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 -  Two Sun towards new heights

When I presented this knife for the first time, I wrote that development is good when it moves in the right direction. And I have to say that this knife is a good example of that. I already have two other knives from Two Sun that are very reminiscent of this one. But this is clearly my favorite of the three. 

That they look similar is perhaps not so strange as it is one and the same person who designed the knives. The last of them is this one called Apex.

Two Sun TS261 Apex
Two Sun TS261 Apex

All knives from Two Sun designed by Tepe Designs have been fairly exclusive when it comes to both materials and constructions. We are talking about carbon fiber bolsters, polished G10 sides, ceramic bearings, and of course lots of intricately machined, sometimes anodized titanium and not least exclusive knife steels. This model is no exception, but rather the one that is the clearest example of it both in terms of included materials and how they have been used. The steel is unusual, the clip is not only sculpted but also has a hidden fastening screw and a lot of processing time has been put into the titanium sides.

This model happens to be numbered, which is sometimes the case with Two Sun's first editions and these are not huge production volumes. This is number 81.

The blade is what characterizes this knife from Two Sun the most

Twitter version: Two Sun TS261, a double sunrise, it both looks good and functions well


Apex has a very pronounced clip point. In fact, it is visually one of the more extreme examples of the blade type I own alongside another model from Two Sun, the Dreadnaught, and a Spyderco Chinook. In this case, we are offered 8,7 centimeters of steel that has a height of three centimeters at most. However, the stated length is 82 mm. Something I do not understand because 87 mm is the number you get if you measure from the front of the handle to the tip. If the blade instead is measured from the top of the handle, it is a full nine and a half centimeters long. The thickness is for Two Sun a rather representative four millimeters.

What makes the blade so striking is the bold "Bowie" tip with a distinctly cut part that is enhanced by a large swedge. Besides, the rest of the back also slopes downwards in a slightly concave line to meet the false edge. The blade has also got a mostly decorative hole that is nicely done with beveled edges.

Apex boasts a distinct clip point blade

The steel in this knife is a not very often used and rather extreme steel from American Crucible, CPM S110V. It is one of the steels that is usually considered a "super steel" together with, for example, M390 / 20CV / 204P and CPM S90V. More specifically, it means stainless steel that takes a very high degree of sharpness and holds it, if not forever, then at least for a very long time. From what I have been able to notice during this time together with Apex is that Two Sun has succeeded with the heat treatment of the steel as it keeps the sharpness extremely well.

Of course, there are also disadvantages to this type of material. One is of course the price, which means that the steel is usually found on more exclusive knives. Especially as it is not the easiest to work with for the manufacturer. Add to that that it is not at all easy to sharpen for the end user either. A minimum requirement is diamond stones of some kind paired with plenty of time and patience.

The finish is a glossy satin that is enhanced by the rather high flat grind on both the primary bevel and the swedge. This causes the blade to sparkle seductively under different lighting conditions.

The markings are discreet but you can read that the blade is made out of S110V

The markings on this knife deserve to be mentioned. It is there in the form of both Two Sun's logo on one side together with Tepe's wings, blade steel, and even the knife's serial number on the other. But it is so small and discreet that the result is really nice.

This knife is excellent to work with as long as you don't perform heavy tasks for prolonged times

The most important thing, however, is how a knife blade actually cuts. In this case, the blade is flat ground, and even if the blade stock is not thin to begin with, the knife measures around 0,5 mm behind the edge. The factory edge is also really good. Smooth and nicely done, centered, and sharp. The edge also has a nice finish without a "smile" at the plunge line. That is due to a nicely done sharpening choil. 

The tip is very sharp and is found in an imaginary centerline through the knife, which makes it easy to control. It comes in handy when opening packages of various kinds. Unfortunately, we still live in a plastic society and most of what is bought arrive in at least one layer of plastic of some kind that needs to be handled.

The edge bites well in most materials and it does not even flinch when it comes to wood, rubber hose, and plastic mat. With this edge, the blade geometry, and the steel, Apex eats those materials for breakfast. Cardboard and the like are consequently no obstacle either. Here it is noticeable that the knife is thin behind the edge. The stock thickness is no hindrance at all and the blade slides through moving boxes both with and across the fiber direction.

If you now necessarily want to force your EDC knife into the kitchen, this is an excellent knife for making sandwiches. Not as in a butter knife but as in good at cutting hard salami, ham, tomatoes, and peppers, etc to put on a sandwich. Peeling potatoes also work well, although I can not see why you should do it when someone invented the potato peeler. But in short, it is a damn good knife on most parameters. Sure, it can be said that it was even better without the hole in the blade for handling food, but it is not in that role that I see this knife anyway.

So even though the blade has some concessions in favor of appearance, it is actually very practical.


Two Sun know how to make a knife handle out of titanium by now. Apex is certainly no exception. Rather, they have made an effort both in terms of shape and appearance. The material is TC4 titanium and it has been made into two sides and a backspacer. All fastened with only one screw in addition to the pivot screw. They are also the only ones visible except for the two small screws that hold the lock bar reinforcement in place. It gives the handle a clean and elegant look.

The sides are intricate as they are arched on the outside and heavily weight relieved on the inside. This makes the knife both light and well-balanced despite all the metal. The curved surface has a densely lined pattern that provides tactile feedback and slightly increased grip. Besides, the knife has three decorative depressions per side where the titanium is instead polished. They get shorter the further forward they sit, which somehow gives an impression of speed.

At the back, you find a titanium backspacer 

Compared to previous collaborations between Tepe and Two Sun, this handle is thinner and instead slightly higher. A combination I mostly prefer in a pocket knife as it simply makes them easier to carry. They do not get as clumsy in a pocket.

Apex is really nice to hold and the rounded clip feels very little

From an ergonomic point of view, this is a really good handle. Or to be completely honest, it is a very comfortable handle that is not completely ergonomic. That may seem a bit contradictory but let me explain. Everything on the handle is rounded and polished as it should be. The curved sides together with the height fill the hand well without making the knife too thick. There is a smaller recess for the index finger and plenty of space behind for the rest of the fingers. The back is rounded and follows the inside of the hand well. Nor is the inside of the titanium sides forgotten and Two Sun did not even miss to round the small corner that occurs when the lock bar folds inwards to meet the blade. A detail that is often overlooked otherwise.

For those reasons, this is an extremely comfortable handle. All grips I can think of work well. But here comes my objection. This is especially true if you do not use the knife for tougher tasks. The sides are a little too thin, especially where they meet the little finger. This is the price you have to pay because they are arched. This means that there is quite a lot of pressure on the fingers if you bare down on your handle. Of course, that changes if you use gloves. But I usually do not.

Opening and Lock

Apex is somewhat deceiving as you can imagine that it can be opened in several different ways. Or rather, it can. It is always possible to pinch grip the hole and open the knife with two hands. But otherwise, the hole is almost hopeless for opening anything. It is possible, however, from time to time to manage a "spyder flick" with the middle finger. But usually, the detent is too hard for it to work. For the same reason, the hole cannot be used to thumb open the knife.

A very effective flipper tab

Instead, Apex is a dedicated flipper knife and a very good one in terms of function. The flipper tab is well placed both to be easy to find and to propel the blade. A fact that is really enhanced by a well-tuned detent and by the ceramic bearings. This is a very quick knife and it does not matter how you approach the flipper tab. The blade flyes out no matter what you do and with lightning speed. It is also easy to hold the knife when using the flipper. The fingers end up naturally on the side of the clip and are thus naturally supported by it without the need to adjust the grip.

It is also very hard to misfire. The grooves make it almost impossible to slip off the tab. 

Propaganda lock, as in a very good representative for a
well made frame lock in titanium

This lock is propaganda for frame locks. Simply put, it works extremely well. It locks securely with about fifty percent. But that fifty percent also happens to be steel against steel as the lock bar is reinforced at the tip. There is no blade play in any direction, no matter how hard the blade is provoked. The lock also does not slip if it is exposed to negative pressure. Not even if spine whacked slightly. 

Best of all is that despite the strength of the lock, it is easy to disengage. The lock bar springs easily and both it and the opposite side are beveled to facilitate access. I have nothing negative to say about the lock at all. Especially not as the blade glides into place with a slight shake of the knife thanks to the bearings and the fact that Two Sun now makes ramps for the detent balls. 

To Carry

It's not every day you see super designed clips that are actually really good. But this is one of them. The clip is not only a so-called "sculpted clip", ie milled from a piece of titanium, but has also been given a hidden fastening screw. It is also arched in the same way as the handle side and curved to fit the overall lines. Overall a pretty advanced clip in other words. What makes the function good is that it is thin enough to spring while the surface under the clip is relatively smooth. The ramp is not very large but large enough to handle denim fabrics as well. Much because the angle is correctly executed. Another plus and one of my pet peeves are that the tip does not point outwards but is parallel to the surface of the handle.

Apex comes with a clip that not only fit the overall theme of the knife  but also functions very well

The knife that goes into the pocket measures 114 mm when folded and the handle is just over 12 mm thick. At its highest, which is found towards the rear end if you ignore the flipper tab, it measures 32 mm. Apex weighs in at 130 g according to my scale and it happens to be exactly what Two Sun states.

All in all, it is not a very small knife that should be passed to the pocket, even if none of the figures are extreme in any way. And it's not the knife in practice either. You feel the weight where it sits, it is after all not an extremely lightweight knife, but there is also nothing that bothers much if you do not spend the days in jogging shorts, that is.

Apex i en ficka
A sculpted clip of the better variety

The clip makes part of the knife protruding from the pocket, but that is not a deterrent either. We are talking about a centimeter that can be seen above.

Should I have any negative objection, it is that the flipper tab is a bit pointy. It stands proud and straight and is quite sharp. Not optimal to have in a pocket. But it is something that applies to very many knives of this type and is, so to speak, something that goes with the territory. But it is not completely pleasant.

To Conclude

Apex is a knife that boasts a rather striking appearance. A Bowie-inspired blade with bold lines paired with a fairly typical Tepe handle with soft shapes and rounded back end forms the basis of the look. It has been enhanced with a few details such as the decorative recesses in the sides, the pattern of the titanium itself, and not least a special clip that is really nice and flows with the rest of the knife. The result is an appealing whole. If you like titanium gray that is.

Apex is a knife with many strengths. One such area is the handling. If you like flipper operated knives, it is an example of a very good one. The function is both reliable and lightning-fast. Then the knife is just as easy to close again. The lock is excellent and the blade glides into place with the slightest of shakes.  

It is mainly in the role of an EDC knife that I see this model from Two Sun

Apex is also a technically advanced knife. This applies not least to the knife steel. It simply does not get much better than S110V when it comes to performance. The sides are heavily machined both inside and out and the materials are of the highest quality with ceramic bearings and titanium in both the clip and backspacer.

In addition to being visually appealing and a technical beast, Apex is also very good as an everyday knife. Something that is emphasized by the comfortable handle, which is however not optimal for heavy work. Now I do not see that as a major problem as the knife should be viewed primarily as an EDC knife in my opinion. But that is basically the only objection I have in regards to the knife as a whole.

That and that it can be a bit gray if you do not like titanium-colored knives. Otherwise, the appearance is not gray at all, so the looks can be a bit polarizing. After all, there is a hole in the blade and curves and depressions in the handle and it is not appreciated by everyone.

Two Sun Apex offers a lot of details for the eye but is also rather practical

But everyone who appreciates this look and who is searching for a technical monster made with high precision in the best materials need look no further. Especially not as the price is appealing. Or rather it may depend on where you buy the knife. Two Sun knives are often sold through eBay auctions and then it varies for natural reasons. But usually, Apex ends up around 130-150 dollars, I have noted. If you buy it via Two Sun's own store on Ali Express, the price is $ 169-199 at the time of writing, depending on whether there is an ongoing campaign or not. It should be pointed out, however, that if you are interested in the model, you should not wait too long as Two Sun usually makes their models for a while and then leaves them to move on. Sometimes, however, they return in either downgraded versions or more advanced versions, depending on the starting point.

In this case, however, it does not get better and this knife is one of the better full-titan knives that Two Sun has made. The quality is simply superb.


Length Overall: 201 mm

Length Folded: 114 mm

Weight: 130 g

Blade Length: 87 mm

Blade Thickness: 4 mm

Blade Steel: CPM S110V, 60HRC

Handle: Titanium, TC4

Lock: Frame Lock

Produced by: Two Sun, made in China

/ J - like sunrises

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"I'm interested to try custom anodizing stuff and given the price and Titanium handles, TwoSun knives seem like an ideal starting point. I also like some of their designs.

But how is the quality? What should I be aware of? And where should I purchase and from whom?"

This was a question I've been asked in one of the forums and I've decided to share my answer with you:

If I could break the TwoSun knives into 2 groups it will be those:

  1. TwoSun started as a company which takes generic Chinese knives, rebrands them (puts their logo) and sells as their own. It's a very common practice in China and it is not a cloning, but more of a marketing strategy.

For example - this knife is branded TwoSun and this knife is not, but those are 2 of the exact same knives, only one has a TwoSun logo on it.

  1. Due to their success with re-branding - they started to produce their own original knives, using designs from a talented Chinese knife designer - Night Morning Design. Those are more high end, have better F&F and very interesting (IMO) lines and features.

Those knives could be bought here:

On AliExpress: Here.

On DhGate (although I don't personally recommend buying there because of the CC security issues and poor customer protection and service): Here.

Or on eBay: Here.
They even could be found on Amazon: Here.
(As you can see - the prices on Amazon could be a lot higher than on other platforms).

The quality of the knives is generally excellent, especially the original designed ones and the Tanto models.

You should be aware that the Tanto model has a version with a steel handle, which is generally sold for less and will be a problem for you to anodize, so make sure it specifically says titanium in the description (not the title).

twosun knives, twosun knife, two sun knives, two sun

BTW - check out this video of my buddy Nico and his profile, he has anodized a lot of the TwoSun knives:


Review twosun knives

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