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Rockland Police MassachusettsThe Rockland Police K-9 Unit started in 2005. The K-9 Unit consists of Patrol Sergeant/Handler Steven Somers and his Patrol K-9 TEO. Patrol Officer James McLaughlin and his Narcotics K-9 Friday and Patrol K-9 Arny.


K-9 TEO is trained to: 

  • Apprehend Criminals
  • Crowd Control
  • Search for Evidence
  • Search for Missing Children
  • Track Fleeing Suspects

K-9 Friday

K-9 Friday is trained to find hidden narcotics such as: 

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Meth
  • Prescription Pills

K-9 Arny

K-9 Arny is trained to: 

  • Apprehend Criminals
  • Crowd Control
  • Search for Evidence
  • Search for Missing Children
  • Track Fleeing Suspects


The Rockland Police K-9 Unit is also a non-profit agency and the unit is run on private donations for vet bills, food, training and equipment.


PenBay Pilot

ROCKLAND — The Rockland Police Department announced Oct. 15, 2021, on its Facebook page, the hiring of Officer Michael Izzi to the force.

Izzi grew up in Connecticut before attending college in Massachusetts. After earning Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice in 2009, he was commissioned as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps where he served four years active duty as a Military Police Officer.

After active duty, Officer Izzi transferred to the United States Marine Corps Reserve where he serves as a Logistics Officer. Officer Izzi continues to serve in the reserves and currently holds the rank of Major.

Officer Izzi began his civilian law enforcement career in 2014 with the City of Alexandria, Virginia; graduating from the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy. During his time at the Alexandria Police Department, Officer Izzi served as a Patrol Officer, member of the Civil Disturbance Unit, was a trained Crisis Intervention Team Member, and a member of the Special Operations Team. Officer Izzi earned a Master's Degree in Justice Studies from Southern New Hampshire University in 2017.

“Officer Izzi is excited to serve the citizens of Rockland as he continues his career in law enforcement, while enjoying all that Midcoast Maine has to offer,” said RPD, in the Facebook posting.

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Rockland Ma Police Department

Former National Fireworks Site | Hanover MA
Former National Fireworks Site | Hanover MA
Hanover was established in 1727, a little over 100 years after the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth, 17 miles to our south. We have maintained our "country town" atmosphere over the years, yet combined it with the convenience of shopping malls, light industry, and, of course, technology.
Norfolk DA Says Suspect In Stolen Rockland Police Cruiser Chase Has Died
Rockland County Sheriff's Police Division is dedicated to the protection of life and property, reduction of crime through patrol and enforcement, and the provision of a safer environment in which our citizens can live, work, and pursue a better quality of life.

The Rockland County Sheriff's Patrol is the Police Division of the Sheriff's Office. It is a police agency at the county level responsible for the protection of county properties, roads, thoroughfares, holdings and interests. The Division will handle any and all complaints occurring in or on Rockland county properties. This is accomplished under the direction of the Sheriff by utilizing modern police patrol techniques.

The Division will assist any and all outside agencies, resources permitting, as requested by that agency.

The organization headed by the Chief, has one Captain and four Lieutenants eleven Sergeants and fifty Patrol Officers. It has several sub–units each performing specialized and distinct functions. The units are staffed by well trained police officers supported by a civilian complement of clerical and technical workers.

Functions of the Police Division:

1. Protection of Rockland County roads, buildings, property and interests.
2. Traffic safety/vehicle and traffic law enforcement.
3. Assistance to all law enforcement agencies through mutual pacts and agreements.
4. Detective unit investigations and criminal extraditions.
5. Service and executions of Family Court orders and warrants.
6. IV D warrant enforcement (adult revenue support collection)
7. Availability of:

  • Arson unit
  • Bomb unit
  • Computer crime unit
  • Mounted unit
  • Marine unit
  • Rescue Entry and Counter-Terrorism Team (REACT)
  • Disorder Control
  • Intelligence unit and
  • Sheriff's community support council.

8. Custody and transport of prisoners in Rockland's criminal justice system.


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'I Dont Fault Him': Rockland Police Chief Says Officer Left Cruiser Unlocked Before It Was Stolen

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