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Read what your sign's 2019 horoscope predictions have in store for you, or check out the Taurus personality profile.

If any sign understands luxury, it's Taurus. While others may feel guilty about indulging in spa treatments, long baths, and delicious picnics in the park, you understand that self-care is essential to success. A misconception about Taurus is that the bull is lazy, when, in reality, you simply understand that you must recharge in order to maintain your hardworking, steadfast, nature.

When warrior planet Mars enters proud Leo on Monday, July 1, try to be a little more social than you're used to. Don't be afraid to bat those beautiful eyelashes and harness the sexual energy of Mars. The next day, Tuesday, July 2, there is a new moon and total solar eclipse in fellow homebody sign Cancer. Eclipses bring up unexpected and often difficult emotions while new moons mean new beginnings, so take some time to check in with yourself about your innermost feelings. Emotions regarding past romances may come up during this time. Allow them to arise, feel them fully, and then release them with the power of the new moon.

Your ruling planet, Venus, enters Cancer on Wednesday, July 3. While you relate to Cancer's love of home and family, the moodiness of this water sign can confuse your straight-forward Earth sign nature. A common depiction of Taurus is a lovely cow roaming through a green pasture. The color green represents the earth, abundance, money — and jealousy. Watch out for unwarranted jealousy during this time. Create a mental checklist of all your positive attributes and push yourself to combat unproductive emotions. Make sure not to neglect your mental health.

If you text or say something you regret, you can make things right during Mercury retrograde, which begins on Sunday, July 7. Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap due to its tendency to cause communication and travel delays, but it is also a period in which we are given a chance to correct our past mistakes. The past may way extra heavily on your mind, as on Monday, July 8, the comet Chiron also goes retrograde. Chiron, the wounded healer, rules past trauma that continues to affect you. During the next six months, dig deeper into the root of your pain. Is it due to events in the present or old wounds still in need of healing? Utilize these simultaneous retrogrades to address and deal with ghosts so you may be fully present in your current situation. Life is better than it seems; don't let past pain ruin a fruitful period in your life.

Your determination will bring you success, but it can also cause you to stay in situations and relationships long after they should have ended.

On Tuesday, July 16, there is a full moon and partial solar eclipse in goal-oriented Capricorn. While solar eclipses can be messy, full moons mean manifestation, a skill, which both Taurus and Capricorn excel in. You may know how to relax, but you also know how to get shit done. Jot down some ideas related to your profession and get ready to act on them. It's okay to continue to work during Mercury retrograde, simply hold off on signing any major contracts if possible, or at least triple-check the fine print.

Sours: https://www.allure.com/story/taurus-horoscope-july-2019

All information is as of Sept. 30, 2021, unless stated otherwise. New issue transactions are those rated by S&P Global Ratings.

Six new issue transactions closed during the third quarter of 2021: Agora Securities UK 2021 DAC (It is the first retail transaction since the COVID-19 pandemic commenced), Viridis (European Loan Conduit No. 38) DAC, Last Mile Logistics Pan Euro Finance DAC, Taurus 2021-4 UK DAC, Haus (European Loan Conduit No. 39) DAC, and Atom Mortgage Securities DAC, of which we rated two.

The outstanding S&P Global Ratings-rated European CMBS balance slightly decreased to €29.64 billion from €30.03 billion over the last quarter. The decrease in the note balance is due to two loans repaying this quarter and the change in the net effect of currency rate movements.

List Of Next 12 Months' Maturing Loans Deal name Loan name Loan balance (€) % of portfolio Loan maturity Extendable? LTV (%) Servicer name Specially serviced? No. of properties Asset type Jurisdiction Taurus 2019-4 FIN DAC Senior Loan 204,276,935 100.00 Aug. 16, 2021 Y 0.6892 CBRE Loan Services Limited N 3 Mixed Use Finland Scorpio (European Loan Conduit No.34) DAC Project Scorpio 333,821,908 100.00 Nov. 17, 2021 Y 0.6514 Mount Street Mortgage Servicing Ltd. N 110 Office U.K. Magenta 2020 PLC Senior Loan 312,868,973 100.00 Dec. 31, 2021 Y 0.7219 CBRE Loan Services Limited N 17 Mixed Use U.K. Salus (European Loan Conduit No. 33) DAC Senior Loan 428,799,000 100.00 Jan. 23, 2022 Y 0.579 Mount Street Mortgage Servicing Ltd. N 1 Office U.K. EOS (European Loan Conduit No. 35) DAC Senior Loan 159,212,750 100.00 Apr. 20, 2022 Y 0.484 Mount Street Mortgage Servicing Limited N 112 Mixed Use The Netherlands Taurus 2018-2 UK DAC Securitised Acquisition Facility Loan 146,265,759 100.00 May 20. 2022 Y 0.215 Mount Street Mortgage Servicing Ltd. N 1 Office U.K. Oranje (European Loan Conduit No. 32) DAC Phoenix Loan 92,844,450 60.45 Aug. 15, 2022 Y 0.4761 Mount Street Mortgage Servicing Limited N 15 Office The Netherlands Kanaal CMBS Finance 2019 DAC Big 6 (Tranche A, Tranche B) 123,414,096 49.00 Aug. 12, 2022 Y 0.6002 CBRE Loan Services Limited N 6 Retail The Netherlands

The number of loans in special servicing remains as three, with no changes occurring since the fourth quarter of 2020.

Of the loans in special servicing these comprise of hotel (70.1%) and retail (29.9%) assets.

The figure for the total number of loans in European CMBS transactions that we rate excludes the loans in small-loan transactions, nonperforming loan (NPL) transactions, and commercial real estate collateralized debt obligations (CRE CDOs).

Loans that were originated from the year 2009 onward are classified as 2.0 loans. All other loans originated before this period are defined as 1.0 loans.

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Credit-related and other analyses, including ratings, and statements in the Content are statements of opinion as of the date they are expressed and not statements of fact. S&P’s opinions, analyses and rating acknowledgment decisions (described below) are not recommendations to purchase, hold, or sell any securities or to make any investment decisions, and do not address the suitability of any security. S&P assumes no obligation to update the Content following publication in any form or format. The Content should not be relied on and is not a substitute for the skill, judgment and experience of the user, its management, employees, advisors and/or clients when making investment and other business decisions. S&P does not act as a fiduciary or an investment advisor except where registered as such. While S&P has obtained information from sources it believes to be reliable, S&P does not perform an audit and undertakes no duty of due diligence or independent verification of any information it receives. Rating-related publications may be published for a variety of reasons that are not necessarily dependent on action by rating committees, including, but not limited to, the publication of a periodic update on a credit rating and related analyses.

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S&P may receive compensation for its ratings and certain analyses, normally from issuers or underwriters of securities or from obligors. S&P reserves the right to disseminate its opinions and analyses. S&P's public ratings and analyses are made available on its Web sites, www.standardandpoors.com (free of charge), and www.ratingsdirect.com and www.globalcreditportal.com (subscription), and may be distributed through other means, including via S&P publications and third-party redistributors. Additional information about our ratings fees is available at www.standardandpoors.com/usratingsfees.

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Sours: https://www.spglobal.com/ratings/en/research/articles/211014-european-cmbs-monitor-q3-2021-12144593
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Justice News

Acting United States Attorney Clint Johnson today announced the results of the October 2021 Federal Grand Jury B.

The following individuals have been charged with violations of United States law in indictments returned by the Grand Jury. The return of an indictment is a method of informing a defendant of alleged violations of federal law, which must be proven in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt to overcome a defendant’s presumption of innocence.

Osakwe Bandele; Marvin Leon Bowie Jr; Larry Hutton. Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition (Counts 1,3) Felon in possession of ammunition. Bandele, 31, of Tulsa, is charged with being a felon in possession of a Glock .357 caliber pistol and ammunition. Bowie Jr., 40, of Tulsa, is charged with being a felon in possession of ammunition. Finally, Hutton, 47, of Tulsa, is charged with being a felon in possession of a Beretta .40 caliber pistol and ammunition. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and Tulsa Police Department are the investigative agencies. Assistant U.S. Attorney Nathan E. Michel is prosecuting the case. 21-CR-466

Garrett Gene Barlow. Assault with a Dangerous Weapon with Intent to do Bodily Harm in Indian Country. Barlow, 29, of Claremore, is charged with assaulting another individual with a knife on Sept. 22, 2021, in Tulsa. The defendant is alleged to have unsheathed his knife, held it to the victim’s neck in a show of force, threatened the victim, cut the victim’s arm, then punched the victim. The FBI and Tulsa Police Department are the investigative agencies. Assistant U.S. Attorney Alex M. Scott is prosecuting the case. 21-CR-467

Tyler Gene Coddington. Kidnapping in Indian Country (Count 1); Assault with a Dangerous Weapon with Intent to do Bodily Harm in Indian Country (Counts 2, 4); Assault of an Intimate/Dating Partner by Strangling and Suffocating in Indian Country (Count 3); Carrying, Using, and Brandishing a Firearm During and in Relation to a Crime of Violence (Count 4); Felon in Possession of a Firearm (Count 5).  Coddington, 27, of Tulsa, allegedly threatened the victim with a taser andkidnapped her on Dec. 26, 2019. He took the victim to a remote location where he tased and strangled the victim. Then on Feb 16, 2020, the defendant pointed a loaded firearm at the victim. Coddington is prohibited from possessing a firearm due to a 2017 domestic violence conviction. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive and the Tulsa Police Department are the investigative agencies. Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven J. Briden is prosecuting the case. 21-CR-460

William Colby Cox. Felon in Possession of Firearms;Possession of Fentanyl with Intent to Distribute; Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute; Possession of Firearms in Furtherance of a Drug Trafficking Crime; Maintaining a Drug-Involved Premise (superseding).Cox, 37, of Tulsa, is charged with being a felon in possession of a FEG 9mm pistol, a Rohm GMBH .25 caliber pistol; an Intratec 9mm pistol; a Rohm GMBH .22 caliber revolver; a Lorcin .380 caliber pistol; a Taurus Inc. .22 caliber pistol, and more than 85 rounds of ammunition. Cox, an alleged member of the Irish Mob, is also charged with knowingly possessing with intent to distribute 40 grams or more of fentanyl. He is further charged with knowingly possessing with intent to distribute methamphetamine. He is also charged with possessing firearms to further his drug trafficking crimes and with maintaining a Tulsa residence for the purpose of distributing fentanyl and methamphetamine. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations and Tulsa Country Sheriff’s Office are the investigative agencies. Assistant U.S. Attorney David A. Nasar is prosecuting the case. 21-CR-356

Richard Allen Fisher. Receiving, Possessing, and Concealing a Vehicle in Indian Country. Fisher, 37, of Tulsa, is charged with possessing and concealing a stolen vehicle on Sept. 27, 2021. The FBI and Tulsa Police Department are the investigative agencies.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Adam C. Bailey is prosecuting the case. 21-CR-461

Isaac Ryan Foreman. Assault with a Dangerous Weapon with Intent to do Bodily Harm in Indian Country. Foreman, 20, of Twin Oaks, is charged with stabbing another individual in the neck on Sept. 17, 2021. The FBI and Delaware Country Sheriff’s Office are the investigative agencies. Assistant U.S. Attorney Adam C. Bailey is prosecuting the case. 21-CR-462

Corbin Gaylin Doyle Hairgrove. Felon in Possession of Firearms and Ammunition; Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute; Carrying Firearms During and in Relation to a Drug Trafficking Crime. Hairgrove, 25, of Sapulpa, is charged with being a felon in possession of a Taurus 9 mm caliber pistol, a Rossi .38 caliber revolver and 18 rounds of associated ammunition. He is further charged with knowingly possessing with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of methamphetamine and with carrying firearms during and in relation to his drug trafficking crimes. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Bartlesville Police Department are conducting the investigation. Assistant U.S. Attorney Aaron M. Jolly is prosecuting the case.n21-CR-463

Earnest Clay Johnson Jr. Robbery in Indian Country; Assault of an Intimate/Dating Partner by Strangling and Attempting to Strangle in Indian Country; Assault by Striking, Beating, and Wounding (Misdemeanor). Johnson Jr., 31, of Tulsa, took the victim’s car keys, car, social security card and identification card on July 21, 2020, after he allegedly beat and strangled the victim. The FBI and Tulsa Police Department are the investigative agencies. Assistant U.S. Attorney Brandon A. Skates is prosecuting the case. 21-CR-464

Jeremy Aaron Mills.Possession of Child Pornography; Receipt and Distribution of Child Pornography. Mills, 27, of Claremore, is charged with possessing child sexual abuse material depicting minors under the age of 12 engaging in sexually explicit conduct on Oct. 1, 2021. He is further charged with knowingly receiving and distributing child sexual abuse material depicting minors under the age of 12 engaging in sexually explicit conduct from June 6, 2021, to Oct. 1, 2021. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations and the Tulsa Police Department are the investigative agencies. Assistant U.S. Attorney Leah Paisner is prosecuting the case.21-CR-468

Jorden Michael Roberts. Failure to Register as a Sex Offender; First Degree Burglary in Indian Country (superseding). Roberts, 35, of Tulsa, is charged with failing to register as a sex offender from Oct. 30, 2020, to Jan. 31, 2021. He is further charged with breaking into a residence that was occupied at the time by kicking the door open and breaking the chain on the door. The U.S. Marshals Service and Tulsa Police Department are the investigative agencies. Assistant U.S. Attorney Victor A.S. Régal is prosecuting the case. 21-CR-265

Shawn Alexander Simpson. Sexual Abuse of an Incapable Victim in Indian Country; First Degree Burglary in Indian Country; Abusive Sexual Contact with an Incapable Victim in Indian Country. On July 18, 2021, Simpson, 51, of Tulsa, allegedly broke into a residence and sexually abused a victim he knew was incapable of giving consent. The Tulsa Police Department and FBI are the investigative agencies. Assistant U.S. Attorney Valeria Luster is prosecuting the case. 21-CR-469

Aleta Necole Thomas; Pepper Jones; Katrina West. False Statement to a Financial Institution; (Counts 1-5); False Statement (Counts 6-15); Aggravated Identity Theft (Counts 16, 17) (2nd superseding). In total, Thomas, 42, Jones, 42, and West, 38, all of Tulsa, together and separately, are alleged to have fraudulently applied for and received nearly $800,000 worth of Paycheck Protection Program forgivable loans administered by the Small Business Administration under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Some of the false businesses the defendants allegedly used to apply for the loans included the Lead Us Kids Home Daycare, Coming Correction Community Ministries, Coming Correct Community Ministries II, and Lead Us Kids Daycare II. The Office of Inspector General Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System; U.S. Department of Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, Small Business Administration Office of Inspector General, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are the investigative agencies. 21-CR-239

William Ray Turner. Wire Fraud (Counts 1-27); Aggravated Identity Theft (Counts 28-37). Turner, 30, of Tulsa, was a car dealership sales associate who allegedly devised and carried out a scheme where he used stolen identities to purchase vehicles and sometimes sold the vehicles to other individuals for cash. In total, Turner was responsible for more than $1 million in fraudulent vehicle sales.

From March 2019 to the date of this indictment, Turner was employed as a sales associate at a car dealership in Bartlesville. Turner sold cars, assisted customers in obtaining financing for the purchase of vehicles, and received commission payments for his sales. As part of his scheme, starting in May 2020, Turner acquired various means of identification belonging to individuals living throughout the United States. The defendant allegedly used the stolen means of identification to purchase vehicles from the dealership in the victims’ names. The vehicles would then leave the dealership’s lot. On at least one occasion, after Turner processed a fraudulent car sale, he transferred the vehicle to another individual, who paid the defendant via CashApp.

In the indictment, Turner is charged with 27 counts of wire fraud after causing wire communications related to the fraudulent loan applications and 10 counts of aggravated identity theft for fraudulently using others’ identities when applying for the loans. The U.S. Secret Service and Bartlesville Police Department are the investigative agencies. Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard M. Cella is prosecuting the case. 21-CR-470

Sours: https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndok/pr/federal-grand-jury-b-indictments-announced-october-1
Taurus Horoscope - July 2019

Taurus Horoscope 2020: Check yearly astrological predictions for love, money, health, career

The year 2020 will be a good year for the people of Taurus sign. In the beginning of the year, your destiny will be supportive. The projects which were stopped without any reason, will start automatically, which will improve confidence in you. An overseas work related trip will be possible, which will increase your professional network. Old and chronic health issues will be cured. You will be busy at work and you will travel a lot, so you might face separation with the spouse for some time. But you should avoid rash driving and adventure tours. Love birds are advised to avoid making arguments on worthless topics, it might affect in domestic harmony. Students will travel more in terms of academics or may get admission outside of birth place.
In the Mid of May, things will be changed in terms of personal life. You will be able to enjoy quality moments with the spouse or loved ones. You will also plan for some trips or go for some religious places with the family or friends. Professionally, you might face some problems You might have some differences in opinion with the boss. You are advised to keep patience, blessing from elders will help you and you will again have a good bonding with the boss. Students will hear good news in terms of higher education. You will also expect some changes in the current job.
In the month of June, You should be careful in terms of litigation and also try to avoid any argument on worth less topic, you might waste your precious time. You will be able to control over your hidden enemies and business rivals. In personal and domestic life, you will be busy at work, so it might create some difference in opinion, you are advised to avoid arguments or discussion. You need to control your straightforwardness also. Blessing from the elders, will help you to maintain your patience. You should be careful in terms of health. You must work on stress or anxiety. Some disputes with the siblings will be there in property related issues.
From September 2020 onwards, things will be under control. Your domestic life will be somehow good and you will enjoy your quality moments with loved ones. But you will feel sometimes unfocused towards your goals. It might affect the speed of your running task or project. Other things will also be delayed. With the help of blessings, You will see some growth in your professional life. You will be able to control your expenditure, which will increase your savings. Students will be optimistic in terms of higher education.
November 2020 to End of December, you are advised to drive safely, avoid hurry in way of working. Think twice before signing any important document. With the help of any influential person, you might get some opportunity in the work or business, which will give benefits in the near future. Parents’ health will improve. Terms with the spouse will be good, which will increase domestic harmony. Singles will find a good match.
The author, Samir Jain, is a Jaipur based astrologer who is an expert in astrology, numerology, palmistry and Vastu. He is also an expert in Jain Temple Vastu and Jain Jyotish. Over the last several years, he has consulted clients from the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the UK, Australia, Turkey, France, Italy, South Africa, and Germany.

Sours: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/astrology/horoscope/yearly/taurus-horoscope-2020-check-taurus-yearly-horoscope-predictions/articleshow/72474944.cms

2019 taurus july

MONTH OF October

Ready to bring those crisp edges back, Taurus? The stars are lined up to support your efforts this month—for the most part—whether you’re doing a deep clean and declutter, mapping out a project plan or starting healthy habits. With the Sun in Libra and your sixth house of well-being and organization until October 22, you’ll want to prioritize the practical. A great day to start? Consider the October 6 Libra new moon.


To power up your efficiency efforts, energizer Mars is making its biennial visit to Libra from September 14 to October 30. You’re ready to tackle whatever “problem spot” you set your sights on—and to be as proactive and solution-oriented as possible. But you’ll need to pace yourself and work around some obstacles because Mercury, the planet of technology, communication and travel, will be in its low-power retrograde—also in Libra—until October 18. Staying on top of the details will take extra effort!


Since mid-August, all five of the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) have been retrograde. You may have felt like important plans stalled or slowed down. This month, these heavenly bodies start to turn direct (forward) again: Pluto on October 6, Saturn on October 10, Mercury and Jupiter on October 18. As the pace picks up, so will your schedule.


But no need to go it alone, Taurus! When Scorpio season begins on October 22, you have four weeks of powered-up partnership energy. But first, take the October 20 Aries full moon to rest and really integrate all the energy you’ve been carrying. A situation you’ve been waffling over since April could come to an important conclusion. You might also say goodbye to one chapter of your life so you can welcome a fresh one with a clean slate. 

The Sun is in Libra until October 22

Prepare to optimize your life as the Libra Sun activates your healthy, organized sixth house until October 22. As a methodical earth sign, you really do function best with a simple, streamlined routine, and this month gives you ideal conditions for creating that. Chaos will fade (mostly) into the rearview as you plan and prioritize. Pinpoint the parts of your life that have gotten unwieldy—then delegate, declutter or dive in for a cleanup mission.


With warrior Mars doing its half-marathon through this sporty sector of your chart until October 30, your athletic and competitive side could emerge. But since #NoLimits Mars has a tendency to overdo it, make sure you stretch before and after workouts and avoid extreme dietary changes. Caution: Pressure can rise with Mars in this intense and perfectionist zone. Make time to relax and replenish your energy stores. Otherwise, stress levels could flare, weakening your immune system. Wash your hands, mask up indoors, restock vitamins and supplements—whatever extra steps feel right to you.


Employees and helpful people are also associated with the sixth house. With Mars here, you could be revved up to delegate duties to a rockstar intern or service provider. But there could also be stressful moments, especially if you try to rush the process while Mercury is retrograde until October 18. Go slowly with hiring or accepting any job offers this month, and take time to nail every single detail.

The October 6 Libra new moon helps you plan and prioritize

The Libra new moon on October 6 is particularly prime for starting a new habit, work project or wellness practice. With holiday hedonism on the horizon, regular exercise and clean eating will help balance out the impending temptations that will be way too good to resist. 


Want to get more in tune with the rhythms of your spending patterns, health and time management? There’s an app for that; install a few! (But back up your data first since Mercury is retrograde.) The sixth house rules service, so look for volunteer opportunities or initiate a giving drive at work. Since pets also fall under this new moon’s domain, pay attention to the unconditionally loving critters in your life. If you’re thinking of adopting, start your search!


Your ambitions get supercharged today because this year’s Libra new moon will make an exact meetup with energizer Mars. You’ll be ready to clean up your eating habits, start an exercise routine and get into belated back-to-school mode. What are your big goals for the rest of the year, Bull? A whopping SIX planets are in air signs today, activating the most grounding and financially focused part of your charts. Anything you begin now could blossom into something profitable between now and the April 16, 2022, Libra full moon.

Pluto also turns direct on October 6

On October 6, transformational Pluto will end a five-month retrograde in Capricorn that began on April 27, driving some of your projects into the “underworld” and making it hard to get your message to a wider audience. In truth, this was an excellent time to go behind the scenes to learn, tinker and test a few iterations of your visionary plans. Sure, you may have encountered a few skeptics, even haters, along the way. But you’ve also learned something important: Stay true to your message while continuing to educate yourself and ask the important questions. That means questioning your own assumptions and mindset too. Soon enough, your exciting and inspired ideas will start to move and flow. If you’re pondering a return to school or starting a business, potent Pluto moving forward in this sector can catalyze your plans.

Saturn retrograde ends on October 10

On October 10, structured Saturn wakes up from a four-month retrograde in Aquarius that began on May 23, which throttled or thwarted some of your professional plans. You may have been forced to go back to the drawing board, or to scale back to a more realistic rollout. But there was a silver lining to Saturn’s slowdown: You could step back and assess your goals from a more objective distance, trimming any excess or scaling back to something more manageable (and less stressful!). With the ringed taskmaster now marching on-beat through your tenth house of ambition and leadership, you’re ready to get back to business. And since Saturn is here until March 2023, look ahead to where you’d like to be in the next 12 to 18 months, then reverse-engineer your plans from there.

Jupiter and Mercury both end their retrograde on October 18

Your health AND wealth are about to take a turn for the better, Taurus! On October 18, expansive Jupiter wakes up from a four-month retrograde nap in Aquarius and your tenth house of career and leadership. Since June 20, one of your grand ideas could have suddenly been derailed off the fast track. But that all ends today as the bountiful red-spotted giant blasts full-steam ahead again.


Jupiter only visits each sign every 12 years or so, and it’s completing this lap through Aquarius on December 28. Use the next two months to make up for lost time and set your dreams on course. With Saturn also surging forward in Aquarius now, you’re really ready to step up your game again. The rest of 2021 suddenly looks extra promising if you prioritize and play your cards right. 


That same day, Mercury, the planet of communication, travel and technology, will end a three-week retrograde in Libra and your orderly sixth house. From the decision makers to your support squad, your relationships will start to fall back into place—along with your ambitious plans. Now that’s more like it!

Take it easy at the Aries full moon on October 20

Is it time to bid adieu to a painful but potent chapter of your life? Healing conclusions and transitions are in the spotlight this October 20, when the year’s only Aries full moon beams into your twelfth house of spirituality, hidden agendas and endings. This could be a powerful portal into an important change that’s been brewing since the April 11 Aries new moon, if not longer. Does some part of your life need to be wrapped up before another can begin? There could be huge realizations now and an inevitable push to let go of something you’ve been trying desperately to control. Surrender, Taurus—and listen to the universe instead of forcing an agenda. A powerful creative or spiritual moment could arrive at this full moon. Remain receptive, opening up to the universe’s guidance, which could come through strong intuitive flashes and signs.

Mars-Pluto square on October 22

One day that could find you racked with indecision—and stressed about it—is October 22, when anxious Mars locks into a high-pressure square with power-tripping Pluto. Mars is in Libra and your analytical sixth house, which could drive up anxiety and make you feel overwhelmed by all the details. Pluto in your expansive ninth house could serve up big schemes and dreams. But putting an actual plan in place, which is usually a Taurus specialty, might fall apart. Your inner control freak will want to micromanage the process—or your mind will spin through all the reasons this “can’t work.” Is this a fear of success…or of failure? Maybe both. Either way, don’t let the intensity get the best of you. Examine the concerns that arise and conduct due diligence. But don’t empower the intense fear or emotion behind those factors.

Scorpio season starts October 22

Relationships take center stage starting October 22, when the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships. With your zone of dynamic duos heating up for a month, forget about using that old “I’ll just do it all myself!” strategy. The stars will insist that you encircle yourself with a few true-blue souls who have your back through it all. Note to you, tireless Taurus: Scorpio is your opposite sign, meaning the Sun is at its farthest distance in the sky from yours. You may feel fatigued while your “solar power” is temporarily diminished. The solution? Practice the underrated art of asking for support! 


Mars enters Scorpio on October 30, heating up your partnerships

Interpersonal relationships get a jolt of kinetic energy on October 30, when red-hot Mars blazes into Scorpio and your relationship house until December 13. A business or romantic bond could hit the fast track…or go bust. Mars only visits this zone of your chart every two years, so get ready for a biennial moment of truth. For couples who’ve been fighting, things could get ugly if you’re not careful. That said, lusty Mars could invite some steamy makeup sessions. Have you been on the fence about a commitment? If you decide to go all in, don’t be surprised if things move quickly to official terrain, perhaps involving a ring or some other binding commitment.


There’s potent commitment energy in the air this month for you, Taurus! For the first week of October, your galactic guardian, graceful and sensual Venus, is rounding out her journey through Scorpio and your committed-relationship zone.


On October 7, Venus sails into Sagittarius and your smoldering eighth house until November 5, making for one scintillating and sexy month! Once the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 22, commitments could get seriously intensified.


Unfortunately, it won’t be all tangled bedsheets and intense tete-a-tetes. Over in your detail-minded, hypercritical sixth house, passionate Mars in Libra could be stirring up anxiety and self-doubt all month. And with Mercury retrograde in Libra until October 18, you could really get stuck in your head, overthinking every detail or fixating on someone’s so-called flaws. Under this influence, you could be tempted to play life coach with your love interest or partner. Be careful that you don’t fall into the trap of trying to fix anyone, including yourself. Perfect isn’t what people want. Remember that, and keep it real, Taurus!


Just in time for Halloween, this energy lifts. Fierce Mars will move on to Scorpio on October 30, heating up your seventh house of commitments until December 13. Once the red planet relocates to your relationship zone, your energy will get channeled into adding spicy adventures to your twosome time. The last couple days of the month could be seriously sexy—with things moving to official status or a more committed level fast.


It’s all in the details, Taurus! With energizer Mars in Libra and your organized, administrative sixth house until October 30, you’re revved up to get everything put in place. The Libra new moon on October 6 is a great day to declutter, map out an org chart or look into hiring someone who can make your life fun more efficiently. Implementing new processes and systems can also be helpful. But make your lists and check them thrice because Mercury, the ruler of information, technology and electronics, is retrograde in Libra until October 18. You could easily lose important data, so back it up to the cloud. Hold off on buying any new electronics unless absolutely necessary. 


Use the first couple weeks of October to look at your processes and systems with an unflinching eye and to get radically organized so you can power through the end of this year with success. With expansive Jupiter and structured Saturn ending their long retrogrades in your career house this month, things are really looking up! After October 18, you could start to feel totally clear about your goals. The final quarter of 2021 could be your most successful. Prepare for liftoff!


Love Days: 4, 8

Money Days: 24, 14

Luck Days: 21, 12

Off Days: 19, 6, 10



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CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Alona Tal, 38; John Krasinski, 42; Snoop Dogg, 50; Viggo Mortensen, 63.

Happy Birthday: Keep the peace, regardless of the situation. Your strength is in your ability to offer equality and suggestions that are reasonable. Show discipline in the way you budget and run your household, and you’ll avoid an unpredictable financial situation. A meaningful relationship with someone special will encourage positive lifestyle changes. Romance and commitment will lead to stability and contentment. Your numbers are 5, 11, 19, 28, 31, 37, 41.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Set your sights on what you want, and don’t stop until you are satisfied. Make a promise to someone you love, and you will receive the support you require to reach an important milestone. Put health, joint endeavors and finances first. 3 stars

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Don’t stumble when precision and detail are required. Put a safety net in place, and proceed with confidence. Keep moderation in mind, and display what you want to do in simple terms. Getting your point across will require patience and understanding. 3 stars

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Put your energy where it counts. You’ll gain recognition for what you accomplish, not what you neglect to finish. An opportunity to use your skills and your intelligence at a networking event will help you sell what you have to offer. 4 stars

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Lean on someone who has shared and relied on you for support. The assistance you receive will encourage a unique relationship to develop to help you overcome any adversity you face. The chance to make a positive move looks hopeful. 4 stars

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Recognize the changes going on around you, and gravitate toward what makes you feel comfortable. Home improvements will pay off and offer the freedom to make positive adjustments that suit your financial needs. Romance will bring you closer to someone you love. 2 stars

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Take good care of domestic matters and your physical well-being. Don’t get into an emotional tiff with a friend or relative. Keep the peace and go about your business. Concentrate on self-improvement, not trying to change others. 3 stars

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Don’t limit yourself because of a decision someone makes. Finish what you set out to do. Personal growth and self-improvement will be enlightening and give you a unique perspective on what’s possible. Trust and believe in your ability to thrive. 3 stars

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Refuse to let uncertainty be your downfall. Research, develop and formulate what you are trying to achieve, and map out a path that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. Make decisions based on your needs. 3 stars

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Focus on efficiency and getting along with those you live or work alongside. Don’t let an outsider interfere with your plans. Be specific about what you want and how you expect to reach your target. Romance is encouraged. 5 stars

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Elaborate, leave nothing to chance and choose your battles wisely. Emotions will surface, causing disputes with friends and relatives if you don’t play fair. If you want something, offer incentives and prepare to live up to your promises, and do your part. 2 stars

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Put on your happy, optimistic face, and charge forward with enthusiasm. Your attitude will make a difference when faced with controversy or opposition. Know what you want, and drum up the excitement that will encourage support. Romance is on the rise. 4 stars

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Play to win when dealing with challenging situations. Use your insight and unique outlook to outmaneuver anyone who gets in your way. Take the necessary precautions when in crowded areas or unfamiliar settings. Protect your money, passwords and personal property. 3 stars

Birthday Baby: You are emotional, optimistic and resourceful. You are charming and well-liked.

1 star: Avoid conflicts; work behind the scenes. 2 stars: You can accomplish, but don’t rely on others. 3 stars: Focus and you’ll reach your goals. 4 stars: Aim high; start new projects. 5 stars: Nothing can stop you; go for gold.

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Sours: https://www.mercurynews.com/2021/10/20/horoscopes-oct-20-2021-snoop-dogg-keep-the-peace-regardless-of-the-situation

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You’ve been feeling like something is a bit off with your crew, and this month, you’re about to find out exactly what’s going on. Eclipse season officially kicks off on July 2, when a solar eclipse in Cancer illuminates the sky. This is the third eclipse in the series. They previously occurred on July 12, 2018 and January 5, 2019. Think back to these dates, Taurus babe. Was tension high with a close friend, classmate, or colleague? Pay close attention to how events in early July align with your previous situations. This could be major.

Of course, you may want to cross-check your sources after July 7 when Mercury goes retrograde. Yes, Taurus, it’s happening again. For the second time in 2019, the planet of expression will begin cruising in reverse. Though Mercury Retrograde isn’t the end of the world, it can definitely lead to some interpersonal meltdowns. During this cosmic reversal, be sure to check your sources twice.

Eclipses always travel in pairs, and the second eclipse of the month occurs on July 16. This lunar eclipse will create a powerful tension between the areas of your chart linked to local community and far-away adventure, encouraging you to think outside your comfort zones. Could it be that your peers are holding you back? While it’s important to have close connections, remember that there is so much that exists beyond the horizon. If you don’t make room to expand, how will you ever grow?

Domestic matters take precedent when the Sun drifts into Leo on July 22. You’re fiercely loyal—but with your steadfast spirit also comes that signature stubborn sensibility. If a tough situation has been causing you undue stress, sashay away. On July 31, a cosmic double-feature (a New Moon in Leo and Mercury ending retrograde) will inspire you to take action. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to have a difficult conversation with your roommate, parent, or partner, plan to open this dialogue at the end of the month. Why carry these bad vibes into August, Taurus love? Your happiness should always be your priority!

Aliza KellyAliza Kelly is a New York-based astrologer, author, and host.

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