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How we love Disney eyebrows. Let us count the hairs.

When you think about the faces of the most iconic Disney characters, certain features leap to mind: Ariel’s impossibly bouncy hair. Maleficent’s angular chin. Scar’s … scar.

Yet, a crucial part of the face that often gets overlooked is something Disney does best. We’re talking eyebrows, people. And let us show you exactly what we mean.

They come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all unquestionably on fleek.

They’re full.

These days, thick, full brows are all the rage, but those of us who lived through the nineties and the early 2000s know that was not always the case. Never a sucker for trends, Disney was way ahead of the times when Jasmine sauntered into the palace courtyard in 1992.

Check out how those eyebrows make her entire look simultaneously elegant and sassy. They establish her as someone who should not be messed with (so clearly, Jafar didn’t take note).

They’re arched.

Somehow, Aurora managed to rock perfectly shaped eyebrows in the middle of the woods while living that clandestine peasant life. Maybe it’s her royal genes, but it’s more likely that Flora’s gift of beauty was extremely effective. Either way, it’s no wonder that Prince Phillip was willing to fight a dragon for her after a short little waltz.

They’re thin.

Now, just because a certain look works for one character doesn’t make that the ideal. Ariel opts for a much thinner brow than many of her Disney Princess counterparts, but it totally works with her face shape and youthful eyes. Most importantly, they help her get her feelings across to Prince Eric when talking isn’t an option.

They’re natural.

Think back to the makeover scene early in Mulan when the poor protagonist was poked and prodded to try to appease the Matchmaker. Once she’s in a full face of make-up, her eyebrows appear much slimmer than they were before. Then “Reflection” rolls around, and it’s obvious she’s uncomfortable with the whole get-up, so she eventually opts for a big life change.

This obviously means growing out her natural brows (oh, and, to a lesser degree, going to war disguised as a man). As she gets more comfortable in her own skin, so too do her eyebrows, and they become a stunning focal point on her face.

They’re expressive.

Of course, eyebrows shouldn’t just be aesthetically pleasing. They serve a major purpose in helping an animated character communicate their emotions. What other feature could so superbly sum up how Flynn Rider can be both charming and smarmy? Before he became a hero, he was truly Prince Smarming, and those face framers manage to evoke all his many sides.

They’re detailed.

No matter how you feel about the overall shape of Elsa’s eyebrows, you have to admit they are a phenomenal feat in advanced animation. You can count the hairs on her face. That is something I will never get over, even as technology progresses.

They’re perfection.

It’s not just the princesses who meet these superciliary standards. As the movie would have us believe, Snow White upsets the Evil Queen’s position as the kingdom’s fairest. Yet, something might be amiss in the magic mirror because these eyebrows can’t hold a candle to the Queen’s achievements.

No shade to Snow White, but the Evil Queen reigns supreme when it comes to brows.

Rest assured, this tradition will only continue.

As an upcoming Disney character, Moana continues a legacy of phenomenal brows that all of us can’t wait to see in action.

Do any other Disney characters deserve some eyebrow appreciation? Let us know in the comments!

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Sours: https://ohmy.disney.com/movies/2016/06/29/an-ode-to-disney-character-eyebrows/
This is a serious article. Eyebrows frame your face so you need to have the right pair. I spend way too much time plucking and grooming my eyebrows so yeah, I think eyebrows are very aesthetically important. I noticed the results look a bit like my non-existent prettiest Princess list with a few exceptions of course.

13. Mulan
They are Asian looking alright, with the shape. I promise I don't have anything against big eyebrows but Mulan's kind of overpower her eyes and they look a bit untamed. They are definitely not bad, just comparing to the others. Shang has nice strong arched eyebrows though.

12. Snow White
Thin eyebrows make you look older and thicker eyebrows make you look more youthful, so that's why Snow's are too thin for my liking. Her entire look is youthful so I think thicker would be better. The shape is okay, they are just round which makes her look surprised all the time.

11. Ariel
Like Snow White, they are thin and round although they are not exactly alike. I think they actually suit Ariel very well as she has big round eyes. When I really think about it, thicker eyebrows might overpower her bright smile and everything else about her looks.

10. Rapunzel
CGI makes eyebrows look more realistic so that's good. Rapunzel's also have that innocent look to them that flatters her face.

9. Jasmine
Jasmine has sexy, thick and arched eyebrows. Although, the size really doesn't matter with her, she has a face that looks good with either thick or thin.

8. Merida
Merida has some good looking eyebrows lol. I like how they are thick and go thinner by the end, that's a really good shape for her. Those type of eyebrows are usually the easiest to pull off.

7. Cinderella
I really like how Cinderella's eyebrows are drawn, the color and shape are lovely. I also like how they don't move too much, her eyes are what really displays her emotions which is more realistic looking.

6. Tiana
There's nothing wrong with Tiana's eyebrows, they are practically perfect. I just think they would look better if they were a tad thicker. She had thicker eyebrows as a kid and I thought that looked better on Tiana. I think it might be because all of Tiana's features are roundish.

5. Belle
Belle's eyebrows are the traditional beautiful brows, they look so good. You probably see lots of celebrities with them. They look like signature-potential eyebrows so people should take notes lol.

4. Pocahontas
I don't mind that they are red, your eyebrows should not be the same shade of color as your hair in the first place and it makes Poca look more modelesque. I love the straight shape, Natalie Portman has those and it supposedly makes you look more mature.

3. Anna
Her eyebrow color contrasts with her hair color nicely. They look natural but groomed and the way they display emotion makes Anna even cuter.

2. Elsa
Her makeup is perfect and so are her eyebrows. They look elegant as they are strong but still don't overpower her eyes. I think the color is just right with her platinum hair and skintone.

1. Aurora
I love the long and high arched eyebrows, I think those are the sexiest. Aurora has pointy features so if anyone were to have those type of eyebrows, it's her. They are a few shades darker than her hair color which is the way to go for blondes.
Sours: https://www.fanpop.com/clubs/disney-princess/articles/232140/title/best-disney-princess-eyebrows
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A Definitive Ranking of the Disney Princess's Brow (and Lash) Game.

Ok - I know what you're thinking. There are so many of these "Disney Princess" lists.  Do we really need another one?? Um.. Yes!  Let's see which of our favorite Disney royalty has brows on fleek - and who's brows need a little love. And of course, let's not forget the lashes! 

9. Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Snow White... Girl put down the tweezers!  This may have been in fashion back in the day, but don't you kinda wonder what she'd look like with some beautiful arched brows??  Her lashes are great though.  I'm guessing these are some classics, C or B curls.

8. Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Again, cute lashes - but those brows though... They are pencil-thin, almost as if someone just drew them on... LOL.  A few weeks to allow her brows to grow back, and some great brow powder to fill in and she'd be on her way!

7. Cinderella (Cinderella)

A little on the thin side, but they do frame her delicate face beautifully.  Her lashes are fab!  Looks like she might have a cat eye shape with some classics in C curl.

6. Jasime (Aladdin)

Rocking the bold, defined brows we've come to love, Jasmine's brow game is strong.  I love her thick lined cat-eye as well.  She would look awesome with some classic lashes for some pop!

5. Pocahontas (Pocahontas)

Her brows are well defined and beautifully arched.  I'd love to see her in some volume lashes to really make her eyes pop. And those lips and cheek bones! I think this is where Kylie Jenner got her inspiration.

4. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

She's got beautiful winged liner and some great brows too.  All she's missing is lashes!  Classic or volume would look amazing on her.

3. Elsa (Frozen)

Her brows look the most realistic to me.  I bet she's a fan of the Anastasia Brow Kits.  I'm guessing she's got some flare lashes just on her out corners for some pop.  Volume lashes would look great on her!

2. Mulan (Mulan)

I just love this brow shape on her!  Defined, but nothing crazy.  She needs lashes though.  Can't you just see her in a great volume set of L+ curl?  To die for!

1.  Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Brows on fleek.  Something about this shape just says perfection to me.  Best brow bar in the city must be near by.  Her lashes look awesome too.  Bet they are 3D volumes!

Leawood Studio

Sours: https://www.lechiclashboutique.com/blog/2016/8/23/a-definitive-ranking-of-the-disney-princesss-brow-and-lash-game
How to Do Your Makeup like Disney Park Princesses

1. Ariel, The Little Mermaid

"She has great big eyes compared to the other features on their face," Haner says. "The eyes are the window to the heart, but this person can also trust too easily." One word: Ursula. "She also has relatively thin lips, which relates to someone who is a little bit of a loner; her small nose shows she can be influenced and overpowered by others; and the wide space between her eyebrows relates to her very easygoing and flexible nature. Her natural red hair, although it isn't a facial feature, is also a sign of someone who is fun, flirtacious, passionate, has a good sense of humor, and is playful, but it can mean that the person also is a bit scattered brained."

Walt Disney Pictures

2. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty
"She has outstanding eyebrows that are full and aren't far apart, which shows her strength, which is stronger than most princesses," she says. "Thicker, larger eyebrows usually relate to the ability of how well you can process toxins, so these people can often drink more alcohol and not be as affected, which makes sense since she was the princess given the poison and still survived. She also has visible upper eyelids, which is a sign of sensitivity and a natural sense of style and beauty, but it's also a sign that if she is going through something she typically won't reach out for help; she'll just try to cope with it on her own, which isn't always best."

Walt Disney Pictures

3. Belle, Beauty and the Beast
"Belle's widow's peak relates to natural sex appeal," Haner says. Hence Beauty and the Beast. "Her eyebrows are also wide apart, which means she's flexible and easygoing, but her big eyes say that she's too trusting. You can also see the whites under her iris, which is a sign she's stressed and can even relate to being clumsy. Her strong mouth/full lips, show that she is emotionally availability. Overall, she has what the Chinese refer to as a 'high estrogen face,' which consists of deer-in-the-headlights eyes and a plumpness to the cheeks. This typically means that person is more passive than others, but will speak up when necessary."

Walt Disney Pictures

4. Cinderella, Cinderella
"Her horizontal hairline that juts in on her temples is a sign of a rebel; this is someone who challenges the status quo," Haner says. Or her stepmother. "She also has stronger eyebrows, which is a sign of someone who is a rebel and can set boundaries and be assertive; a tiny nose, which means that she is efficient/gets things done and is onto the next thing; and smaller eyes, which relates to someone who is discerning and isn't gullable." So, take that, nasty step sisters; hello, Prince Charming!

Walt Disney Pictures

5. Jasmine, Aladdin
"Jasmine has a lot of strengths that show through on her face: she has a larger nose and thicker eyebrows, which mean she is confident, driven, has depth, and wants to achieve something meaningful in life," Haner says. "She isn't one to be submissive. Her hair is also very long and thick, and the thicker, more lustrous your hair can grow, the higher will power you're said to have. The whites of her undereyes also show, which is a sign that she tends to be stressed." But with Jafar trying to kidnap you, what girl wouldn't be stressed?

Walt Disney Pictures

6. Mulan, Mulan
"Her character has relatively thick eyebrows, so there is assertiveness there that is associated with a warrior personality type," Haner says. Which is fitting, since she disguises herself as a male soldier named "Ping" to bravely take her father's place in the Imperial Army. "She is also someone who can stand up for herself and do what needs to be done without being weak. Her rounded forehead also shows a characteristic of a very intuitive person." Basically, Mulan is the badass of Disney princesses.

Walt Disney Pictures

7. Snow White, Snow White
"First of all, her eyebrows are so far apart, which means she is too easygoing and can be easily influenced by other people," Haner says. "Her eyebrows are also thin, which show a weakness relating to strength and also speaks to the fact that she isn't able to process toxins that well." This makes perfect sense, since she passed out after eating the poison apple the evil queen gave her. "Her rounded forehead relates to a good imagination, and the fact that it's so high shows that she has a very analytical ability," she says. "She also has small eyes, which means she has more discernment, but it's modified by how far apart her eyebrows are because she is way too influenced by others, so it downgrades the impact of her eyes."

Walt Disney Pictures

8. Tiana, The Princess and the Frog
"Tiana has very visible upper eyelids and very strong cheeks," Haner says. "Powerful cheeks relate to someone who can speak up, and ironically they're also the sign of a princess and someone who can hold power. And when you see that feature coupled with visible upper eyelids, this strengthens the cheeks even more. However, her eyebrows are very far apart, which is a sign she can be dominated, and her small nose shows lack of power." Which we see hold true when this hopeful waitress desperately kisses a "prince," who's been turned into a frog by a voodoo magician, and instead of him turning into a prince she turns into a frog. #NotOK

Walt Disney Pictures

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Productions, Walt Disney Feature Animation

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Princess eyebrows disney

The Strategic Reasons Behind Disney Princesses’ Iconic Looks

Disney princesses have a special place in every woman's heart, probably because we grew up with them and went to bed wearing Beauty and the Beast pajamas. But there's a reason behind your obsession, and a lot of it has to do with the clever ways animators designed your fave princesses.

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For example, more than 55 animators designed Pocahontas, and Snow White took years to fully create. That's because the studios were thinking strategically when creating these iconic characters, and the reasons behind certain characteristics that seem fairly innocuous to us (like why Ariel's hair is red), are actually quite significant. 

Here's a brief rundown of why your fave Disney princess looks the way she does:

The Little Mermaid's Ariel

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ariel disney princess

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Ariel stands out among the rest of the pack of Disney princesses for many reasons. For one, she doesn't have a big, fancy princess dress, and secondly, she has unmistakable vibrant, red hair. But the studio was this close to not even making her a trademark redhead. Animators originally wanted to give her blonde hair because they thought she would be more marketable that way. Fortunately, considering there was already a blonde mermaid in the hit live-action film Splash, the studio had no choice but to give Ariel red hair to differentiate her from that other mermaid.

Another reason animators stuck with the red hair was because it looked more realistic when drawing the underwater scenes. Because red hair was easier to darken than blonde hair, it was yet another reason why a red-headed Ariel triumphed.

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

snow white disney princess

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

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As the first Disney princess, there was a lot of pressure on the studio to get it right. Remember, it was the mid-30s, feature-length animated films weren't the norm, and everyone thought Walt Disney was crazy. I mean, he did have to remortgage his house to pay for the film because it took so darn long to make, but in the end, it was a huge success. A big reason for that is Snow White's design. The princess' real age is supposed to be 14 (weird, I know), so animators originally drew her as a cartoonish, gangly teen. Walt didn't like this though, as he was going for realism. Snow White was then redrawn with blonde hair, but was ultimately given black hair because they thought it made her more "relatable."

Another strategic reason behind her design? She was given a larger-than-average head. Although all the characters in the film were based on real-life actors, animators intentionally made Snow White's head larger so that she could look more proportionate next to the dwarfs. Because of this, actress Marge Champion, who played the live-action version of Snow White, had to wear a football helmet on her head for animators to illustrate to. "I tell you, I nearly fainted,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “It was very hot underneath there and not at all what I expected. It was very limited what I could do with that big hat.”

Aladdin's Jasmin

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jasmine disney princess

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

It's hard to imagine Jasmine with any other face other than the one she has, but she was close to looking more like the actress she was named after, Jasmine Guy. Back in the early '90s, the actress made the name "Jasmine" popular, which is why the studio decided to go with it. However, when animators tried to make the princess look like the actress, they found her features were too "severe." Lead animator Mark Henn eventually used an old yearbook photo of his sister as inspiration.

Originally, the studio wanted to make Jasmine's outfit pink with the prospect that it would help sell more toys. However, the directors stuck with blue because it had an important symbolism for water.

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Beauty and the Beast's Belle

belle disney princess

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

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As the first "feminist" Disney princess (although that's debateable), there were a lot of strategic reasons behind Belle's look. For one, animators dressed her in blue to accentuate her "otherness." Everyone else in the movie is dressed in beige, orange, or brown, which makes her stand out. Although she's the prettiest girl in her village, animators gave her a "little wisp of hair" that continuously fell on her face, so she wouldn't seem too perfect. And her iconic princess gown was changed from pink to gold to differentiate her from Sleeping Beauty's Aurora.


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cinderella disney princess

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Disney's second princess film had a lot of ambition behind it. However, animators didn't take too long thinking of how they wanted Cinderella to look. They knew they wanted her to be the societal ideal, the kind of woman that girls would want to be and boys would want to date. Because of this, they made her blonde, 120 pounds, and of medium height. According to the studio's research, a "blonde more captivatingly depicted the symbol of lovelorn maidens" than a brunette or redhead. Although, weirdly enough, in the original film, Cinderella is clearly more of a strawberry blonde than a regular blonde.

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The Princess and the Frog's Tiana

disney princess tiana

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

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As the first black Disney princess, there was a lot of pressure on animators to get her right. Fortunately for them, they took the easy way out and based Tiana entirely on voice actress Anika Noni Rose, down to her dimples and even her left-handedness. Another thing that sets Tiana apart from the other princesses is that she has the best wardrobe by far. While most princesses have about two to three outfits per film, Tiana has 11! The reason for this is, duh, marketing. Because Tiana spends the majority of the movie as a frog (um, spoiler alert), animators squeezed in as many dresses as possible for her human character so that there would still be plenty of options for future dolls and other merchandise. Smart.


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mulan disney princess

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Although Mulan was the first "tomboy" princess, creating her was a challenge for animators. Because she spends the majority of the movie disguised as a man, animators had to make her convincingly boyish, which meant they couldn't give her all the Barbie-like proportions that they normally give their princesses. Because of this, Mulan has one of the most realistic bodies out of the Disney princesses. But even without her Barbie dimensions, animators still thought she was too girly. So in the movie, whenever Mulan is in disguise, her eyelashes and double eyelid disappear and her eyebrows grow thicker. When she's not in disguise, her eyelashes and eyebrows magically grow back. Cartoon makeup, maybe?

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Tangled's Rapunzel

disney princess rapunzel

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

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Although she was Disney's first computer-animated princess film, there was something else that was unique about the heroine herself: She had buck teeth. According to supervising animator Glen Keane, he gave Rapunzel several minor quirks on purpose. 

"With Rapunzel I did an enormous amount of drawings and I wanted to keep a sense of asymmetry in her," he said. "I read a book about feminine beauty and it  said the key to beauty is strangeness in a woman's face. There needs to be something slightly off, some element; it might be her nose, her lip, her tooth, or one eye higher than the other, but something. Even in Rapunzel's teeth, the way she talks, there's something a little bit wonky in the placement of her teeth, and things like that were designed so that she was more real, true and appealing."


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pocahontas disney princess

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

She might be based on a real person, but there's nothing about the Disney character that mirrors the historical icon, especially when it comes to looks. In fact, animators originally planned to base her look off the real Pocahontas — until they saw a picture of her. "[She's] not exactly a candidate for People's 'Most Beautiful' issue," Glen said, "so I made a few adjustments to add an Asian feeling to her face." Ouch.

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Sleeping Beauty's Aurora

aurora disney princess

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

She might be one of the most popular Disney princesses now, but Sleeping Beauty was a complete flop when it was first released in 1959. It was a financial failure for Disney, especially because they spent five years on the movie working to get Aurora just right. What sets her style apart from the other princesses is the sharp, angular way she was animated. Thanks to the detailed background art by Eyvind Earle, animators had to make the characters less round and "Disney-like," and more vertical and pointy to match Eyvind's backgrounds. That's why Aurora lacks the softness of other princesses. However, her rigidness is made up by the fact that she's the only princess with violet eyes. 

As for the strategic reason why animators chose violet? There isn't none — I guess they just liked the color. 

Sours: https://www.distractify.com/entertainment/2018/08/14/1BLf2p/disney-princess-designs
If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair

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