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[WARNING: Some of the contents of this entry might be considered spoilers.]
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Japanese: ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken) is a Japanese manga and anime series created by Hirohiko Araki and published by Shueisha. Being made of multiple parts and each one of those is starring a different protagonist, each nicknamed JoJo, the series is known due to its art and its plotline, notable for supernatural and seemingly bizarre events.


The 1st chapter of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was published in 1987's Weekly Shonen Jump No. 1&2 (combined number) released on December 2nd, 1986. The series is divided into 8 story arcs:

JUMP COMICS 奇妙湄険 4h JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle fictional characterPart I: Phantom Blood (1986 – 1988) – The part's protagonist is Jonathan Joestar. The story is about a bizarre relationship between him and his adopted brother Dio Brando in 19th century England. Hamon is introduced, a martial arts form using the sun's energy able to destroy vampires.
JUMP COMICS 荒木飛呂彦 purple poster pc game fictional character
Part II: Battle Tendency (1988 – 1989) – Starring Joseph Joestar, Jonathan's grandson, in the late 1930's. In this part, Joseph has to fight the Pillar Men, members of an ancient vampiric race.
荒木飛呂彦 posterPart III: Stardust Crusaders (1989 – 1992) – Arguably the most popular story arc. It takes place in 1989 and centers around Jotaro Kujo, grandson of Joseph Joestar, and his adventure around the world in search of still alive Dio Brando. This story arc introduces "Stands", spiritual manifestations of the characters, which have some specific ability. This is the last part where Hamon is ever used.
JUMP COMICS ハーヴェスト 「重ちー」の収穫の巻 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle Hirohiko Araki comics comic book fictional character superhero cartoon fiction
Part IV: Diamond Is Unbreakable (1992 – 1996) – This part (also known as Diamond Is Not Crash) is about Josuke Higashikata, illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar, and his friends' adventures in the Japanese town of Morioh. The story takes place in 1999.
JUMP COMICS ゴールド· o) エクスペリエンスの 逆襲の巻 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle poster fictional character cartoon comic bookPart V: Vento Aureo (1996 – 1999) – (AKA Golden Wind) Takes place in 2001 Italy. The protagonist is Giorno Giovanna, son of Dio Brando, who wishes to become a gangster and joins Passione, Italian Mafia ruled by a mysterious boss.
JUMP COMICS 冒険 17 (80) )荒木飛呂彦 メイド·イン·ヘブン poster art advertising
Part VI: Stone Ocean (2000 – 2003) – The story tells about Jolyne Cujoh, daughter of Jotaro Kujo, and her imprisonment in the Green Dolphin Street Prison in Florida, USA. The part takes place in 2011.
(イリガン スカイライン) ツイ·スカイライン ガン·レイクライン 荒木飛呂彦 シ ) art posterPart VII: Steel Ball Run (2004 – 2011) – Takes place in alternate universe than the previous parts in USA in 1890. The story is about Johnny Joestar, his ally Gyro Zeppeli, and the race across America, named Steel Ball Run.
ジヨジョの奇妙な冒険Part8 volume 0 荒木飛呂彦 JUMP COMICS fictional character anime
Part VIII: JoJolion (2011 – Ongoing) – Takes place in the alternate universe Morioh, after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake. The protagonist is Josuke Higashikata (unrelated to the protagonist of Part IV), an amnesiac, who was found half-buried under a rock.

Over the years, the manga has received several animated and video game adaptations.

In 1993, an OVA, covering the key points of the second half of Part 3, was released. The other half was animated in 2000. In 2012, a TV anime, covering Parts 1 and 2, was produced by David Productions. The second season, covering first half of Part 3, began on April 4th, 2014, with the third season covering the second half starting in January 2015. A fourth season, covering Part 4, started airing in April 2016.

Part 5 Anime Announcement

On June 21st, 2018, Hirohiko Araki announced the manga's fifth arc, Golden Wind, will be developed into an anime. It began broadcasting on October 6, 2018, with the first episode debuting at a festival on July 5th that year.

JOJo 100ョジョの奇妙な冒険 黄金の風 0 OLUCY LAND CONHUNICATIONS SHUEISHA,JOJ0'a niation G Project GioGio's Bizarre Adventure fictional character

Part 6 Anime Announcement

On April 4th, 2021, anime adaptation of the manga's sixth arc, Stone Ocean, was announced during a livestream event. Japanese voice actress Ai Fairouz had been cast as Jolyne Cujoh, the protagonist of Stone Ocean.

Video Games

Several JoJo's Bizarre Adventure videogames have been made, the most well known being the fighting game JJBA: Heritage For The Future, developed by Capcom in 1998. In 2013, a fighting game, named JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, was developed by CyberConnect2 for PS3, and was released in US on April 29th, 2014. On December 17th, 2015, an action game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven was released in Japan for PS3 and PS4.

Cultural Impact

Jojo's Bizarre Adventures is currently the second longest running series of the comics run by Shueisha, the publisher of Jump comics. It's also, as of February 2012, the 7th greatest-selling title of Weekly Shonen Jump.

The series is often referenced in other mangas and animes, whether it may be a sudden change in style, characters doing one of signature poses, or other kinds of shoutouts.

Some famous video game characters, such as Guile, Rose, and Juri from Street Fighter, and Benimaru from The King of Fighters, are considered to be respectively based of Rudol von Stroheim, Lisa Lisa, Jolyne Cujoh, and Jean Pierre Polnareff.

Guile Stroheim Street Fighter V JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Guile black and white fictional character cartoon monochromeStreet Fighter IV Super Street Fighter IV Street Fighter Alpha Street Fighter Alpha 2 Street Fighter Alpha 3 Akuma Cammy Fei Long Rose cartoon fictional character purple anime art mangaka
Jur Guile anime mangakacartoon fictional character hand arm muscle

Online Presence

The series has gathered a significant following over the years. It has it's own Wiki, a fan community site and a significant presence in other websites, such as 4chan and Tumblr.

Numerous JJBA-related MAD videos have been created, using manga panels and footage from both OVA and TV anime adaptations. The videos can be found video sharing sites such are Youtube and Nicovideo.

The series has also been a subject of numerous cosplays. Fans also tend to portray the cast of characters with lots of details, including makeup, bright clothes and posing in-character.

A Youtuber Antfish made JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Abridged Series (JJBATAS), made using the footage from 1993 and 2000 Part III OVA adaptations. Up until July 8th 2010, Antfish had released 10 episodes. Antfish has also made episodes of an abridged series based on the Part 1 of the 2012 anime adaptation.

Hirohiko Araki

Hirohiko Araki, the creator of the manga, has been described by many fans and other mangakas as an immortal person since his appearance over the years makes it seem he doesn't age. This has evolved as a joke, among many other traits in the author. He's often compared to his speculated author avatar, Rohan Kishibe, an arrogant mangaka that dislikes a lot of things, including obnoxious fans and North Americans.

冫 1503-06 1868 1985 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 2001 2003 2004 2008 2007 2005 8 2006 本とコミックの 情報マガジン マンガ家 コラボ! 清] 2011 2012 Hirohiko Araki face facial expression head collage chin forehead

Related Memes

Za Warudo / WRYYY

In Part 3, Stardust Crusaders, during Jotaro's final battle, Dio uses his time-stopping abilities to drop a steamroller on Jotaro. This has been popularized on the internet with a clip demonstrating its power using stick figures while adding his war cry at the end. "WRYYY" is Dio Brando's notorious battle cry, while The World (Japanese: ザ・ワールド, pronounced as Za Wārudo) is his Stand, which grants the ability to stop time.

WRYAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle Dio Brando yellow vehicle cartoon

Stand Cries

Stand Cries, the most well known of them being ORAORAORA and MUDAMUDAMUDA, are battle cries yelled out by Stands, usually while unleashing a powerful barrage of rapid-fire punches, similar to Hokuto Hyarskuretsu-Ken from Fist of the North Star.

BAP ORA ORA ORA ORA ORRAAAH! FAP FAP BAP BAP FAP comic book comics black and white fictional character art monochrome fiction

JoJo's Pose

JoJo's Poses are various dramatic poses featured in Hirohiko Araki's work, including JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The fans started copying the poses and posting them online. These poses have also been referenced in other works.

JUNP COMICS 荒木飛呂彦 荒木飛呂彦 JUMP CONICS 荒木飛呂彦 荒木飛呂彦

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Shift-JIS Arts

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Shift-JIS Arts, also known as “JoJo Ascii Arts”, are a series of Shift-JIS arts inspired by the manga. Those Shift-JIS arts have been used as fixed phrases or reaction faces in the Japanese text board community 2channel since 2005.


Hirohiko Araki's Style

Hirohiko Araki's Style is notable for its serious, detailed and glamorous looking style. Many artists tend to draw parodies and homages of his artwork with characters from other franchises and media. This kind of fanart can be found at art sharing websites like pixiv and deviantART.

Ai Kago GioGio's Bizarre Adventure face facial expression head cartoon art child friendship smile


Duwang is the nickname given to an English-translated version of Diamond Is Unbreakable, which has gained notoriety within the English-speaking JJBA fanbase for its exceptionally low quality scans and poorly translated Engrish quotes. This was discussed in a thread on the JBA Community forum.

There must be no other place as pretty as this town What a beautiful Duwang! This feels like a picnic. chew T-shirt cartoon text mammal black and white human behavior fictional character comics

It Was Me, Dio!

It Was Me, Dio! is a quote, associated with a screenshot of Dio Brando from the 2012 Phantom Blood anime adaptation. After Dio kisses Jonathan's girlfriend Erina, he says the following line: "So, did you kiss JoJo yet? Probably not. Your first wasn't JoJo! It was me, Dio!". This has spawned numerous derivatives within the community.

TOKYO MX It was me, Dio! Dio Brando anime human hair color fictional character mangaka

Even Speedwagon is Afraid!

Even Speedwagon is Afraid! is a quote directed to Robert Edward O. Speedwagon, a supporting character from Parts 1 and 2. The phrase is often quoted by fans in discussions and reactions as well. Some parodies have been produced as well, as well as Speedwagon's personality, often categorizing the character as moe.

EVEN SPEEDWAGON IS AFRAID Dio Brando fictional character

How Many Breads Have You Eaten in Your Life?

How Many Breads Have You Eaten in Your Life? is another popular quote in the fandom. It comes from a dialog between supporting character Will A. Zeppeli and the antagonist Dio Brando in relation to the amount of humans Dio Brando had to kill to restore himself using his vampire abilities from severe burn injuries he sustained earlier in the story. This exchange is also quoted by the fandom in many discussions and has been parodied as well.

DO YOU REMEMBER HOW MANYHOW MANY BREADS LIVES HAVE YOU HAVEyou SUCKEo TO HEAL THOSE WOUNDS!? EATEN IN IYOUR LIFE JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle Dio Brando cartoon black and white comic book fictional character comics monochrome

Awaken, My Masters!

Awaken, My Masters is a quote uttered by Wamuu, one of the Pillar Man, during his and his masters’ bombastic awakening on Part 2. The quote has been comonly associated with the pose executed by the Pillar Man and the theme "Awaken", from the anime series.

AWAKEN MY MASTERS JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle cartoon black and white fictional character art monochrome fiction

This Is The Taste Of A Liar

This Is The Taste Of A Liar is a quote which comes from a dialogue between Part 5 protagonists, Giorno Giovanna and Bruno Bucciarati, in which Bruno is accusing Giorno with the assault of Leaky-Eyed Luka. During the conversation Bruno licks Giorno's sweat, saying that he has a taste of a liar. The scene has been parodied in several pieces of artwork.

THIS TASTE. IT'S OF A LIAR ! :し: GIORNO GIOVANNA! GioGio's Bizarre Adventure black and white cartoon fictional character comic book comics art

King Crimson / It Just Works

King Crimson is a stand with a controversial ability featured in Part 5. Its ability consists in skipping time with everyone but its user unaware of it. Due to the bad quality of translations at the time and the fact that most of the fights against this stand feature complex layouts, the ability has caused a lot of confusion in forums. The controversy raises from fans trying to explain how the stand works, the most common explanation simply being "It just works".

It just works JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle white black and white cartoon text head font drawing art design monochrome joint human behavior

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Memes / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

DIO: Oh? You're on TV Tropes? Instead of doing something else, you're on this website? Even though many tropers here have warned you not to spend too much time on this website, like an exam student scrambling to finish editing this page before the edit lock expires?
Jotaro: I can't meme the shit out of you without getting closer.
DIO: Oh ho! Then trope as much as you like.

Also known, called, and referred to as "Jojokes".

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is without question the most Meme'd manga to ever run in Shonen Jump. Exploding in popularity overseas when the anime released, the bizarre nature of the series makes it perfect for Memetic Mutation.

Format to use:

  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme.[[/labelnote]] Explanation Like this.

Pages for individual parts:

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     In General 

  • <—To Be Continued— - -/Roundabout Explanation Playing a video to the tune of the first few bars of "Roundabout" (the ending theme to the Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency anime adaptations) and pausing it when the bass comes in, applying a sepia tone and placing an arrow with "To Be Continued" written on it in the lower-left corner, sometimes sliding in from the right side of the screen. This meme, which is especially popular on Vine, is meant to mimic the various cliffhangers of each episode of Parts 1 and 2, with the arrow being taken directly from the show.
  • Don't skip parts. Explanation The Jojo fandom dislikes skipping parts wholesale without giving them a fair shot, especially after Geoff Thew/ Mother's Basement did a controversial recap/primer video before Golden Wind began airing that encouraged skipping parts 1 and 2 almost entirely. Admitting to skipping parts tends to earn derision from some sections of the fandom.
  • Part [x] [character], Part [x] [character]. Explanation  Due to Character Development and Art Evolution, characters who appear in multiple parts are often referred to as Part X [character]. (e.g. Part 2 Joseph, Part 3 Joseph and Part 4 Joseph are all very different people). This naming trend eventually evolved, and as such, each Part became synonymous with its own unique art style; Parts 1-3 practically being a World of Muscle Men; Part 7 & 8 with a Cast Full of Pretty Boys. As such, 'Part 1 Jonathan' is extremely, unrealistically muscular, while 'Part 8 Jonathan' (An illustration by Araki late in his career) is slim, twinkish, and pretty much unrecognizable. This Art-Style Dissonance is made fun of by fans, with characters often edited to match every other Part, to horrendously excellent results.
  • This song now belongs to the JoJo fandom. Explanation Courtesy of the Colbert Bump for each of the ending songs for each Part, as well as the myriad of references to famous singers, albums, bands, and songs as part of the series' Musical Theme Naming. We beg you to not take a shot for every time there's a Jojo reference in the comments section below a video of one of the many musical namesakes, such as Killer Queen.
    • This comment section is property of PASSIONE/gay mafia. Explanation A variant of the meme for Stands in Part 5.
    • JoJo incoming. Explanation Since the anime uses popular English songs for the endings, the YouTube comments section for that video will be flooded by JoJo fans and much meme speaking.
  • Only JoJo can make [x] epic. Explanation Jojo's Bizarre Adventure has a habit of turning mundane activities, such as poker and rock-paper-scissors, into intense, high-stake games that often appear ridiculous out of context, hence the expression. Said expression increased in popularity after the release of two OVA adaptations of Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan created by David Productions, each giving a similar treatment to the mere acts of catching popcorn in your mouth and running on treadmills respectively.
  • Whenever an argument about who would beat whom in a fight comes up, the answer is always Giorno. Along with The Flash, he's perhaps the person most commonly brought up in power level debates. Explanation Giorno's Stand, Gold Experience, has an incredibly powerful skill set (with the vague power of "Giorno can imbue life in inanimate objects," which can go as far as Giorno regrowing limbs and organs mid-fight), even just limiting oneself to the powers Giorno didn't forget as the Part went on. As such, especially considering his 11th-Hour Superpower in Gold Experience Requiem, Giorno's widely considered one of the strongest characters in the franchise and on or above Superman/Goku tier in internet fight arguments.
    • At least until Eyes of Heaven, where he met Heaven Ascension DIO.
    • Alternatively, Poco Loco will always win thanks to Hey Ya! Explanation  The only actual power of Hey Ya! is that it gives its user positive reinforcement, and is easily the weakest stand in the entire series. However, Poco Loco did win first place in the Steel Ball Run, making it popular to say that positive reinforcement can overcome even Gold Experience Requiem or Heaven Ascension DIO.
  • Jokes about Hirohiko Araki being way younger-looking than he really is; the man's in his sixties and still looks 20. Enter quips about him being a Hamon user or a vampire.
  • I Win. Explanation  A common trait for most villains in the series is to explicitly shout "I Win" when they believed their victory was achieved, only to be completely blindsided by the heroes followed by their inevitable defeat. Especially popular with Rohan, since he gets a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from Josuke immediately after saying this.
  • The series' distinctive drawing style has become a meme.
    • Similarly, if someone randomly throws around the Japanese "dramatic tension" Unsound Effects ゴゴゴゴゴ (GO GO GO GO GO) and ドドドドド (DO DO DO DO DO), it's guaranteed to be a JoJo reference. Thanks to the anime, photoshopping said unsound effects into pictures has also taken off. Thanks to subtitles for the anime, which actually bothered translating the Unsound Effects, "MENACING" has become its own meme.
  • "Out of Function/Retire(再起不能/リタイア)"note The words that are used in narration as the status of the villains who were defeated by heroes, but end up alive or worse.
  • Araki's habit of drawing the characters in very weird poses, such as Diavolo's final pose (when he's running from the little girl), Giorno's "gang-star" pose, and Anasui's model-esque pose, has also spawned some memes.
  • Joseph's penchant for provocative clothing and poses even by the manga's usual standards (especially in promos) has led to more than a few stripper jokes. It's since spiraled into prostitution jokes in the samevein as the edits from K-On!.
  • "Giant bara deer": A term for the musclebound men in the first parts of JoJo that arose after this animated .gif of Jonathan appeared on /a/ with the filename "giant_bara_deer_caught_in_headlights.gif".
  • You are a worthless child, Jonathan.Explanation Based on Dio's initial low opinion on Jonathan and from Kikuo's song "Kimi wa Dekinai Ko", which is popular fodder for MMD videos.
  • Anything Joseph says with Gratuitous English, the fans shall never forget.
  • This must be the work of an enemy Stand!Explanation The usual (and correct) assumption for anything that happens during and after Stardust Crusaders.
  • Expect 「people」 who talk about Jojo to at least write a 「sentence」 with words closed by 「Japanese quotation marks」 and formatted in bold. Occasionally used to determine if someone has a 「Stand」.
  • Araki hates dogs. Explanation In a pretty literal example of Kick the Dog, some poor canine has been killed by an antagonist in just about every arc: Dio puts Jonathan's dog Danny into an incinerator; dogs are killed by the Stands Yellow Temperance, Death 13, and Pet Shop's Horus (who kills two) in Part 3, with Team Pet Iggy also dying in the finale, while not a dog, DIO dismembering a cat and putting them in people's foods during the Time Stop to kill Joseph; Starter Villain Angelo of Part 4 bites off a dog's face, Yoshikage Kira killing Reimi Sugimoto's dog Arnold before the events of Part 4, a wolf pup is shot by Magenta Magenta in Part 7... The only notable exception is Kars, who saves a dog from getting run over in Part 2; this further mutated into jokes about Kars being an extreme animal lover who's horrified by the other villains' actions. Ironically, Araki is actually quite fond of dogs, and uses the literal Kick the Dog as a measure for how despicable his villains are meant to be.
  • Araki loves donuts. Explanation (spoilers!) Something almost as frequent as dogs dying are characters getting holes punched through their chests, hence the donut jokes. To list of those that have had holes punched through their chests, both lethal and nonlethal; DIO (twice), Wamuu, Stroheim, Kakyoin, Tomoko, Keicho, Bug-Eaten, Koichi, Bruno (twice), Abbacchio, Trish's Spice Girl, Weather Report, Narciso Anasui.
  • The series is well known for being Reference Overdosed, especially when it comes to shout outs to classic rock, so fans sometimes like to add even more classic rock references into their fanwork. For example:
    • Episode 1 of the Abridged version of Phantom Blood accompanies a sad Speedwagon scene with a song by his namesake.
    • Dio is often swapped out with his namesake.

    You thought it was Ozzy Osbourne, but it was I, Ronnie James Dio!

  • Abbacchio+Rohan+F.F=Egg Explanation A combination of the former two's headgears and the latter's Anime Hair is noted to resemble an egg.
  • "Read the manga." Explanation A phrase that has become super common with the release of the Stardust Crusaders anime. Part 3 is very old at this point, with every possible spoiler becoming a Late-Arrival Spoiler. Simply put, if someone posted an angry response to a spoiler for the anime, it would often be rebuked with the phrase "Read the manga."
  • When the 1997 oneshot American comic Diesel, a hilariously blatant ripoff of the N'Doul fight from Stardust Crusaders (complete with powers literally called Stands), was discovered by the Internet, it was naturally subject to immediate memetic status and derision.
  • "Is this a JoJo reference?" Explanation Lots of media seems to have shown similar stuff to JoJo causing people to ask this question a lot. Pokémon Sun and Moon caused this to blow up. Initially used to acknowledge Shout-Out's, this meme has since been used ironically as a way to mock fans who see JoJo references in everything, including mundane activities like a man pointing ordinarily or talking about "the world" in the context of an ordinary conversation.
    • (Thing) (Tenuous link to JJBA) What a (adjective) Jojoke!Explanation Snowclone commonly found in YouTube comment sections, in reference to this meme.
    • IS THAT A MOTHERFUCKING JOJO REFERENCE?! Explanation Sarcastically used when a reference is made that is explicitly linked to JoJo- i.e. using character pictures, plot lines, or lines from the show. It cannot be mistaken for anything else but a reference.
  • Crossing over different western cartoons (usually Looney Tunes, of all series) with JJBA has been a meme for a while, such as making characters doing weird poses and/or dressed up weirdly into stands and naming them after certain songs. For example, there's been fanart of Daffy Duck and Tom Catdressed in zoot suits and made to look like Jojo characters on 4chan and it began to explode from that point. Reached its apex when, in the official 40th anniversary Garfield book, a fan art of Garfield dressed as Jotaro and Jon as Star Platinum appeared.
  • "What is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?" "Yes." Explanation JJBA in itself is a very difficult series to explain, so fans often jokingly answer "Yes" when asked to explain JJBA.
  • Araki forgot. Explanation Hirohiko Araki has a habit of introducing character traits, abilities, and other apparent Chekhovs Guns that are never brought up again outside of their introduction. Whenever someone asks about these, the common answer is that Araki forgot. This was not helped by Araki's self-admitted bad memory. The meme became a point of contention later on, due to several using it as a way to nitpick the series and accuse Araki of being a bad writer (sometimes based on things already explained in the story), resulting in ironic use to make fun of said people.
  • Due to Dub Name Change while Writing Around Trademarks for Stand names, it's not uncommon to see fans bring up a Stand's original name, and for subsequent fans to jokingly come up with increasingly ridiculous names derived from all forms of synonyms, such as turning "Black Sabbath" into "Dark Saturday", "Sex Pistols" into "Intercourse Ammunition" or "Killer Queen, Bites the Dust" into "Murderous Monarch, Masticates the Minerals".note The actual dub names for these Stands were Shadow Sabbath, Six Bullets, and Deadly Queen Bites the Dust, respectively.
  • Thanks to the excessive amount of Friendly Fandoms, many fans also see the series as a main staple of being a shared universe to all of the Anime existed.
  • The first teaser for The Rise of Skywalker revealed a new cute droid called D-0, pronounced identically to "Dio." The reaction was exactlywhat youwould expect.
  • John Wick is a Jojo Explanation Following the reveal of the titular hero's actual birth name as Jardani Jovanovic in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, Jojo fans noticed that if you put together the first name of his current alias and the last name of his original identity, you'll get John Jovanovic. Jokes about him being the new protagonist of Part 9 inevitably emerged, as well as fanart of him alongside a Stand of his very own (often one resembling a dog). Considering that both series have villains that literallyKick the Dog, the similarities got even more hilarious, and it doesn't help that Keanu Reeves himself likes anime and took a photograph next to Hatsune Miku.
  • For some strange reason, King Ghidorah from Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) has somehow become memetically associated with DIO, whether it be because of his gold color scheme, his vampiric, life-draining abilities, or his threatening poses during the battles against Godzilla. It's even become somewhat popular for gijinka fanart of Ghidorah to be based upon DIO.
  • Apple's $999 Pro Stand Explanation The announcement that Apple would be selling the monitor stand in question for such an absurd price was widely mocked by the Jojo fandom, with many joking about Apple selling an actual Stand for $999, as well as how buying $999 worth of Jojo merchandise is still a better choice than buying a single, overpriced monitor stand.
  • Jojo Rabbit's Bizarre Adventure Explanation The trailer for Jojo Rabbit — a film about a boy living in Nazi Germany whose imaginary friend is Hitler — predictably drew plenty of JJBA references in the comments, some joking about the title being a theme naming of "Jojolion" but with different animals, while others compared the German kid with Stroheim. Some would also jokingly ask if the film is about "bunnies with Stands".
  • Jojo's Daddy Issues Adventure Explanation Every main character of JJBA save Gappy have issues with their fathers: Jonathan felt like he was The Unfavorite, Joseph never knew his father, Jotaro's father was always on tour, Josuke learned about Joseph when he was a teenager, Giorno was abused by his stepfather (until the Mafia stepped in) and never knew about DIO and Jonathan, Jolyne is furious at Jotaro for always working and Johnny isThe Unfavorite.
  • Honda Dio and Honda GiornoExplanation There are motor scooters produced by Honda, literally named the Honda Dio and the Giorno 15.htm Honda Giorno. Of course, it goes without saying that Jojo fans had a field day with this info.
  • YAKAMASHI!!! You're so damn annoying! Explanation Jotaro has said "shut the hell up!" on numerous occasions, most with nearly the exact same inflection. The quote or scene of Jotaro yelling said quote is a common reaction to things that the fandom finds annoying.
  • Cloud Atlas is a Jojo reference.Explanation In the film, six characters from different time periods have their own separate arcs within a single storyline, and share a star-shaped birthmark. The comparisons to Jojo were pretty much expected, especially with the first three time periods being around the same time as those of JJBA.
  • Superfly and Tower of GrayExplanation The Tower of Gray stand from part 3 looks like a large fly-like insect. The Superfly stand from part 4 is a pylon. Of course fans were going to joke about how their names describe each other much better then they describe themselves.
  • PAW PATROL HAS A JOJO REFERENCE Explanation The children's cartoon PAW Patrol has an episode set in a haunted house where four animated suits of armor briefly strike unmistakable Jojo poses in a Freeze-Frame Bonus. Given that the show is aimed at preschoolers, the inclusion of such a blatant reference to a kid-unfriendly series became quickly memetic in the fandom, with many fans joking about the main characters — who are all dogs — being in mortal danger given Jojo's infamously brutal treatment of canines.
  • "The Stand user could be anyone."Explanation A warning that crops up multiple times in the series which falls rather flat considering most Stand users are eccentric, flamboyant, garishly-dressed hams that stick out like sore thumbs even before they reveal their powers.
  • Yet another Rohan OVA / Rohan Kishibe goes to Costco Explanation A reveal event in 2020, which many fans were expecting to be the Stone Ocean anime, ended up being for a Rohan OVA. Due to this, it's become a meme that Rohan has essentially become a Spotlight-Stealing Squad and all future animated works will focus on his daily life. Prior to the reveal of Stone Ocean anime, there were also jokes that the Joestars Inherited Soul event would also just reveal a Rohan OVA.
  • The Joestars Inherited Soul event, which also revealed the Stone Ocean anime, featured some hilariously inaccurate autogenerated subtitles (this image contains some of the best ones). The subs were quickly deemed the successor to Duwang.
    • "John Cena vs. Diablo, King of Crimson"
    • "The Toaster Family"
    • "long nipples"
    • "Jew Stars"
  • Jojo characters after fighting someone with [bizarre and oddly specific power] Explanation  A series of memes poking fun at the general nature of Stand battles in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, in which the heroes tend to face against a bad guy who — despite possessing some laughably absurd Stand ability — almost always finds a way to gruesomely mutilate them with it.

     Animated Adaptations (OVA, David Productions Anime) 

  • Dio loves 7Up.Explanation There's a shot in the 90s OVA that makes it look like Dio is a fan of the soda 7Up, since he smirks and the very next shot is of him looking at the nearby rooftop, sign right in his line of sight (in actuality, he's just pursuing Joseph and Kakyoin and managed to spot them), so in certain circles it's treated as his Trademark Favorite Food aside from, y'know, blood. Occasionally turns into shipping him with it.
    • In the Part 4 anime, a billboard shows a logo for Pepsi, and fans tend to associate Yoshikage Kira with Pepsi in the same way Dio is associated with 7Up.
  • "It's an enemy Stand!" Explanation In the English dub of the OVA, during the fight with N'Doul, the pilot gets his head gorily pulled off by Geb. Dramatic music plays and Jotaro exclaims "It's an enemy stand!" in perfect syncopation with the music.
  • AWAKEN, MY MASTERS!/MEZAMETAMAE, WAGA ARUJITACHI YO!/目覚めたまえッ!我が主たちよ!Explanation Wamuu shouts this line when waking up two Pillar Men, Kars and Esidisi. What makes this moment is both Akio Ōtsuka's delivery of said line and the fabulous poses the three Pillar Men take once they're awakened, the fact that Wamuu awakens them by making his own fabulous pose while poking their cheeks with his fingers, and in the anime, the dubstep-laden music (fittingly titled "Awake") playing over it.
  • Calling Wamuu's Holy Sandstorm attack the "Holy Wubstorm", after the Pillar Men's dubstepleitmotif.
  • Shadow Jotaro Explanation The Stardust Crusaders anime covers Jotaro's mouth with a black circle whenever he smokes, probably because he's underage. Pic related.
  • With the TV anime premiere of Stardust Crusaders, it's become popular to swap out Dio's Hermit Purple-generated photo with justaboutanythingelse.
  • "You had one job, woman! ONE JOB!" Explanation At the end of Battle Tendency, Joseph arrives at his own funeral with Suzie Q, revealing they got married. When everyone reacts with shock at him being alive, it's revealed Suzie Q didn't send a telegraph letting them know he was alive. The line references the dub where Joseph says almost the same thing.
  • Adding an older Caesar to the Stardust Crusaders anime.
  • Nigel Uno has grown up, and now he's even more dangerous. Explanation Joseph in Battle Tendency's English dub is voiced by Ben Diskin using his Nigel Uno/Numbah 1 voice, leading to a multitude of comparisons.
  • "Well, call or fold, D'Arby! What's it gonna be, D'Arby?! What's it gonna F*CKING BE?!Explanation This comes from Antfish's abridged series that uses the OVA animation. Many cite this as the most referenced part of the abridged series and believe this is the original Japanese dialogue.
  • Part 5 Never.Explanation The increasingly long wait for a Vento Aureo adaptation has led to many joking that it will never happen... until it's announced for an October 2018 release, putting the meme to a halt.
  • Matthew Mercer vs Patrick SeitzExplanation The English dub for Stardust Crusaders has prolific voice actors Matthew Mercer and Patrick Seitz playing Jotaro and DIO (respectively). This has lead to YouTube comments pitting various characters the two actors have played. Whether they're from the same show (Law vs Franky, Hit vs Jiren, Beelzemon vs Blastmon) or crossover potential (McCree vs Dracula, Kanjivs.Ragna)
  • It's High Noon!Explanation Speaking of Matthew Mercer, he says this line right before Jotaro's final attack on DIO. To quote one commentator, "All the build-up of hiring Matt Mercer for just one line."
  • Miyuki OnoExplanation With three JoJos voiced by someone with the surname Ono in the anime (Jotaro voiced by Daisuke Ono, Josuke by Yuki Ono, and Giorno by Kensho Ono), the fans joked that the Part 6 anime would have Jolyne also voiced by an Ono to follow the trend instead of her rather popular game voice actor, Miyuki Sawashiro, unless Sawashiro decides to change her last name to Ono. Sure enough, when Part 6 was announced to be getting an anime adaptation, Jolyne was confirmed to be not voiced by Sawashiro...though the new voice actor, Fairouz Ai, isn't an Ono either.
  • An oil tanker for you!Explanation In the OVA, DIO drops an oil tanker on Jotaro instead of the famous steamroller. This, combined with the flat delivery of the line in the English dub, made it a meme in its own right.
  • FruitsBasket: Vento Aureo. Explanation Crunchyroll goofed when they uploaded Episode 30 of the Vento Aureo anime sub, with the subs instead being from the 2019 adaptation of Fruits Basket. Needless to say, there are screencaps of moments with sub text that that are hilariously inappropriate and others that are hilariously appropriate as well. One set of subtitles sums upthis nonsenseperfectly.
  • KAKYOIN! UNGH! AGH! KAKYOIN! IT GOT HIS EYES!Explanation From the English dub of the 1993 OVA. Polnareff's reaction to Kakyoin getting slashed by Geb has caught on for his interesting delivery.
    • IGGY, GET OUT OF HERE! HE'S STILL ALIVE!Explanation Also from the OVA, Iggy's death has recently caught on due to him simply standing there with his original "ugly" design before Vanilla Ice bisects him with Cream. The above line is Polnareff's futile warning.
  • Jolyne.pngExplanation Until the trailer for Stone Ocean was released on August 8th of 2021, the only official material given for the anime after its announcement was a single image of Jolyne's anime design. Fans have derisively nicknamed it such after growing tired of it and hoping for new material, half-jokingly expecting as yet hypothetical similar images with similar long waits between them, such as "Ermes.png" or "Jotaro.png."

     Video Games (Heritage For The Future, All Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven) 

  • Thanks to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, plus a certain Flash video, Dio is one of the most infamous manga villains of all time.
    • It's even crossed over into the real world...
    • MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA—!!note "Muda" is Japanese for "Useless". DIO shouts this as a battle cry while using Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs.
    • ZA WARUDO!Explanation DIO's Engrish version of "THE WORLD!", the name of his Stand which he calls when stopping time.
    • TOKI WO TOMARE!note "Time has stopped" or "Time stops"; DIO's line is actually "toki yo tomare," which has DIO commanding time to stop, but a lot of people misheard the Capcom Game's voice line.
    • KURAE!note "TAKE THAT!" Dio throws a multitude of knives which stop right before the opponent.
    • Soshite, toki wa ugoki dasu. note "And now, time flows again." This is said in a tone of general conversation with no shouting. This ends The World's Time stop.
    • ROAD ROLLER DAAAAAAAAAA!note DIO's attempt to kill Jotaro, and a special move in many video games, is by trying to crush him under a steam roller.
    • WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!Explanation Dio's infamous screech after absorbing Joseph's blood. It's not usually spelled this way in the manga. It's actually closer to "URIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!" The manga translation spells it the same way as the meme.
    • The original flash video has been preserved on Dagobah, but you can also see it here.
  • Dio loves milkExplanation Since Heritage for the Future censored blood and wine into white, a scene where Dio drinks wine from a glass made him seem like he was drinking milk. Jokes have ranged from comparing him to Pesci in the anime who orders milk at a bar, to making the Squick interpretation that the white liquid is actually Pucci's semen.
  • NOExplanation One of Joseph's voice clips for his attacks in Heritage for the Future. Because of how often it shows up in this video, it's become rather popular among fans.
    • CLACKER VOLLEYExplanation This is easily the most spammed attack, leading this to be recited constantly. Especially in MUGEN, an entire match may consist of this being recited.
    • lol, his ultimate attack is screaming his friend's nameExplanation Joseph's ultimate attack has him screaming "CAESAR!!!!" very loudly.
    • Stupid people can believe in anything, so you can believe in yourself!Explanation One of Joseph's win quotes has become a popular reaction picture for obvious reasons.
  • Diamond is Not CrazyExplanation A shorthand way of referring to the legal-dodging renames in the English version of All-Star Battle, in the shape of Part 4's Engrish-y name; specifically, to Josuke's Crazy Diamond having its name changed to Shining Diamond.
  • How deep can I hit it? Balls deep! Explanation All Star Battle's Western localisation changes the usual translation of Jolyne's HHA speech, where she wraps a baseball with her string and rapidly flings it at her opponent, from "How many throws (of the ball) can I do in a row? A thousand!" to "How deep can I hit? Balls deep!"
  • FIVE DIOSExplanation The fanbase's reaction to there being literally five Dio Brandos in Eyes of Heaven: Dio Brando from Part 1, DIO from Part 3, the two Diego Brandos from Part 7 and a new form for DIO exclusive to EOH, Heaven Ascension DIO.
  • Yare yare, it's high noon. Explanation (part 3 spoiler) A crossover meme between Jotaro's catchphrase, and Jesse McCree's catchphrase from the game Overwatch. McCree is voiced by Matthew Mercer (Jotaro in the anime's dub) in English, and Jurota Kosugi (Jotaro in the original Japanese version of the OVA) in Japanese. So he's Jotaro in two different languages! It even gets referenced in the anime's dub, with Jotaro very explicitly comparing his delay with finishing off DIO to a western where he'd say something like 'It's high noon'. Joseph is sometimes also compared to the same character, due to tricking Santana into staring at a reflection of the sun at high noon (as well as both having a Nice Hat and Badass Beard).
  • "Next you'll say, OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU!"Explanation Jotaro and DIO were included into Jump Force along with other characters from Shonen Jump, including Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star. This got fans requesting that Joseph Joestar be added into the game, to play on the joke about Joseph's "Your next line is..." and Kenshiro's "Omae wa mou shindeiru" both getting a 'NANI!?' from their opponent.

    Fan Works 

  • "Kakyoin! Did you lay this egg?"Explanation From a CLAMP-produced Jotaro x Kakyoin Doujinshi
  • Everybody Lives AU.Explanation(spoilers) Due to rampant main character deaths in the series, a common example of a Fix Fic that many fans come up with are alternate situations where characters like Jonathan, Caesar, Kakyoin, or Narancia didn't die and instead got to appear in later parts, often redesigned to properly represent the appropriate time skip. And now fans have a canon one in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.
  • Ariel Kakyoin/Ocean ManExplanation Being that Jotakak is a fairly common pairing, and that mermaidAlternate Universe fics/art are a favorite of many fandoms, fans have taken to depicting Kakyoin as a mermaid due to his red hair and green outfit with Jotaro as the Prince Eric figure, or alternatively, depicting Jotaro as the mermaid due to his fondness for the ocean and his eventual job as a marine biologist.
  • A common recurring meme among the Jojo fandom is the idea of the villains all living together in the same household, often with comedic, sitcom-styled domestic humor such as this. Recurring tropes found in these works include Diavolo dying repeatedly and Kira being the Only Sane Man (which says a lot).
    • On a similar note, the fandom has greatly played off the concept of La Squadra being much like a family, taking their brotherhood-like relationship to its logical extreme by portraying Risotto and/or Prosciutto as parental figures with their bunch of misbehaving children.
  • "Mudad Dio" Explanation A common and popular concept depicting Dio having gotten to meet and raise Giorno, and showing him as genuinely caring for Giorno despite his wicked, twisted nature. This gained traction due to an Araki interview suggesting that Dio would have cared for Giorno, if only due to his abusive childhood reminding Dio of himself.
    • There's also the Double Heat Attack in Eyes of Heaven, where a team-up between Giorno and Dio has Dio reacting with a mix of surprise and pride at hearing Giorno say "MUDA", before joining his son in a double "MUDA MUDA MUDA!" barrage against the enemy. Seen as strangely heartwarming by fans, it's added to the fuel of the Mudad concept.

Dio: You thought your first meme would be JoJo, but it was I, Dio!!

  1. 1998 kx125 plastics
  2. Excalibur comics value
  3. Never easy lyrics

The 13 Funniest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Memes

When a manga series from Japan has the word "bizarre" in its title, you know it’s going to be a wild ride. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure exemplifies this. With over a hundred volumes of wacky and zany stories, this saga about the Joestar family has delighted the fan base and its influence has spread across the globe.

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Nowhere is this truer than in the meme world, where fans and trolls of the series spin out content depicted hilarious commentaries on the world of JoJo and the real world using famous and infamous moments from the story. So here are ten of the funniest memes from JoJo’s bizarre adventure that will cause delight, laughter, confusion, and concern.

Updated June 30, 2021 by Mark Sammut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is timeless, and that naturally extends to the memes based on the manga and anime franchise. In fact, JoJo might very well be the king of memes as so many moments across the anime's run have been turned into comedy gold by the internet. It doesn't matter whether it is 2009, 2019, or 2099; JoJo will still be making the world a better place through memes. This article has been updated to include a few new creations since, in this case, there is no such thing as too much of a good thing.

13 Joseph Joestar's Hamon Meme

Meme by Ketchem1985.

Joseph Joestar serves as the main protagonist of Battle Tendency, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's part 2, while also appearing as a supporting character in the two subsequent sagas. Joseph is one of the most beloved characters in the franchise, and a lot of that comes down to his approachable and often goofy nature.

Joseph's personality juxtapositions perfectly with Jotaro's no-nonsense approach to life. While one is unapologetically exaggerated, the other maintains an unshakeable facade in the face of nearly any obstacle thrown his way. Naturally, that includes a (gran)dad joke.

12 Farewell Free Time Meme

Meme uploaded by u/Norbaitek.

Free time is limited, particularly as you get older. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a massive series. The 2012 anime has produced 152 episodes and it's nowhere close to being done, with Stone Ocean already confirmed to be on the way. If that's not enough JoJo for someone, there is always the older show to check out and the manga to read; in fact, the latter should be prioritized as it's consistently fantastic.

With video games, movies, Western TV shows, anime, and so many other hobbies fighting for attention, something will have to eventually give way. However, that something is never JoJo.

11 Everything Is A JoJo Reference Meme

Meme uploaded by u/luigi77714.

Everything is a JoJo reference. This is known. The franchise's fanbase is passionate, so much so that many people are constantly seeking to find the hidden JoJo in every facet of the world. Even if something predates the creation of the manga, such as King Crimson's The Court of the Crimson King, this just means the creators were getting in their JoJo reference ahead of time.

Understandably, it can get tiring to be constantly living in a universe so JoJo forward. In such instances, it can be refreshing to just take something at face value and ignore the obvious reference to the manga.

10 Puberty Meme

It’s a tough job making a good meme that will stand the test of being compared to other memes online. It also takes a special mind to take two entirely different pieces of art and find a way to join them together in a funny meme. Which makes this Spongebob Squarepants and JoJo meme so much funnier because they fit so well.

RELATED: Skyward Sword: Hilarious Fi Memes

The joke of the meme is that Plankton has hit puberty and now looks like the Foo Fighters from JoJo, which is funny on its own. But fans of JoJo will appreciate the meme so much more because Foo Fighters is a character comprised of a colony of plankton. It’s a clever combination that works for those who have never seen the show but adds something special for those who have, which makes this an awesome meme.

9 Polnareff Studying Meme

We’ve all been there, you’ve achieved that rare balance in college where you have a social life, your job is going well, and you have decent grades. Then the end of the semester hits and all your professors are ready to test just how much you learned. Sometimes we put it off, sometimes we forget, but when that dreaded day of exams is just around the corner, we all want to find a corner and weep.

This meme is effective for being funny, but also a little painful when those awful memories of long sleepless nights and stress-filled mornings resurface.

8 Running (Or At Least Trying To Run)

This meme hits home for practically everyone in January with a fitness resolution, February if we haven’t secured a date for Valentine's day, and May when we think about all that time we’ll spend on the beach and we aren’t sure we’d look all that great in our swimwear.

For whatever reason, we try running and immediately end up like this poor soul and wind up flat on the floor, paralyzed and out of breath. The shocked expression on his face is just a little too familiar, making this a really funny meme, but also very unfunny when we hop on the treadmill.

7 JoJo's Fabulous Characters Meme

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is highly regarded for its character designs, particularly during its earliest arcs that highlight the manga's Fist of the North Star influence. It's not just that JoJo packs the stage with muscular heroes and villains who look like they have been sculpted from stone, but the anime (and manga) celebrates these characters.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is over-the-top in the best possible way. The animation is vibrant and dynamic, the settings blend realism and fantasy well, and the character's poses are just iconic.

6 Mcree “High Noon” Meme

Memes do a great job of crossing over with other forms of media in funny and clever ways. While the internet is absolutely chock full of the Dio meme, this one stands out for targeting a great character from an unrelated video game.

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There’s something entertaining about Dio’s face plastered over Mcree’s body from Overwatch and is yet another example of Dio appearing where people least expect him to. Many consider this overused meme dead, but like Dio’s unexpected appearance in the anime, we imagine this Dio meme is going to resurface over and over again for years to come.

5 Impatient Dio Meme

Everyone has been there; you’re in a rush to go somewhere, or you’ve been waiting a considerable time to go and your friend tells you it’ll just be a second before they’re ready to go.15 minutes later and you’re still waiting.

This Dio Brando meme gives a great portrayal of just how we feel on the inside while we’re waiting impatiently or don’t expect them to be ready when they say they will. It could also be we have a particularly short fuse that day and don’t want to wait on anybody for any reason. Either way, this meme is good for a laugh while you’re waiting that one second for your friend to get ready.

4 When Your Friends Agree To Watch

Anime and manga fans know the pain of convincing friends to join in on what they’ve become obsessed with, especially if they’re not accustomed to the strangeness inherent in these mediums. That’s why it’s so rewarding when we finally convince someone to try it.

Related: The Best Pepe Silva Memes Ever

Yet, there’s also a sinister satisfaction that comes with it. While the overall show might be great and a fun run, there could be some particularly bizarre and disturbing moments, especially in JoJo, that are bound to shock and confuse those caught unprepared. Which makes this sinister meme of triumph a great example of how good it feels to get someone to agree to watch this strange show.

3 When You See The Source Of The Memes

Memes are almost always funnier when you understand the context within the source material. Though JoJo memes have a habit of floating around the internet, only fans who’ve seen the show will actually understand the depth of a good JoJo meme.

This meme hints at this by showing Will Smith fascinated with what he sees and taking pictures, a reaction most people will have when the memes convince them to actually watch the anime or read the manga. If anything, JoJo memes serve as good advertisements for people wondering what on earth the context is in the image and go watch the anime to find out, only to be sucked into a truly bizarre adventure.

2 Non-English Dio Meme

You were warned earlier in this article that this particular meme wasn’t going to die and would likely make appearances again and again, and sure enough, here’s another Dio meme. This one stands out for being a clever play on the meme and the original manga it stems from.

In the original manga written in Japanese Dio says the phrase “Kono Dio Da!” which translated into English means “it’s me Dio!” But even non-JoJo fans will get a kick out of the play on the meme when we’re all expecting the typical saying, but getting it in an unfamiliar language.

1 When Memes Interrupt Work

Memes are great, and the internet combined with smartphones have made them viewable practically anywhere at any time. Which is great if you’re waiting on the bus, waiting your turn in the doctor’s office, or in the bathroom waiting for…you know.

But the other side of that coin is that it is easier than ever to get distracted. This great meme calls everyone out for looking at an endless stream of memes when they should be doing what they were hired to do. Perhaps some of you are browsing the memes in this article right now at work, but don’t worry, it will remain between us.

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