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V3 Float Plates For Onewheel XR

The Float Life has really upped the game with their newest Onewheel Float Plate release, V3 Float Plates. With a new swept up design offering, even more, Onewheel Protection V3 Float Plates are without a doubt, one of the best options for battery and controller protection on your Onewheel XR.V3 Float Plates For Onewheel XR

I ordered a new set of V3 Float Plates for my Flight Frame Extended Onewheel XR. So before I install them, let’s take a closer look.

V3 Float Plates For Onewheel XR

The Float Life – V3 Float Plates – Slide And Grind Protection For Onewheel XR

Once you progress with your riding you will no doubt see your Onewheel XR bumpers and base plates start to get scratched. Then, if you progress to curb hops or slides the risk of damages grows exponentially, with potential cracking of your Onewheel controller or battery covers. Even if you don’t plan on doing any type of technical tricks on your Onewheel, you should look at investing in some Float Plates for your XR.V3 Float Plates For Onewheel XR (1)

Available Colors

On first release the color selection was minimal, but now The Float Life has released a whole wheel of colors with each of their team members getting their own unique color. I opted for the black team color, as it will fit my black and chrome color scheme.V3 Float Plates For Onewheel XR (2)


Installing your new Float Plates on your Onewheel XR is just as easy as previous versions of The Float Life Float Plates. Included in the package are two adhesive patches, just stick on the sticky pads and screw it in place with the supplied hardware, shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes.Installation Hardware


The Float Life is an industry leader with both top-level riders and top level accessories. Check them out at; THE FLOAT LIFE

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Don’t forget to wear your safety gear.

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And remember, always take the road less traveled!

Now go out and ride!

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Sours: http://thesidewaysmovement.com/v3-float-plates-for-onewheel-xr/

V3 XR Float Plates

V3 XR Float Plates
V3 XR Float Plates

What the hell are Float Plates ?

  • Give your investment an extra protection and preserve it much longer. Plastic caps for controller and battery are not strong enough for shredding like you will. What you need to compensate that weakness is Float Plates, designed and thought for impacts up to 3,000 PSI

  • Get yourself the proper accessory for starting to shred the spot. That self-lubricated must have, give you the possibility to slide and grind every damn curb of the street, no wax needed !

Includes :

  • (2) Float Plates – front and rear

  • All necessary hardware for installation

  • Compatible with Onewheel+XR ONLY

"The new model that just came out is out of the league. It’s the end of the tunnel in which years of R&D has driven the product to the next level. We’d like to apology for one thing, not getting them out sooner. We had to make sure that this product was perfect and before being released.  And today, here we are, the V3 Float Plates just came out and is about to bring progress to the game. Stay tuned.. progression is coming !"

V3 XR Float Plates

V3 XR Float Plates
V3 XR Float Plates
Sours: https://floatlife-europe.com/float-plates/519-v3-float-plates.html
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XR – V3 Float Plates

V3 – Float Plates – XR Compatible Only


(2) Float Plates – front and rear

All necessary hardware for installation

Installation instructions

What are Float Plates?

  • Protect your investment. The stock plastic battery and controller compartments are weak and prone to breakage. Float Plates are engineered for over 3,000 PSI of impact!
  • Expand your bag of tricks. No need to wax that curb, as the Float Plates are self-lubricating. Slides, stalls, and drops all damn day!
  • These float plates have sizes to fit the XR model.


Support your favourite rider by rocking their pro model colours:

Float Life Teams – Black

Wheel Fun Stuff (Kyle Hanson) – Tiffany Blue

Andrew Stroh – Dank Green

Bodhi Harrison – Bodacious Pink

FLUX MVMNT collab – Red

Dom Williams – The Purps

Ryan Sherwood – Butter Yellow

Isaac Kosloskey – Pumpkin Spice Orange

Jake Leary – Titanium Grey

Jeff Mccosker – FM Blue

Kyle Taylor – IKEA White

Raequel Hoffman – Ron Burgundy

Sours: https://hell13.com.au/onewheel/xr-v3-float-plates/
Future Motion Onewheel + XR Float Plates V3 Installation

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Future Motion Onewheel + XR Float Plates V3 Installation

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