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Power Mobility & Wheelchairs & Accessories

Northwest Medical Supplies stocks variety of power mobility, manual wheelchairs, wheelchair accessories, and wheelchair parts. At Northwest Medical Supplies, we provide wheelchairs based on individual needs. Therefore, we stock a wide variety of power wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs from lightweight wheelchairs to heavy-duty wheelchairs, including reclining wheelchairs and specialty wheelchairs. Northwest Medical Supplies stocks many brand-name manual wheelchairs and power wheelchairs including Pride Mobility, Merits Health Products, Drive, Quickie by Sunrise Medical, Graham Field, and Invacare wheelchairs, plus many others. Please check out our other website:

- for details on our line of Pride Mobility Jazzy Motorized Wheelchair, scooters, light weight stylus manual wheelchairs, and accessories.

In addition to wheelchairs, Northwest Medical Supplies provides service repairs. We carry a complete line of wheelchair accessories to augment your wheelchair. From wheelchair safety belts to wheelchair transfer systems, from I.V. / oxygen holders to wheelchair custom upholstery, from wheelchair anti-tippers and brake extensions to wheelchair ramps and wheelchair cushions.

In order to receive our premium service, please simply call our trained customer service representatives at 219-663-4900. We would be happy to assist you in finding the precise wheelchair solution for your needs.


Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair Accessories

From wheelchair ramps and seat cushions, to mobility scooter canopies and cupholders, we have everything you need to make your mobility device more comfortable and convenient.

Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair and scooter ramps help you drive your mobility device over small obstacles likes curbs and steps, as well as into higher areas like the back of a truck or SUV. Portable wheelchair ramps generally have a gradual incline that allows them to be used with any type of mobility device, whether that’s a manual wheelchair, mobility scooter, or electric wheelchair.

Scooter and wheelchair ramps are available in varying lengths, widths, inclines, and weight capacities, so be sure to think about how you’ll primarily be using the ramp prior to purchasing.

Mobility Scooter Batteries

Mobility scooter batteries and electric wheelchair batteries are not “one size fits all,” as the battery for your mobility device is often unique to that specific model or manufacturer. Before purchasing a new battery, make sure it will be compatible with your mobility scooter or power wheelchair.

There are two main reasons you might want to invest in a new scooter or electric wheelchair battery:

1. You need a new battery to replace an older battery that is either draining quickly or has stopped taking a charge completely.

2. You need a spare battery that you can take on longer trips and excursions outside of the house for additional security.

Wheelchair Seat Cushion

Wheelchair seat cushions provide enhanced comfort and improved pressure relief for users who spend extended periods of time sitting in their chair. These cushions are typically constructed from gel, high density foam, or air cells, with each style having its own benefits based on the specific needs of the user. Wheelchair seat cushions also make it more comfortable to traverse rough and difficult terrain, such as bumpy roads or cobblestones.

Wheelchair Bag

A wheelchair bag provides you with a safe and convenient place to store your personal belongings. This is especially useful if you are spending the whole day outside of the house and need to bring a variety of items with you. Wheelchair bags are also a great spot to store items while shopping.

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Pride Mobility

If you are unable to find the Pride Mobility product model number or would like assistance with the part diagrams, please call our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives for assistance at 800-236-4215.

Now easier than ever to order replacement parts for your Pride Mobility product.
  1. Simply find and select your Pride Mobility model number to view detailed part diagams to find the parts you need.
  2. If you are unable to find the Pride Mobility parts you are looking for, please call our customer service representatives for assistance in locating the Pride Mobility parts you need: 800-236-4215.

Southwest Medical is proud to bring you our extensive catalog of Pride Mobility parts complete with all the Pride scooter, wheelchair and lift chair parts you need.

These Pride Mobility parts are shipped direct from the manufacturer in Pennsylvania and can take up to 48 hours to be processed before shipping. This guarantees the highest quality and lowest price possible.

To find your specific part(s),simply locate and select your Pride Mobility model number in the dropdown here or via the product breakout below to view detailed part diagrams that can further assist in finding exactly what you need.

The Manual Wheelchair Comparison: Chair Accessories

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The Manual Wheelchair Comparison: Chair Accessories

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