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cheapest price Practical Exquisite Design Simple Fish Tank Clip, Aquarium Clamp, Multifunction for Aquarium Fish Tank - - just for you


1. Exquisite design, simple and practical, effectively fix the water pipe, practical and easy to use.
2. The groove design can organize your wires in a standardized way, making the fish tank more concise.
3. According to your own needs, use fish tank clamps, custom connectors, and hook to fix the fish tank peripheral equipment.
4. Suitable for fish tank, aquarium, very practical.
5. Multifunctional fixing clip, convenient to use.


Condition: 100% brand new

Item type: Multifunction Fixed Clamp

Material: acrylic

Color: As picture shown

Size(length x width x height): Approx. 5.5x3.6x6cm/2.2x1.4x2.4in

Weight: Approx. 125g 

Product use: Multifunctional fixing clip for aquarium accessories

Package List:

4 x Nut

4 x Screw

2 x Base

2 x Water tube cover

2 x Adjustment Sheet

2 x Fixed clip main body

2 x Hook&loop


MTFS Fish Tank Clip on Light with Inline Timer, Clamp Aquarium L

Fish,Timer,,$9,Inline,MTFS,Tank,,Clamp,with,Clip,/intermine872136.html,Light,L,Pet Supplies , Fish Aquatic Pets , Aquarium Lights,on,Aquarium MTFS Fish Tank Clip on Light Inline Aquarium 5 ☆ very popular L with Clamp Timer $9 MTFS Fish Tank Clip on Light with Inline Timer, Clamp Aquarium L Pet Supplies Fish Aquatic Pets Aquarium Lights $9 MTFS Fish Tank Clip on Light with Inline Timer, Clamp Aquarium L Pet Supplies Fish Aquatic Pets Aquarium Lights Fish,Timer,,$9,Inline,MTFS,Tank,,Clamp,with,Clip,/intermine872136.html,Light,L,Pet Supplies , Fish Aquatic Pets , Aquarium Lights,on,Aquarium MTFS Fish Tank Clip on Light Inline Aquarium 5 ☆ very popular L with Clamp Timer

MTFS Fish Tank Clip on Light Inline Aquarium 5 ☆ very popular L Translated with Clamp Timer


MTFS Fish Tank Clip on Light with Inline Timer, Clamp Aquarium L

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【GOOD LIGHTING EFFECT】:The aquarium clip light is super bright, energy-saving, and long-lasting LED light, which is very suitable for night viewing.
  • 【SUITABLE FOR DAY AND NIGHT】:Aquarium LED lights can enhance the color of fish and corals, providing amazing lighting effects during the day or night.
  • 【ENERGY SAVING】:Super bright, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than ordinary LED lights, energy-saving and long-lasting LED lights bring amazing light to your aquarium.
  • 【NOTES】:Clip-on aquarium light, the soft arm can adjust the angle and position arbitrarily. Note that it is suitable for fish tanks with wall thickness ≤ 5mm.
  • 【100% -RISK-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE】:We made sure that this product the highest standard of quality but if for ANY reasons you are not satisfied, you will receive a refund, no questions asked. Add it to Cart now!

MTFS Fish Tank Clip on Light with Inline Timer, Clamp Aquarium L

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Choosing the Right Aquarium Light

Choosing the right light is one of the most important aspects of an aquarium. It can also be one of the most confusing, especially for beginner aquarists. Choosing the best light fixture for your aquarium depends on the needs of the animals and plants you'll be keeping, the size and dimensions of your aquarium and your budget.

Fish and Plant Needs

The number 1 reason to have a light on your aquarium is to enjoy the beauty of the fish, plants and decorations. In addition, the fish need to see so they can get around, find food and interact with each other. But there are other considerations; fish and live plants have specific light needs. Some fish inhabit open water in rivers, streams and lakes, where the light is bright most of the day. Others prefer dimmer habitats among fallen logs or under overhanging vegetation. The same applies to plants; some grow in shallow or open water, where the light is bright and constant throughout the day. Others are found in deeper water or in the shadow of taller plants or overhanging shrubs and trees. It's important to choose a light that is appropriate for the types of fish and plants you keep.

How To Choose The Right Aquarium Light - Aqueon

Light Intensity And Spectrum

Not all light is created equal. Intensity refers to how strong or "bright" a light is. Spectrum is a way of describing the mixture of different colors – or wavelengths – a light produces. Light spectrum is often given a Kelvin rating or "K rating". Light sources that give off a yellowish or warm effect have a low Kelvin rating, while those that produce a crisp bluish-white or cool light have a high Kelvin rating. Most freshwater aquarium lights are rated between 5,500 and 8,000 Kelvin.

Intensity and spectrum are less important in aquariums or with artificial plants, although some lights enhance natural colors better than others. A light that's too intense may promote algae, especially in non-planted tanks. Where live plants are concerned, proper intensity and spectrum can make a difference between success and failure. Water depth is a factor, as well. Certain wavelengths, especially blue, penetrate deeper into water than others, and this can be critical to live plants. Let your local dealer know your tank's height and the types of plants you want to keep when getting advice on the best light  fixture for your aquarium.

How To Choose The Right Aquarium Light - Aqueon

Type of Light Fixtures

There are several types of aquarium lights, allowing aquarists to choose one that best suits their needs and those of their aquarium inhabitants. Aqueon® and Coralife® offer a wide range of full hoods, strip lights and clip-on lights. Here are some common choices for freshwater aquariums:

Standard Fluorescent

For years this has been the most common form of aquarium lighting and it continues to be popular today. Affordable pricing and a selection of bulbs for different  applications make fluorescent lights a great choice for many aquarists. Aqueon offers strip lights and full hoods as well as a selection of bulbs for rectangular, hexagon and bowfront aquariums. Bulbs dim over time and should be replaced every 10 to 12 months.

Aqueon Single Tube Strip Fluorescent Aquarium Light 48 inch

Aqueon Fluorescent Light Fixtures


Rapidly becoming the most popular type of aquarium lighting, these energy-efficient lights offer features that aren't available in other aquarium lights. Aqueon LED lights are available for aquariums of almost any size. They use far less energy than other lights, do not heat the water and the LEDs last several years without losing intensity. OptiBright lights feature higher intensity, programmable timers, output (intensity) and spectrum controls, nighttime moonlights, adjustable sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset timers and different color options!

Aqueon Planted Aquarium Clip-On LED Light

Aqueon Planted Aquarium Clip-On LED

12" to 18" image of the OptiBright light fixture showing all red, white, and blue LED lights turned on

Aqueon OptiBright MAX LED Light 

Aqueon Modular LED Aquarium Light 20 inch

Aqueon Modular LED Aquarium Lights

Aqueon Deluxe LED Full Hood Aquarium Light 24 inch

Aqueon LED Deluxe Full Hoods

Day/Night Cycle

It's important for all living things to have a regular day/night cycle for optimum health and well-being. In the tropics, where most aquarium fish, invertebrates and plants come from, there are 12 hours of light (known as the photoperiod) and 12 hours of darkness every day of the year. Planted aquariums do best with 12 hours of light, while those without live plants will have less algae with a photoperiod of approximately 8 to 10 hours. Use a timer on your aquarium light to create a consistent day/night cycle. To enjoy your aquarium during evening hours, place it away from windows and set the timer accordingly.

How To Choose The Best Aquarium Lighting - Aqueon

Algae And Light

A commonly held belief in aquarium keeping is that too much light causes excessive algae growth. Algae are nature's way of purifying water and are a natural part of any aquarium. The truth is that nuisance algae outbreaks are more often caused by nutrient build-up than lighting issues. Planted aquarium owners rarely need to clean algae even though they use high output lighting because nutrients are quickly utilized by the plants, thus starving any algae. The trick to preventing algae growth is to manage nutrients with regular water changes, chemical filter media and not overfeeding your fish, along with providing the right amount of light.

In aquariums, the term "nutrients" refers to nitrate and phosphate, which typically come from fish food and the resulting fish waste. But there is another source, which is tap water. Many tap water sources contain high levels of these impurities and performing water changes with nitrate or phosphate-laden water will not reduce levels and may even cause them to rise. If your tap water contains high nutrient levels, use reverse osmosis (RO) or deionized (DI) water with Aqueon® Water Renewal added to fill your aquarium and perform water changes.

Choosing the right light for your aquarium enhances its natural beauty and ensures the long-term health of your fish, plants and invertebrate life!

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Relaxing Video Clip of Tropical Fish Tank, Aquarium (90mins, 1080 HD)

NICREW Fish Tank Clip on Light, Clamp Aquarium Light with White and Blue LEDs

NICREW Fish Tank Clip on Light, Clamp Aquarium Light with White and Blue LEDs


200 ratings Write a review

Item #:


Order now and get it around Thursday, October 28

Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on (110-120) volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function. It is mandatory to know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter. Recommended power converters Buy Now.

Product Details

  • Allows accurate views of plants, invertebrates and fish in their natural colors
  • Provides an adjustable solution to mount LED light fixtures on virtually any aquarium
  • Easy to install over the aquarium glass with the included screws, with no drilling or cutting
  • A durable on/off rocket switch for lighting control
  • Reccomended for aquariums 2.5 to 5 gallons
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎7.2 x 2 x 5.2 inches (18.3 x 5.1 x 13.4 cm); 8.78 Ounces (248.91 grams)
Item model number ‏ : ‎N14211
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎NICREW
ASIN ‏ : ‎B07QQ9K3R9
Light Source TypeLED
Shade MaterialPlastic, Glass, Aluminum


NICREW Fish Tank Clip on Light, Clamp Aquarium Light with White and Blue LEDs

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Tank clip fish

Best Clip-on Lights for Aquarium and Fish Tank (Review &Guide)

In the previous article, we discussed aquarium lighting in detail. Now, let’s look at the best clip-on aquarium lights suitable for small fish tanks.

So let’s get started.


What is a clip-on aquarium light?

A clip-on aquarium light comes with a light fixture and a soft-touch switch or a clip that allows you to clip it over the fish tank glass. For small fish tanks, a clip-on aquarium light is the perfect option. They usually produce less light than larger fittings and that makes them ideal for smaller tanks or areas where targeted lighting is required.

Best Clip-on Aquarium Light Review

1-ECtENX LED Aquarium Clip-on Light (With White & Blue Colors)


The ECtENX LED Aquarium Light is a durable, energy-efficient, and dual color LED light (white and blue) to light up your small tank. The clear white light looks amazing during night time and can be used to enhance colors in corals and fish.

The white and blue lights work perfectly and are absorbed by the chlorophyll of aquatic plants. You can buy one LED light for a 5 to 20-gallon tank and two for 20 to 55-gallon tanks.

Shop now at


The advantage for choosing Blue and White ECtENX LED light is that it provides enough light for aquatic plants to grow healthily.

Moreover, vibrant colors make your fish tanks more alluring at night. And lastly, it is easy to install and comes with an affordable price tag.


The disadvantage, as reported by some people, is the issue of light flicker and a larger wall plug that was difficult to fit into a crowded socket area.

2-Aqueon Aquarium Clip-On LED Light


Aqueon Aquarium is a freshwater aquarium clip-on LED light with a set of 21 bright LED lights for shimmering illumination. It has a 2-way soft-touch LED control for on and off. It can be conveniently mounted on frameless or framed aquariums with mounting screws.

These Aqueon lights will offer vibrant and clear lighting to create a thriving environment. It’s a brilliant option to support your aquatic corals and plants. These lights are most ideal for aquariums 20 gallons or less in size.

Shop now at


They come in a set of bright LEDs to support your fish tank with an affordable price. It’s great value for money with high PAR outputs and a sturdy metal construction.


Some people say that the only disadvantage is the set of bright lights, as they are pretty vibrant with high intensity that can be difficult to look at.

3-Finnex FugeRay Aquarium Clip-on LED Light for Planted Tank (Plus Moonlights)


Finnex FugeRay Aquarium LED light is a series of identical LED lights in a clip light molding. The lights are joined in an even manner to fulfill the requirement of medium-light fish tanks. These lights come with 660nm LEDs to boost chlorophyll photosynthesis.

They can last up to 40,000 hours and feature a moisture resistant PC Splash Guard to guard against any water mishaps. The light spreads around 10 inches and it is ideal for a 10-gallon fish tank.

Shop now at


To offer light durability, the circuit board is manufactured with high quality aluminum and the fixture acts as a heat sink.  It comes with a very pocket-friendly price. The PAR rating for Finnex FugeRay LED light is 35 at 12 inches high.


Some people note heat output from the control box. Also, the 180-day warranty is a bit shorter than its competitors.

4-Astra LED Nano Fish Tank Light for Saltwater+Freshwater Planted Tank & Coral Reef Tank


The Asta 20 is an attractive light with some brilliant features. One of the best things about this light is its versatility. The long gooseneck allows you to clip it on and then place it wherever the light is needed most.

Even more important is the dimmer capability of the lamp. You can adjust the brightness to suit your tank’s needs.

The light can be controlled via DMX with Wi-Fi, although this costs extra. The housing is made with metal cooling fins for quiet operation.

Shop now at


The biggest advantage of the Asta 20 is its flexibility. The long gooseneck and customizable lighting spectrum allow this light to be used in many different applications.


A few people commented that the lights turn pretty hot when they are on for long periods.

5-Wave-point Micro Sun 6,500 k Daylight High Output Clip-on Light


Wave-point Micro Sun LED Fixture Lighting is another great option for saltwater environments and freshwater aquariums. They are equipped with super blue and white daylight lamps surrounded by a sleek aluminum hood with heat removal technology.

The hood and light can be adjusted using two hinges that lock into place with screws. The light attaches to tanks with a suction cup and hook system.

Shop now at


The biggest advantage of Micro Sun lights is their water-resistant construction that can survive accidental immersion.  


This light will heat up so it needs good air circulation to avoid overheating problems.

6-Finnex Stingray LED Clip Light


The Finnex Stingray LED light is a nice-looking light for smaller tanks. One of the distinctive features is its white casing. This makes it suitable for tanks that are not hidden or against a wall. The light isn’t trying to disappear.

At 4 watts, this isn’t a great light for huge aquariums. It will be perfect for smaller tanks and nano tanks.

The fitting is a simple clip bracket with a screw for tightening it. This design works very well for rimless tanks. The gap of 0.6 inches allows this to work for tanks with a rim up to ½” in thickness.

Shop now at


The 7000K light spectrum makes some fish really stand out and produces nice shadows in planted tanks.


The light isn’t very bright so application choice is crucial.

7-Coralife Marine Aquarium Clip-On LED Light


Coralife marine light is a multi-functional and a versatile light that can be used for fish tanks as well as for garages, workbenches, plant seedlings, etc. The clamp is sturdy and the slim positioning should keep the attention on your fish and not the light.

Controlling the light is simple with the 3-way switch. All on, blue on, or all off are the only three options. There are 60 LEDs to light up the tank and promote fish and plant health.

This light is great for smaller tanks. If you want a light that is effective for a nano cube or small betta tank, then this is a great choice. The slim fitting and fixture will not draw attention away from your tank.

Shop now at


The biggest advantage of this lamp is its simplicity and cost. It is one of the most affordable small tank lighting solutions on offer.


A big disadvantage is the lack of flexibility. The neck is fixed so the lamp will not be adjustable once placed.

Our Recommendations

For Fish-Only Tank

Our recommendation for a tank with only fish is the LED ECtENX Aquarium Light because it offers two sets of white and blue lights and is super affordable.

Without plants to support, the lower level of light is not a problem. Using both blue and white lights can help showcase your fish. The gooseneck can also be adjusted to light up one side of your tank while leaving the other side less bright.

For Fresh-Water Planted Tank

The planted version of Aqueon Aquarium Clip-On LED Light is suitable for freshwater planted tanks as it is ideal for growing plants. The set of 60 bright LED lights will support your aquatic plants and help to grow lush plants effectively. It is less expensive compared to other lights and will easily support a 20-gallon freshwater planted tank.

For Saltwater Tank

Now for saltwater tank, we have two recommendations, first is the LED Aquarium Lighting Nano Fish Tank Light. It is a great option for coral reefs and other saltwater plants because the light provides equally distributed illumination throughout the tank. The light can be customized with four different spectrums to achieve the best results.

The next one is Coralife Marine Aquarium Clip-On LED light as it offers a set of 60 bright LEDs with a blue spectrum to give off a deep sea look. A cool white to blue spectrum is the perfect option for saltwater tanks as it helps to grow corals and enhance tank colors.

Other options for Small Tanks

If none of the above suit your needs, then we have a few other options for you. These are a little more flexible and could be used for different applications such as a vivarium, combo tanks, and grow tanks.

1-MingDak LED Under Water Light (White/Blue Colors)


MingDak LED Aquarium Light is the most cost-effective option for small tanks. They are 20% brighter and offer longer performance compared to regular lights.

The basic 7.5-inch light has a set of 18 LEDs that is beneficial to illuminate your tank and enhance the existing fish colors. They work great underwater and use low voltage, so you don’t have to worry about using too much electricity.

Shop now at

It is more than sufficient for a 20 to 40-gallon tank which is a great return on such a low investment. The electric cord is longer than others so you can place your aquarium anywhere you want.

2-Simple Deluxe Clamp Light with 5.5 Inch Aluminum Reflector


Simple Deluxe Clamp Lamp Light is a 5.5 Inch Aluminum Reflector manufactured with a scratch-resistant vinyl sleeve and a spring-powered steel camp with an adjustable ball joint. It has a 60-watt medium base bulb, an on/off push through a switch, 6 feet cord and an adjustable ball joint for focus light area. It’s a great choice for a cheap start and flexible use.

Shop now at

Check list before buying a clip-on light for your tank

We’ve given you quite a few options and even made some recommendations. There are hundreds of different lights available. Let’s finish with a simple checklist to help you make your own choice.

1-Is it suitable for your plants or corals needs?

You know your plants and corals. Low light needs, high light requirements, foreground, background, and living coral are all different plant and lighting requirements that could be in your tank.

One of the best things to do is make a list of your plants and their lighting needs. Consider where each one is located so you can choose a good light for your plants.

2-Is the light size fit for your tank size?

There are three different aspects of matching lights to tank size:

  • Ensure the light is long enough for your tank. If you have a wide tank that is not very deep from front to back, then you may need two or more clip-on lights to cover the entire width of the tank.
  • Check the light is going to reach the middle of your tank. If your tank is squarer, then a clip-on light may not reach the front of your tank from the back. Longer goosenecks can address this problem.
  • Finally, check your tank’s water depth. Light doesn’t penetrate very far into the water. These clip on lights are not the best for tanks with water depth greater than 12″.

3-Can it be clipped on your tank frame?

Do a quick check to make sure the clamp will fit where it’s needed. Rimless tanks may be too thin for certain clamps while tanks with a thick, chunky rim might be too wide for others. Check this to avoid disappointment.

4-Lighting Options and Flexibility

Consider what you need and want from your light and then choose the features that will deliver your desires. For example:

  • Some may want a bright light that is dimmable to look after certain species of fish.
  • Blue light may be a requirement for marine tanks or people who want constant illumination but not algae.
  • A broader color spectrum may be desirable to highlight specific species of fish.

Think about what you want to achieve and then choose a light that will do it for you.

The Best 4K Aquarium for Relaxation II 🐠 Relaxing Oceanscapes - Sleep Meditation 4K UHD Screensaver
Updated: January 25, 2021 - By: Lucas - Categories: Equipment

Lighting is important for small tanks as it is for big tanks. Having the right lighting not only helps to grow healthy and vibrant plants but also make the colors of your tank pop.

For a small tank, finding the right lighting can be an uphill task. If the light is too strong, you will have an algae problem, and if the intensity is too low, the plants will suffer a slow death. You also have to contend with the lack of space to install the lighting fixture.

This is where clip-on LED lights come in handy. To make it easy for you to find the perfect light for your small tank, here are reviews of four excellent options for small and nano aquariums.

Best clip-on LED lights and small fixtures

ModelOur ratingTypeIdeal forFor tanksLEDsModesWattage
Finnex Stingray LED Clip Lighteditor's ratingFinnex Stingray LED Clip Light #adclip-onfish-only, Bettas, low light plants2.5-5 gallons12 white 7000K, 3 red and 3 actinic blueday, night, off4 watts
Innovate Flexible LED lamp with magnet fixingeditor's ratingInnovate Flexible LED lamp #admagnet fixingfish bowls, nano cylinder tanksup to 5 gallons (8-gallon available)cool whitewhite1 watts
LED light with bamboo board for small bowleditor's ratingLED lamp with bamboo board #adlamp with standbowls, special-shaped tanks, potted plantsunder 9 gallonswhitewhite daylight5 watts (7/9W available)
Finnex FugeRay Planted+ cliplighteditor's ratingFinnex FugeRay Planted+ clip light #adclip-onfish, low-medium light plants2.5-5 gallonsdaylight, 660nm red and blueday, night, off5 watts
Mindak clip-on fish tank lighteditor's ratingMindak clip-on fish tank light #adclip-onfish, low-high light plants3-8 gallons15 white, 3 blueblue + white, blue only, white only7 watts
NICREW ClassicLED Pluseditor's ratingNICREW ClassicLED Plus #admounting fixturemost demanding plants2.5-5 gallons26 White + 6 Blue + 3 Red + 1 Greenday/night8 watts
MingDak LED Aquarium Lighteditor's ratingMingDak LED Aquarium Light #admounting fixturefish-only, low-medium light plantsup to 5 gallons32 white, 6 blue, 4 red2 day modes, 1 night mode, built-in timmer8 watts
Aqueon Aquarium Clip-on LED Lighteditor's ratingAqueon Aquarium Clip-on LED Light #adclip-onfish, medium-high light plantsup to 20 gallons60 totalday, night, off
Lominie F20 freshwatereditor's ratingLominie F20 freshwater #adclip-onhigh-light plants8-18 inch cube tankmanual switch for dimming12-16 watts
COODIA Aquarium Hood Lightingeditor's ratingCOODIA Aquarium Hood Lighting #admounting fixturefish, low-light plantsup to 7.5 gallonsWhite + RGBcountless colors with the remote
NICREW HyperReef 30editor's ratingNICREW HyperReef 30 #adclip-onsaltwater fish, most types of coralsup to 10 gallons18 LEDs from 405 nm (UV) to 660 nm (Deep Red)blue and white channels, adjustable30 watts

Small LED clip light reviews

Finnex Stingray LED Clip Light

  • Finnex Stingray LED Clip Lighteditor's ratingCheck on Amazon #ad
  • Ideal for: fish-only, Bettas, shrimp, low light plants
  • For tank: 2.5-5 gallons
  • LEDs: 12 white 7000K, 3 red and 3 actinic blue
  • Mode: day, night, off
  • Wattage: 4 watts.

The Finnex Stingray LED clip light is designed for nano tanks that require low light intensity. This 9.5-inch long LED light works perfectly for tanks with slow-growing plants that don’t need a lot of light. It is ideal for nano fish tanks or Betta tanks with some easy-to-care plants such as Marimo Moss Balls, Banana Plants, moss, ferns, Anubias, etc.

For aquarists looking to add some light and color to their tanks or replace the stock lighting fixture that comes with the tank, the Finnex Stingray LED light is a worthy replacement.

Finnex Stingray LED Clip LightFinnex Stingray LED Clip Light #ad

The LED light spots an aluminum cover for easy dissipation of heat with plastic caps at the ends to prevent moisture. It puts out 4 Watts of power courtesy of 12 white 7000K LED bulbs, three red and three actinic blue LEDs.

The flexible arm makes the light easy to position in your tank, and the clip-on design saves you space on your tank and installation time.

Innovate Flexible LED lamp with magnet fixing for small bowls

  • Innovate Flexible LED lamp with magnet fixingeditor's ratingCheck on Amazon #ad
  • Ideal for: fish bowls, nano cylinder tanks
  • For tanks: up to 5 gallons (8-gallon available)
  • LEDs: cool white LEDs
  • Modes: 6500K white
  • Wattage: 1 watt

This is another fantastic option for small fish bowls up to 5 gallons, and there’s also an option that can work with tanks up to 8 gallons.

Best for round or square aquariumsBest for round or square aquariums #ad

The most stand-out feature of this light is its mounting option, a universal, innovative magnet fixing that allows you to install the LED light on any tank regardless of its shape.

It’s packed with cool white 6500K LEDs consuming just 1 watt of power. The light comes in a series of vibrant colors if you want to add color to your aquarium. It’s an excellent light for small aquariums in tight spaces, and it’s also easy going on your pockets.

LED lamp with bamboo board for small bowl, nano Betta fish tank

  • LED light with bamboo board for small bowleditor's ratingCheck on Amazon #ad
  • Ideal for: bowls, special-shaped, small Betta fish tanks, potted plants, succulents
  • For tanks: under 9 gallons
  • LEDs: white LEDs
  • Modes: 6000K white daylight, dimmable
  • Wattage: 5 watts (7/9W available)

This product comes as an 18-inch high LED lamp attached to a 9 x 8.5-inch bamboo board. Despite its miniature size, this is an excellent light with unlimited installation options. The bamboo board plays the role of a stand that fits any type and shape of fish tanks or bowls.

Ideal for different shaped bowlsIdeal for different shaped bowls #ad

The 6000K white daylight output makes it ideal for nano planted Betta tanks. It can work with potted terrestrial plants as well. The light intensity is dimmable to meet the needs of different plant types.

The lamp head has a 360-degree swivel for flexible installation and adjustment. It comes with a lens to maximize the depth and width of illumination, perfect for aquarium tanks that hold less than 9 gallons of water. You can choose from options of 5, 7, or 9 watts depending on your tank’s needs and size.

Finnex FugeRay Planted+ clip aquarium LED light

  • Finnex FugeRay Planted+ clip lighteditor's ratingCheck on Amazon #ad
  • PAR: 35 @ 12-inch depth
  • Ideal for: Bettas and other small tropical fish, shrimp, low-medium light plants
  • For tank: 2.5-5 gallons
  • LEDs: daylight, 660nm red and blue
  • Mode: day, night, off
  • Wattage: 5 watts.

The Finnex FugeRay Planted+ clip light is ideal for a small planted aquarium or a saltwater filtration sump. The PAR @ 12-inch depth is 35. However, because this small clip light is mostly used for nano planted tanks that are usually lower than 12 inches, it can work well for even medium light-demanding plants.

Besides white LEDs, it is integrated with blue and red LEDs to adequately lit the aquarium and gives a vibrant feel. It offers two lighting modes with a switch button for daylight with all LEDs on, moonlight with several blue LEDs on, or all the bulbs off. In the daylight mode, the 660 nm red LEDs provide a true wavelength that favors photosynthesis in plants.

Finnex FugeRay Planted+ clip lightFinnex FugeRay Planted+ clip light #ad

The LED bulbs are housed in an aluminum case for better heat dissipation. They are also covered by a PC splash guard, which safeguards them from any water mishaps and moisture. Because of this, the LEDs can serve for an extended lifespan of up to 40,000 plus hours.

The fixture is very slim and light. Since it comes in a clip modeled fixture, it is effortless to install. You only have to slide the aquarium wall into the groove of the gooseneck and use an included nylon crew to fix it over the tank.

Mindak fish tank clip-on light with in-line timer

  • Mindak fish tank clip-on lighteditor's ratingCheck on Amazon #ad
  • Ideal for: tropical fish, Bettas, shrimp, aquarium plants
  • For tank: 3-8 gallon tanks
  • LEDs: 15 white, 3 blue
  • Mode: blue + white, blue only, white only
  • Wattage: 7 watts.

With 18 total LEDs and three lighting modes (two day modes with/without blue and a night mode with only blue), this LED light offers more functionality and plenty of shimmers into your aquarium. You can use it for your Betta fish tank, shrimp, or other tropical fish. The light also benefits to grow plants with its two white daylight modes.

Light modes and timerLight modes and timer #ad

This clip-on light comes with an in-line timer for automatic control. The timer is simply designed with three lighting periods (6/10/12 hours) to choose from. Just turn on the light one morning and choose the lighting time you want the light to be on and it will remember your setting and repeat the same lighting schedule day by day.

The in-line timer also allows you to dim the light by adjusting the intensities of the blue and white channels. So, you don’t need to worry about if the light is too bright for your fish in case you have species that prefer soothing light. If you have Betta fish and some low light plants such as marimo moss balls, anubias, ferns, e.g. you should dim the light to fit the plants.

The setup is the same and as easy as other clip-on lights. It comes with everything you need to attach it to the rim of your aquarium.

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NiCREW Classic LED Plus for 2.5-5 gallon planted tanks

  • NICREW ClassicLED Pluseditor's ratingCheck on Amazon #ad
  • PAR: 72 @ 12-inch depth (48-inch fixture)
  • Ideal for: most demanding plants
  • Fixture sizes: 12-18 inches
  • For tanks: 2.5-5 gallons
  • LEDs: 26 White + 6 Blue + 3 Red + 1 Green
  • Modes: Day/night
  • Wattage: 8 watts

Although this is not a clip-on light, it is easy to set up and use in small planted tanks from 2.5 to 5 gallons. It is a full-spectrum light that combines white, blue, red, and green LEDs. It’s brighter than most lights and produces a fine-tuned color spectrum suited for aquarium plants.

It has a three-way switch that allows you to juggle between day and night modes. For heat management, the light has a stylish and durable aluminum alloy shell that extends the operational life span of the light.

The diverse light can be used for lighting in saltwater settings and caters to medium and high light level plants. The installation of the light is simple. It has metal extendable mounting brackets. For the best results and longevity, it’s best to use the light in canopy-covered aquariums.

MingDak LED Aquarium Plant Light 12-18 inch extendable fixture

  • MingDak LED Aquarium Lighteditor's ratingCheck on Amazon #ad
  • PAR: 51 @ 12-inch depth, dimmable
  • LEDs: 32 white, 6 blue, 4 red
  • Mode: two day modes, one night mode, off
  • Ideal for: Betta fish tank, other tropical fish, shrimp, plants
  • For tank: 2.5-5 gallons (12-18 inches long)
  • Wattage: 8 watts.

If you’re looking for stronger light and a bit of sophistication, the MingDak LED aquarium light fits the bill. With 42 total LEDs and three lighting modes, this LED light offers more functionality and plenty of shimmers into your aquarium.

MingDak LED Aquarium LightMingDak LED Aquarium Light #ad

The small fixture is very special with its in-line timer design. The timer is simply designed with three time frames to choose from, 3/6/12h. The smart design makes the light a perfect option for the simple needs of most beginners but still keeps the price as low as cheap clip lights rated for the same tank sizes.

The light is dimmable with the in-line timer controller, so you don’t need to worry about if the light is so bright that it may cause algae problems.

With its average PAR output, the MingDak LED aquarium light is perfect for nano tanks with fish only, or low-high demanding planted tanks. It comes with adjustable brackets that make positioning and setting up a breeze. It works for tanks that are 12 to 18 inches across.

If you’re keen about not messing up your tank’s design and layout, the slim and modern design of the light will play into your preferences and play its role while blending into the tank’s design.

Aqueon Clip-on LED Light for tanks up to 20-gallon

  • Aqueon Aquarium Clip-on LED Lighteditor's ratingCheck on Amazon #ad
  • PAR: 70 @ 12-inch depth
  • LEDs: 60 total
  • Mode: day, night, off
  • Ideal for: fish, freshwater shrimp, low-high light plants
  • For tank: 5-gallon planted
  • Wattage: watts.

The Aqueon Aquarium Clip-on LED light is the true definition of looks can be deceptive. This 8-inch long LED light packs a low profile, perfect for aquarists who prefer not to have chunky lights that hog all the space.

It has an incredible 60 LEDs that make easy work of providing enough light for tanks that can hold up to 20 gallons of water. The Aqueon LED light is designed to help grow lush plants and comes with all the bells and whistles to help you get the greenest and healthiest plants.

PAR  measurement @ 12-inch depthPAR measurement @ 12-inch depth #ad

Based on the PAR information provided by Aqueon, if you use it for a 5 gallon planted tank or a smaller one, this light can work well for even ‘light-hungry’ plants, especially if you have carpeting plants like Glossostigma, which tend to stay close to the base of the tank. The light also does an exceptional job of bringing out the natural colors in your tank.

A lower-output version (PAR 20-30 @ 12″) of the light is also available if you have a Betta fish tank with/without some low light plants to care for.

3 way soft-touch button3 way soft-touch button #ad

Its collection of features include blue and white LEDs with a 3-way mode (all on, blue on, and all off). The light has a handy touchpad on the fixture that you can use to switch among the modes.

If you’re unlucky to have your tank a significant distance from the power source, you’ll be happy to know that the light offers up to 5 feet of cord, which is quite handy. The power cord comes in two parts, making it easy to replace for a longer one or when it breaks down.

Installation should be a breeze with the Aqueon Aquarium Clip-on LED light. It has a versatile mounting screw and bracket that slip on effortlessly on both framed and frame-less tanks.

If your budget is a little flexible and you’re looking for a good LED light that will support plant growth without blowing your finances out of the water, this compact, low profile LED light from Aqueon will do the trick.

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Lominie F20 freshwater LED light for 5-gallon planted

  • Lominie F20 freshwater LED aquarium lighteditor's ratingCheck on Amazon #ad
  • Ideal for: fish, high-light plants
  • For tanks: 8-18 inch cube tank
  • LEDs:
  • Modes: Manual switch for dimming
  • Wattage: 12-16 watts

This cylinder-shaped aquarium light from Lominie is also a versatile product to consider. It is made using COB (Chip On Board) technology, a new method of LED package, for uniform illumination and more vigorous intensity. This makes it an ideal choice if you have live plants to care for in your aquarium.

The intensity of the light is customizable from 0 to 100%, using a manual switch included, to suit your aquarium needs. Besides the default 180-degree lens fitted in the unit, it comes with a 60-degree one to use with narrower tanks. This makes it ideal for small office aquariums that are commonly 8-18 inches in diameter.

This LED light is designed with quality aluminum casing, which has exceptional heat dissipation for low operating temperatures as well as prolonging its lifetime. The gooseneck makes the setup and customization of this clip-on light just a squeeze.

COODIA Aquarium Hood Lighting for up to 7.5 gallon tanks

  • COODIA Aquarium Hood Lightingeditor's ratingCheck on Amazon #ad
  • Ideal for: Betta fish, other tropical fish, shrimp, low light plants
  • Fixture sizes: 11-19 inches
  • For tanks: up to 7.5 gallons
  • LEDs: White + RGB
  • Modes: countless colors with the remote

This is another light fixture option. The COODIA aquarium hood lighting is an excellent light that works for tanks with low light plants while showcasing your fish collection. Its expansive range of lighting modes and multiple colors is for customizing the aesthetics of your fish tank.

Multi-color optionsMulti-color options #ad

It comes with a 2.4G remote technology that is for easier control without pointing the remote directly towards the receiver. You can dim the high-quality RGB LEDs or choose from a range of color options to suit your tank setup using the remote.

The extendable brackets make the light a perfect fit for tanks of different sizes, and the sleek aluminum housing improves heat dissipation for a lifetime of over 10,000 hours.

NICREW HyperReef 30 for 5-gallon reef

  • NICREW HyperReef 30editor's ratingCheck on Amazon #ad
  • PAR: 58 @ 24-inch
  • Ideal for: most types of corals
  • Recommended spread: 18 x 18″
  • For tanks: nano reef 5-gallon
  • LEDs: 18 LEDs from 405 nm (UV) to 660 nm (Deep Red)
  • Modes: blue and white channels, adjustable
  • Wattage: 30 watts

Reef lights are dreaded because of their high price tags. The Nicrew HyperReef aquarium reef light offers starting reef keepers an excellent option with a very affordable price tag. To keep up with a reef tank’s lighting demands, the light has 18 LEDs with an optimal output for dramatic color and supporting coral growth.

HyperReef 30 performanceHyperReef 30 performance #ad

The PAR is 58 at 24-inch depth; the number is provided by the manufacturer. We estimate the PAR is around 150 at 12-inch. This is just enough for most soft and LPS corals in a 5-gallon reef tank. In case that you have higher-demanding corals, just choose a higher-output version – the Nicrew HyperReef 50.

Two color channelsTwo color channels #ad

The white and blue channels are adjustable independently and individually depending on your desired spectrum and you can also use the smart touch control to adjust the light intensity.

The modernly designed light features an integrated smart fan for heat management. For mounting, it comes with a clip-on bracket. There is also a hanging mount option available, but the hanging mount is sold separately.

For an automatic lighting schedule with sunrise and sunset, you can use a dual-channel timer from Nicrew #ad (sold separately). Please note that this timer only works with the HyperReef 30, not higher-range models in the HyperReef series.

When you’re starting out and don’t want your budget to run out of control but want a light that will give your new tank a fair chance at thriving, the NICREW HyperReef will offer you the features and lighting you need without crippling your finances.

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Final thoughts

Most aquarists will conquer that finding the right lighting for your tank is the most challenging task you can come across. This is more so the case with smaller tanks that tend to have a smaller pool of options. These aquarium clip-on LED lights will work for most small tropical fish/shrimp tanks, Betta tanks, and we even added an option for reef tank owners to cover all the grounds.

Lucas has been keeping successful fish, planted, and reef tanks for many years. He loves to collect aquatic organisms and keep as many aquariums as he can.


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