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Our poly-urethane bushed motor mount assemblies provide a high performance, direct replacement alternative to bonded rubber factory mounts. A unique, double-shear, through-bolt design eliminates any chance of motor mount separation during normal use. The mount features graphite impregnated poly-urethane bushings with seamless internal sleeve and external housing. Transferred vibration is increased over factory levels but without the harshness commonly found using completely solid mounts.

The welded assembly features 3/8” thick motor plates with seamless tubing bushing housing. Frame adapter plates are 1/4” thick with slotted motor mount holes to make allowance for chassis variances and simplify installation. All mounting hardware is grade 8 and included.





Please contact TCI Supply for price and delivery on this Trane part

The Trane Company, a division of Ingersoll-Rand, offers a wide range of parts for the HVAC market for over a century.  Their name is synonymous with energy services, parts support and advanced controls for homes and commercial buildings.  Here at TCI Supply, we have thousands of Trane parts in stock, ready to ship our of our facilities.    This manufacturer navigates through the energy management process and partners to achieve even the most ambitious energy efficiency goals for their buildings, at minimal operating costs.  The systems and services have a reputation for reliability, high quality and advanced innovation; and are available through a powerful distribution network.  They apply a  “whole building, whole life-cycle approach,” and it shows with their extended warranties, better efficiency and cost.

Recent sub-brands include Sintesis eXcellent, Flex Series chillers, XStream chilers, Conquest heat pumps, Airfinity Rooftops and UniTrane terminals.

Please contact one of our sales representatives for more details.  We ship these products world-wide.


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And for goodness sakes be sure EVERYTHING is installed before welding. Make sure the motor is sitting on ALL it's mounts including the tranny. Make sure the front sheetmetal is on to check fan clearance, this is FREE stuff here guys, just a little time, that's all.

My brother is finishing up an awsome 29 Model A sedan with a Buick Nailhead in it. Some guy built some super nice motor mounts and the thing is just so beautiful. One problem, the water pump wasn't on the motor when he set it up! You got it, no room for a fan! You HAVE TO HAVE EVERYTHING IN, exhaust, steering gear, brake mastercylinder EVERYTHING.


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Is Upgrading Your Engine Mounts Even Worth It?

TCI Adapter Plate - Chevy Engine to BOP Transmission TCI-230000

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TCI Automotive
TCI Automotive - TCI Adapter Plate - Chevy Engine to BOP Transmission TCI-230000

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TCI Adapter Plate - Chevy engine to BOP transmission


  • TCI-230000
  • TCI-230000
  • TCI Automotive
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  • 6.0 lbs.

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Motor mounts tci

LS engine accessories are determined by what harmonic balancer is on the LS engine.

This picture shows how to measure and determine what you have.



GM V8 Early Style Motor Mounts 1955-1972

1955-1972 Small and Big block Chevrolet engines use the same style 3 bolt engine mounts other than 60-72 C10's. Early Style SBC/BBC Gen 1 engine mounts available today are classified as Short and Wide or Tall and Narrow. To determine which motor mount will fit you will need to measure your existing frame perch on your vehicle. You never know if a previous owner installed different frame perches than what came in that vehicle from the factory. If you have a GM non Chevy vehicle or a Chevy vehicle that did not start out as a V8, you have to purchase the Chevy version frame perches. Frame perches go by many names such as towers, mounts, and stands. For example, if you have a 1968 Pontiac GTO then you need to purchase 1968-1972 Chevelle frame perches as that is the A-body Chevy equivalent. Even though it is a Pontiac, it will still have the bolt holes on the engine crossmember for Chevrolet V8 frame mounts. If you can't find V8 Chevy frame mounts for your application, then check out this Clam Shell Method.

A lot of aftermarket front clips from companies such as Total Cost Involved (TCI) are designed to run the Early Style Short and Wide motor mounts on a welded tubular piece for the through-bolt.

Short And Wide

OEM Part Numbers(Rubber):   3990914,   3960768,   6258154

Aftermarket Part Numbers(Rubber):   2142,   2285,   2267

Energy Suspension (Poly): 3.1114 Zinc, 3.1115 Chrome (G-Black, R-Red) 



Tall And Narrow

OEM Part Numbers(Rubber):   3962740,   3990918,   3962748

Aftermarket Part Number(Rubber): 2283

Energy Suspension (Poly): 3.1117 Zinc, 3.1118 Chrome (G-Black, R-Red) 


TCI Mustang II IFS setup with the tubular through-bolt piece for a Short and Wide



GM V8 Clam Shell Style 1972-99

4-bolt Style Clam Shell Mounts have mounting holes for bolts on all four corners. Often only three holes are used.

Not to be confused with the the 3 bolt style Clam Shell Mounts where they only have 3 mounting bolt holes. 

          A- Mounting bolt holes that are flush to the engine crossmember/V8 frame perch

          B- Rivets/welds holding the clamshell together. 


The motor mount and motor mount bracket in the following photo goes by a lot of names. A and B make up the Clamshell Style engine mount. GM refers to A as engine mount and B as a bracket. Nowadays, A is most commonly referred to as engine mount while B is most commonly reffered to as the Clam Shell. Engine mount is a loose term however and in order to not confuse the style of motor mount you have with the Early Style, you can refer to them as the Clamshell Mount. A can also be referred to as: rubber isolator, rubber mount, SBC/V8 engine/motor mount, "mounting, engine". B can also be referred to as: buckets, elephant ears, cups, motor/engine mount bracket, "bracket, engine mount", "bracket, engine mt". The Clam Shell Style started to phase out the Early Style Short and Wide/Tall and Narrow's in 1972.

OER makes reproduction Clams Shells but you have to understand that they are not a one size fits all. 2WD and 4WD 1973-1987 C10 will not interchange for instance. If you are removing the Clam Shells for any reason, such as replacing the Clam Shell Mount, don't forget to label them as passenger and driver side so the install is much easier. 



The Clam Shell Mounts and the Clam Shells themselves will vary depending on application. 

SBC's typically used a 4-bolt Clam Shell Mount while the BBC's and Diesels used a 3-bolt Clam Shell Mount.


There are a couple of different poly inserts for Clam Shell Mounts.

4 Bolt Style

Energy Suspension part number 3.1116 (G-Black, R-Red)

Replaces the inserts of the following G.M. type mounts: 14039437, 9762326, 467422, 1001132, 10001133, 9764714, 459021
Replaces the inserts of the following Aftermarket type mounts: 2292


3 Bolt Style

Energy Suspension part number 3.1121 (G-Black, R-Red) 

Replaces the inserts of the following G.M. type mounts: 15731260, 15529451, 15529452, 15592505, 22145334
Replaces the inserts of the following Aftermarket type mounts: 2621


1988-00 4WD V8 and Diesel 3 Bolt Stepped Style

Energy Suspension part number 3.1152 (G-Black, R-Red) 

Replaces the inserts of the following G.M. type mounts: 15659675, 15732188

Replaces the inserts of the following Aftermarket type mounts: 2637


1998-2002 Camaro/Firebird Style


Energy Suspension part number 3.1151 (G-Black, R-Red) 

Replaces the inserts of the following G.M. type mounts: GM GENUINE 22179268
Replaces the inserts of the following Aftermarket type mounts: 3064


*We currently only sell the black graphite ones. 

Install Instructions 








**We cut the end off of one for the passenger side to clear an embossment on an LS engine

63-72 V8 C10 Using 67-72 V8 Frame Perches

SBC Aftermarket(Rubber): WESTAR EM2282, DEA / MARMON RIDE CONTROL A2239, ANCHOR 2282, PIONEER 602239

SBC Energy Suspension(Poly):  3.1156 (G-Black, R-Red) 


4.6L Ford V8 for Mustang LS Swaps

Ford OEM Genuine:  2R3Z-6038-AB (Right)/2R3Z-6038-AA(Left)

Aftermarket(Rubber): WESTAR EM3001(Right)/EM3002(Left), DEA / MARMON RIDE CONTROL A3001(Right)/A3002(Left), ANCHOR 3001(Right)/3002(Left), 

4.6L Ford Poly Energy Suspension Poly Mounts 4.1127 (G-Black, R-Red) comes with passenger and driver side




What's the difference between red and black Energy Suspension motor mounts? Black has graphite which adds a lubrication property. Red will squeek over time unless lubricated. Energy Suspension reccomends their Formula 5 prelube. Why choose Energy Suspension and transmission mounts over rubber? The biggest reason is the safety interlock. Take a look at the following photos to see the molded-in safety interlock. If anything crazy happens and the poly rips or melts from a fire, the safety interlock will still hold your engine down. The OEM or aftermarket rubber mounts would split in half and your engine would be jumping around like a fish causing a lot of havoc in the engine bay.

This is one of the reasons you will see people converting their Early Style SBC motor mounts to the Clam Shell Style. Even if the rubber deteriorates, the engine is still held in place by the metal housing holding what was left of the rubber isolator. Aftermarket Clam Shell Mounts rubber isolator tend to sag over time or become unseated entirely from the middle. GM Clam Shell Mounts last much longer than the aftermarket, but with the much higher price it is cheaper to use the Energy Suspension Poly inserts. Poly lasts longer and is more performance oriented. A stock GM Clam Shell Mount metal housing is made of thicker material than these aftermarket Clam Shell Mount metal housings and it is preferred to clean up an old dirty OEM Clam Shell Mount metal housing than to buy a new aftermarket one with the poly insert. 

Energy Suspension FAQ

"Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) choose to use rubber in their bushings for several reasons, including costs and comfort characteristics. Rubber offers less NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) since it is soft and compliant, however, during spirited driving, the pliability allows for changes in alignment during acceleration, braking, and hard cornering.


Much like your rubber tires, rubber bushings wear out, especially when considering common factors such as heat and harsh fluids. Rubber bushings with direct UV exposure will dry out, crack, and rot, causing vital suspension components to function poorly. Some OE replacement parts use lesser quality grade rubber which may wear or fail quicker than the OE factory rubber.


Unlike rubber, our Hyper-Flex™ polyurethane is extremely resistant to harsh fluids. Our bushings will not dry out, rot, or crack from heat or UV exposure. Polyurethane offers superior precision during spirited driving, eliminating deflection caused by the soft pliability of rubber."



How stiff are they? These are all at 70A-70T Durometer.


Prothane mounts in comparison are at 80A. 


Energy Suspension Durometer Level

Race Pages Digital Article on Energy Suspension

PowerFlex Article with a Durometer Scale






On LS 3 engines- some came with a factory oil cooler that mounts on the drivers side of the block. 

This will have to be removed and install a factory coolant plug GM part # 12561663 and requires a 17MM allen wrench to install. 




When installing the LS engine into 4X4 truck the front drivers side cross member will need a slight notch.

The front oil pan will slightly touch-




On a 1987-1999 Chevrolet/GMC truck that came with a V6 you will need to remove the V6 mounts and purchase the factory V8 mounts. They will install in the same holes where you remove the V6 mounts. Anchor motor mounts part number 2621.



Different 6 speed transmission and shifter lengths-

LS Alternator wiring-

LS Alternator Wiring



LS Power Steering Pressures-

Corvette C5-C6, Cadillac CTSV, Pontiac G8

Vette Ls1, LS2, LS6, LS7, LS9-  2.4/2.8 GPM 1250/1350 psi

Cadillac CTSV LS2, LS3. LS6- 1.9-2.1 GPM 1640/1740 psi

Cadillac CTSV LSA- 2.7 GPM 1625/1850 psi

Pontiac G8 - 2.0 GPM 1200/1300 psi

GTO F-Body

Camaro 1998-02- 2.7-3.1 GPM 1200-1300 psi

GTO All- 1.95-2.35 GPM 1100/1200 psi

Vortec Truck

C1500, C2500, C3500- 3.0-3.9 GPM 1425-1550 psi

Trailblazer LS2- 2.7-3.1 GPM 1400-1500 psi

Borgeson makes a shim kit to lower pressures on GM power steering pumps if you are running a small diameter pulley and the pressure is too high HERE.




Making custom length MSD spark plug wires when removing the coils from the valve covers and mounting further away.

Super Conductor, Black, 25' Bulk Wire
MSD P/N 34013

LS1, 45-degree boots & terminals
MSD P/N 3304

Silicone straight boots & Terminals
MSD P/N 3301



There are two different urethane insert mounts for clam shell style motor mounts.

A 4 bolt clam shell (Left) uses Energy Suspension part number 3.1116 (G-Black, R-Red) 

A 3 bolt clam shell (Right) uses Energy Suspension part number 3.1121 (G-Black, R-Red) 

Install Instructions 



Is Upgrading Your Engine Mounts Even Worth It?

New Product: LS Engine Mounts for Ford Applications

LS Engine Mounts for Ford Applications

TCI Engineering is proud to announce the release of our new LS Engine mounts for Ford Mustang, Fairlane and Falcon running our front suspension. These mounts simply bolt on to the supplied frame brackets on the TCI Engineering crossmember.

LS mounts for Mustang

The mounting plate holes on the block side are slotted so you can adjust engine placement. Each mounting plate is marked “D” (Driver) & “P” (Passenger) in order to easily identify them.

LS Mounts for Fairlane

Grade 8 Hardware for the insulator

Serrated head bolts for the block.

These American Made LS Engine Mounts are is engineered for easy installation and adjustability. We supply Energy Suspension bushings for long lasting performance.

LS Mounts for Falcon

*Holley Oil Pan xx-xxx must be used in order to clear the rack & pinion*

*Transmission tunnel modifications are required for most transmissions*

All TCI Engineering products come with our Dual Warranty. 6 Year, 60,000 Mile Warranty on wear and tear items like bushings, coil-overs, & ball joints. Any items built in house by TCI Engineering such as link bars, control arms, spindles, crossmembers, etc come with a Lifetime Warranty.

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