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Cynder was looking through an old chest, finding several tattered and torn costumes and outfits. She took an old helmet out, giggling as she put it on her head.

"I'm a mighty warrior!" She zoomed about the room, then landed on a bed, snorting with laughter.

Suddenly, she heard a knock at the door. Spyro entered the room, arms crossed, "Cynder? Are you in here?"

Cynder then turned her head and looked at him, the helmet still on her head. Blushing in embarrassment, she took it off, "Oh, h-hey Spyro! What's up?"

He shook his head, "Master Eon wanted to speak with you for a moment."

Getting up from the bed, she walked over to the cheat to put the helmet back, "Oh, okay. I'll be right there then-"

"Cynder, if you ever want to be a Skylander, you have to be serious: with training and such."

She scoffed, chuckling, "I have been. I was just taking a quick break is all."

He rolled his eyes, placing his hand on her shoulder, "I'm being serious, Cyn." He looked away, blushing, "The last thing I'd want is for you to be expelled, ya know."

Cynder sighed, "Alright, alright. I'll train some more. But I've gotta go see Eon." She hugged him, "Thank you for not giving up on me like everyone else."

Spyro, surprised by the sudden hug, warmed up to it and hugged her back, smiling, "Of course. What are friends for?"

She frowned, "Yeah what are friends for?"

Pulling away, she nervously smiled, "I'll see you later, okay? Don't forget about tomorrow's picnic!" She began running, sprinting down the staircase of the house and in the direction of Master Eon's establishment.

Meanwhile, Malefor sat in his lair, planning to stir up trouble.

"That damn Spyro!" He pounded his fist against his rock chair arm angrily, watching Spyro and Cynder's interaction through a magic ball, "First he banishes me to this cave, then he steals my daughter away from me!" He yells, blowing fire in and out of his nose, "I will not accept this! If only there was a way I could take revenge!"

All of a sudden, the magic ball starts making a loud, bass sound, showing him just what he asked for.

Malefor grinned wide, his sharp teeth reflecting onto the glass, "Yes Perfect!"


Cynder sighed, sitting on a fallen tree stump at the edge of Skyland, fidgeting with a stick in the mud, "Too hyper? Really, Eon?"' She scoffed, "I already know that I need to focus more but at least I'm not lazy, unlike some people I know"

Continuing her short rant, a large, purple, pink, and black butterfly flew in front of her, fluttering its wing through the air. Cynder smiled at the graceful bug, watching its mesmerizing flow. "You're not controlled by others, are ya, little one?"

As the butterfly continued moving, it began a circular motion in front of Cynder, moving almost like a ball on a string. The more and more it spun its dance, the more Cynder felt tired, out of consciousness. Eventually, her eyes spun along with the brightly colored Lepidoptera. A voice spoke to her through the dizziness, calling out to her like a siren.

"Cynder," the voice spoke, its tone deep and gruff, "you want to be a Skylander, don't you?"

Cynder absentmindedly nodded, still staring at the butterfly's movements.

"Well, the only way is to get rid of your opposers. Spyro seems to be the strongest of the group. Once he's down, you'll be able to finally become one. Do whatever you can to eliminate him."

"Yes, father," she nodded, her eyes flashing a bright pink before turning back to normal. She then began strolling her way back to the main part of Skyland.


As nighttime arrived, Spyro was outside, waiting to see anything of Cynder. He frowned at the familiar sight of sky and rock.

Stealth Elf came up behind him, tapping his shoulder so she didn't startle him, "Still no sight of Cynder?"

He shook his head, worried, "She's never been out this late, even when she's off lollygagging around."

She sighed, placing her hands into her hoodie pocket, "Well, after what Master Eon told her, I doubt she'd be back anytime soon."

He raised a brow, "Why? What did he say?"

She shrugged, "Just that she's too hyper and needs to calm down. She does get fidgety sometimes, but it never gets in the way of her training. Perhaps she's trying to train more seriously by herself?"

He looked out into yonder helplessly, worried, "If so, she never misses curfew. She's been out all day today."

Taking a deep breath, Stealth Elf looked at Spyro, resolute, "If she does come back tonight, keep an eye out for her, alright?"

He nods, "Of course," he hugged her, "now get to bed, bestie~"

She growled, pulling away from him, "Like I've said time and time again, I am not your friend."

He chuckled, "Sure. Goodnight."


With that, Stealth Elf teleported back inside the Skylander's Homestead, Spyro staying outside as a lookout. After about two hours, however -- realizing she was most likely going to be late -- he rubbed his tired eyes and went back inside.


Spyro woke up to the smell of pancakes and bacon, along with biscuits and gravy, french toast, donuts, and much more. Stretching his arms, he leaped up out of bed, clumsily walking towards the kitchen.

A familiar face turned around from the stove, smiling, "Hey, Spyro! How was your sleep?"

"C-Cynder?" He looked at the table full of goodies, realizing he was drooling.

"The one and only," She finished stirring up some cake batter, pouring it into a pan, "I fixed you breakfast. Want some?~"

"Well," He sat down at the table, grabbing a plate of pancakes and bacon, "you didn't come back at curfew last night and, ya know, I got a bit worried, is all." He took a few bites, "Mmmm! This is good, Cyn."

Placing the pan into the oven, she skips over to him, smiling, "I was busy, silly~" She kissed him on the cheek. He blushed embarrassingly, not expecting the sudden peck.

He gulped the pancake down, looking at her as he nervously smiled, "Well, I kinda figured that," he chuckled, "but you're never out that late. You were concerning everyone."

She scoffed, Putting her hand on the table to lean on, "It's no big deal or anything. I'm trying to become a Skylander, so I was training the forest on the edge of the Skylands."

Finishing his pancake, he spoke again, "You know that if you're not back by curfew, you could be expelled, right?"

Almost as if not paying attention to what he said, she grabbed more pancakes and sausage from across the table, as well as biscuits and gravy, "Have you tried these yet? I learned to make these a while ago."

He looked at her, confused, "Cynder?"

"-And they have a little bit of salt in them, just to spice things up."

"Cynder?" He repeated a bit more stern than last time.

"-Here, do you need some help with chewing this?" She took a piece of sausage and began to put it in his mouth, watching him chew and swallow it.

"CYNDER!" He gulped it down, looking at her with a distressed expression, "What's going on with you? Are you okay?"

Cynder smiled, "Of course I'm okay, Spyro. Why wouldn't I be?"

Spyro sighed, taking a few more bites of his food, "You're right. I've just never seen you so so happy, I guess?"

Almost like a switch had been turned on when he uttered those words, Cynder pretended to crawl like a panther over to him, seductively. By the time she made it over to him, she had placed her hands on his chest, grinning wide.

"I'm happy because I get to spend my days with you~" She kissed him on his chest, up to his neck. She ran her index finger down to his gut, pinching it, "That's why I cooked you this meal, to show you how much I care about you."

Spyro was deep red with blush, surprised that Cynder felt this way towards him, "W-Wow, Cynder. I didn't know you liked me like that To be honest, I-"

"Can we save feelings for later?" She kissed his lips, then fed him another sausage, "You need to hurry up and eat before we train~"

He frowned, "Y-Yeah, of course."

"Tell me at our picnic this afternoon, okay?" She skipped over to the bathroom, walking inside and shutting the door quietly.

"Alright, Spyro," he thought to himself, stretching his arms, "Cynder made this all for you. You can't just let her down by not eating it. Besides, I'm already almost done anyways."


Spyro stood along with the other Skylanders at the training grounds, feeling a bit fatigued. His stomach was over full by now, along with his belly protruding a lot more than usual. But that wouldn't stop him from doing his best Hopefully.

Stealth Elf walked over to him, patting his rather taut belly as she giggled, "What did you to yourself, Spy? Eat a horse?"

He burped, groaning, "Ow No, Cynder made me breakfast this morning a LOT of breakfast"

Stealth Elf placed her hands on her hips, "Cynder? Make you breakfast? Really?"

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?"

Before she could answer, Master Eon came over, beginning to talk. However, Stealth Elf wasn't in her normal battle mode mindset. Something about this seemed weird and out of the ordinary: Cynder staying out late, then cooking for Spyro Something was off.

"Ahem!" Master Eon directed towards Elf, "Do you have something important to say or are you bored of my speaking?"

Smiling nervously, Stealth Elf apologized, "Sorry, Eon. I'll listen now."

He grinned, "It's no big deal, Elf. Now, as I was saying"

As his lesson came to an end, it was finally time for the training part: dodging obstacles and hiding techniques. Of course, everyone else was soaring through the obstacles with ease. Spyro, however, was having a hard time balancing with the chubby belly he now had, swerving to and fro and getting hit by nearly all of the obstacles. The same happened with the hiding session. By the time it was all said and done, Spyro gasped for air, completely out of breath. Noticing this, Master Eon wandered over to him, worried.

"Spyro, this was just a simple training session, yet you seem unfit for it. Is something wrong?"

Spyro stood up tall, "No worries Master Eon I'm just Tired That's all.."

Master Eon rested a hand on his shoulder, "You've been tired before and never looked this rough. Perhaps you should go lay down and rest for a while?"

He nodded, "Of Course"

"And while you're there," he let go of his shoulder, placing both hands behind his back, "Tell Cynder that she's missing out on training. I haven't seen her since yesterday and I'm a bit concerned."

"Will do," Spyro lifted his wings and began to fly over to the Skylander's Homestead. Since his body was heavier than before, he had a bit of a rough time getting there, but he did manage to make it.

He opened the door, still exhausted, and shouted.

"Cynder? Are you here?" Then, he remembered, "Oh, our picnic! I almost forgot!"

About thirty minutes later, he arrived at his and Cynder's spot in the woods, seeing a mountain of food and Cynder sitting peacefully beside it.

"There you are, my little dragon~" She pats the ground, "Here, sit down. I brought food for both of us."

Spyro, blushing, sat down, "Actually, it's about that. You see, Mas-"

"Oh, Spyro, you have no idea how happy I am that you came! Here, take some of the ham sandwiches."

He took a sandwich, munching down on it, "Like I was saying, Master Eon wants you at training from now on Wow, this is delicious!"

"I know, right? Eat some more, darling, I'm sure you'll love it all."

He ate some more ham sandwiches, munching happily. Something must have been in them because he started to gain more weight than at breakfast. Shoving the last ham sandwich down his throat, he looked back over at a smiling Cynder, Confused, "Wait, what did I come to tell you?"

"You were going to tell me how you felt?" She tried changing the subject, putting her hands onto his growing belly and massaging it.

He bit his lip, blushing at the sensation, "Oh, r-right." he looked at her in the eyes, "I wanted to say that I enjoy spending time with you and being near you-" he looked at her with kind eyes, "I just wanted to say that I like you as more than just a friend, that is"

For a second, Cynder snapped out of the spell. She looked at him, bewildered at what he said, "Wait, you do?"

He nodded, "Of course. I mean, I always have." He grinned, a bit embarrassed.

"You can't let him talk to you like that!" Malefar's voice echoed throughout Cynder's mind, "Feed him some more. I'll put magic through every bite he takes."

She laid Spyro on the ground seductively, "I love you, Spyro. But you wanna know what'll make me love you even more?~" She grabbed a salami sandwich, showing it in front of his face, "if you were bigger, fatter. There would be more of you to hold."

Reluctantly, he grabbed the sandwich, "Are you sure? I mean, if I get fat, then will I even be able to be a Skylander?"

"Of course! If they care about you, they'll let you be whatever you want to be."

Smiling, he took the sandwich and began eating. Cynder ginned wide as she saw his belly beginning to expand in front of her eyes. Malefar was right about the weight gain in every bite. He was gaining weight like it was nothing. In the matter of two sandwiches as well as three salads, his belly was hanging over his thighs, rubbing on them gracefully. Cynder fed him a bit as well, cleaning up around his mouth whenever he got a bit of mayonnaise or ranch on the corners. She giggled, rubbing his smooth, bloated belly as he just kept making it bigger and bigger with every salad, sandwich, and snack he ate.

She rubbed his belly once more, massaging it. She could tell that he pleasured him, so she continued to do it while she spoke, "You must be full after eating all of those foods, huh?"

"Surprisingly," he said, munching on a small slider, "I'm hungrier. I never thought I'd have such an appetite!"

She smirked, kissing him, "Well, we're almost out of picnic food. Will you be full after that?"

"Hmm" He thought for a moment, hearing his stomach gurgle, "Maybe?"

All of a sudden, Stealth Elf ran up to their picnic spot, seeing how big Spyro was. She gasped. She could see his belly growing at an alarming rate, "Spyro?! What's going on?!"

He turned around, gulping the last slider as he smiled, "Oh, hey Elf. Cynder and I are having a picnic. Wanna try some food?" He extends his hand out to her, holding a pulled pork sandwich.

She rejected the sandwich and got up close to Cynder's face, enthrallingly, "I don't know what you're planning, but just know that, no matter what, the Skylander's will take you down."

Cynder just smirked, "Why would I have anything up my sleeve? I just wanted a nice picnic with my boyfriend."

Stealth Elf crossed her arms, "Boyfriend? Since when were you two dating?"

Finally, Spyro joined in on the conversation, drinking some sweet tea beforehand, "Actually, we just got together," he smiled, holding her hand.

"Don't you see what she's done to you?!" She poked his massive gut, causing him to bite his lip in both pain and delectation, "She's made you a giant hog! Dragons can't be fat or else they can't fly. Not to mention you probably won't be able to move after you eat anything more! Think about being a Skylander! Isn't that important to you?"

Spyro snapped, glaring at elf angrily, "If you were truly my friend, you wouldn't mind how much I weigh! Besides, what if I like who I am?"

Hurt by the first statement, she crossed her arms, "This isn't the Spyro I know: the Spyro who would give up his ego to save his friends, the Spyro who was too wreckless to care about what other's told him to do, but would ultimately come out on top and do the right thing." She knelt onto his level, "Word of advice:" she flicked his forehead, "be who you are before others tell you who to be." She glowered at Cynder one last time before a trumpet sounded.

"SKYLANDERS!" A voice shouted off in the distance, "UNITE!"

Stealth Elf rushed away, not even looking back at Spyro. Before Cynder came, she honestly wouldn't have cared to call him her best friend. But when she found out Spyro had feelings for her, she couldn't help but resent him. Not only was Cynder prettier than her, and sexier than her, but she was a dragon, something Stlath Ef couldn't be. But she couldn't focus on emotions or crushes right then, she had to focus on being a Skylander.

Spyro lifted his head worriedly, "That's the siren!" he tried to raise himself, huffing and puffing for air, "I need to get up and GO!"

Cynder grabbed his arm pettily, "Oh, come on, Spyro," she begged, sticking her bottom lip out like a child, "There's several other Skylander's for the job. Why not just sit back and relax with me? Surely they can handle one threat by themselves, right?"

"I guess you're right" He glanced over as Stealth Elf disappeared from view, sighing.

Stealth Elf arrived at the scene, a storm of wind nearly knocking her off her feet, roaring above all noise. "MASTER EON?" She yelled, peering over at him, "WHAT'S GOING ON?"

Master Eon shouted back: "IT'S MALEFOR! HE'S ESCAPED FROM HIS PRISON!"

"OH, SWEET SKYLAND'S!" She gazed at the massive storm in front of her. It was all a blur, but she could tell there was a dragon figure inside of the purple clouds.


Malefor raised his right claw, creating a ball of dark energy inside of it and aiming it towards the group of Skylanders down below, hitting close to all of them. Stealth Elf managed to teleport away and hide behind a boulder. Frightened for her life, she reached into her pocket and grabbed a small, handheld device and beginning to record a message, sending it to Spyro.

Receiving the same message, he listened to it while chomping down on some chips, spitting all of them out of his mouth. "The Skylander's need me! I need to go, Cynder!"

"Spyro!" She yelled, connivingly, "This is our date! Like I said before, they can handle themselves, so just sit back down and-"

"You're not Cynder, are you?" He stared into her eyes as she started to nervously sweat.

She panicked, "O-O-Of course I'm Cynder! Why wouldn't I be?"

"Ever since you left yesterday, you've been acting different, fake," he stood up with full strength, his belly jiggling as he jostled himself around, "You're not the Cynder I fell in love with. You're an imposter."

Cynder began to cry, tears welling up in her eyes. She was trapped in her mind, not able to break free except through those tears. "What am I doing? I need to break free!"

"Don't listen to him, daughter!" Malefor spoke to her amid his battle, "You could easily win him back over if you just listen to me!"

"NO!" She stood up, her eyes glowing a bright pink. Spyro watched her, confused. "I will not listen to you anymore! I will never be your Cynder again!"

"You can't get rid of me that easily!" his voice spoke audibly for Spyro to hear.

"Watch me, Malefor!"

In a beam of dark purple and bright, flashing lights, Malefor screamed as she finally broke his hypnosis on her. Falling to her knees panting, Spyro rushed over as fast as he could, "Cynder! Are you alright?!"

Lifting her head, she glanced at him weakly, "It doesn't matter right now. What matters most is defeating Malefor." She rose, helping the fat Spyro up as well as they both ran off into the storm.

Stealth Elf still sat behind the rock, pressing multiple buttons on her device, "C'mon Spyro! Hurry!"

Around that time, both him and Cynder show up, Spyro trying to make a heroic pose, but ultimately failing, while Cynder flapped her wings to hover.

"Hey, Malefor?!" She screamed, summoning fire in the palm of her claw, "Feast your eyes on this!"

She then thrust it at him, managing to hit his cheek. He grunted in pain but wiped the side of his face, growling. "Is that all you've got?!" he shot a fireball at the both of them. Cynder was already out of the way, but Spyro -- being hefty -- couldn't move as fast as her. Panicking, she hopped in front of him, shielding him from the attack, but ultimately getting hit herself. Falling to the ground, she couldn't move. She was paralyzed in pain.

"Why did you do that?! You could've died!!!" He shook her -- almost violently.

She coughed, "I needed to save you. I can't combat his darkness with the dark powers I possess," she then decrepitly pointed to the large, purple dragon, "but you possess something that can: the power of light: fire," holding the burned area, she glanced over to her father's reign of terror, "you must stop him, Spyro. You're our only hope."

Nodding in understanding, Spyro stood up to get the Malefor's attention, "HEY!" He shot a medium-sized fireball at him, "LOOK OVER HERE, YOU BIG IMP!"

Malefor immediately turned his head in unsheathed anger, "WHO ARE YOU CALLING AN IMP?!"

Channeling his power, Malefor charged up a large energy ball, shooting it at Spyro. Luckily, he was able to dodge his attack, shooting a few smaller fireballs at the big cloud dragon. Doubling back by a few meters, the Dark Master fires up some more energy balls, hurtling them right back at Spyro. Once again, he dodges, giving him enough time to build up a massive fireball.

"You'd better get ready for this because I'm ALL FIRED UP!"

Spyro shouted before releasing the giant mass of flames right towards Malefor's chest. The giant dragon screamed: "NO! NOT AGAIN!" before getting blasted by Spyro's ball of fire into nothingness. Alas, Spyro had saved the day once more.

Helping the rest of the Skylanders back to their feet, Master Eon arose from the dirt, feeble after everything that had happened. He stumbled over to Cynder, who was already getting up and dusting herself off. She held her abdomen where her father had hit her, not noticing Eon coming her way.

"Cynder," He spoke to get her attention, "what you displaced today was a simple -- yet brave -- act of adherence and altruism that only proved to both me and the other Skylanders what your place is at Skylander Academy"

Abashed, Cynder nervously smiled, "A-And that would be?"

Master Eon grinned wide, "My dearest Cynder, you are now a Skylander! As soon as we get back to the main Skylands, I will draw your portrait in the Book of Skylanders."

Ecstatic, her eyes widened, "WAIT, REALLY?! THANK YOU SO MUCH, MASTER EON!"

Spyro, who heard the entire thing, went up and hugged Cynder, his belly taking up most of the hug, "Cynder, I'm so proud of you!"

Hissing in pain, he backed away from her, apologizing, "It's fine," she frowned, looking at him dead in the eye, "I'm sorry for making you eh, fat. Malefor had me under some sort of hypnotism. I would never do this on purpose. You know that, right?"

He nodded, holding her hand as she blushed, "Of course I do! Besides, at least we got how we really feel about each other out." He smiled, kissing her on the cheek.

Cynder smiled happily, kissing him back. Spyro then turned behind him to see Stealth Elf kicking a few rocks out of her way. It was obvious she was still aggrieved by the earlier fight they had. Excusing himself from Cynder, Spyro strolls over to Stealth Elf.

"Hey," he started, a bit anxious, "listen, I'm sorry about what said earlier, about the friend thing. I was just upset and going through a lot, but that still isn't an excuse for how I treated you. Especially since you were only trying to help me out Will you forgive me?"

Stealth Elf turned to him, her big, white eyes piercing through him, "It's not that you didn't take my advice or even bring down what our friendship means to us," she paused, "I just- I've never had any other friends aside from you and Eruptor. So whenever Cynder came to Skylander Academy- I don't know, I felt like she was taking you away from me. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with Eruptor. But it's nice to have you around too." She looked away, her eyes searching the ground as if it gave out answers.

Spyro frowned, "Oh Well, I promise that I won't fawn all over Cynder anymore because I bet that gets annoying," her chuckles, "but I'm incredibly sorry that I made you feel that way. Can we be friends again?"

Looking back up with a smirk, she playfully punches him in his gut, "Best friends."

Tears welling up in his eyes, Spyro picks Elf up and hugs her, crying from happiness, "Aweee, look who finally opened up!"

Instant regret struck Elf, "N-No wait! I didn't mean best friend, I meant uh nest friends?"

"Nice try! Luckily, I know when you're lying, Elfy~"

"Mother of Kaos, this is exactly why I don't tell you my feelings!"

And so, our story ends. Where will our group of heroes journey to next? Will Spyro ever lose weight? Will Stealth Elf grow up and realize communication is a key ingredient to friendship?

"Hey! I heard that!"

Ahem- Find out in the next chapter! Maybe Probably not.

Sours: https://www.wattpad.com/amp/

Rude Spyro Prototype Tells Players To ‘Piss Off’, ‘Go Jump In A Lake’

Spyro: Year of the Dragon is a classic 3D platformer that's well-remembered as a wholesome, fun adventure. But there's nothing wholesome about the prototype of the game recently leaked online by YouTube user Hwd Instead of happy memories and cute interactions, here The Forgotten Realms are very, very rude. In fact, it seems like everybody hates Spyro in this build of the game.

"Go jump in a lake," Hunter tells Spyro in one leaked image from the build.

Moneybags, who clearly feels the same, is more succinct.

"Piss off," he says to Spyro.

Later, he also tells the dragon what he'll need to do to rescue Bianca the rabbit — "Pay me fat duckets or the chick dies."

Yes, this is technically what happens in the game — but Moneybags could stand to be a bit nicer about the whole thing.

Image: Hidden Palace&#; Provided by Kotaku Australia Image: Hidden Palace

This Spyro prototype build is dated April 25, and is believed to match a demo build shown off at E3 and to games journalists that year. The prototype levels weren't meant to be accessible to the wider public, and when you take a look at the screenshots it's easy to see why.

Hunter in particular has a very potty mouth.

Screenshot: YouTube&#; Provided by Kotaku Australia Screenshot: YouTube Screenshot: YouTube&#; Provided by Kotaku Australia Screenshot: YouTube

This text was ultimately replaced in the final game by more age-appropriate dialogue — but it's fascinating to see the behind-the-scenes of such an iconic game. Builds like these are fairly rare and only turn up in leaks (usually obtained via questionable means) or through demo cracks created by eager fans.


Load Error

While it's hard to know the intentions behind this placeholder dialogue, it's clear the developers were having a bit of fun here. Games development is a stressful business, and it's hilarious to see the ways in which Insomniac Games was blowing off steam. It's just a shame this dialogue didn't make it into the final cut of the game.

Rather than campaign for the "Ayer Cut" of Suicide Squad or to "Restore the Snyderverse", maybe pop culture fans should be asking Insomniac to release the Rude Spyro Cut instead.

If you'd like to see more of the preview build which includes oddities like unused creatures, different designs for characters and loads of mean placeholder text, you can view snippets of the prototype on YouTube here:


You can also read more about the Spyro prototype, including the major changes between this version of the build and the final release via Hidden Palace, a website focusing on the preservation of video game development media.

Read more

Sours: https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/techandscience/rude-spyro-prototype-tells-players-to-piss-off-go-jump-in-a-lake/ar-BB1fN6Kw?li=BBDJx
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There's A Chonky Spyro Mod That Turns Him Into A Chubby Little Dragon

There are few things in th world that put such a silly smile on our face as this chubby Spyro mod does. Think about it, Sypro is already pretty cute as is, why not make him even more huggable and lovely by making his cheeks super pinchable and his body a little more rotund.

The mod that's designed for the Sypro Reignited Trilogy celebrates a slightly chunkier version of the beloved dragon and honestly, if we hadn't seen what Spyro looked like before, we wouldn't be able to tell this is a mod. Seeing him galavant around levels from Spyro The Dragon, Spyro: Ripto's Rage and Spyro: Year of the Dragon is simply a delight.

Spotted by Gamebyte, the mod appeared on Weight Gaming and Game Banana. Coldsteelj posted the mod and has even filmed some footage to see how it would look as Sypro bounces around the levels he's in, and also an explanation for how to use the mod once you've downloaded it. They didn't, however, actually share the source of the mod which game from someone else.

The link to the mod on Game Banana is under a different username, Reyriders the actual creator it seems, and has a description saying, "Looks like our little Spyro has gotten his claws on one too many BBQ Sheep while trouble was brewing within the worlds, but that's not going to stop this purple dragon! He's ready to show the world his new form and kick some butt!" Charming.

Although the mod is from a year ago, it took off again on Twitter this year after Twitter user VoidBurger found the mod and thought to share it with those unaware. We, for one, are happy that it found us as we've fallen in love with it.

Reminder, however, that downloading anything to your computer can be dangerous if you're not careful. We haven't tried this mod ourselves, but the videos we've seen of it in action are too cute to pass up.

Featured Image Credit: Toys For Bob

Topics: News, Mods

More like thisSours: https://www.gamingbible.co.uk/news/games-this-chubby-spyro-mod-is-absolutely-adorable-and-i-love-him
Spyro Reignited Trilogy: CHUNKY Mod - Spyro 1 (Part 1)

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Fat spyro

Needless to say, the next day, immediately after school, he invited me, smiling slyly, to go play the dark vestibule at the. Door locked on the stairs. The days took on a new meaning for me.

Snuffy loves THICC Spyro

There were about a dozen of them. Most of the depictions of Victoria are in various sexy outfits, but there were also a couple completely nude. One of them hung right above the table, so that the gaze will inevitably fall on it, it is worth sitting down at the computer. In this photo, Vika was lying on.

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She was sitting on. There was a grin and doubt on her face. But I wasted no time and brought my face closer to her foot. I smelled perfume as I approached her body.

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