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A car is made of several mechanized and non-mechanized parts which are exposed to harsh environments. Owing to their regular usage, the parts or car as a whole may need maintenance and repair at regular intervals. Maintenance and repair is not possible without a slew of fabrication and restoration tools. What are the different tools necessary for the fabrication and restoration of car parts? Read the post to know the answers.

An Overview of Top 10 Auto Restoration and Fabrication Tools

There are several auto tools in the market that find application in various auto restoration and fabrication projects. However, it may not be possible to own all of them due to costs and other factors. Here are a few basic tools that every garage or auto restoration workshop must-have.

  1. Forming Tools: Be it a simple auto repair or a complex modification – both demand appropriate forming tools. There are various types of forming tools including hammers and mallets, shrinking hammers, sheet metal forming dollies, hardwood slappers, shot bags, stands, and kits to name a few. Among these, many tools are used in combination such as hammers and forming dollies to provide maximum comfort to the user.
  2. Sheet Metal Forming  Tools
  3. Screwdrivers: They are the most basic elements of any auto tool repair kit. These tools come handy when it comes to removing or fixing any hex head, screw, or Torx style screws. Today, you can easily find several screwdriver kits in the market, which provide screwdrivers in various sizes, and would serve your purpose efficiently.
  4. Screwdrivers
  5. Locking Pliers: Many times, stubborn bolts, nuts, and screws may refuse to budge and you have to put extra efforts to remove them. This is when locking pliers will come to your rescue. These tools are not only suited for auto restoration but also perfect for several other regular restoration projects.
  6. Locking  Pliers
  7. Impact Wrenches: These are some of basic, yet important tools for any auto garage. These wrenches are used to remove nuts, lugs, and bolts from car bodies.
  8. Plug/Spot Weld Pliers: These pliers are used to secure two pieces of metal for welding. Many weld pliers are equipped with copper-plated swivel pads which are used to stop weld platter.
  9. Plug/Spot  Weld Pliers
  10. Paint Stripper: This is one of the important tools for any garage. As the name suggests, this tool is designed to strip paint or rust from the car’s surface. You can invest in air-operated paint shakers that are designed to chrome finish on the car surface in under 2 minutes.
  11. Plug/Spot  Weld Pliers
  12. Body Panel Gauge: Are you a DIY auto enthusiast? Perhaps, you may be interested in producing a custom interior of the car or you would like to work on the dented auto body. In both these cases, you would need a body panel gauge. The gauge is widely used during panel replacements as well as repairs.
  13. Body  Panel Gauge
  14. Brake Bleeders: Hydraulic brake systems are purged of air bubbles using brake bleeders. The brake fluid used in the brake lines is incompressible, whereas air bubbles are compressible. This combination may reduce the hydraulic pressure of the system. To avoid this, brake bleeders are used. They are designed to collect the brake fluid in the cylinder.
  15. Brake  Bleeders
  16. MIG Welder: How a MIG welder may help you? It doesn’t matter whether you are removing rust or creating custom parts, a good MIG welder is essential. They help you get the job done perfectly.
  17. MIG  Welder<
  18. Spot Weld Cutter: Do you want to remove spot welds from auto body panels and are finding it difficult? Perhaps you a need spot weld removal tool such as spot weld cutter. The cutter helps you cut through the welds easily.
  19. Spot  Weld Cutte

As you might have already realized, these tools would help restore and repair your car easily. Owing to their vital role in the project, it is important that you source them from a reliable supplier or a manufacturer. Woodward Fab is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of auto repair and restoration tools in the US. The experts at the company would help you select from the various choices available.

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  2. Trux 389 headlights
  3. Mopar 360 stroker
There are a lot of welding and fabrication channels on YouTube, so we pulled together a list for you of some of the best channels out there. In order to make this list, channels must have had over 10,000 subscribers and a recent video posted within the past 3 months. Please feel free to add links in the comments to below to any we may have missed or any new YouTube channels that we should keep an eye on.

Welding Tips And Tricks - 543,316+ YouTube Subscribers

About Welding Tips And Tricks: 

Down and Dirty Welding Tips for the rest of us.

Disclaimer: These videos are intended for entertainment and inspiration. Welding is dangerous. Always seek professional advice and training before using welding equipment. If you have any uncertainty before performing any welding task, stop and learn a safer method. Do not attempt welding simply because you saw it in one of my videos. 


ChuckE2009 - 452,797+ Subscribers 

About ChuckE2009:

Hello there, and welcome to my channel! My videos are about Welding, Metalworking, Machinery & More! I have been welding since 2009, including 3 years of formal education gaining 5 different pipe & plate certifications.

One Note - YouTube messages are for commercial interest in the show, ONLY. For this I apologize, while I would like to respond to everyones personal messages the sheer number of them I receive makes it impractical to do so.


Weld.Com - 215,258+ YouTube Subscribers


Behind the hood welding videos getting you up close and personal with the weld. welding videos are a series of welding shows that are loaded with welding tips, tricks and hints that will help you drop that perfect bead every time! Whether you are trying to become better in the areas of TIG Welding, MIG Welding, Stick Welding or Cutting; has what you need. All videos are shot from "behind the hood" so you can get the welders perspective. In addition to showing you how to weld, many times we will show you common mistakes and how to avoid them.

New TIG videos every Friday
New MIG videos every Monday


The Fab Forums - 214,602 YouTube Subscribers

About The Fab Forums: 

Welcome to The Fab Forums. My name is Kyle Voss and I produce Custom Motorsports Fabrication content of all forms for you. Carbon Fiber, TIG Welding, Metal Shaping, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Custom Choppers, and everything in between. I work hard to bring you new content on a weekly basis. - 171,866 YouTube Subscribers


Aluminum welding and fabrication, along with other miscellaneous videos.


The Fabrication Series - 136,028 YouTube Subscribers

About The Fabrication Series

The Fabricator YouTube Channel is here to show you how to build just about anything. Many projects are built using my 15 years of automotive related fabrication, but I build, fix, modify, engineer, correct and create virtually everything. I am always open to more suggestions from the viewers.


Jimbo's Garage - 74,976 YouTube Subscribers

About Jimbo's Garage: 

This channel is mainly about welding and metal fabrication. We'll do the odd wood project here and there, but in the end it's all because I like to build. 


Ramsey Customs - turbocobra - 49,645+ YouTube Subscribers

About Ramsey Customs - turbocobra

My Name is Gary Ramsey. Owner, Fabricator at Ramsey Customs. We started this channel primarily to document the complete restoration of a 1965 Mustang, but over the years the channel has evolved into a place to showcase the various projects that we make. These projects are primarily around Metal Fabrication, Wood fabrication. Metalworking. We focus on Metal art, home/business decor, and furniture, but we also feature videos that show various tools, techniques, and methods used in Metalwork.

Lately we have been making fabrication tools for fabricators. We sell these as kits that can be welded or bolted together, or we sell just the plans. Things you will often see in our videos are Mig Welding, Tig Welding, Drilling, Milling, metal lathe work. Some of the equipment we have is: Lincoln Mig Welder. Miller Welder. Monarch 10EE Metal Lathe. Bridgeport Type Milling Machine. Cincinnati Milling Machine, Ellis Horizontal Bandsaw, DoAll Vertical Bandsaw. Trucut CNC Plasma table.


Allen's Welding/Woodworking - 40,984 YouTube Subscribers

About Allen's Welding/Woodworking: 

Welding and woodworking videos. all sorts of builds from BBQ pits to pallet wood mirror frames. 



DoRite Fabrication - 16,153+ YouTube Subscribers

About DoRite Fabrication: 

Hey everybody...Jim Bollinger here. I'm a fabricator, welder, builder, firefighter, and paramedic. People tell me I'm kind of like Larry the Cable Guy meets MacGyver. I bought my first welder when I was 14 with money earned from mowing lawns. Today I teach welding for Lincoln Electric at workshops and trade shows.  I've never stopped wanting to learn and that inspires me to teach others.  My work has been seen on TV shows like Extreme Makeover, Kitchen Nightmares and Bar Rescue. But don’t worry, Hollywood hasn’t changed me. More than anything, I love to work with my hands…combining creativity with technical and engineering know-how to build everything from kids' toys to sewer plants to fire rescue tools and drag cars. 




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Basic Home Garage Shop Setup for Fabrication

Setting Up Garage - Need Advice on Fabrication/Welding Table

If it does what you want/need, then great.

If it isn't quite what you want/need, then modify it until it suits you.

Get going with some wire wheels on your angle grinder (you do have some angle grinders, right? :D) and clean off the rust from everything. Prime and paint the legs, leave the table top bare (wipe down with some WD40 and an abrasive pad like a scotchbrite).

For 'little' jobs, something like the HF portable welding table for ~$60 on 'sale' (or the more expensive version, the StrongHand one, which looks like HF cloned it), is handy.

Pick up two, they are that handy (for me). Used them last year to rebuild/reweld my steel handrail for my front steps. Even with a big/nice table, they are still handy. And portable. And fold up somewhat to get out of the way when you aren't using them.

Slab of steel plate, four pipes for legs, and some angle iron for a bottom shelf and to tie the legs together somewhat, and you have a weld/fab table. :D

Add the receiver hitch attachment, and you then have a place to mount a vice or other tools and not have them permanently attached to the plate top.




Fabrication top garage

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Basic Home Garage Shop Setup for Fabrication

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