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Mika YT3201, YT3601, YT3701 en YT3301
The Mika microphone arm is made of wear-resistant silk-matte anodized aluminum and is designed to hold microphones weighing up to 2kg. The arm is adjustable to the weight of the microphone and puts it in the perfect position.


By adjusting only a few screws, the microphone is firmly fastened based on the weight, in each position. With the Mic arm, the microphone position is adjusted within seconds. Fully compatible with the entire Mika system, making the most of the various mounting options to adapt the settings to individual needs.

The Mika microphone arm is available in various options:

- Size M and XL
- colors: Black and Aluminium
- With or without dual color LED ' On Air ' indicator

Mika microphone Arm M

The Mika microphone arm M is made of wear-resistant silk-matte anodized aluminium and is designed to hold microphones weighing up to 2kg. The M-size microphone arm is the perfect all-rounder, a good choice for work or interview spaces where the distance between arm and loudspeaker does not exceed 78.7 cm.

Mika microphone Arm XL

The Mika microphone arm XL is the perfect choice for anyone who has to deal with large distances (up to 107.5 cm) between the mounting position of a microphone and the speaker positions. For instance, the XL version is a good choice to equip large tables or setups with microphones.

Dual Color on Air indicator

The Dual Color on Air indicator allows the user to clear the microphone status using the red and white colors of the indicator; Red and white indicates the status 'on Air' or 'mic ready'. The Dual Color on Air indicator is characterized as a smaller version of Yellowtec's Litt signaling device, which is integrated into the arm's angle hinge and has the Litts incomparable and Red Dot Award-winning CleanVision® Lighting Characteristics.

Click here for the Mika Microphone WITH indicator
Sours: https://www.reporterstore.com/mika-yt3201-yt3601-yt3701-yt3301-microphone-arm

Mike Alert makes installation of Yellowtec’s “Mika” mic arms easy!  It lets you connect the mic arms integrated dual-color Red/White tally lights to your console. Use Red for “On The Air” and White for “Ready” or a secondary indication.

Product Description

MIKE ALERT is an interface device for controlling the dual-color tally indicators on popular “mic arms”. The Mike Alert unit allows two mic arms’ tally lights to be independently controlled, and provides power and control circuitry to operate the white and red tally indicators in each arm.

The Mike Alert unit provides 12 volts DC to operate the tally lights, with automatic polarity control to select either the white or red light. The Mike Alert can be interfaced to virtually any broadcast console, router, or any device that provides for tally light control. There are two isolated inputs, “Red” and “White”, for each mic arm. The Red light is normally used to indicate On The Air; the White light is normally used to indicate Ready or a secondary status. Note that the Red input will always take precedence: if both inputs are active, only the Red tally light will operate.

The mic arm cable is connected to the Mike Alert via a 5-pin XLR connector: 3 pins are used for mic audio, and 2 pins are used for the tally LED lighting. The mic audio is passed-though to a standard 3-pin male XLR for connection to an audio console.

Control inputs are via a 15-pin D-sub connector. The control inputs may be any GPI contact closure, open collector, or any maintained DC voltage from 5 to 12 VDC. Mike Alert can be integrated with a Henry Engineering Superelay for control of the studio’s main On The Air warning lights. Activating any mic arm Red and/or White tally circuit can also turn on the main On The Air warning lights.

The Mike Alert is 1/3 rack width and can be mounted in an optional rack shelf, or wallmounted using optional wall/cabinet mounting brackets. The unit is powered with an internal AC power supply, which can be user-set for either 115 or 230 VAC mains.

Sours: https://henryeng.com/mike-alert/
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  • Where do I get guidance and detailled instructions concerning m!ka products?

    You're looking for information about how to mount m!ka? Or you're wondering about how to combine the m!ka System's various elements?

    Our m!ka How To Clips offer you advice and give you an overview of available mounting options and give you advice on how to install and mount m!ka. One video also shows you how to balance the m!ka Mic Arm with the weight of your microphone.

    Also please have a look at the m!ka Briefing Book. With the help of graphics, it shows you what you should pay attention to and serves as a step-by-step guide.

  • Is it possible to deactivate the m!ka Monitor Arm's QuickFix function?



    The m!ka Mic Arm's QuickFix function allows for easy installation of monitors. With the help of a release lever, it locks your equipment in place.


    Nevertheless, you always have the choice to deactivate QuickFix. Simply turn in the screw placed next to the release lever on the m!ka Monitor Arm's head in order to disengage the QuickFix function. Doing so, your monitor or m!ka Accessory is permanently fixed to the arm until you decide to loosen the screw again. To take full advantage of QuickFix again, simply loosen the screw anytime.

  • How to install a microphone?

    One of our m!ka How To Clips shows you how to install a microphone to your m!ka Mic Arm.

    Please follow the following steps to install and wire your microphone:


    STEP 1:
    Cut off the black and yellow wires on the upper end of the cable. They are not connected and do not carry any voltage. Always make sure to leave adequate cable lengths before you cut the cable to fit the mic. It is not possible to install a new cable loom inside the m!ka Mic Arm.


    STEP 2:
    To install your microphone, we recommend the use of standard XLR connectors. Please note that XLR-connectors are not included when ordering a m!ka Mic Arm.


    a) m!ka On Air Arms
    To install m!ka On Air Arms, we suggest to use XLR-5 pin connectors for microphone signal and on air light feed on the lower end of the cable and XLR-3 type connectors for microphone on the cable's upper end.


    b) m!ka Arms WITHOUT on air function
    For m!ka Arms without on air function please use XLR-3 connectors on both ends of the cable.


    STEP 3:
    Simply connect your mic via XLR-connection.


    Find more information on page 4 of our m!ka Briefing Book.

  • How can I adapt the m!ka Mic Arm to my mic's weight?

    One of our How To Video Clips shows you how to perfectly balance your m!ka Mic Arm with the weight of your individual microphone.

    Please check out the video HERE and follow these steps:


    STEP 1:
    Make sure that all three T-screws are not too tight but in a somewhat loose position. Then identify the screw on the bottom of the m!ka Mic Arm and adjust your arm with your mic attached to have it levitate in your favored position.


    STEP 2:
    Now fasten the T-screws just enough to perfectly hold the mic in any position wherever you pull it. Do not pull the knurled screws too tight. They may break and the joints may squeak. Instead readjust the screw inside the bottom as in Step 1 in case you are not happy with the result of your adjustment.


    Find more information on page 11 of the m!ka Briefing Book.

  • How do I change the on air indicator's color?

    To change you m!ka Mic Arm's on air signaling color from red to white simply reverse the polarity of the drive voltage.


    a) Red signal
    Wire m!ka On Air Mic Arms as usual to achieve red on air signaling.
    Wiring for red signal: BLK = 0V YEL=+12-24VDC


    b) White signal
    Reverse polarity to make use of a white on air light.
    Wiring for white signal: BLK=+12-24VDC YEL=0V


    c) Red AND white signal
    To make most of the dual color indicator, use both colors.
    Therefore, use a switch to toggle between red and white. 


    Find more information on page 4 of the m!ka Briefing Book.

  • Is it possible to equip previous m!ka On Air Mic Arms models with the dual color signal?



    By swapping only the joint instead of the whole m!ka On Air Mic Arm, you have the option to easily upgrade your existing m!ka On Air Arm with CleanVision® lighting characteristics in dual color. How easy it is to swap head joints is shown in this short video tutorial.

  • How do I prevent my m!ka Arms from squeaking?

    If your m!ka Arms ever squeak or if you can't put your mic in position smoothly, there is an easy solution for that:




    Simply use common Teflon spray and place it on the joints. You will immediately experience the smoothness you are used to when using m!ka.

    In general, squeaking arms indicate that your arms aren't adjusted to your gear's weight. Please follow the instructions for adjusting the arms to never get near squeaking m!ka Arms.

    This How To Video Clip shows you how to adjust your m!ka Mic Arm correctly.

  • Sours: https://www.yellowtec.com
    Yellowtec Mika Mic Arm Review - Is it Worth the Money?

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