated comic style due to his short-tempered and impatient attitude. On the ship, he normally either trains with weights or sleep. The only work he is seen doing regularly is hoisting the anchor using his great strength and maintaining lookout in the ship's crow's nest (which on the Thousand Sunny ship also doubles as his personal gym). He also likes sake, almost to the degree that Luffy likes meat, but like Nami, he never gets drunk due to his inhumanly-high endurance and tolerance for alcohol. Another notable trait is his lack of orientation, as Zoro often gets lost, even in small, familiar spaces or when being led by someone. Despite this, he is often the first to sense an enemy or danger and the first to react. He is often displayed as being well aware of dangerous situations and people around him.

Zoro often also reminds others of the harsh facts, which often shocks some of the other crew members, although they usually decide he is right. Zoro is agnostic because he stated that he does not pray to any god, could not care one way or the other, and has never believed in anything except himself. Even so, Zoro knows that he still has much untapped potential, and is constantly seen training and trying to improve his fighting skills. He also adheres to a strict sword master's code of honor, and never falsely brags or lies about his abilities, sometimes outright admitting a weakness, even to an enemy. He also never tries to escape from a fight or use trickery to win, believing that doing so is cowardly and scorning anyone who uses such tactics. Zoro is vigorous, strong-willed and determined.


Related to his fighting/manly spirit, Zoro has many scars on his body. The most noticeable is the long scar running down his left eye which is the one he got after he came back from the two-year time skip. It is currently unknown how he acquired it, but he either can't or won't open his left eye because of it. He also has a heavily scarred torso, having a diagonal cut mark from the top left to the bottom right of his torso as a result of fighting Dracule Mihawk. He also has scars on both of his ankles, which he obtained from trying to cut his own legs off in order to escape the candle prison of Mr. 3 in Little Garden.

Voice actors[edit]

In the original Japanese version of the One Piece anime series, Zoro is voiced by Kazuya Nakai as an adult and Megumi Urawa as a child. In the first OVADefeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack from 1998, he is voiced by Wataru Takagi.

In Odex's dubs of the first 104 episodes of One Piece in Singapore, Zoro was voiced by Brian Zimmerman. In the 4kids Entertainment's dub of the first 104 episodes of One Piece, Zoro was renamed "Zolo" which was later influenced and implemented in the Viz Media adaption of the manga series, he was voiced by Marc Diraison. In Funimation Entertainment's dubs of the entire One Piece franchise, adult Zoro is voiced by Christopher Sabat with Cynthia Cranz playing the role of child Zoro for episode 2 and by Brina Palencia for the rest of the franchise. Sabat compared Zoro's characterization with Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle's Kurogane and YuYu Hakusho's Kazuma Kuwabara, describing them as "the tough guy with a heart of gold". As a result, Sabat feared that he sometimes performs similar voices despite the fact the characters are different. He also tried seeing the original actors' works, in order to avoid to get a more specific delivery.[6] In the game One Piece: Unlimited Adventure, Sabat reprises his role as adult Zoro, with child Zoro voiced by Aaron Dismuke.


Zoro ranked second in the first four Shōnen Jump character popularity polls, and ranked third in the fifth one, after Trafalgar Law.[7][8][9] Furthermore, in a 2007 poll by Oricon, Zoro was voted as the 4th most desired character to receive a spinoff.[10]DVD Talk praises Zoro's "hilarious" three-sword fighting style as a great example of the show's sense of humor.[11] Holly Ellingwood from Activeanime praised Zoro's fight against Luffy as one of the best moments from the 10th DVD from the series released by Viz Media, praising the action scenes.[12] Sabat's work with Zoro has resulted in him being a nominated of the category "Best Voice Actor (English)" in the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA) Awards from 2008.[13] Carl Kimlinger of Anime News Network commented on Sabat's work with Zoro as a "standout", noting that Zoro and Sabat are "well-matched.[14] Kimlinger also found that his and Sanji's flashbacks from the anime "really do jerk tears, even if they are less than gracefully executed".[15]


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