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If you’re running your own business or just working from home regularly, setting up an office can really help to keep you organised, active and professional. If you’ve got room, it’s always a good idea to keep your work life and your domestic life separate, and furniture has a role to play in that too.

Take your bookcase, for example. You might have a bookcase in the living room with all your novels, travel books and other entertaining reads on them, but where do you keep all your work-related books and magazines? If you’re serious about maintaining a good work-life balance, keeping all your work books in their own bookcase will be a real help. From an organisational point of view, it can really help, but also it can help psychologically – you’re more able to switch off when your two lives are separated.

At Dunelm, we have a superb collection of bookcases, from small desktop ones to full-size bookcases and corner units for those who need a lot of reading matter in their work lives. They’re all designed to be smart and accessible, and have shelves to accommodate the whole range of book sizes.

The style of the bookcase will be determined by the style of your office, so we stock the complete range, from strictly business to homely and warm. After all, not everyone has the luxury of dedicating a whole room to their office – many home-workers just work from a particular corner of the room or from the couch, so having a style of office furniture that’s consistent with the rest of the decor in the room is vital.

If you do have a dedicated office, the rules might be a little different, as you can choose a bookcase that’s a little more pared-down, perhaps a budget bookcase, as you’ll spend most of your time on the computer or paperwork, and are probably trying to keep costs down. That’s not everyone’s idea of an office, of course – if you want to push the boat out and have a really slick office with modern boutique styling, we’ve got plenty of gorgeous office bookcases to choose from.

If you’re running the type of business where you regularly have clients round to discuss projects, it really pays to show them that you’re dedicated to the job, not just running a sideline – and a bookcase stuffed with professional books and business literature really helps convince them that you mean business.

Sours: https://www.dunelm.com/category/home-and-furniture/furniture/office-furniture/bookcases

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RC Willey sells bookcases for your home office. Decadent and simple bookcases are available at RC Willey to complete your home office. Decorate with a mixture of decor and literary practicality.
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White Painted Wood Bookcase: Before &#; After

White Painted Wood Bookcase: Before & After

Don&#;t you love how paint can transform just about anything? I mentioned a couple of days ago in this post that we had this bookcase in our last two homes but lately it has been just hanging out in our garage. It originally belonged to my dad and I believe he got it secondhand! We try to buy good quality and classic styles whenever possible so things tend to last a long time.

You might remember this piece from my navy office in our last house. I actually wanted to paint it way back then, but it just wasn&#;t the right time to tackle it (instead I did an easier project and papered the back of it with maps to lighten it up)!. You can see that here.

We&#;re slow, but eventually we get to projects, hahahah. Painting a dark wood cabinet white is a commitment and it takes awhile, so it had to be the right time to do it. We didn&#;t use chalk or milk paint on this one, my husband painted it with many layers of good quality paint to cover it thoroughly.

Here was the before!

White Painted Wood Bookcase: Before & After

I actually liked this bookcase as it was and also love real wood, don&#;t get me wrong, but paint is our friend when we need a different look. I briefly considered other colors but ultimately decided to paint it the same as our walls, kitchen and trim (Simply White by Benjamin Moore) so it would have a more subtle character, similar to a built-in look.

Now it fits right in with the feel of our kitchen, tying spaces together in a cohesive way.

White Painted Wood Bookcase: Before & After

I will take more photos from other angles in the room so you can see in it context and in relation to the other rooms. I think it looks so cute in this spot, and I also love what it did to bring more character and continuity to the style we want throughout our little house.

White Painted Wood Bookcase: Before & After

As you know we&#;ve been rearranging our home for five years now :). I usually have a vision for where I&#;m headed, but it&#;s always a matter of timing and patience, as well as trying things until you land on what you like the best. I&#;m actually starting to feel like a lot of things are finally landing where they will stay. We&#;ll see, but at least this feels right (for now!).

White Painted Wood Bookcase: Before & After

Little changes really can have a bigger impact than we might imagine! My dream for this house is still built-ins everywhere, but for now (and maybe forever, who knows LOL) creative solutions like this make me happy and remind me to be content with how far we&#;ve come.

We still have lots more projects we want to get to and plenty of fun ideas for this house, but I feel like each small step should be celebrated!

White Painted Wood Bookcase: Before & After
White Painted Wood Bookcase: Before & After
White Painted Wood Bookcase: Before & After

One more look at the before and after&#;

White Painted Wood Bookcase: Before & After


Paint color: Simply White Benjamin Moore

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Sours: https://theinspiredroom.net//10/14/white-painted-wood-bookcase-before-after/
DIY Bookshelf – Simple Wood Projects - The Home Depot

This is a really beautifulDIANEThis is a really beautiful bookshelf. I love the dark and light wood mix. Plus, it's solid and was a piece of cake to assemble. I bought it to replace an old bookshelf and it instantly improved the look of the whole room.5

It’s greatJasonIt’s great5

Love the classic look. EasyStephanieLove the classic look. Easy to assemble.5

Great valueTeresaI bought 3 of these bookcases for my sewing room. They look wonderful and I would highly recommend them.5

Love the solid woodSHARONLove the solid wood5

Part of entertainment centerGregoryBookcases look great, waiting for tv stand and bridge to come in stock to finish set and be able to use center5

Looks niceRichardLooks nice and serves a purpose, just less steady than I anticipated. The side panels are thin so I worry about moving it in the future. Worth the price and not difficult to assemble.4

Beautiful BookcaseMelindaI'm so impressed with the quality of the bookcase for the price I paid. Assembly does take some time.5

Tall and prettyVictoriaWorth the money I paid for it.5


Well doneDALIAWell done5

Beautiful craftsmanshipMichelleThis bookshelf is made from solid wood and is crafted beautifully. It was very easy to put together, by myself. We have several pieces from this collection, and they never disappoint.5

Beautiful and practicalSteveI bought three of these Hemnes bookcases for my home study/office room. They fit perfectly, and were easy to assemble. They hold a lot of books and was just what I needed!5

BookcaseChristineI love this bookcase. This is my second time buying them.5

Thank youTIMOHY A.Love it!5

Beautiful and strong.ColinI couldn't be happier with my purchase, I love the look of the two-tone woods as well as the solid wood construction. You can tell the difference between IKEA's entry level products and this strongly built piece of furniture. Definitely worth the upgrade! Assembly was much better than the lower tier products as well.5

Nice looking but needs to be more sturdyPreetiThe book Rack is good and spacious. But needs to be more sturdy to fix in the wall… keeping the books it’s becoming heavy4

Perfect for our home library!TRACEYWe chose Hemnes bookcases in two sizes for our downsized townhouse in two rooms: our library (instead of a living room), and our home office. The finished look is that of built-ins, and we appreciate that the Roomba can clean under them.5

Hemnes bookcasesCherylI bought three Hemnes book cases for my library. They are terrific! I put them together myself! The instructions were very easy to follow, no missing parts, great design! Thank you IKEA!!!5

Beautiful bookcasesElizabethWe purchased three Hemnes book cases for my home office to create a “bookcase wall”. Easy to assemble and abut perfectly. We attached the three together and then to the wall. Perfect for the Coastal look I was going for5

Sours: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/hemnes-bookcase-white-stain-light-brown/

Bookcase wood white

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