Cream decorative bowl

Cream decorative bowl DEFAULT

Ceramic Textured Decorative Bowl Cream - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee


Give yourself a convenient spot to put your keys, wallet or phone when you get home without losing your sense of style when you display the Ceramic Textured Bowl from Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee. This decorative stoneware bowl makes a perfect addition to your entryway console, with a sleek glazed finish and earthy cream and tan color scheme that coordinates with a variety of decor. Use it strictly as a functional piece, or arrange it with other stoneware bowls or vases for an eye-catching display. Add on a decorative wooden garland to create an elevated styling moment.

Meet Shea McGee, the designer and stylist behind the brand Studio McGee. Founded alongside her husband, Syd, the studio is known for Shea’s design of beautifully elevated spaces that encourage clients to surround themselves with the things and people they love. Now she’s partnering with Threshold to offer Studio McGee’s classic design in a new collection for inspired homes, everywhere.


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Decorative bowl cream

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