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As for big or little 40, I guess I should say, everything over Becuase I've looked at BFG Krawlerz which are inches but come in at I'm personally staying in around wide. No 15 wide tires for me. It would be awesome if SOMEONE, ANYONE made a tall and skinny. But that doesn't seem to be a reality right now.

Fiberglass just isn't ideal. Unless you're having the work done professionally. Aftermarket options are all widebody for Baja/PreRunner from what I've seen. I'm not going for that. That leaves AEV's flares as the best readily available option. There might be another option, as some have had luck fitting other aftermarket large pocket flares, but I don't want to experiment that much in that area personally.

I'll be doing this using my current Thuren setup. As DamageWagon already said, lift does nothing for tire clearance up to a point. I want to maintain a LOW center of gravity. And not go beyond were I am at now.
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Sat Mar 17, am

Since Thuren or Carli coils are quite popular and put the truck essentially very close to the same heigt as an AEV lifted Ram, it would seem that adding the AEV flares in conjunction with these springs would offer enough clearance. Pushing the axle forward a bit may still be a requirement (DOR long arm kit?). And even with the flares, some added bump-stop may still be needed as well.
I'm technically sitting higher than AEV's lift kit right now. That is the big WHY talking point I use for anyone with a PW who even considers the AEV lift. You are literally getting a level out of your PW. The rear is the same height. The front is the same height as Thuren's coils. Since I have a rear spacer, my rear is even taller. It's a lot of money to waste for a level, not to mention all the other things going on in that kit. But I'll leave that for the other thread. ;)

I understand the basic principles of the suspension traveling in an arc as it drops, I'm just not very good at explaining it. So the axle forward deal, I'm not % sure about. Reloader might be right about not needing the spacer and moving a 1/2 inch. There is some debate even about using the drop brackets and whether or not that is really necessary. (Most likely, this is certainly necessary for 40's, but in a discussion about 37s)

All of us radius arm guys with Thuren's kit, don't have drop brackets on our radius arms. Is our suspension worse off than compared to a carli lift or AEV's with the drop bracket???

We are going to travel this summer, and in the fall (Oct or Nov) I'm going to rear gear. I think, but I'm not convinced yet, I will be upgrading the front axle to a Dyntrac free-spin kit. Most likely I will be adding hydro as well, possibly all around the same time as the re-gear.

Power Wagon Laramie - "ROCKLANDER"

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Full-Size Off-Road Events & Overland Adventures

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History remembers the people who pushed back against the status quo, who challenged the traditional—not the people who played it safe. The folks over at Fab Fours have certainly made themselves known in the truck and off-road community since the company’s founding in They’ve done this by creating unique and visually striking exterior upgrades for trucks and sport utilities. And best of all, they design and build everything right here in the USA. What could be better than that?

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Fab Fours’ CEO Greg Higgs, and he was quick to admit that people either love their products, or they can’t stand them! There’s just something polarizing about Fab Fours’ catalog. But while, the loud and over-the-top styling of some of the company’s products may not appeal to everyone, that won’t stop Fab Fours from staying true to its vision for what the off-road community so desperately needs: something different.

Fortune Favors the Bold

Greg found inspiration for a new product, the Open Fender System, around 10 years ago on the off-road trails. There, he noticed several older model trucks with huge 38” or 40” tires on them, but no suspension or body lifts. The image of these trucks stuck with him, and the gears started turning in his head.

Fab Fours Open Fender System on blue JL Wrangler crawling over rocks

He fell in love with the scaling of the larger tires compared with the size of the truck. He could immediately see how usable the truck would be, how much lower the center of gravity would be (which, by the way, is ALWAYS a good thing). But he knew that these were custom-built trucks that had cost the owners a TON of money to complete.

One question rang out in his head, could they find a way to make 40” tires with no lift possible for the masses?

Popular culture dictates that lift kits are “cool.” So, naturally, that’s the first thing many people want to do to their new trucks. Greg told me he and his crew discovered that a new Ford Super Duty needed 8 inches of lift to clear a 40” tire with no rubbing! That’s a LOT of lift just to clear the tires. And with that lift comes a number of challenges and compromises.

Lifted trucks can be tough to get in and out of, especially for vertically challenged folks like yours truly. Lift your truck high enough and you might make it tough to see into your bed, let alone climb up into it. If you tow trailers regularly, you’ll probably find yourself in the market for an expensive drop hitch which will allow you to connect a trailer. And you can forget about hooking up a fifth wheel! That’s not to say that these things can’t be done with lifted trucks, but they surely become more difficult.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Once Greg had found his inspiration for a new product, he assigned it a simple tagline: “40’s no lift.”

Fab Fours Open Fender System on Ford, RAM, & Chevy trucks

This isn’t to say that this had never been done before. It certainly had been done by people with enough motivation (read: money) and were willing to pay a body shop tens of thousands of dollars to custom build a truck to their own specifications. Never before though, had a company sought to create a commercially viable kit. Greg now admits that he knows why: “It was terrible!”

Fab Fours invested a small fortune into the R&D of its first Open Fender System. So how did the staff start this process? Did they use state of the art programs, augmented reality, or some new sort of sorcery (read: technology) to run simulations on how to fit 40” tires on a truck with no lift? Nope. Fab Fours bought a brand-new HD truck, took some 3D scans of it and used CAD software to determine which areas of sheet metal would need to be removed to clear the tires. Then they simply started cutting.

Let me repeat that. They started cutting! This wasn’t some old “rusty but trusty” pickup they were cutting into. No—this was a brand-new $80k HD pickup. But they decided to go this route because of one simple truth: CAD is a fantastic tool. But, sometimes, experience is the best teacher.

CAD programs can’t always predict exactly how wheels will move inside the fender when backing a heavy trailer uphill into a driveway, or under heavy braking, or any scenario in between. So, the engineers would CAD their best thoughts, cut the truck, and test. Then if more cutting was needed, they would take more 3D scans and repeat the process.

No Lift, No Suspension Mods

The most impressive part about this system might be the fact that zero suspension modifications are required. You’re not cutting, welding, or replacing any suspension components to run those big tires. Why is this important? Because, it means that your truck will ride just as smoothly after installing the Fab Fours Open Fender Kit as it did before.

Aftermarket lift kits tend to suffer from the “cookie cutter” effect. Take the new Super Duty for example. Care to venture a guess on how many different spring rates are available for that truck in the Ford Catalog? Did you guess over 20? 30? Well you would be wrong. Because there are FORTY different spring rates available! Now, look up a lift kit for the truck. How many different spring rates do you think aftermarket companies like Fabtech sell? ONE.

Fab Fours Open Fender System on Chevy Silverado HD

Think about all of the money the OEMs pour into R&D for the suspensions on their trucks. Think about the amount of effort they pour into making a truck comfortable to ride in—while still being able to haul a trailer or a bed full of materials. Now imagine being able to retain that comfortable ride AND fit those huge tires under the truck. That right there is what makes this kit so special.


The next challenge for Fab Fours was figuring out how to make the kit into a commercially viable product. Because, making a kit which allows customers to run 40” tires with no lift is one thing. But refining the whole package into something that a body shop can install in the shortest amount of time possible? That’s some advanced level thinking. Shorter install times mean lower labor costs for the customer—a win-win.

A number of ideas and methods were tested before the team settled on vinyl cutting templates. These templates were designed in CAD, then printed to scale. Each piece of vinyl will only fit in one location, guiding the installer on exactly where to cut and where to drill. These templates are really something to behold—so elegant and simple that they make a seemingly daunting install seem far less intimidating.

Additionally, each Fab Fours Open Fender kit comes with a page printed install manual. Yes, you read that right, pages! It goes without saying that the manual is extremely thorough. But it’s also written for anybody who is working at a body shop; from seasoned pros to year-old tech school grads. Plus, the printed manual is backed up by 5+ hours of online installation videos! Fab Fours takes great pride in its products, but the company’s installation support really shines. If there were awards for install manuals and videos, you can bet that Fab Fours would win it year after year!

Positive Feedback

I asked Greg if he had gotten any feedback from customers on how they liked their Fab Fours Open Fender systems. He told me a story from a few years back on one of his own personal trucks which has the kit installed. He took the truck into his local dealer for service, and after the work was done the technician found Greg, introduced himself, and they started talking about the modifications on the truck. The tech was specifically interested in the Open Fender system, and was really impressed with the fit and finish of the end product. Greg talked him through the whole kit and gave him a Fab Fours’ catalog.

A few months later he heard from that tech again. The guy had done his research, watched all the install videos and a Fab Fours Open Fender kit for his own truck. Then he spent two full weeks laying underneath his truck and installing the kit in his own driveway without ever taking the stock wheels and tires off! This is already a challenging install, but leaving the tires on through the whole thing? That’s a really tall order!

Now, Fab Fours is quick to point out that this kit is not meant to be a DIY install. But this story proves that it can be done. With a lot of prep work and education, some elbow grease and determination, you too could rock “40’s no lift” on your truck!

Like this:



Sours: https://www.theengineblock.com/40s-no-lift-fab-fours-open-fender-system-says-yes/
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Dodge Ram Quad Cab - Fit & Trimmed

Body mods helped fit inch tires with only 3 inches of lift

From the day Todd Farrand purchased his Cummins-powered Dodge Ram , he wanted to fit the truck with minimal lift and inch tires. It would end up taking several years for that to happen. “The truck was the tow rig for the toys (a Jeep),” Farrand says. When it did happen, it took place in stages and actually included even-larger inch tires. “I cut into the body two years into the loan process to fit some inch tires and wheels a friend had laying around. It was a scary thing to do, but it paid off well in the end,” he goes on to say.

"The original tow rig this started out as has become more capable than my off-road rig is. It also has air conditioning and leather seats."

Eventually, Farrand says he started building with the intent to fit a inch tire. “The finished Dodge Ram truck was going to be debuted at the fullsize run in Moab The gears and fender trimming was done with the 40s in mind. At the last minute, a friend offered up some inch Pit Bull Rockers, so of course I said ‘heck yes.’ To my dismay, they were about four inches taller than the 40s I had, so out came the saw again. I trimmed out as much as I could as fast as I could. It looked great. I would find out that the trimming would be not enough, though. The rocks of Moab showed how much the truck needed some bumpstops. We managed to hit all the trails that week and make it home with minimal damage to the fenders,” Farrand says.

Farrand owns Mercenary Offroad in Camarillo, California, so he clearly has the skills to undertake a project like this. As a matter of fact, he probably could’ve whipped up a tall suspension lift that would’ve made fitting the big tires much quicker and easier. But fitting large tires with a minimal amount of lift has its benefits, including a low center of gravity. It’s definitely the hard way to fit larger tires, though, due to the mandatory sheetmetal modifications.

In the end, the Dodge Ram turned out great, with big tires, minimal lift, a wicked stance, and some impressive functional accessories. We’ve seen the truck in action on several Moab-area trails and we can attest to the fact that it works very well. And the truck turns heads. “When finding me in a crowd, my friends tell people to look for the truck and trailer with bigger tires on the tow rig than the wheeler,” he says, referring to his Jeep that rolls on 35s. He sums up the Ram by saying, “The original tow rig this started out as has become more capable than my off-road rig is. It also has air conditioning and leather seats.”

Dodge Ram Quad Cab
Owner: Todd Farrand
Stomping grounds: Camarillo, California
Build time: Two weeks
Engine: Cummins L I-6 turbodiesel
Transmission: 48RE four-speed automatic
Transfer case(s): NP
Low range ratio(s):
Crawl ratio(s):
Front axle/differential: AAM , Mercenary Offroad diff cover/Yukon , open
Rear axle/differential: AAM , Mercenary Offroad diff cover/Yukon , ARB Air Locker
Front: Carli Suspension 3-in-lift coil springs, control arms, track bar, limiting straps, in-travel King remote-reservoir shocks, FOA bumpstops
Rear: Carli Add a Pack leaf springs, in-travel King piggyback shocks
Steering: PSC Motorsports steering box, pitman arm, hydraulic ram, T-style linkage
Tires: xR20LT Pit Bull Rocker
Wheels: 20x TrailReady beadlock
Armor: Mercenary Offroad A-Bomb front bumper, Mercenary Offroad A-Bomb High-Clearance Wraparound rear bumper
Cool stuff: Significantly modified sheetmetal, bed-mounted spare tire, Warn VR winch, dual Baja Designs OnX lightbars



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Sours: https://www.motortrend.com/features/dodge-ramquad-cab-fit-and-trimmed/

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2500 40s ram

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Rock Crawling Ram 2500 on 40s! - Inside Line

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