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30" Barcelona Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

We are very much aware of the fact that your outdoor furniture has to withstand the sometimes unforgiving changes in the weather it has to endure, from the scorching sun to the freezing snow. That is why we have chosen the best the industry has to offer to ensure the beauty of your furniture with the least amount of maintenance.
Unlike many products available in stores today, our range of high performance furniture care products are completely safe for the environment. All our products are completely free of harmful solvents (volatile organic compounds) and will not cause skin irritation on contact since they are water-based.

Teak is a durable hardwood with dense grain and high natural oil content; qualities that affords it little or no care. Its high oil and silica content makes it highly resistant to rotting, warping or splitting, allowing it to withstand the extremities of weather including sun, rain, and snow.
Untreated, natural teak will weather to a handsome soft-silvery patina within a year or so, depending on the amount of sun and weathering it is being exposed to. This however, will not in any way compromise the structural integrity of your furniture as the change of pigment is only on the surface. The rate of weathering is dependent on the climate and extremities of the weather in your area.

Using only premium quality, straight-grained and "knot-free" grade 'A' teakwood, every piece of lumber is carefully inspected before they are selected for furniture making. Our kiln drying process which takes several weeks, eliminates cracking, splitting and warping of the wood, enabling the construction of tight joints with strict tolerances. The furniture is then progressively hand sanded, polished and buffed with finer grits of sandpaper until we reach that trademark silky smooth finish. The natural finish looks beautiful and feels great to the touch, requiring no sealers or finish.

To clean the wood from the day-to-day grime, a soft bristle brush and soapy water or pad to remove an accumulation of dirt. Finish by hosing it down with water. Depending on the environment, you should have to do this more than twice a year. Over the years, your furniture would weather gracefully. For best results in ensuring lasting use and enjoyment of your teak investment however, we recommend the use of:
To restore your teak furniture to its original color, use our Teak Cleaner. This water-based environmentally solution penetrates deep into the wood removing mildew, mold and dirt.
If you prefer to maintain the original honey hues of teak, use the Teak Protector at the beginning and at the end of the season to enjoy the clean new look of teak year-round.
Our Teak Patinizer will keep the soft silver-grey hue as the seasons pass.
Over time, teak like all other hardwoods can show small cracks in the end grains or "head" of the wood. This is a natural occurrence as the wood finds its dimensional stability and its new state an environment as a piece of furniture. These little cracks or "checking" should not however affect the structural integrity of the furniture.

TeakDeals utilizes commercial-grade stainless steel in the manufacture of its furniture. Every detail is made to ensure the quality of the welds and finishes meet our stringent standards. As in all materials left outdoors, stainless steel requires a regular maintenance to ensure it looking like new.
Although stainless steel has been generally regarded as the product that does not rust as the word seem to suggest, it's surface, though resistant to corrosion, is still subjected to cosmetic deterioration. These brown "spots" appearing on the surface may be caused by air-borne pollutants in urban areas or salt in areas that are closer to the coast. These discolorations however are purely superficial and would in no way affect the mechanical strength or integrity of the furniture.
A simple cleaning occasionally will quickly bring it back to its original luster. Use a Scotchbrite pad or similar product to clean the brown spots on the stainless steel by gently rubbing in the direction of the brushed finish. If these brown spots are allowed to accumulate and build up over time, we urge you to use our Stainless Steel Cleaner which will remove any dirt, oil, and other pollutants from stainless steel furniture. It will also act to restore the stainless steel to its original luster.
Sours: https://www.teakdeals.com/barcelona-teak-shower-bench-with-shelf

Better Bench BB 30" Triangular Shower Bench

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Sours: https://www.tools4flooring.com/better-bench-bbtriangular-shower-bench.html
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30" x 15" Folding Shower Bench, Phenolic Slatted WHITE

Do you worry about falling in the shower? The Freedom 30" x 15" wall mounted shower bench provides a secure, comfortable shower chair for elderly bathers, without sacrificing space or style. Ideal for aging adults, or anyone who prefers the option to sit in the shower, these fold up shower benches provide significant independence and safety for seniors and individuals with physical disabilities.

Wall Mounted Folding Bench for Extra Space

For the premier bathing experience, these fold up shower benches can support up to lbs. when properly installed into the wood backed walls. Made in America with high-quality stainless steel, the seat frame is made with a U shaped support bracket that allows the shower bench to fold up and out of the way when not in use.

Easy to Lift Folding Shower Seats

Introducing Lift-Assist Technology on Freedom shower seats. The user-friendly, patented spring support mechanism has been developed to ensure that Freedom shower seats require less than five pounds of force to lift, regardless of seat size or seat top material. The Lift-Assist mechanism has been integrated into the frame design larger Freedom Shower seats and independently tested to ensure ADA compliance.

Our Freedom wall mounted shower seats are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Combine with stylish grab bars to complete your accessible bathroom. Call to speak with a Customer Service Representative about shower seats.

Foldable Shower Bench Features:

  • 30” x 15” seat size
  • Durable phenolic slatted white top
  • Wall supported with U shaped support bracket
  • Integrated Lift-Assist Technology
  • Stainless steel frame, with front access mounting flanges
  • Meets and exceeds lbs. weight capacity

Click here for California Prop 65 Warning


  • 30" x 15" Phenolic Slatted White Bench
  • Wall Mounted Shower Seat for Folding
  • lbs. Weight Capacity
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Frame
Sours: https://www.freedomshowers.com/
Innovis Better Bench How to Install BB 17, BB 24, BB 30 Shower Bench

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Bench 30 shower

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Floating Shower Bench eurocentres-atlanticanada.com Sanoasa Kit (Quick Tips)

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