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The Imperial Legion, also known as the Imperial Army and the Ruby Ranks, is the main fighting force of the Empire of Tamriel. It is often pluralized as the Imperial Legions. It operates under the auspices and authority of the Emperor himself. With its vast numbers, quality training, and rigid discipline, the Legion is considered one of the best armies ever assembled in history. The primary mission of the Imperial Legion is to preserve the peace and rule of law in the Empire. Those who protect the Emperor and the Imperial Province are sometimes called the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Watch. A Legion Centurion is typically in command of the Palace Guard of the White Gold Tower.

In peacetime the Legion serves primarily as a garrison force — manning forts, patrolling roads, and providing guardsmen for towns, cities, counties, and nobles. They are empowered to arrest criminals and seize their property, among other things. In wartime, the Legion's responsibilities and powers are greatly increased. During conflicts, the Legion serves as an invading and occupying force, overwhelming opposition with numerical superiority and strict economy of force. For more information, see the lore article.

The Legion is a strictly hierarchic organization. Each fort is usually commanded by a Champion (smaller forts), or any higher-ranking Knight (larger ones). The commander of a fort is usually called 'captain' or 'General'. Only Knights may serve as generals. A Knight of the Imperial Dragon is the highest-ranking Legion officer in any District.

The Imperial Guard is an elite unit of the Imperial Legion charged with the defense of the Emperor and various of his direct representatives in the provinces. Duke Vedam Dren of Vvardenfell's rank and responsibilities entitle him to the protection of this elite unit. There is a traditional rivalry between the Imperial Guard and their counterparts in the regular Legions.

Joining the Imperial Legion[edit]

There is only one person in the Imperial Legion to whom you can speak for admission -- General Darius, who can be found in the Madach Tradehouse in Gnisis. Fort Darius is the only fort in the Imperial Legion that is admitting new members at this time in Vvardenfell.


If you make an infraction of the rules, you will be expelled from the Imperial Legion. Speak to any quest giver for the Imperial Legion, whereupon they will tell you what is going on: "Your activities have led some to question your allegiance. At the moment there is some debate as to your continued affiliation with the Imperial Legion. Would you care to explain yourself,&#;%PCRank&#;%PCName? This had better be good." Saying you were a victim of circumstance will yield a fifteen-point disposition increase and readmission into the Imperial Legion: "The Imperial Legion can forgive your actions this one time only,&#;%PCRank&#;%PCName. Your record will be permanently marred by this incident. Now return to your post." On the other hand, bluntly stating that you don't care will produce a five-point disposition decrease and an in kind response: "I see." This will end the conversation. Following a second infraction of the rules you will be permanently expelled. Discussing the matter of joining the Imperial Legion causes a thirty-point disposition loss and an expression of disgust: "You had your chance and you blew it. Get out of my sight." This will end the conversation.

Imperial Legion Ranks[edit]

Imperial Legion Quests[edit]

In order to receive any of your quest orders you must be wearing a uniform Imperial Legion cuirass. When you first join the legion, you are given an Imperial Chain Cuirass which satisfies this requirement. The four other cuirasses that you receive from the legion as your rank increases are also acceptable (Imperial Steel Cuirass, Imperial Templar Knight Cuirass, Duke's Guard Silver Cuirass and the unique Lord's Mail). Your armor other than your cuirass can be of any style. Talking to a superior officer while out of uniform results in a disposition loss of five points and a refusal of the character to continue the conversation; however you do not need to wear your uniform to talk to characters of equal or lower rank, with the exception of Cavortius Albuttian, the Knight of the Garland. If you lose your Imperial cuirass, the article on Imperial Armor provides a list of locations where replacements can be found.


  • Three Legion quests didn't make it into the final version of the game. Information on them can be found here.

Imperial Legion Members[edit]

Character NameGenderRaceClassRankingLocationComments
Joncis DalomaxMaleBretonKnight5 Knight ErrantAshurnibibi, Shrine
ShardieFemaleRedguardCrusader3 AgentBuckmoth Legion FortTrainer
AldarilMaleHigh ElfBattlemage4 ChampionBuckmoth Legion Fort, InteriorBattlemage Service
Allian CarboMaleImperialWarrior1 SpearmanBuckmoth Legion Fort, Interior
Arnand LiricMaleBretonHealer3 AgentBuckmoth Legion Fort, InteriorPriest Service
Attelivupis CatiusMaleImperialDrillmaster2 TrooperBuckmoth Legion Fort, InteriorDrillmaster Service
DulianFemaleRedguardPriest2 TrooperBuckmoth Legion Fort, InteriorPriest Service
HingorMaleWood ElfScout2 TrooperBuckmoth Legion Fort, InteriorTrainer
Imsin the DreamerFemaleNordMaster-at-Arms7 Knight ProtectorBuckmoth Legion Fort, InteriorTrainer
Raesa PulliaFemaleImperialKnight4 ChampionBuckmoth Legion Fort, Interior
Yambagorn gor-ShulorMaleOrcSmith2 TrooperBuckmoth Legion Fort, InteriorSmith Service
Iratian AlbarnianMaleImperialMaster-at-Arms2 TrooperCaldera, Shenk's ShovelTrainer
Jonus MaximusMaleImperialGuard6 Knight BachelorEbonheart
Company GuardMaleImperialGuard1 SpearmanEbonheart, East Empire Company Hall
Duke's GuardMaleImperialGuard4 ChampionEbonheart, Grand Council Chambers
Llaalam DredilMaleDark ElfSavant6 Knight BachelorEbonheart, Grand Council Chambers
Varus VantiniusMaleImperialWarrior9 Knight of the Imperial DragonEbonheart, Grand Council Chambers
Matus MidoMaleImperialSpellsword4 ChampionEbonheart, Grand Council Chambers Tower
Alodie JesMaleBretonWarrior6 Knight BachelorEbonheart, Hawkmoth Legion Garrison
AumsiFemaleNordMaster-at-Arms4 ChampionEbonheart, Hawkmoth Legion GarrisonTrainer
Ervona BarysFemaleDark ElfBattlemage6 Knight BachelorEbonheart, Hawkmoth Legion GarrisonBattlemage Service
FanildilMaleHigh ElfHealer2 TrooperEbonheart, Hawkmoth Legion GarrisonHealer Service
Frald the WhiteMaleNordWarrior7 Knight ProtectorEbonheart, Hawkmoth Legion Garrison
LandorumeMaleHigh ElfTrader3 AgentEbonheart, Hawkmoth Legion GarrisonTrader Service
Nebia AmphiaFemaleImperialPriest3 AgentEbonheart, Hawkmoth Legion GarrisonPriest Service
NedhelornMaleWood ElfDrillmaster4 ChampionEbonheart, Hawkmoth Legion GarrisonDrillmaster Service
NorringMaleNordWarrior2 TrooperEbonheart, Hawkmoth Legion Garrison
Sirollus SaccusMaleImperialSmith4 ChampionEbonheart, Hawkmoth Legion Garrison
Augurius SialiusMaleImperialGuard6 Knight BachelorEbonheart, Hawkmoth Towers
Duke's GuardMaleImperialWarrior4 ChampionEbonheart, Imperial Commission
Duke's GuardMaleImperialBattlemage4 ChampionEbonheart, Imperial Commission
Rufinus AlleiusMaleImperialAcrobat3 AgentEbonheart, Imperial Commission
Tuvene ArethanFemaleDark ElfSavant6 Knight BachelorEbonheart, Imperial Commission
Birard AdrogneseMaleBretonWarrior4 ChampionEbonheart, Imperial Guard Garrison
Cavortius AlbuttianMaleImperialWarrior8 Knight of the GarlandEbonheart, Imperial Guard Garrison
EkkhiFemaleNordBattlemage4 ChampionEbonheart, Imperial Guard Garrison
Frostien EphineMaleBretonWarrior4 ChampionEbonheart, Imperial Guard Garrison
Glallian MaraenniusMaleImperialPriest6 Knight BachelorEbonheart, Imperial Guard Garrison
JelinMaleRedguardWarrior4 ChampionEbonheart, Imperial Guard Garrison
SaderMaleRedguardWarrior4 ChampionEbonheart, Imperial Guard Garrison
Viccia ClaeviusFemaleImperialPriest4 ChampionEbonheart, Imperial Guard Garrison
Vinnus LaecinniusMaleImperialPilgrim2 TrooperEbonheart, Six FishesTrainer
BedraflodMaleNordSavant2 TrooperEbonheart, Skyrim Mission
BriringMaleNordBarbarian2 TrooperEbonheart, Skyrim Mission
Eiruki Hearth-HealerFemaleNordBarbarian2 TrooperEbonheart, Skyrim Mission
HeidmirMaleNordNoble6 Knight BachelorEbonheart, Skyrim Mission
IngokningFemaleNordAssassin6 Knight BachelorEbonheart, Skyrim Mission
RaccanBMMaleRedguardGuard3 AgentFort Frostmoth
Severia GratiusBMFemaleImperialGuard4 ChampionFort Frostmoth
Vilbia HerenniaBMFemaleImperialGuard2 TrooperFort Frostmoth
Zeno FaustusBMMaleImperialGuard3 AgentFort Frostmoth, Armory
Falx CariusBMMaleImperialGuard7 Knight ProtectorFort Frostmoth, Carius' Chambers
Gaea ArtoriaBMFemaleImperialGuard3 AgentFort Frostmoth, General Quarters, Upper Level
Dul gro-DushMaleOrcWarrior1 SpearmanGnisis
Largakh gro-BulfimMaleOrcGuard1 SpearmanGnisis
Molvirian PalenixMaleImperialGuard0 RecruitGnisis
Ughash gro-BatulMaleOrcGuard1 SpearmanGnisis
Vatollia ApoMaleDark ElfGuard1 SpearmanGnisis
Yashnarz gro-UfthamphMaleOrcGuard1 SpearmanGnisis
Ragash gra-ShuzgubFemaleOrcWarrior0 RecruitGnisis, Arvs-Drelen
Optio BolograMaleOrcDrillmaster0 RecruitGnisis, BarracksTrainer
Strillian MacroMaleImperialSpellsword2 TrooperGnisis, Barracks
Vantustius PundusMaleImperialWarrior1 SpearmanGnisis, Barracks
Varian AngiusMaleImperialBattlemage2 TrooperGnisis, Barracks
Vertilvius CinesMaleImperialWarrior1 SpearmanGnisis, Barracks
Bagamul gro-DumulMaleOrcGuard1 SpearmanGnisis, Fort Darius
Bogdub gra-GurakhFemaleOrcGuard1 SpearmanGnisis, Fort Darius
Mug gro-DulobMaleOrcSmith1 SpearmanGnisis, Fort Darius
Sharkub gro-KhashnarMaleOrcDrillmaster3 AgentGnisis, Fort DariusDrillmaster Service
Uloth gra-UsharFemaleOrcGuard1 SpearmanGnisis, Fort Darius
Ulumpha gra-SharobFemaleOrcHealer1 SpearmanGnisis, Fort DariusHealer Service
Yambul gro-BogrolMaleOrcGuard1 SpearmanGnisis, Fort Darius
Lugrub gro-OgdumMaleOrcWarrior2 TrooperGnisis, Lower Eggmine
Asha-Ammu KutebaniMaleDark ElfScout1 SpearmanGnisis, Madach TradehouseTrainer
Clilias PulliaFemaleImperialGuard0 RecruitGnisis, Madach Tradehouse
DariusMaleImperialKnight7 Knight ProtectorGnisis, Madach Tradehouse
Ertius FulbenusMaleImperialWarrior1 SpearmanGnisis, Madach Tradehouse
Nash gro-KhazorMaleOrcGuard2 TrooperGnisis, Madach Tradehouse
Snakha gro-MarobMaleOrcWarrior1 SpearmanGnisis, Madach Tradehouse
OndiFemaleNordKnight5 Knight ErrantKhuul, Thongar's TradehouseTrainer
Amarie CharienFemaleBretonHealer2 TrooperMoonmoth Legion Fort, InteriorHealer Service
ErlaFemaleRedguardSmith2 TrooperMoonmoth Legion Fort, Interior
Larrius VarroMaleImperialWarrior4 ChampionMoonmoth Legion Fort, Interior
Radd Hard-HeartMaleNordMaster-at-Arms7 Knight ProtectorMoonmoth Legion Fort, InteriorTrainer
UrfingMaleNordTrader2 TrooperMoonmoth Legion Fort, Interior
Solea NuccusiusFemaleImperialBattlemage2 TrooperMoonmoth Legion Fort, Prison TowersBattlemage Service
AngorilMaleHigh ElfMaster-at-Arms7 Knight ProtectorPelagiad, Fort PelagiadTrainer
Shadbak gra-BurbugFemaleOrcSmith1 SpearmanPelagiad, Fort Pelagiad
Hrisskar Flat-FootMaleNordRogue2 TrooperSeyda Neen, Arrille's Tradehouse
Ganciele DouarMaleImperialGuard1 SpearmanSeyda Neen, Census and Excise Office
Sellus GraviusMaleImperialGuard5 Knight ErrantSeyda Neen, Census and Excise Office
Saprius EntiusMaleImperialCrusader4 ChampionVivec, Arena Storage
DinMaleRedguardMaster-at-Arms1 SpearmanWest Gash Region
Dumbuk gro-BolakMaleOrcKnight2 TrooperWolverine Hall

The Imperial legion

The legion is a military organisation and rules above all other similar guilds, such as the Fighters guild or House Redoran, in dictating law within Vvardenfell. They are also considered the strongest and most skilled fighters and no other force on the island, whether organised or simply tribal, can match their strength, organisation and tactical prowess on the battlefield. Legionnaires are mainly used to protect the town and provinces under the Empire’s influences, but in times of need they have been used to conquer new grounds.

The Imperial legion is organised in forts, which are either just small outposts in provincial towns such as Gnisis, or larger garrisons, such as the Hawkmoth Legion situated in Ebonheart, which are also the headquarters for the legion. It is organised into an hierarchical structure, where the smaller forts are commanded by a Champion, which isn’t the highest rank of the legion, and the garrisons and more important strategic centres are commanded by high-ranked Knights, who in turn issue orders to the Champions.


The favoured attributes are Endurance first of all, and as a surprise Personality is also favoured, not strength. This is due to the influence which a Knight must have upon his legions and lower ranked officers. The primary skills are Heavy Armor, Block, Blunt Weapon and Long Blade, unsurprisingly enough all fighting skills, and a player can take Athletics and Spear as minor skills.

The Blades and Imperial cult work closely with the legion, as they also serve the Emperor. Other allies include House Hlaalu and the Mages Guild. The legion are also allied with the Fighters guild and the Redorans, although they have shown signs of a healthy and competitive rivalry often: however, there is great mutual respect.

You can only join the legion by speaking to Darius, a Champion commanding the Deathshead legion in Gnisis, in the Madach Trade House. He is the lowest taskmaster but you cannot speak to any other members since they don’t require assistance. Once you have acquired status, you can speak to the current high-ranking officerin Ebonheart, or Varus Vantinius who is a Knight of the Imperial Dragon. You can also finally duel with him in order to become the current legion leader. Ranks are: Recruit, Spearman, Trooper, Agent, Champion, Knight Errant, Knight Bachelor, Knight of the Garland and finally Knight of the Imperial Dragon.

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Can a Nord join the imperial legion?
I am playing a Nord for the first time. I usually play a Breton or a High Elf. The first guard I talk to always asks if I want to join the imperial legion. All the guards do. But in my new game, that isn't happening. Are Nords excluded from joining anything? I usually join everything I can for as long as I can. Thanks for any help!

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Imperial Armour - Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim - Historical Evaluation
Please give me details


Go to Gnisis. You can take a Silt Strider from Seyda Neen, Ald'Ruhn, Maar Gan, or Khuul. Once there, find the Madach Tradehouse. Inside is General Darius, commander of the local Fort Darius. Speaking to Darius is the only means by which you can join the Imperial Legion.

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Thanks, and are there any heavy Imperial curaises , if so where?


Actually, Darius will give you a cuirass when you join the Legion, which you'll need to wear as a uniform when dealing with Imperial Legionnaires. This first cuirass is Imperial Chain, which is a Medium Armor, but you should receive an Imperial Steel replacement, which is a fair Heavy Armor breastplate, upon achievement of the rank of Trooper.

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I'm the bogeyman. The villain.

Thanks, you helped me a lot. :D


Related to this, somewhat: There's the Legion, the Cult, the Great Houses, the Guilds, and the Blades, right? Aside from the Houses, can you join all of them, or does joining the Legion preclude you from being able to join the Cult?

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There's the Legion, the Cult, the Great Houses, the Guilds, and the Blades, right?

Other than the other factions, yes.

Aside from the Houses, can you join all of them, or does joining the Legion preclude you from being able to join the Cult?

Characters can join them all, plus one of the Great Houses, of course.

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I'm the bogeyman. The villain.

Cool, thanks Indori. I've been putting off joining any of them just to make sure I don't exclude my future options.

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Oh, arm and arm with all the harmless sociopaths


Legion morrowind

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Morrowind Gameplay Imperial Legion Quest #1: Widow Vabdas' Deed (Walkthrough)

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