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Meet The Man Behind The Fragrance Kitchen

Born and raised in Kuwait, Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah is known as one of the most successful young entrepreneurs who has defied the odds by revolutionising the luxury fashion industry across the Middle East and especially in Kuwait, his home country. His love for fashion, his perseverance and vast knowledge helped him make his dream come true that is to own a luxury department, who then founded Villa Moda- a store that gathered all the high-end brands into one place.  

Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah founder of TFK

Apart from fashion, Al-Sabah had also a very strong appreciation for quality scents. Greatly influenced by his grandmother, as a young boy Sheikh Majed observed her mixing elixirs in her kitchen, which then led him to also start blending his own scents and creating perfumes from his very own room. Over the years, Al-Sabah developed a unique sense and the turnout for the influential personality was to launch the TFK brand founded in 2012.Ever since, The Fragrance Kitchen keeps up with the fashion industry by debuting between four to six new fragrances each year. 

Here A&E gets up-close and personal with the man behind the prestigious fragrance brand, as his explains his venture’s philosophy, the influences of the East and the West and what the future holds for TFK. 

What inspired you to be part of the fashion and fragrance industry?

“Simply I’ve always had a passion for fashion” in 1992 I launched Villa Moda, it was a multi brand store in Kuwait, at that time Kuwait was still recovering from the First Gulf War, I was very frustrated after the war: so we wanted something happy and interesting in Kuwait. At the same time I saw my friends and relatives traveling to purchase things abroad. That was a little disturbing to me. For our second Villa Moda store I saw that department stores or shopping malls all looked the same, so I wanted to create a unique a 100,000-sq.ft cubical luxury bazaar that challenged conventional concepts of shopping.

Walk us through the process, how do you create a scent? And where did you learn the craft of creating a fragrance?

Since I was a teenager my grandmother taught me how to mix essential oils and raw ingredients, so now I am what you call the nose, I mix oils and raw ingredients then take the final scent and have the chemists in Grasse determine the composition.

How do you see fashion and fragrance interlocking? And would you say the years of experience helped you bring the two worlds together?

There is always a connection between fashion and fragrance; we wear both on our bodies. They combine each other to evoke emotions and complete a specific look.

What inspired you to come up with The Fragrance Kitchen?

Creating fragrances was always part of my life but I never thought of launching a collection. One day, Tom Ford and I were having lunch and he shared his vision of opening a boutique at Villa Moda (a luxury bazaar that I introduced in Kuwait). I recommended that he break into the Middle Eastern market with fragrance. I developed Arabian Wood for his Private Collection and it became one of his best sellers. This fragrance gave me the confidence and inspiration to start The Fragrance Kitchen.

What’s your take on the various fashion brands launching perfume collections?

The consumer in fragrance is very educated; they are more interested in the story behind a perfume. They will buy if they know there is a creative process or a story behind it, reflecting the true values of the fashion brand.

What is unique about fragrances in the Gulf and Middle East regions?

The Gulf and Middle East region taste in fragrance is very unique, specifically heavy with oud and amber notes, which makes it very long lasting on the skin.

What is your favorite smell?


What scent gives you a good memory?


Everybody has a dream- whether it is to change the world, to become a successful professional, or to raise a family, etc. Tell us, what is your all time dream?

To live in a peaceful world!

Name someone you currently admire…

My mother.

What is next for TFK?

For TFK we are always up for a challenge, and newness for our customers, we come up with new projects and exclusive perfumes every 6 months.

A message you would like to share with our readers…

Take risks and live life to the fullest.

Slide through the gallery below and check out the various unique TFK perfume bottles.

The Arab Spring

Son of a Rose Pattern

War of The Roses

Gone with the Smell

Fly Me to the Rose

The TFK brand has a freestanding shop in Kuwait and various shops-in-shop across the UAE and globally.


Sheikh Majed Al Sabah

TFK, The Fragrance Kitchen, is the latest chapter in the ongoing retail legend that began in 2005 by Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah. The Kuwaiti based fragrance house was borne of childhood memories and sensory memories that became associated with his beloved grandmother. Fragrance can be a translation of memories and Sheikh Majed has skillfully combined both via the use of Oud, Taif Rose, and burning Agarwood which were used frequently by his cherished grandmother.

TFK is the culmination of a dream to create the “perfect” or dream perfume for each individual. Sheikh Majed has long been associated with the ultimate in luxury having been a member of the international fashion community for over 2 decades. Today, he offers you the chance to become memorable in your own individualized way. Long after you leave the room, your scent lingers. Will you join those who will become memorable?

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Something’s cooking: Kuwaiti perfumery The Fragrance Kitchen opens in NY

A waft of the Middle East has blown into the beauty department of Bergdorf Goodman this week – and not in the way you might expect. The Fragrance Kitchen is a Kuwaiti perfume house founded by Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah that blends the traditions of Middle Eastern perfumery with the French philosophy and expertise of Grasse. Its outpost at the store marks a first American foray for the brand and features over 40 fragrances that reflect the diverse and distinctive scents that Al-Sabah has created.

The Fragrance Kitchen has truly turned its corner of the legendary department store into its own. Installed on two walls is an undulating architectural wall feature that references the slopes of sand dunes in the Middle East. Made from laser cut oak wood, the fins emerge from glossy, black-mirrored walls to create a mesmerising design feature that lures the eye. Designed by Jassim Al Shehab Architects (Arch JS), the wall is a miniature iteration of the interiors of The Fragrance Kitchen’s flagship store in Kuwait.

To cap things off, the outpost is exclusively home to the scent, ‘A Rose With A View’ – a woody floral that mixes rose, violet and white flowers with sandalwood, patchouli and musk. Like the other creations in The Fragrance Kitchen’s collections, the scent is inspired by Al-Sabah’s memories and experiences of culture and poetically sits in that sweet spot between tradition and modernity. 

The perfume label blends the traditions of Middle Eastern perfumery with the French philosophy and expertise of Grasse

For its new space, The Fragrance Kitchen has installed an undulating architectural wall feature that references the slopes of sand dunes in the Middle East

Designed by Jassim Al Shehab Architects, the mesmerising design is a miniature iteration of the interiors of The Fragrance Kitchen’s flagship store in Kuwait

Exclusively available at its New York outpost is the perfume ‘A Rose With A View’ (pictured) – a woody floral that mixes rose, violet and white flowers with sandalwood, patchouli and musk


Kitchen fragrance

Perfumery may have its roots in the Middle East, but when the history of perfume is written hundreds of years from now, the founder of The Fragrance Kitchen will have done its bit to keep that fascinating, scent-centric part of the world a focus of its ongoing story.
After a pop-up appearance a couple of years ago, The Fragrance Kitchen is now back at Selfridges with a more permanent spot in the new Fragrance & Candle Space – and its founder and driving force, Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah, will be making an appearance there tonight (21st July 2016) between 8–9.30pm.
The super-cool sheikh is the grandson of the 10th emir of Kuwait, who became the darling of designers the world over via his fashion boutiques. A few years back, he decided to move into perfumery – a life-long passion – putting a very 21st Century spin on scent.
Few perfume houses are as active on social media as TFK; when Sheikh Majed Snapchatted a video of himself at a previous personal appearance in the Oxford Street department store, the counter was rammed. (On Instagram, TFK also has a pretty wowzer 17,000+ followers.) But while he may be something of a ‘pop star’ of perfumers, his passion is 100% real, and goes all the way back to childhood.
‘My grandmother taught me how to blend oils when I was a child,’ he explains; that’s where his passion for ingredients like oudh and rose can be traced back to. ‘She was a very humble lady, who just passed away,’ the sheikh told us. ‘She was a very good cook and I always say: good cooks are good noses, and if you know what goes with what, perfumery needn’t be scary…’
Growing up, friends and family would ask the sheikh to create fragrances for them – and later, Tom Ford (whose designs he had very successfully distributed) did the same: Arabian Wood, the fragrance Sheikh Majeed created for the designer, is apparently a bestseller in that range around the world.
The pace of The Fragrance Kitchen – whose inspiration is ‘East Meets West’ – is as fast as it gets in fragrance. Imagine a new launch, every six weeks or so, somewhere in the world. ‘We experiment. Some fragrances become part of the permanent collection, others are more fleeting.’ The fragrances are blended at home in Kuwait and ultimately produced in Grasse, where he travels several times a year: this is fine French perfumery, but from a Kuwaiti brand.
Each stockist for The Fragrance Kitchen – and here, that’s exclusively Selfridges – will offer perfumes that are nowhere else in the world; the Oxford Street store’s first ‘TFK Special’ was the woody-leathery Spike Odyssey, inspired by the David Bowie song. Right now, among the 60+ scents on The Fragrance Kitchen’s counter, you’ll find two new exclusive additions created to mark the celebration of Eid. You can read the evocative stories for Bindi Ballet and Bindi Twist below. (On our scent wishlist, meanwhile, are Naughty Patchouli and Amber Alert…)
But when the Sheikh breezed into town a little while back, we asked him to share with us his five favourite smells – always a very revealing exercise. Before we share with you the story of his new fragrances, here’s what Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah shared with us…
1. Fresh bread – ‘specifically, French bread from bakeries in France, where I spent a lot of time as a child and a teenager; any time I pass by a bakery, I’m lost…’
2. Brewed coffee – ‘I love the smell but ironically I don’t drink it; I’m very much a tea person, but I love the smell of fresh-ground or fresh-brewed coffee.’
3. Ta’if rose – ‘I went to Ta’if and did research into the unique roses there, and it’s fascinating; what makes Ta’if rose unique is the process of making the oil, which is still the traditional, old way using the old copper alembics.’
4. The forehead of a newborn baby – ‘I have three daughters (Noura, Fadila and Miriam, who are 18, 16 and 12), and I just love the smell of babies. It’s the most amazing smell in the world.’
5 Arab Spring – ‘It’s the fragrance I am most proud of for The Fragrance Kitchen, and also one of the most popular, a fusion which includes many different flowers which bloom in the most challenging desert conditions…’
And now, those two new unveilings…

Bindi Ballet


Top notes: bergamot, lemon, pink pepper
Heart notes: myrrh, heliotrope, amber, styrax
Base notes: patchouli, musk, moss, cedarwood, solar notes
The story…
‘His head lay on her stomach and she stared at the leaves on the tree above as she eased back into the wild grass. The breeze enveloped them in a cocoon of warmth and it was days like these she wished would last forever. He rolled over to face her and stroked her arm with the tips of his fingers. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the light pressure his fingertips made as they moved across her wrist and into the palm of her hand. Her began using two fingers to mimic the stride of a person walking up and down her arm. She giggled as the childishness of the act, but she enjoyed this light-hearted side of him. He began to move is fingers into a dance and they skated up and down her arm. Eyes closed, she imagined a nimble ballet dancer, floating lightly over the boards of a stage, casting shadows under the glare of the theatre lights. The tiny dancer on her arm twirled and moved as the pressure increased and decreased. She could see the glistening of the dancers face, the expressions of her body moving as she flittered about like a sparrow. Whirling and falling gracefully like a sycamore leaf coming to earth, the ballet dancer’s feet traced a beautiful and peaceful pattern all the way from her shoulder to the tips of her fingers. She felt the ballet dancer twist and turn and played out a wondrous world in a glamorous theatre under that tree. She would always remember this afternoon enveloped in natures warm blanket relishing the dance of her imaginary performer, unable to be touched by anything in the outside world.’

Bindi Twist

Top notes: green notes, bergamot, aldehydes, peach
Heart notes: jasmine, rose, white flowers, basil, citrus
Base notes: pine, solar notes
The story…
The air was as crisp and biting as the night was dark. The wind took her breath away as a strong gust blew across her face and her cold bitten hands clutched tighter at her coat. The river rushed below her feet as she made her way across the bridge. There was no one about, the city was sleeping and she felt as she were the only person in the world awake. She wasn’t ready to go home and leaned over the railing to watch the water crashing below. In the distance she heard the bellowing of ship and she strained her eyes in the dark to detect the direction of the sound. In the distance she could see the red and gold lights of the fishing boats twinkling against the blackness of the night. The dancing lights were mesmerizing as the bounced back and forth on the currents. Her thoughts were suddenly lost and the lights blurred. Her eyes began to see the lights as jewels and colours, dancing on the fabrics of dresses as the swirled around the feet of dancing women. She heard the drums, the beats of her native India, and she was swept up in the rhythm. The jewels turned and plunged and were taken into the music in her ears. She could feel the humid air on her face and smell the dust kicked up by the movement. The beat intensified and her eyes followed the glistening jewels until suddenly they were extinguished by the blackness of the night. Brought back to reality, she reached her icy hand up to her cheek, still flushed with memories of her faraway home.’
The Fragrance Kitchen from £110-220 for 100ml eau de parfum
Find them at Selfridges
Written by Jo Fairley

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