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FACTIONS - Element Craft is a dedicated faction server that brings back the fair and balanced gameplay everyone seeks in a pay-to-win plagued era. We try our hardest to make donation ranks desirable while not giving any player more power than free-to-play users. TNT DISABLE - Yes, TNT is disabled. We focus more on the PVP aspect of factions, instead of the cheap no-skill power of shooting TNT at bases. We also allow users to back for easier ways to access ones base. As well as setting their home. 247 - Lag Free - Our server is hosted with enough memory to hold more than 250 players as well as provide a lag-free experience for its users. We have pre-generated the world and installed custom codes to make our server run more efficiently. Very Few Plugins - We use what we need, and no extra flashy stuff. Decapitation - When you kill your enemy, their head can be mounted on your wall Small Community - We are a small family-like community. Even though we raid and kill each other, we love each other in the end

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Elemental Craft Minecraft Server

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BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.17.x

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Website: http://elementalmc.net

ElementalMC Spigot 1.16.5 [Slimefun] [McMMO] [Survival]

Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!

Welcome to ElementalMC PvE Survival. We are looking for new players!Server Location: NetherlandsLanguage: EnglishKeep Inventory and XP on death /fly /sethome.
ProtectSpigot Core Paper 1.14.4
Dangerous Caves
Grief Prevention
Economy etc. 24/7
Plugin updates are done regularly
This server has been online for a few years now and was formerly tomorrowlandv2 and ruby-mc. 
It's been dormant for a while but we are resurrecting it once again under the name ElementalMC
We are family oriented and have a friendly team and staff.
Give us a try and come enjoy Survival

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Top 5 best Minecraft servers with magic

Minecraft magic servers typically allow players to cast spells and take part in all kinds of fabled antics within the blocky world of Minecraft, without requiring any extra mods whatsoever.

The best Minecraft magic servers normally have a wide variety of custom spells for players to master, along with unique new enchantments added to the game for players to experiment with.

All of the servers listed below are well maintained, with frequent and large updates. They are also free to join by anyone and online 24/7.

Note: The servers listed below are in no particular order of quality, they are all great fun to play.

Top 5 Best Minecraft magic servers to play

#5 Purple Prison - IP: PURPLEPRISON.ORG

Purple Prison is a Minecraft PvP prison server with magical elements

Purple Prison is a brilliant Minecraft server with several magical elements included within. The overall goal of the server is to escape the fantasy prison world, which has been invaded by mysterious otherworldly aliens.

The server includes several custom magic enchantments, such as pickaxes that magically explode blocks, custom weapon enchantments, custom potion effects, and much more.

Purple Prison has been online since 2014, and is a great Minecraft server for new players to get into, with thousands of players coming back every day. The server also features a Discord server with over 30,000 community members.

#4 Cursed Craft - IP: play.cursedcraft.com

Cursed Craft describes itself as a fully custom Minecraft survival server with a myriad of unique mythical themed features to help set it apart from the competition.

On cursed craft, players are also able to complete unique fantasy-style quests, including defeating challenging mythical bosses that utilize magical spell-based attacks. These bosses are not easy to defeat, but greatly reward players for their efforts.

Players on Cursed Craft can also explore their custom built fantasy world called "Snowdin". This map includes new and custom biomes such as icy plains, magical mountains, and more.

#3 Lord of the Craft - IP: mc.lotc.co

Fans of the popular Lord of the Rings movies or books will absolutely love this Minecraft server.

Lord of the Craft is a completely custom developed Minecraft server which allows players to fantasy roleplay as different characters, each with a different and special race. The server also implements custom monsters, worlds, kingdoms, and much more.

Lord of the Craft, of course, also allows players to learn and master powerful custom spells in order to turn their character into a feared and powerful mage of the lands.

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#2 The Last Block Bender - IP: play.thelastblockbender.com

The Last Block Bender Minecraft server is inspired by the Avatar TV series

The last block bender Minecraft server is perfect for fans of the popular Avatar: The Last Airbender animated TV series.

On the Minecraft server, players are able to learn and master the magic and mythical art of elemental bending, with four distinct elements similar to what is seen in the anime.

This is not all the server offers, however. Players are also able to develop, maintain and rule over their own unique nation within the fantasy world, with the ability to battle nations controlled by other players.

#1 PotterworldMC - IP: play.potterworldmc.com

No list of magical Minecraft servers would be complete without including PotterworldMC.

This server specifically allows players to learn the arts of witchcraft and wizardry, heavily drawing inspiration from the beloved and vastly popular Harry Potter books/films.

Gameplay wise on the server, players are able to fight in spell-based duels, complete magical challenges, brew unique and custom potions, interact with mythical custom NPC's, and much more.

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NOTE: This article reflects the opinions of the writer ONLY. The views of others may be different.

Sours: https://www.sportskeeda.com/minecraft/5-best-minecraft-magic-servers
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Elemental server minecraft

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Elemental Minecraft Server

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