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How To Prepare A Manifestation Ritual For This Week's Strawberry Moon

On June 9, we'll be welcoming in the strawberry moon, known as a mini-moon (because it's like a cute, little full moon) and it's going to be a ripe opportunity to welcome in the opportunities and goals you've manifested over the last six months.

The full moon on June 9 will appear as the smallest full moon of 2017, because it will occur when the moon is the farthest full moon from Earth. It's been called the micro-moon and the mini-moon.

Regardless of its apparent size, the full moon of June is known as the full strawberry moon, for signifying the ripening of strawberries ready for harvest, but since it's a full moon, strawberries aren't the only thing it's known for manifesting.

We've come up with some ideas about how to welcome in this week's strawberry full moon with a whole ritual you can do with your uber-spiritual group of friends.

Gather your pals

Invite over a few friends the night of the full moon (only the ones who you know love a good full moon ceremony), and let them know you're having a manifesting ritual. Bring dream boards, incense, crystals, pens, paper, vision boarding materials, etc.

There's nothing like getting together with a bunch of your fellow witches-in-spirit for a soul-cleansing, mind-clearing full moon par-tay.

Spend a little time outside under the light of the moon while you act out the following ritual in whatever creative ways you'd like to. If weather doesn't permit, it's fine to do it indoors as well.

Reflect back

The moon's manifestation periods are on a cyclical calendar of six months, so think back to what you were doing around the New Moon of December 29, 2016. This should be easy to remember, because it was right around New Year's Eve, when we were busy setting goals for ourselves and intentions for the year to come.

What was it that you wanted to achieve this year, and what have you done to accomplish it? If you feel like you haven't made bold enough moves to get it, what can you do now?

Be grateful

Based on the goals you set for yourself around the new moon that fell in December of 2016, take a look at how those goals have begun to show themselves in your life now. You probably have already seen results already, or may feel like you're on the cusp of seeing them now.

Make a list of the results you're most grateful to have seen. Gratitude is like a universal currency; the more you practice it, the more you attract things to be grateful for.

Take inventory

Practicing gratitude doesn't mean you can't acknowledge what you feel is lacking in your life, either. It's OK to take stock of where you feel you are experiencing a sense of lack. Every successfully run business takes its own inventory, and it's a good idea to do this in our own lives as well.

If the goals you set haven't manifested, then this particular full moon marks a turning point. Use it to make a list of actions you'd like to take to achieve what you wanted for yourself six months prior.

Writing these actions down is important. One study found that people who write down their goals and shared them with others are 33 percent more likely to achieve them.

Next moves

When you've written down your goals with friends and taken inventory of everything you'd like to achieve, you can spend the two weeks following the full moon planting the seeds to make that happen.

Keep in mind I'm saying planting seeds, meaning if you need to talk to your boss about a raise, email to set a date two weeks from the full moon, rather than during the waning period.

If you are in the arts, media, or communication and you have a big project you want to complete, tie up the loose ends on it now and start thinking about who you'd like to look at it before launching it.


For the first time since the 1967 "Summer of Love," two astronomical events will meet: the summer solstice and the full "strawberry moon."

While Earth's ever-orbiting friend will sadly not appear in strawberry form, there are still plenty of reasons to check out this rare phenomenon.

Native Americans gave the "Strawberry Moon" its name, and it's stuck ever since.

Krzysztof Stanek, professor of astronomy at Ohio State University, told Revelist that the "strawberry moon" references the full moon that happens every year in June, because it's believed to be the best month for strawberry picking.  

"We have a full moon 12, 13 times a year and so you can name all of them, but we just call them 'full moons,' in astronomy," Stanek explained. "For me it's mostly a nuisance because it makes it harder for me to observe stars."

It's not that the strawberry moon itself is rare — what's unusual is that it's happening the same night as the summer solstice.

In case you needed an elementary school astronomy refresher, the summer solstice marks the time at which the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, which also means it's the longest day of the year. It usually occurs around June 21.

"[The] solstice is very interesting because that's why we have seasons," Stanek said. "Historically, the solstice was very important for people because it would be time to start planting, and people would observe the sun and that's how they would figure out the calendar."

If you lean a little more on the spiritual side, the strawberry moon will certainly satiate your witchy thirst.

"It's rare that the solstice and the full moon are happening at the same time, which sounds almost like an oxymoron in a way, but it's not," reverend Starr RavenHawk, high priestess at the Wiccan Family Temple in New York City, told Revelist. "We have a full moon [celebration] tonight, and we have the solstice celebration tomorrow night."

Solstices hold a sacred significance in Pagan culture.

"The solstice signifies the seasoning of the planet itself, with the four equinoxes and everything," RavenHawk said. "But it means a lot to us as pagans, or as witches, that the sun is back.

Animals, people, are coming out more. It's fertility time, because lots of animals are having babies, and humans too."

Whether you're a scientist, a witch, or an amateur stargazer, be sure to catch the solstice strawberry moon before it's too late — this cosmic coincidence won't happen again until 2062.

You can watch a live broadcast of the June solstice full moon here, via Slooh, starting at 8 pm ET.


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moon 1561f

Mark your calendars, witches: The first Full Moon of 2021 is upon us.

Often, the New Moon is seen as a time to start over again, manifest, and begin new projects. The Full Moon, on the other hand, which marks the completion of a moon cycle, is the time for something we could all use a little more of these days: letting shit go.

There are certain traditions many witches may decide to do on every Full Moon, like charge their crystals under both sunlight and moonlight, burn lists of things that no longer serve them, and reflect on their manifestations from the past moon cycle. Each Full Moon of the year, however, is entirely unique and is accompanied by magical correspondences and energies that can serve a purpose in different kinds of spellwork or focuses.

It is crucial to remember that Moon magic has been around for millennia and is practiced across cultures and spiritualities. Everyone practices moon magic differently and the items on this list are merely interpretations and suggestions based on eclectic neopagan practices and collected research from one witch's Book of Shadows. We must also acknowledge that, while some Moon names come from Old English, a number of the names society uses for the Moons today—both those of who practice magic and/or recognize the Farmer’s Almanac alike—were appropriated from Indigenous communities (many from the Algonquin Nation) who utilized and named the Moon cycles to keep track of the seasons and harvests.

Without further ado, witchy friends, here are all of 2021’s Full Moons, their meanings, and some magick inspiration to help you prepare for a mystical, fun, and prosperous year.

Please note: The fullness of the Moon, as well as your ability to view a solar or lunar eclipse, may vary slightly depending on where you live in the world. To pinpoint the precise date of your Full Moon, download an app such as My Moon Phase!

January 28th: The Wolf Moon

As the days are only just starting to get longer and the nights still seem cold and long, the first Full Moon of 2021, the Wolf Moon, is the time to focus on protection. Whether you are feeling vulnerable in the ongoing chaos of this world or continue to feel the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wolf Moon is your sign to practice something that will make you feel safe.

Spellwork inspiration: Cast or recast a protection spell on your home, perform a protection charm on a specific object that may feel important to you in this new year, or recite a special protection charm for yourself and those you love. Create a protection jar or sachet with salt and common herbs like rosemary, basil, cinnamon or mint. If you have Black Obsidian on hand, the go-to protection stone, place this in your spell pouch as well. Invoke some of the Wolf Moon’s correspondences by using a black bag for your sachet or including a charm of a wolf, fox, or coyote.

Crystals to carry with you: Garnet, Hematite, or Selenite

February 27th: The Hunger Moon

Sometimes called the Storm Moon or the Snow Moon, February’s Full moon is all about letting go and starting fresh. This year, the Hunger Moon falls after Imbolc, the Wiccan holiday that marks the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox and is often seen as time to celebrate the end of winter and the coming of the sun. In this case, the Hunger Moon is the perfect time to cleanse your space both physically and metaphorically.

Spellwork inspiration: Declutter your room, toss anything that’s messing with your vibes, and do a good Spring cleaning. Then, cleanse the energy in your space. You can say a cleansing chant, spray water mixed with salt, rosemary, and essential oil around your room, or cleanse with smoke. Remember, please do not purchase white sage bundles unless you’re Indigenous; try a more sustainable bundle of herbs like lavender, cedar, or rosemary instead!

Incorporate the magical correspondences of the Hunger Moon by charging your crystals in Full Moon snow and saying hello to animal friends like chickadees.

Crystals to carry with you: Amethyst or Jasper

March 28th: The Worm Moon

Also known as Seed Moon, The Worm Moon is the time of growth, creativity, and inspiration. Falling after Ostara, the Worm Moon can also be a time for rebirth. Picture that creative project you’ve been thinking about for months. On the Worm Moon, visualize your intentions and the outcome you’re searching for when it comes to that project and make plans for how to see it through.

Spellwork inspiration: Create a sachet (preferably in a green bag to represent the Moon's color correspondence) filled with seeds and household herbs like cinnamon or basil, as well as objects that signify what you are trying to grow or manifest. If it's success in a new job or wealth you’re seeking, a few coins will do the trick. Use thyme on this day to represent one of the Worm Moon’s many magical correspondences and plant seeds in your garden, or buy yourself a new houseplant to represent growth and new life.

Crystals to carry with you: Bloodstone, Kambaba Jasper, or Citrine

April 26th: The Pink Moon

Remember that new project you started planning on the Hunger Moon? The Pink Moon is your sign to set that project into motion. The Pink Moon first and foremost represents fertility, but that doesn’t mean we have to take that meaning literally (unless you want it to, of course—in which case, this moon might be the perfect time to do a fertility spell). If you’re not looking for fertility in the literal sense of the word, April’s Full Moon is your chance to start something new or make a change in your life.

Spellwork inspiration: For motivation and productivity when starting your new project, make a sachet (in a pink bag, of course!), with items you already have around your house including salt, stones like Carnelian and Tiger's Eye for creativity and strength, and common herbs like cinnamon for success or even coffee for motivation. If you need courage for making a change in your life, consider finding a chant that resonates with you and your goals, or write a more personal chant for courage that you can repeat three times.

Crystals to carry with you: Garnet, Rose Quartz, or Lapis Lazuli

May 26th: The Flower Moon

Forget cuffing season: everyone knows that May is the real season of love. The Flower Moon is all about passion and fun. This year, the full Flower Moon falls after Beltane, the Wiccan celebration of love, fertility, and friendship. While the first day of the month may be dedicated to celebrating your love for others, consider harnessing the power of the Flower Moon to practice self love.

Spellwork inspiration: Celebrate yourself with a self-love ritual bath. You can use any number of spa essentials that you may already have on hand like rose petals, diluted lavender or ylang ylang oil, epsom salts, or a bath bomb that includes any number of these ingredients. Surround the bathtub with Rose Quartz and Rhodonite, the ultimate self-love stone, and light some pink, white, and/or yellow candles. Repeat a self-love mantra to yourself while you soak up the Flower Moon’s energy!

2021’s Flower Moon is especially important because it falls on a lunar eclipse. The power to release anything that is no longer serving you will be heightened on this day. While another lunar eclipse will come on the Ivy Moon in November, this will be a time for more powerful spell-casting and ritual work.

Crystals to carry with you: Malachite, Unakite, or Rhodonite

June 24th: The Strawberry Moon

As the days are at their longest and the sweet haze of summer begins to set in, the Strawberry Moon, sometimes called the Honey Moon, is believed to be filled with something many of us often experience underneath the glow of the Full Moon: dreams. This year, the full Strawberry Moon is just two weeks after a solar eclipse on June 10th, and days after Litha, one of the most sacred sabbats in the Wheel of the Year.

Spellwork inspiration: Dream magic is your friend under the June Full Moon. Dream interpretation, however, is not something you can arrive at in just one night. And for some people, even remembering their dreams can be a difficult task. If you’ve always wanted to start a dream journal, June is the month to do it. You may also choose to use a dream tea or put together a dream sachet to keep underneath your pillow. Some stones that correspond well with dreamwork are Amethyst, for opening the third eye, and Moonstone, for dream recall. Dreamy herbs include lavender, thyme, chamomile, and rosemary, or the more difficult-to-come-by vervain and mugwort.

Of course, you’ll want to eat strawberries, or even go strawberry picking, and pay tribute to some of the Moon's other correspondences like butterflies, frogs, and toads! 

New Fall Issue d217c

Crystals to carry with you: Moonstone or Agate

July 23rd: The Buck Moon

To many, the buck represents a solitary, strong entity—and that’s exactly what the full Buck Moon represents as well. Also called the Thunder Moon, the Buck Moon represents authority, self-regulation, spiritual awareness, and even destiny. This moon serves as an opportunity to connect with your inner, truer self.

Spellwork inspiration: The Buck Moon is often associated with divination. Divination can be practiced in many different ways, and differs across cultures and spiritualities. One way to incorporate divination into your Buck Moon ritual could be practicing an art that many witches already use on each Full Moon: tarot. Consider asking questions that relate to your personal thoughts and feelings, and the actions you may need to take in the upcoming moon cycle. Light a purple candle to invoke extra knowledge and spiritual power.

Crystals to carry with you: Carnelian, Green Calcite, or Yellow Jasper

August 22nd: The Sturgeon Moon

Also called the Grain Moon, August’s Full Moon is about balance. While the Sturgeon Moon falls after the first of the three major harvest holidays, Lughnasadh, Mabon, and Samhain, many associate it with celebrating summer while also looking to the winter as it slowly creeps towards us. 

Spellwork inspiration: In an effort to find balance, there are a number of rituals and spells that may be useful to you underneath the full Sturgeon Moon. This could be a great time to create a healing sachet or an anti-anxiety spell jar. For healing, consider taking a yellow pouch and filling it with salt, dried lavender, chamomile and common sage, Citrine, and a piece of paper that contains what you’d like to heal or balance or a healing spell. For anxiety, fill a jar with Moon water from the Sturgeon Moon as well as salt, lavender oil, Amethyst, thyme, and rosemary or basil (both of which are magical correspondences for August’s Full Moon).

Crystals to carry with you: Carnelian, Fire Agate, or Citrine

September 20th: The Harvest Moon

The meaning of Harvest Moon rings true to its name: this full moon is all about abundance and gratitude. Falling just before the Spring Equinox, the colors of the Harvest Moon, much like the changing leaves on the trees at this time of the year, radiate warmth and the squash, wheat, and corn that grow remind us of the richness of fall.

Spellwork inspiration: The Harvest Moon is a great time to practice a gratitude ritual, which could be as simple as lighting a candle and creating a list of all the things you are grateful for. It could also serve as the perfect time to practice some kitchen witchery and share a meal with someone whose existence you are thankful for. Whether you’re looking to create a nourishing, healing meal or its cocktails you’re more into, there is always some kind of magick to be had in the home. Cook with wheat or rye to represent some of the Harvest Moon's herbal correspondences. 

Crystals to carry with you: Citrine or Peridot

October 20th: The Hunter’s Moon

Coming to us right before Halloween, the Hunter’s Moon (sometimes Blood Moon) has a great connection to those that are no longer with us. Although the Hunter’s Moon may seem dark, with its main color correspondence being black, this Full Moon is time to learn from the past, connect with our ancestors, and honor the dead.

Spellwork inspiration: You may try to get in touch with the spirit realm under the full Blood Moon, but that isn’t necessarily for everyone—although it can be extremely rewarding for others. A great alternative if that isn’t your thing is to create an altar that honors those who have passed. You can adorn the altar with photos and objects of people and animals that you loved, and add flowers such as marigolds (which correspond with both the Harvest Moon and All Hallow's Eve/The Day of the Dead). Some may choose to connect with the energy of the Hunter’s Moon in other ways, such as by asking their ancestors to come forward in a tarot spread or simply reflecting on the past.

Crystals to carry with you: Obsidian, Turquoise, or Black Tourmaline

November 19th: The Ivy Moon

The Ivy Moon arrives on yet another lunar eclipse, and this may be the most powerful moon to work under if you're looking to let go of things. The Ivy Moon is for reflecting, preparing for winter, and above all else, releasing what no longer serves us. 

Spellwork inspiration: While banishing is a very powerful kind of spellwork, the lunar eclipse on the Ivy Moon may be the perfect time to do it. Oftentimes, you may pinpoint a specific negative energy that is having a severe hindrance on your life or a particularly bad habit you’re trying to break. A method many will use is writing down the energy they want to banish and burning it in a fire. Others may choose to bury the list of things they wish to banish. While there are many kinds of banishing rituals to perform in combination with burning or burying your list, a tried and true herb that corresponds with banishing is pepper, which also happens to correspond with the Ivy Moon as well.

Crystals to carry with you: Lapis Lazuli or Turquoise 

December 18th: The Cold Moon

Also the Oak Moon, the last Full Moon of 2021 arrives just days before Yule, the Winter Solstice and the shortest day of the year. With the hope that the days will slowly begin to get longer, the Cold Moon is our chance to prepare for the isolation of winter, summon strength, and reflect on all the moon cycles that have passed.

Spellwork inspiration: The Cold Moon is a night for list-making. Light candles and myrrh incense for focus and make a list of all the things you learned over the past twelve moon cycles, as well as give thanks for all you achieved and your manifestations that came true. Then, write down your plans for the coming moon cycles, the goals you would like to work towards, and the things you want to manifest. You may choose to hold onto this or burn it, much like a wish, and know that what you are seeking will come to you.

Because the Cold Moon is all about summoning energy for the long winter ahead, consider treating yourself to a ritual bath with epsom salts, diluted rosemary oil and herbs like lavender and chamomile for happiness and peace. Find a way to work cranberries, cinnamon, and clove into your routine to invoke some of the Cold Moon’s magical correspondences.

Crystals to carry with you: Obsidian, Serpentine, or Smoky Quartz 

Artwork: Gabriella Shery is an illustrator, graphic designer, and comic artist from Brooklyn, New York. You can find her work on Instagram at @gabshery, or on her website at


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Aliza is a Creative Writing BFA student and former BUST Magazine intern When she's not writing, reading or scrolling through TikTok for hours on end, you can find her consuming copious amounts of iced coffee or doing something witchy. Follow her on Twitter @alizapelto. 

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How to make moon water 🌕💧

Strawberry Moon Magick For Justice


Becca Berri

As the founder of Cold Strawberries Collective and someone with an affinity for lunar magick, it’s no surprise that the Strawberry Moon is one of my greatest comforts. With this moon happening in June—watching over Pride month and the current Black Lives Matter protests—I know the universe has a message. 

Earlier this year, I found out that this full moon is a supermoon. This special type of moon means that a new or full moon meets perigee—it’s the closest that the Moon comes to the Earth during its monthly orbit. Supermoons are especially powerful and work well for difficult spells. The light is brighter. The pull is stronger.

I’ve been planning for this supermoon for months—and it’s finally here.


Tonight, under the Strawberry Supermoon’s light, I’m asking for liberation and for the fertile conditions necessary to support a bountiful harvest of cold strawberries. I know that’s basically just our Collective’s mission statement, but it’s more than just a statement. I’ve been using the Moon to manifest these goals since I was 18–reaching such big-picture dreams means continually setting and checking in with intentions. It means a lot of crying under the moonlight when you fail and committing to doing better before you see Her in Her current phase again. By giving the Collective the same mission, every Berry is making progress toward building the sort of structure we need to survive.

Witches and spiritual healers across the continent are using tonight’s supermoon to bring justice to the Black Lives Matter movement. We have to work in the ways we know if we’re going to change the system of white supremacy and our complacency within it. We need to remember which witches disproportionately burned for us; we need to continue their quests for liberation. Now, standing up to our own Salem’s injustice is not only necessary but unavoidable—the town is using bullets. 

Figuring out where to start with spells is the hardest part. Like many others, I personally plan and practice my rituals before such a significant cosmic event. I’m sure the short notice of using this supermoon for justice has undoubtedly left some well-intentioned witches a little lost and overwhelmed; the spiritual community just called for communal work to support Black and racialized folks in the past few days due to numerous murders. 

As I am but one witch with my own particular affinities, I reached out to the Berries in our coven to see what their plans for our Strawberry Supermoon are. We have so many

If you’re looking for spell inspiration tonight (or tomorrow, since the Moon will work well enough the day after, too) here are some of the tools, recipes, and spells encouraging ongoing liberation which we’ll be using.

If scented candles are more your vibe than colour correspondences, try @wisqcandles in Oakville.

Candle colours correspond to their intention, so selecting the candle(s) for spells impacts their effect. Make sure the colour of the candle aligns with what you want to achieve tonight!

A few candle options for tonight:

  • Black: banishing//destroying negativity, protection, retribution

  • Green: fertility//fruitful harvest, ambition, luck

  • Pink: healing, love.

I’ll personally be using a green candle which my grandparents gave me, but don’t worry if you only have white candles on hand. White candles work for general divination magick and for healing, so you don’t need anything special to be effective.

A Quick Spell

  1. Take a dried bay leaf and write a symbol//word on it. I’ll be writing “complacency is complicity.”

  2. Visualize your intention.

  3. Burn the leaf from your candle.

If your leaf burns brightly, you’re on the right track; if it smokes or refuses to burn, you still have a lot to do.

Learn about how essential cleansing is because of the weight past artifacts and intentions hold with @theafrowitch.

“For heightening my spiritual awareness//sixth senses, mugwort is my go-to! I typically just burn some palo santo to cleanse my space, and follow it with a bundle of mugwort prior to any magickal working,” says our Communications Director Solo. 

Sage bundles are usually my first choice, personally. They’re easy to find and I always have some on hand for when I need to sweep bad vibes out of my space. Many shops have beautiful bundles with other herbs and plants included with the sage, too.

“A while ago, I found a bundle of sage and rose petals offered by my local supplier,” says Solo. “She doesn’t make these blends anymore, but I’ve been experimenting with creating something similar! Sage, lavender and rose are great for cleansing, calming and ushering in (self) loving vibes!” 

Working on your own blend for smoke cleansing is preferable—doing so impacts your spells directly. Each herb is an intentionally selected symbol of your goals. Lavender and rosemary were the first two herbs I would use when I started dipping into my own blends; I’ll be bringing oranges and cloves into my blends when the weather cools. 

Smoke blends aren’t just limited to cleansing the home, either; Solo’s fond of mixing her own blends to smoke directly, imbuing herself with the herbs’ magick.

Solo’s Personal Smoke Blend

  • Mullein: protection against negative intentions//magick, good health

  • Rose: a reminder to be gentle and self-loving, protection

  • Lavender: calming, clarity

  • Chamomile: calming, focus.

“I typically roll these up in some Raw paper and have at it,” she says.

E N E R G Y 💀 V A M P I R E S - Ever look at someone and all you feel is tired? If interacting with someone leaves you constantly feeling drained/exhausted, irritable, upset, anxious, overwhelmed or even depressed you may have an energy vampire on your hands👀. Simply put these are individuals who feed off of other people's emotions and energy. They can sometimes create unnecessary drama and are almost always looking for attention. - I place energy vampires and narcissists in the same category because they share similar traits such as: - * Constant victimization * Never accountable for their actions, love to place blame elsewhere * MASTER MANIPULATORS * Emotionally Immature * Lying/Dishonest *Controlling * Etc... - Being an empathic/compassionate individual can make you a target for these unsavory characters. PROTECT YA NECK with crystals and a healthy set of boundaries!!! Keep yourself grounded, seal your aura and just say NO! Guard your energetic currency at all costs✨ - SET INCLUDES: Labradorite, Tourmaline, hematite, Apache Tears, Smokey Quartz, Pyrite, Indigo Gabbro, Black Kyanite . . . . . #clearquartz #crystals #spiritjunkie #divination #rockhound #magic #gemstone #gems #quartz #obsidian #lightworker #mindbodysoul #chakra #spiritual #meditation #universallove #zen #innerpeace #crystalhealing #metaphysical #amethyst #protection #sacred #altar #spiritualgrowth #crystalshop #crystalsforsale #crystalsofig #rockcollection #goodvibes

For those who struggle with crystal correspondences, head over to @chakrazulucrystals for helpful infographics!

The deeper I get into crystal magick, the stronger my connection to my higher self. Cleansing and charging crystals tonight (or this week) will deeply impact each moment you have with them moving forward. They’ll remember what you want and they’ll remind you throughout the moon’s upcoming cycle.

Our Creative Director Joey Dean recommends black obsidian for liberation work. Black obsidian absorbs negativity and promotes deep healing; it’s a staple protection stone. He also recommends selenite—another healing stone—which shields, cleanses, and balances. Selenite is known for being self-cleansing: its vibration is so high that it clears negative energy from itself and others around it!

Note: selenite should never go in water because it dissolves.

As a sign from the universe, I received a package from Sage Crystals today which included a stick of selenite and some black obsidian arrowheads. One of those arrowheads is even for Joey! The package also included a strawberry quartz tumble—just in time for the Strawberry Supermoon.

My Other Crystals For Tonight

  • Clear quartz: amplifying energy, awareness//clarity

  • Black tourmaline: banishing, protection

  • Petrified wood: grounding, patience, slow and steady

  • Tiger’s eye: warrior’s spirit, self-reflection.

Is it obvious that I like having crystals absolutely everywhere while I work? Sorry, not sorry.

A stocked apothecary is so important and @blacksunherbiary’s Instagram will inspire some new blends!

With so much to say about tea and all of its uses, we’ll keep this one straightforward with Solo’s correspondences “for cursing cops, getting closure, and bringing about any necessary change.”


  • black tea: “protection, banishment, creating endings, creating stability, enhancing the energy of a spell”

Note: “If you’re directing some angry energy in your work, a strong bitter cup can help steep that emotion into the work! Pun intended,” says Danielle.

  • black coffee: “CURSES, protection, enhancing or bringing additional strength, grounding, divination”

  • whiskey (neat): “Protection with a kick. Effective for promoting change and bypassing any interference or blocks to your spell.”

Nice and simple: you’ll probably have at least one of these on hand.

Tarot reading is a type of divination magick that uses a special deck of cards. There are many ways to use these decks depending on the intention and the level of difficulty. For example, an accessible way of using tarot is to meditate with a card that aligns with your goal.

Our Technoculture Blog Editor Lauren Forster says the following cards are “key at the present moment with #BlackLivesMatter and with so much uncertainty in relation to Covid-19”:

  • Strength: courage, action, power

  • The Tower: distress, ruin, deception, adversity

  • The Two of Wands: decision, trust in success, following through with plans

  • The Page of Swords: vigilance, fairness, self-inquisition

  • The Seven of Pentacles: perseverance, cultivation, results.

While meditating with a card, consider its reverse as well. Understanding your position to a card’s positives and negatives brings greater awareness of what needs the most attention in your life.

For deeper readings, lay a spread with your cards and ask focused questions. Joey says “a simple three-card spread—past, present, future—[is] an accessible spread” which also offers “clarity” when “taking the next steps toward liberation.” 

ritual bath.jpg

Here’s a photo of my full moon ritual bath.

While tonight’s supermoon marks a powerful spiritual moment, we’ll continue working with the Moon through all its phases. We encourage you to join us while we sew our cold strawberry seeds and shed light on diverse stories so we can bloom.

One last tip: if you’re needing a little extra fire to your spells tonight, try adding cayenne pepper or ginger to your spell. Solo notes that while “ginger is an acquired taste,” the spice can either “[translate] to intensity or lighting a fire under your ass” depending on the caster.

What are your own spells for liberation? Do you have any go-to herbs or tools? Let us know how you’re creating greater change in your community in the comments below.


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Natalie Berko shares a ritual to soak up the Sun’s rays

June’s Full Moon is named for the wild, ripe and bountiful strawberry harvest that typically occurs during this time of year. Strawberries are considered a food of love, representative of the goddess Freya and symbolizing love and luck. June’s Strawberry Moon embodies the magic and fullness of life. June was also traditionally the month of marriages, and is even named after the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno. The days are getting longer and brighter, why not embrace the energy of early summer and make some Sun Tea to enjoy during your full moon rituals.

Sun Tea
Prep Time — 3 hours
Ingredients — 8 tea bags
1. Make the tea: put 8 tea bags into a clean gallon glass container. Fill with water and cap.
2. Place in the sun: Place outside where the sunlight can strike the container for about 3 to 5 hours. For some extra magic surround your container with crystals and herbs. Feel free to add additional strawberries, fruits or herbs of your choice depending on your intention. When the tea has reached its desired strength, remove from the sun and put it in the refrigerator.
3. Store the tea: The tea will probably taste mellower that what you are used to from using boiling water. The slow steeping has a way of bringing out a slightly different flavor from the tea. Also, because you didn’t use boiling water, you should refrigerate the tea and drink it up pretty quickly within a day or two.

Natalie Berko is a certified crystal healer, herbalist and artist. She is the creator and owner of Violet & Poppy — a fusion of crystal healing and aromatherapy. Follow her on Instagram to explore her magical creations and remedies.

Strawberry Moon Magic Ritual 🍓🌙✨

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