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I really enjoy Filmento’s Film Perfection and Anatomy of a FailureYouTube series. Which made me want to do something similar, but for writing instead of films. Educational dissection of written gold, if you will. And what better way to begin than by taking a look at the visual novel game, Love Esquire.


The Story

At first glance, Love Esquire might seem like your average ridiculous visual novel with cute girls you try to boink, and honestly, that was what I bought the game for in the first place. But like my favourite visual novel of all time – Clannad – Love Esquire planted itself in my memory not with sex, but character.

You play as a young and newly minted squire being shipped out to a very deadly war. With only 4 months to go before an expected death by stabbing, you set out to bed one of 5 girls to lose your virginity card. With me so far? Cool.

In dating sims such as these, you try to remember information about each character. Their likes and dislikes, their personalities, and the places they go. A bad dating sims play these out like statistics and dole them out in conversations like data for you to remember.

A good one such as Love Esquire makes the character memorable. So instead of remembering information, you remember people. And even after finishing the game, I can bring them up in memory the same way I do with people in my life.

To Remember a character

There’s a character in Love Esquire called Giselle, and she’s a nurse that works with drugs. And the first thing you notice about her is that she speaks in short phrases.


Every time I interact with her in her own scene or in the background of another’s, this form of speech doesn’t change. I remember her quickly, and it’s constantly reinforced. She’s weird. She’s to-the-point practical. And that just happens to be her gift preference. I remember that not because it’s her data, but because it’s in her character. It’s how she interacts with the world.

An even better example of this idea would be the following amazing character.



This is Bessy. She’s a cow. Throughout the entire game, she has but one line. She is lovable, gentle, loyal, and kind to everyone, even though the only thing she does in the game is give milk and roam as a background sprite that moos.

But when characters see her, they compliment her. When you gift her milk to others, they love it. She’s your most reliable source of an in-game item, so when something bad happens to her, you’re heartbroken at the loss of your loyal pet cow.

She was given a character and personality, not through lines, actions, or even scenes. She simply interacted with the world and the world with it. You remember her as she’s a part of your life.

Bad Interaction

Why is it that when someone mentions a character such as Cedric Diggory we remember him as brave, loyal, and honest. But with Edward what’s his name we get, uh… something hot, sparkly vampire, love Bella something?

It’s because with Cedric, every time the character enters a scene, we learn something new about him. He’s being humble in popularity. He’s repaying his debt to Harry. He fights Voldemort. And when he’s not, he affects the lives of those around him. They cheer him, talk behind his back, and mourn his death.

With Edward, you don’t sense the difference. He’s only in the minds of a few characters, and his actions don’t shape his world around, but rather, just the mind of one girl. When he’s not there, he’s just… not there.

Sure, there are expositions, but in between in each line of description, there must be a character. A character that regardless of being there, interacts with the world and makes the universe they’re in more alive.

A character that interacts is a character that’s memorable.



Well, now I’m craving a reverse harem.

Released: Steam
Type: Single Player
Genre: Dating Sim RPG
Developer: Yangyang Mobile
Publisher: Yangyang Mobile
Release date: October 8, 2019

Love Esquire starts off on your birthday. You’re just a lazy farmboy in Caerulia that dreamed of becoming a knight since you were little. Well, your birthday comes with good news and bad news. Good news, you’re now squire! A knight named Hugh decided to take you as his squire and this is your glorious debut. You’re now one step closer to your dream. Bad news, a war is coming up. Yep, couldn’t have picked a better time to become a squire. You see, there is a horde of barbarians named the Gegners that are dead set on destroying everything in their sight. With this massive threat, Caerulia actually forges an alliance with another kingdom called Alkosi despite their troubled history. The war is set to begin in four months so in this time, you’ll have to say goodbye to your darling cow Bessy, train up so you’ll hopefully survive the war, and get laid so you don’t die a virgin.

Considering that you only have four months before you’re sent off for war, time is precious. A part of Love Esquire is about managing your time wisely as mostly everything you do will move time forward by at least an hour. Travelling between areas takes 1-3 hours depending on how far away you are, training takes a big four hours, campaigning takes time, and talking to the dateable ladies takes an hour. So once you get the feel of everything, you’ll plan out your day or even week. Especially when each day ends at midnight and it’s best you get home at or before then. Sure, you can stay out and not return till right at midnight, but there is a penalty. If your arrival time is after midnight, you’ll sleep in and wake up at noon rather than 6am.

With a war right around the corner and you being a squire, it’s time to train up. Considering that you have many aspects to take into account and you most likely want to romance one of the ladies, you thankfully only have three stats: Charisma, Strength, and Intelligence. You can train up your Charisma at the Tavern to improve Hugh’s damage input, Strength at the Barracks to improve your and Hugh’s damage input, and Intelligence at the Archives to increase how much you heal for. Of course, training doesn’t only cost time but gold. While you do unlock different training modes that let you gain more EXP, these different modes also cost more gold. Sooner rather than later, you’ll run out and then you’ll have to either sell items you find or go out and fight enemies with Hugh.

What’s the point of training if you can’t get practice fighting actual enemies am I right? Well, Hugh will also run campaigns almost every day. Though you have to be at Caerulia’s Outskirts before noon or he’ll leave without you. There are 15 campaigns, each unlocking as you complete the previous one. Campaigns are basically your main source of gold and where your stats will be used the most. Though, rather than you fighting, you’re supporting Hugh like the good squire you are. As Hugh is only set on attacking, you’re tasked with making sure he doesn’t get his butt kicked. If you want Hugh to go a turn without damage, taunt your enemy and take it instead. Cheer Hugh on with boobs so he’ll attack all enemies (and hopefully wipe them all in one go). When you two, but mostly Hugh, are in need of some health, it’s your responsibility to heal. Once an enemy dies, they’ll leave behind some gold. Since Hugh doesn’t pick it up himself, it’s also up to you to loot the gold. If you are dedicated to maxing out your stats so you can survive longer you’ll eventually be able to limit break an action, which is the more powerful version. So doing a limit break heal will heal you two more and give regen for a couple turns.

While you’re not the one attacking during combat, you have to figure out what action to take at a given time and even plan out your actions in the later campaigns. Are you going to risk looting or cheering this turn or are you going to play it safe with one of the other actions? Should you prolong the battle to get more gold or just get it over with before Hugh dies? Just make sure you train up and you should make it out fine. If enemies happen to overwhelm you and Hugh faints, you can always train and try again. Luckily you do get gold if you fail, but not as much as you would if you succeeded.

When you’re not training or going on campaigns, it’s time to chat it up with the finest ladies in Caerulia. You have five romance options consisting of a smallfry (Vel), a reclusive nurse (Giselle), two princesses (Beatrice and Kamala), and your sister Amy (wait what). This is actually the best part of the game since the writing here is fantastic. First of all, you’ll have to build up your relationship points with the one you want to go for and to do that, you have several ways. Each day, you’ll be able to talk to them about a certain topic and gift them an item with the more they like it the more points you’ll get. Their arc scenes, which becomes available as you increase your relationship level, gives out the most points as you’re going through their story and being there for them. The arc scenes in particular also determines which ending you’ll get (bad, friendship, or romance) depending on which dialogue choice you choose in certain scenes. Lastly, there are special scenes that are hidden here and there to give you more scenes to enjoy and gives you context on what they’re doing between each arc scene.

Now, onto why I ended up loving all the ladies and why you should play through all of them if you decide to pick up Love Esquire. When you’re first introduced to all of them, you’ll obviously prefer some over others. I started out only liking Amy, who isn’t that hard to not like, and Giselle. Though, when I actually went for the others their characters really shined as you get to know them. While Amy is your happy go lucky sister (who isn’t actually your blood sister since her family more or less adopted you), she truly cares for you and is deeply worried over you going to war in a few months. She actually doesn’t want you to participate in the war since she’s worried over you dying like her mother and you’ll later have to deal with a family secret. Giselle is reclusive and doesn’t exactly know how to express her feelings, but seeing her slowly open up to you is a great feeling. With Giselle, you see the inner workings of being a nurse, hear her history as well as your character’s history, and the hardships she has to deal with due to her unfortunate history. Vel is a smallfry that goes between rowdy and timid, but you get to see her struggle of keeping a huge secret that’s at the heart of her story, being one of the few survivors of Bordemer (which was destroyed by pirates and the Alkosi is blamed for it), and not wanting to get involved in a group of rioters that publicly condemn the Caerulia-Alkosi alliance. Beatrice is a bratty princess, but you see her struggle of being in charge, dealing with other nobles who are constantly trying to tear her down, trying to make an impact in the form of the Caerulia-Alkosi alliance as she’s the first female ruler and wants to be a role model for future female rulers, and how the rioters affect her. Then lastly, Kamala is the Alkosi princess and diplomat that wants to experience and learn about Caerulia’s traditions and culture, but you get to learn about the hardships she faces in Alkosi, learn about Alkosi, and see the backlash she’s getting from the rioters and how she’s dealing with it.

None of these romance routes necessarily intersect, but they do have aspects in common like the rioters are part of Vel’s, Beatrice’s, and Kamala’s story. I really liked how Love Esquire’s story is based on who you’re romancing, with you becoming a squire right before a war being the framing device and time limit. While this means that you are missing chunks if you don’t romance all of the ladies, it does give a more personal touch to your relationships with each one. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense why you would run into certain information if it was a set path (like why would Amy or Giselle know about the rioters when Amy doesn’t care about the nobles and Giselle only cares about her work).

Love Esquire is also surprisingly fully voiced, but this also has the one truly negative aspect of this game. At one side, the audio level is perfect and the delivery is great. Some lines were made even better with the delivery the voice actors did and we got the absolute gold voice that is Amy’s. However, on the other side the audio level constantly fluctuates and there are some lines with poor sound quality. You’ll have a scene where it’s at the perfect level, but then it goes to the lines being too soft where you can barely hear them or the quality suddenly changes. Then you have the absolute worst lines that are both too loud and have a bad audio quality. If you ever encountered a Youtube video that suddenly got really loud and purposefully recorded it poorly, it’s that. Hopefully this gets fixed soon for future players.

Once you complete your first playthrough, you’ll be able to enter NG+. NG+ transfers all of your stats, items, gold, and relationships so you don’t have to redo anything or lose what you didn’t use. As well as unlocking all topics for the girl you just romanced just in case you didn’t go through all of her dialogue, lets you go to sleep at any time, and will give you the ability to reset relationships for the characters you fully romanced. This makes it way less tedious to replay when you’re going for the other ladies and the other endings for each (psst there’s a harem ending). Though, I am surprised there was no way to reset your stats.


If you’ve been wondering whether or not Love Esquire is worth the price, I can say it is. The writing here is fantastic and the five ladies you can romance are wonderfully written. Even though you might not like some of them when you first meet them, when you actually go through their story you’ll most likely will by the end of it. Even the main character isn’t as annoying as you would think. Usually I hate characters where their only purpose is to make sexual jokes or worse, constantly ruin a serious scene with them, but the main character is tolerable. I can only suspect that it’s because he does grow and his character isn’t zeroed in on getting laid and making sexual jokes. And when there are sexual jokes, it doesn’t fall flat and is placed appropriately. It also helps if you’re not going in Love Esquire expecting the focus to be on the rpg half and don’t mind the combat style this takes on.

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Love Esquire at SteamDB

Love Esquire is a visual novel RPG developed and published by Yangyang Mobile. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows on October 8, 2019.


This game is essentially a romantic-comedy visual novel/dating simulator combining old-school RPG combat. In this game,the player controls a man who is a squire and whose objective is to get the girl.


  • Five dateable girls, each have their own unique ambitions, backstories, plots, and secrets to uncover.
  • Turn-based combat.
  • Raising statistics, including strength, charisma, and intelligence.
  • Forging relationships.
  • Multiple endings.

External Links[]

Date Night with Fictional Characters - Love Esquire #5

Characters / Love Esquire

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Main Characters


Voiced by: Alejandro Saab

  • Chivalrous Pervert: The squire is not exactly subtle about his desire to no longer be a virgin, but he's also serious about helping people out as a squire, and as the story goes on he becomes a source of support to Hugh and to the woman he seeks a relationship with.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: The squire himself wasn't able to do anything when bandits raided his village and killed his biological parents, which is how he got adopted by Amelia and her father. Part of why he wants to become a knight someday is so he'll never be that helpless again, and he can protect people in the future.
  • Draw Aggro: When you use the "Taunt" command, enemies will spend a turn attacking the squire instead of Hugh.
  • Fragile Speedster: The squire is this in comparison to Hugh. He can't directly attack enemies and he doesn't have as much HP, but he's also much faster than Hugh or the enemies are; if you choose any action except Cheer, the squire will always go first.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: You input a name for the squire at the beginning of a new game, but while the text will read the name, the character voices will address the protagonist as "Squire".
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: At first, the story pokes fun at the squire for just being "the support" to Hugh's heroism. But as the story goes on, it becomes clear that the squire's support actually helps Hugh a lot, and in a lot of the romance arcs, the woman goes through a really tough time, and the squire's support allows him to become a source of strength for her.
  • Iron Butt Monkey: The squire goes through a lot of abuse, both in expeditions and in story, just to fulfill his duties.
  • I Shall Taunt You: If the squire wants enemies to attack him instead of Hugh during a turn, he can use the "Taunt" command to first stick out his tongue and then slap his rear as he moons the enemies.
  • Inherently Attractive Profession: If you pursue Giselle, a number of characters will wonder whether the squire has a thing for nurses. And in one scene, when her uniform allows him a pretty impressive look down her cleavage, the squire himself thinks to himself that they might just be right.
  • Supporting Protagonist: The viewpoint character, who serves as, well a squire, supporting his knight, and his goal is to become a worthy knight (and to seek a romantic relationship).
  • Took a Level in Badass: The protagonist's goal is to do this, and he can succeed if you train his stats high enough.
  • Troll: Sometimes if the squire uses the "Taunt" command, Hugh will tell the squire to "stop trolling!"

    Hugh Lafast 

Voiced by: Steven Kelly

The knight you serve.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: He is close friends to Pops, the Squire's adopted father, and while he has a bad rep of being a womanizer, he is still a high ranking logistics officer and pushes the squire to take his duties seriously.
  • Mighty Glacier: Hugh is very strong. However, he's also slow; he always goes last in battles, after both the squire and the enemies have taken their turns. This is partially why the squire's support is so important, as without the squire, Hugh would eventually become overwhelmed by enemies.

    Amelie 'Amy' Boden 

Voiced by: Megan Shipman

  • Cloudcuckoolander: She talks to vegetables to make them grow, and has many conspiracy theories. For example, she believes the gem on Kamala's foreheads fires lasers. Amy is definitely the squire's sister.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Amy is normally a bright and cheery girl, but in part she's putting on a brave face and smiling all the time since she thinks it'll make her more like her deceased mother, who died of an illness. Then to make matters even worse, if you play Amelia's route, Kamala eventually reveals that the "medicine" Amelia's mother thought she was taking was actually poison, so her mother didn't actually die of an illness after all; she was murdered.
  • Farmer's Daughter
  • Mad Libs Catchphrase: Whenever Amy insists that she or someone else has a specific skill set, she ends on "born and raised".
  • Not Blood Siblings

    Giselle Renouve 

Voiced by: Natalie Hoover

  • The Atoner: She feels responsible for everyone impacted by Drowser, and her guilt drives her to push herself to her limits to find a cure.
  • Closet Geek: Though she's reluctant to admit it (at least to the squire) at first, she loves magic and is a big fan of stories about witches, including a very obvious Sailor MoonShout-Out. She also loves board games, the more complicated and heavy the better.
  • Creepy Good: She has a fascination with magic, including all of the spooky and unsettling parts. And as a nurse, she has a strong stomach for gross and gorey things - much more so than the squire.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: She was captured by bandits as a child along with the former Knight Surgeon Donis. The bandits tortured Donis into creating the Drowser drug and then made him teach Giselle how to make the drug as well, torturing her into going along with it, so in the present day, the reason Giselle is on a quest to create a cure for the drug is out of guilt at having made the drug in the first place.
  • The Determinator: She willfind a cure for Drowser addiction, no matter how hard she has to push herself.
  • The Gadfly: She has a tendency to screw with the squire sometimes. Due to her quiet, stoic nature, it takes him quite a while to catch on.
  • Hospital Hottie: She's a nurse, and multiple characters will wonder whether the squire has a thing for nurses in general if you pursue her.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: She's extremely altruistic and has the shy and sensitive personality to fit this trope, though she's much more blunt than the typical example.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: She is very introverted and starts off quite cold to the squire due to his loud, obnoxious behaviour, but when she warms up she proves herself to be very kind.
  • The Teetotaler: Giselle doesn't drink anything alcoholic, and thus will never visit the tavern (though in one scene you still get an affection boost if you offer her a drink, even though she refuses). In a later scene, when Donis is offering to take the squire and Giselle out for drinks in the future, Giselle says "Apple cider for me!"
  • Terse Talker: She tends to omit any unnecessary words in her speech, dropping pronouns and giving only direct responses to the squire's questions.

    Vel Scharfe 

Voiced by: Kira Buckland

  • Berserk Button: Bordemer, or more specifically dismissing it. Though she dislikes the idea of blaming Alkos for it, Alkosi making light of it will very quickly make her lose her temper.
  • Cute Bruiser: Could quite possibly be the strongest character in the game (and explicitly is when armored up) and, after you get past her persona, is sensitive, soft hearted and cute as a button.
  • Emotional Bruiser: Vel tries her best, but she cries at the drop of a hat, has a red hot temper, is easily embarrassed, is affectionate to her friends and wears her emotional conflict on her sleeve.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: She was a resident of a small village named Bordemer, and one day she helped out some shipwrecked merchants by pointing them to her village. They turned out to be pirates that then proceeded to repay her kindness by wiping out Bordemer, and Vel has blamed herself ever since, so she's working towards Matilda the spirit's desire for revenge and imitating Matilda's idea of strength as a way of coping with her guilt.
  • Demonic Possession: Matilda normally simply possesses Vel's armor, but increasingly starts to possess her too as the game goes on. This leads to uncharacteristic explosions of anger and violence, and Vel is warned that spirits like Matilda can easily go bad. Though Vel wrestles with whether or not to forcefully exorcise her, Matilda eventually decides on her own to pass on peacefully.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: Vel Scharfe, one of your possible love interests, likes to hang out in the tavern, drink ale, and pick fights. Then this is subverted when it turns out Vel secretly has a sensitive personality and actually hates drinking; she only acts like this trope because she thinks it will make her more like Matilda, the spirit who trained Vel in combat.
  • It Was with You All Along: Vel is reluctant to take credit for Sir Grand's achievements, and at her most self doubting ascribes all her alter ego's strength to Matilda. Matilda's last words are to dismiss this, stating that she only got Vel started and it was her strength, kindness and good heart that made Sir Grand the hero she was.
  • Letting Her Hair Down: Vel gets this in her ending.
  • Martial Pacifist: Surprisingly. Vel notes on several occasions that though she enjoys having the strength to protect others, she doesn't enjoy hurting people.
  • The Rival: Briefly with the Squire, though it's rather one sided and Vel clearly isn't that into it.

    Beatrice Du Cae 

    Kamala Copperheart 

Voiced by: Melody Muze

  • Dark and Troubled Past: The Princess grew up in a family with sexist views that expects little of women. Her younger brother is a spoiled Royal Brat but will still inherit the throne since he's male, and her father thinks her plans for diplomacy are foolish. This has caused Kamala to develop a hidden temper that isn't displayed if you're not playing her route.
  • Rebellious Princess: She's the Princess who grew up in a royal family with sexist views that expects little of women. Her younger brother is a useless brat but he will still inherit the throne since he's male, and her father thinks her plans for diplomacy are foolish. Kamala developed a hidden temper that isn't displayed if you're not playing her route.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat: Kamala is a princess who is a legitimately nice person, though she often rubs people the wrong way given how obviously privileged she is because of her royal descent.
  • Stupid Good: Though her heart's in the right place Kamala has a very poor sense of self preservation at times, and will often run into danger and attempt to talk down armed and vengeful individuals despite having next to no martial training to defend herself.

Supporting Cast


Voiced by: Jesse Cox

  • Ink-Suit Actor: Jesse Cox provides the voice and appearance for "Boss".
  • His Name Really Is "Barkeep": Played with for Boss, which is really a nickname. His real name is Barry Octavius Salem Sharpe, and he took the first letter of each word to form the cool sounding Boss.



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You're playing as the Male protagonist & you are here to win the hearts of waifu which consist 5 of them in a short period of time due to a war (against Gegner barbarians) coming soon!
What you need to know:
❧ What stat to raise for certain waifu you trying to impress
❧ Buying Steam Trading Cards
❧ How to Install Mods / Workshop
❧ Introduction to Debug Menu
❧ Install CGs "Adult only" Workshop/Mods
❧ What is New Game+ (BETA)
❧ What is Scene List (BETA)
❧ How to unlock Waifus CG & Event Timing
❧ Feedback/Complaints From Players
❧ Gifts For Waifus / What to avoid giving / Location to find, buy & sell gifts (Completed)
❧ 131 Achievements
❧ Stats / Combats / Monster (Completed)
❧ Key info on monster of 15 Stages (Completed)
❧ What to know about Waifu's Heart
❧ Certain choices you make will lead to different Ending like Friendship, Romance, Bad, Harem
❧ Definition of Arc Scene / Special Scene (Completed)
❧ How achieve/unlock Waifu's Special Scene
~~~~~~~~~~(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Git gud, get laid, and may the Fertility God bless you all! ~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ Welcome to the world of Love Esquire! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ♥~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

According to the patch notes (v1.1.0) on Wed, November 13, [email protected]:36 pm,
Proof of Link

Examples of Steam Trading Cards:

How to find:
Go to your Profile, click on Badges & find Love Esquire!
How to activate debug info/menu?
❧ Go to your Love Esquire main menu

❧ Go to Option

❧ Click on 'show debug info'

❧ Click 'Apply'

❧ A screen will pop up on the top right of your game screen & that is the debug menu.

How it works (Credits to Clead HeavenHell):
❧ During an event (conversations with another character), the debug menu displays points and already done events; but in the main map (not campaign) it displays available events that day and location they occur (for example, Generic Lose 1 06-00 Infirmary or Amy's Birthday 18-00 Forest).

❧ Another important thing to mention is that in a new playthrough the list will be FULL of generic events (STR level 1, 3, 7, 10, CHA level 1, 3, 7, 10...); luckily, most of the girls events will be at the top of the list (but some won't, so be careful).

❧ Also, I mentioned this before but even if there is a Kamala´s Special 3 08-00 Barracks displayed in the menu, that does not mean that Kamala herself WILL BE in the Barracks that day to start the event, it just means that to get the event you have to interact with her in the Barracks between those hours.

* I will clean up this mess I made & will recreate a better reliable info when I am done with other important stuff.

For more neat info, check out RemTM's guide on 'Using Debug Info':
According to the patch notes (v1.1.0) on Wed, November 13, [email protected]:36 pm,
Proof of Link

How does New Game+ work?
  • When you finish an ending, a notification will appear before you go back to the game's main menu. You will be asked if you want to save your game as New Game+. If yes, you will be prompted to save this progress on a new save slot.
  • New Game+ save slots will have a 'NG+' marking on them, as well as a rainbow frame.
  • In New Game+, the days will reset back to Month 1 Day 05. In addition, you can now sleep anytime you want.
  • All of the relationship progress and events that you've previously achieved in your playthrough will be retained and cannot be triggered again, EXCEPT for some date-locked events (i.e. Ladies of the Lake, Fertility Date & Hugh's Monthly Check-Ups). These events should play normally once you reach them.
  • If you want to reset your relationship in New Game+, you can do so by clicking the Relationship UI in Squire's Bedroom. There should be a reset button there. IMPORTANT: You can only reset your relationship with the girl you've already finished.
  • Lastly, all 16 topics of the girl you've finished are now unlocked.
According to the patch notes (v1.1.1) on Fri, January 3, 2020, 7:53 pm,
Proof of Link

  • Can be found in the Extras menu under 'Chapters'. (This will be changed to 'Scene List' in a future patch.)
  • Clicking an unlocked scene will play that scene.
  • If a scene has unique routes or major differences, there should be more than 1 entry in the scene list (i.e. Arc 3 Scene 4 [V1], Arc 3 Scene 4 [V2], etc.)
  • If a scene has minor differences, it will show the difference that you have played previously. However, if you have already played/read through all the differences, a default difference will be played instead.
There might be some scenes that you've played before but is not unlocked in the scene list. There are two possible reasons for this:
1.) There might be a bug on this scene. Please try to play the scene again and see if it unlocks. If it didn't, please report it and we'll look into it ASAP.
2.) We only added the feature that records scene playing 2 weeks after launch. If you played the scene before then, then you need to play it again in order to unlock it.
1) Amelie Boden - her mother died due to sickness being poisoned - Amy was lost & lonely but when Squire was adopted, he fulfill that role of fixing her problem when her mother was no longer around - Hate people making promises as the opposite might happen like how it happen to her mother :C - Prefer Squire to stay with her rather then go to war - her macho dad (Arnold) adopt the squire when he was young - Like to cook/bake e,g Apple Pies - Natural at Farming (born & raise) - Can be a stalker to Squire if close to each other like for a ... reason - technique to a good harvest is talk to the plants which motivates them - talent in singing ( Serena give her a magic potion to make her sound great :P) Town: - Love hanging around the plaza - Hang out at the farm to relax as her 'friends' is there with her XP / Loner as her friends she spend/talk to are her farm e.g - Regard tavern as a place to meet new people even though people throw up all over the place - Go to outskirt to get fresh air - Like to stroll in the forest for good luck - Watching the sunset with someone will make her happy Work: - Take crops & sell at the plaza - her father bring her to the forest to look for rare herbs - During breaks, she like to do window-shopping/stroll around town - Feels bad when haggling other people as she is thoughtful Gifts: - Loves eating fresh fruits - Snatch a few pears & begs Squire to keep a secret from Dad - Like snacks from the plaza - Wear green & emerald blouse (new) - Alcoholic - Like a pony , Caramel apple , World peace ( Squire will not go for war) Family: - Amy's dad don't share his past or youth - Amy's dad stay late & quite an alcoholic - Amy's dad were like buddies before Squire was adopted - Learnt from her mother that it is polite to offer a meal for your loved ones once a year - Her mother once won the Ladies Of the Lake contest & Amy will be participating as a tradition Townfolk: - Heard that the townsfolk dislike Princess Beatrice as she is a stuck up noble - Admire Princess Beatrice's curly hair - Heard that the townsfolk dislike Alkosi as they take people to fight war which might end up dying - Heard that the townsfolk believe Giselle could be a witch - Vel can be a scare people by giving a certain look event though she is a sweet girl - believe in Serena's fortune-telling & want male customer to respect her not just by looks but skill as well - aware that Hugh drink with her father when he visit & when at the bar, he flirt with women he see but fail - allow Hugh to walk home with her as repay of kindness for taking care of him & regard him as a nice guy (weird uncle) Superstitions: - believe in them - believe that if you toss at least a coin in the lake as an offering to the Fertility God, get on his good side & he will help you get laid :P If not, he will curse you with eternal virginity - believe if you kill a firefly will bring you horrible luck like bad injuries - believe if you step on the cracks in the pavement on the roads will cause an earthquake that break your spine - a flower that Amy's wearing on her head is called tender's crown as it brings safety & helps to bring you back home - believe if you get lost in the forest means a spirits is playing tricks on you & to solve this by removing your clothes off & put them on again inside out as it confuses them Gossips: - Spreading gossip is for nosy noble who got nothing to do with their lives (spying) - Veridian Maiden moves about in the night like a hero (Amy self-proclaim helser LOL :P) - Heard that the weird gem on Princess Kamala's forehead is a cursed artifact - Heard that a red hair girl looks inncoent -looking but then transform into a huge monster (Crimson Shrimp) - Decided to quit spying for good as she was trapped in between Pamu & Boss making love while they are drunk :P Childhood: - Worry about Squire getting sick & notice that he never get sick - spent her childhood with Squire - hate noble as one of them ask her if the cabbage is clean or not which make her angry - she and Squire used to be the prankster of plaza - her father drop her when carrying her before when she was young & she had a bump on her head for a week - her parents used to have arm wrestling competition every night & her mother always win - her mother usually take her on a long walks through the forest to point out different type of trees - her mother able to turn some flowers into necklaces & hairpins - loves flower than gold pins & jeweled brooches even though does not last long - remember that a duck stole Squire's swimming trunks Fears: - Afraid of mimic (monster that look like ordinary objects & will eat human who let their guard down with sharp teeth - Knows not to mess with Hydra-bears - Used to be afraid of getting sick :C - Always afraid of taking a bite out of a snack & find gross bugs in it - had nightmare of being an old lady in a house all alone & had vines all around the house - Stump-Bunnies is amonster which look like normal tree stump , with cute bunnies sitting on top of them Odd Experiences: - Found out there is a batch of turnips grown into a ♥♥♥♥-shaped turnips - Stumbled across her father trying to chop wood with his fist as he lost his axe so being creative - Almost blew up the kitchen when cooking a new dish like putting dessert on fire to make dishes look fancy :l - She was out in the forest looking for wild berries when she stumbled a slime mating ritual - her mother love flower called Tender's Crown - admit she can smell the flower's scent in the air when cooking or walking through the forest (Squire corrected her as she might smell the scent from the Tender's crown on her head) - Heard that Vel was talking to a dusty old helmet when she was buying fish from her (Squire prompt her that she talk to herself all the time which she reluctantly admit to it) Romance: - she do wants to find love & has feeling for Squire - ask Squire if she offer to cook him anything for a day, what would he want her to cook - realise that she is the happiest when she is cooking for others - used to believe in love at first sight - she believe love needs time to grow which might sometimes take years like a farming crops & not just going on fancy dates & giving gifts but the little things like getting used to their snoring, seeing them with their bed-hair in the morning, taking care of them when their sick or getting into fights - appreciate Squire's help & being there for her - ask Squire for a hug (Amy Ambush) - refuse to accept Squire worries in case anything happen to him as she believe both of them can overcome anything Mum: - has been thinking about her mother lately - like the way her mother's smell after she came home from a hard days work (smell of soil after the rain & freshly grown flowers) - regard her mother as a good merchant & a sweet talker e.g can be dishonest sometimes & always nice to her regulars like giving them discounts Secret:
- peed her bed when she was 12
- during nighttime, she sneak into the kitchen & drink mead straight from the bottle
- certain days when no one is around, she went nude & swim in the lake
- finds horses attractive & is into centaur novelsTop Secret:
- her mother name is Angie
- Her mother was murdered due to a poison she was taking which she assume was her medicine
- Gegner planned to kill her mother with the poison(as a message) since her father going to be a desertion
- Her father is a spy for Gegners
- has her mother's anger (mother's fire)
- Gegner spy killed Bessy
- Serena is one of the Gegner spy

2) Beatrice du Cae - talent in archery
3) Giselle Renouveg Caverns & Krakens, Traders of Alkos, Sunset Conflict - play Caverns & Krakens with Squire & he being pervert when choosing a female character :P - Squire is unlucky with luck when playing board games with Giselle - play Traders of Alkos with Squire & he is bad at it :P - Squire is hype to beat Giselle in her board games - thanked Squire for playing with her as she never play with anyone Secret: - admit that she is not real witch Dislike: - hate the feeling of being powerless - Afraid of finding wet books after rain especially her 'Seafarer Selene: Magical Girl' Romance: - Like a guy who is a bookworm as she can read with him

4) Kamala Copperheart of Alkos - a Sweetheart - talent in juggling a sword

5) Vel Scharfe - favorite drink is Caerulian Deep Dragon Ale (heavy stuff) - talent in carrying a barrel of Caerulian Deep Dragon Ale in one hand while drinking in one go
4) Kamala Copperheart of Alkos - a Sweetheart - talent in juggling a sword - loves shopping - a diplomat

5) Vel Scharfe - favorite drink is Caerulian Deep Dragon Ale (heavy stuff) - talent in carrying a barrel of Caerulian Deep Dragon Ale in one hand while drinking in one go - 8 time ale-drinking champion - Matilda is a spirit lives inside Sir Grand's armor - her family died in pirate raid in Bordemer :C Town: - during her free time, she goes wherever she please
Must Know!:
5 Waifu = 5 Birthdays = 5 Achievement

  • Squire will know his stepsister's birthday by looking at the calendar in his bedroom during tutorial
  • Saturday, Day 18, 1st Month

  • Friday, Day 11, 3rd Month

  • Tuesday, Day 8, 4th Month

  • Thursday, Day 4, 2nd Month (Credits to Ectric)

  • Wednesday, Day 21, 3rd Month
  • Location: Castle Throne, 6pm - 8pm
❥ Feedback/Complaints From Players
Feedback/Complaints from players:

1) Complaint made by Syltphademus & HARUHAHA03

If you notice there are no (!) exclamation mark after you have been giving gifts to your waifus & have been waiting for many days for (!), please visit your waifus and click on them to trigger their hidden story at different location everyday!

Sometimes, there will be a (!) exclamation mark for the 1st month but sometimes they don't show so please take note so you don't miss their story or you will miss many waifus story arc achievement which consist 20 for 5 waifu & 4 each.

Solution/Answer From Developers:
❧ Syltphademus, & fellow squire who facing similar issues, please take note!

2) Complaint made by Myself :P

I have completed Amy's Friendship route & obtain its achievement but there are no CGs for it & I currently have 17 out of 18 CGs for Amelie Boden.

The CGs I only left is located at the middle & on the third column

Is it a bug which the game did not allow me to have Amy's Friendship CGs or am I missing something?

❧ Fellow squire who facing similar issues, please take note!

Credits to Clead HeavenHell for answering to my problem!

3) Complaint made by morphicmetal

'How to figure out when the special scenes happen/what triggers them? How one can miss them with progression and so forth.'

❧ Enable the debug info in the options as it shows you ALL of the things that can happen that day, AND the time and place those events occur.
Credits to Ronin Ryker for the solution

4) Complaint made by RDash5000
'Any special conditions required to unlock moist achievement?
I`ve been struggling for 2 days, Pamu just doesn`t show up at the gate, there`s only Amy there on her birthday and I skipped like an entire day hour by for about 10 times...'


5) Complaint made by brighty
'I get 5490 heart with Beatrice and got ocarina of love to end game but I want to see jealous scene of her first. Anyone have some advice?'

- No solution from me for now as I am focusing on one waifu only per playthrough at the moment :C

6) Complaint made by econboy60788899
'When I finished the good ending, I discovered I missed one of the Amy's CG about eating apple pie scene. Can you tell me which day I can find it?'

- It's not when the 'Day' it happens.

It happens after you meet Amy at the archives (!) as this is part of her 2nd story arc.

Afterwards on the same day, go to Squire's house if Amy is there (please make sure there are no (!) at Squire's house as this is one of her special scene) .She should be in the living room.
Click on her afterwards to begin 'Amy's Apple Eating CG'
Where to get?
➀ Serena's General Store
➁ Throughout kingdom of Caerulia like Squire's home, Castle, Infirmary & Outskirts

How to find rare item?
❧ Find all possible hidden spot for gift & click all
❧ if fail, try again the next day with the same method many times
❧ Unlock rare item achievements

Squire's Home:Click on Bessy (cow) circle in blue & wait for a few seconds & you will obtain Bessy's milk ❧ Works only once a day ❧ 1 item for 1 place

131 Achievements List
- A bit messy but I will make it neat once I have achieved everything / 100%

1) Amy Ambush: You will automatically get it as Amy will definitely attack you on your bed to wake you up for your birthday!

2) Get Back to Work!: You can meet Beatrice at the Archives(!) on the 2nd day after your birthday.

3) Gobshite!: You can meet Vel at the Barracks(!) on the 2nd day after your birthday.

4) Hello, Nurse!: You can meet Giselle at the Infirmary(!) on the 3rd day after your birthday.

5) The Princess of Alkos: You can meet Kamala at the Castle(!) on the 3rd day after your birthday.

6) Time to Grind!: You can go out to campaign(!) with Hugh on the 4th day after your birthday.

7) Wabba Lubba Dub Dub!: You can meet Pamu at the Archives(!) on the 7th day after your birthday.

8) The Big Boss: You can meet Boss at the Tavern(!) on the 8th day after your birthday.

9) Git Gud!: Just die one time during a campaign & you can achieve this!

10) Magic Potion 69: You will met Serena with Amy on 13th of the 1st month

11) Godly Damage: You can get this by improve Charisma skill till between 3 to 5 for Hugh to deal more damage & improve your intellect till 3 to 5 for higher healing. Afterwards, use this strategy to Taunt, Heal, Taunt , Heal continuously or Taunt, Heal, Taunt , Heal, Cheer

12) Nice!: Improve your Intellect, Charisma & Strength stats between 3 to 5 & try to kill many monster & survive if you can but it is okay to die as the game record how many monster you kill.

13) Moist!: Credits to Sun Dreamer No icon showing her at the outskirt so just go there everyday at night after 6pm & click on Pamu to unlock a scene where she is bathing naked on her own :P

14) Meeting by Moonlight: On Amy's Birthday, Saturday 18th of 1st Month & at 7pm at the gate, you can meet Pamu & Amy
But click on Amy to unlock a scene where she is naked on her own in the forest :P
Maiden's Moon => On a maiden's birthday, the fertility god will appear as long as she is naked in the wood. She does it right, Fertility God will arrive in some form & bless the maiden in with ... stuff
like beauty,charm, sex appeal & umm... (breast) growth in a sexy kind of way - Amy :P

15) Sweet Sweet Vengeance: Improve your Intellect, Charisma & Strength stats to 5 & try to survive & kill the Big Slime/Mastering at Stage 4

16) Caerulian Pie: ... (TBC)

17) Mega Sword Breakerrrrr!: Improve your Charisma to Level 7 at the Tavern to unlock Mega Sword Breaker

18) Neo Exodus Evangelic Heal: Improve your Intellect to Level 7 at the Archives to unlock Neo Exodus Evangelic Heal

19) Godly Heals: After you improve your Intellect to Level 7 at the Archives to unlock Neo Exodus Evangelic Heal, use it when Hugh is low in health to unlock.

20) Big Bad Bork: Improve your Intellect, Charisma & Strength stats between 5 to 7 & try to survive & kill the Big Wolf at Stage

21) Lady of the Lake: Amy: On Thursday 16, 2nd Month & on the day of the Lady of the Lake contest, pick Amy to get this :D

22) My Little Sister Can't be this Nosy!: ... (TBC)

23) All Your Loot Belong to Us!: Improve your Strength to Level 7 at the Barracks to unlock Limit Break Loot

24) Weird Flex, but Okay!: Improve your Strength to Level 7 at the Barracks to unlock Limit Break Taunt

25) Godly Hands: Loot 10000 gold in 1 turn (normal mode) by improving your strength skill to 7 at least

26) Barrier Break: Use loot to remove an enemy barrier when Good Boye Bork++ (monster) appear & use barrier on its allies For example:

27) I Loot the Air!: Just click Loot when you are starting a battle & you will get this automatically

28) Best Support Ever: Heal Hugh when he's at max HP.

29) Was that really necessary?: Use Cheer on just one monster (Ensure you kill the other two monster)

30) Sharing is Caring: Give any Waifu a gift to get this!

31) Resurrection Not Included: I found this in one of the cabinet at the Infirmary when I lost a battle on 2nd Month

32) A+ Squire!: On any month which Hugh does a monthly check on Squire, train all of his stats evenly like level 3 for each if possible

33) But At What Cost?: I found this by clicking on the dog at the Castle on 2nd Month

34) I'm sexy and I know it!: Max Squire's Charisma level to level 10 & in normal mode to unlock this

35) Smooth Criminal: Defeat Varetear in campaign normal mode at Stage 14 & ensure Squire's stat level is high enough like 7 for each
36) I am an intellectual — a freethinker!: Max Squire's Intellect level to level 10 at Archives & in normal mode to unlock this

37) The Bane of Bandits!: Meet Varetear at Stage 15 Wave 3

38) Boss Rush: Finish the whole campaign / 15 Stages in normal mode

39) Ocarina of Love: Obtain this by completing Stage 15

40) Fertility Day Date: Amy: Choose/Click on Amy to go on a date at the plaza on Month 3 Day 14

41) Ocarina: Amy: Give Amy the legendary item, Ocarina of Love

42) Ocarina: Giselle: Give Giselle the legendary item, Ocarina of Love

43) Noob!: Die 10 times in campaign in one playthrough

44) Firebird Feather: Amy: Give Amy the rare item, Firebird Feather

45) Squirely gains, bro!: Max Squire's Strength level to level 10 at Barracks & in normal mode to unlock this

46) Speed Dating: Beat the game & achieve any waifu's romance ending before 3rd month is over

47) For Caerulia!: - Unsure how to explain this but for me, I achieve Amy's romance ending to obtain this.

48) A Mysterious Bottle: ...

49) Blooming Romance: ...

50) The TRUE Final boss: Wait / Do whatever you want till you reach 3rd Month & you visit the tavern in between 5pm to 7pm for Hugh monthly checkup & Boss will let you know his real name no matter what name option you click

51) A Farm To Come Home To: ...

52) Jumpin' Lady of the Lake Fish!: Go to Outskirt & click on the fishing rod. If you have Tiny Fish, either reload your save file & retry or end the day & retry again till you get it

53) A Fool's Demise: Look & read through under column, 'Friendship & Bad Endings' to obtain this ending

54) Totally a Bad Ending: ...

55) Lady of the Lake Fish: Amy: Give Amy the rare item, Lady of the Lake Fish

56) Sister-zoned: Look & read through under column, 'Friendship & Bad Endings' to obtain this ending

57) Clinical Research: ...

58) Rehabilitation: ...

59) Medical History: ...

60) Lady of the Lake: Giselle: ...

61) Firebird Feather: Giselle: ...

62) Convalesence: ...

63) The Best Medicine: ...

64) Friendship Is Magic: ...

65) Fertility Day Date: Giselle: ...

66) Board Games and Birthdays: ...

67) Relapse: ...

68) Naughty Squire: ...

69) Lady of the Lake: Vel: ...

70) A New Challenger Appears!: ...

71) Beneath the Armor: ...

72) In This Lonely Place We Call Home: ...

73) Very Special: Vel: ...

74) Her Priceless Gift: ...

75) Love Bug: ...

76) Got Your Back!: ...

77) Lady of the Lake Fish: Vel: ...

78) Fertility Day Date: Vel: ...

79) Cheers!: ...

80) The Hammer Falls: ...
Love Esquire (Visual Novel) - Giselle's Route \u0026 Romance Ending Guide

I whispered softly, and felt his sausage begin to slowly crawl out of my disgraced vagina. Yes, my pussy has just made me part with decency and loyalty to my husband in the most shameless way. And all this happened with my son-in-law, with the husband of my daughter, with my son.

When the cock left me, I asked him veined, I felt his veins expand my lips.

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Hung over the edge of the couch. At the same time, the penis penetrated deep into Elvira's throat, stretching it. The man's weighty balls slapped across Elochka's face. Elvira could hardly restrain the feeling of vomiting caused by the big cock in her throat.

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