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Film Review: The Bell Witch Haunting (2013)



Based on true events. The Robertson County Sheriff’s Department has released footage found on the bodies of the Sawyer family’s cell phones and video cameras. What was first thought to be a murder-suicide is now believed to be the return of a centuries-old demon responsible for America’s most famous paranormal event


Considering the multitude of titles that have surfaced under the “found footage” moniker in recent years, a section dedicated solely to this unruly subgenre would not be a shocking sight at the local video dive.  It would certainly make the “What to rent?” conundrum smoother sailing for those folks who hate them.  I, however, still find myself intrigued and sometimes delighted (See “Frankenstein’s Army.”  Seriously, see it.) in my viewings of these low-tech stabs at greatness.  Hell, I maintain “Apollo 18” was a groovy flick, a statement some may feel deeply threatens my integrity.


The story of the Bell Witch, who haunted wealthy farm owner John Bell (and, more aggressively, his daughter Betsy) throughout the early 1700s in Adams, Tennessee, has been oft-told since the turn of the current century. A film bearing the same title of our offering was released in 2004, followed by “An American Haunting” in 2005, and “Bell Witch: The Movie” rounding out the period piece triple threat in 2007.  All were based directly on the legend, but not one still casts a shadow over its scary movie brethren like that of 1999’s “The Blair Witch Project,” which added a sinister child-snatching spin to its specter’s history whilst borrowing heavily from this dead antagonist’s tale.

One would assume, given the title and found footage conceit, that “The Bell Witch Haunting” would be an Asylum artistic rape of “Blair Witch.”  Though utilizing the oddly tropical January climate in Tennessee (note to director Glenn Miller: The Volunteer State is not located in central Africa) for a few pivotal witchy woodland shenanigans, much of the film takes place within the walls of the Sawyer home, owing a greater debt to the “Paranormal Activity” franchise.  Truth be told, “Bell” pickpockets whatever it can get its grubby paws on to serve each momentary purpose.  Slapping elements of “The Exorcist,” “Darkness Falls” and countless others into the wildly uneven casserole, it throws everything at its audience including (oh yes) even the kitchen sink, praying some of it sticks.  Very little does, but watching this Amtrak jump the rails is never short of interesting.


Having just moved to Adams from Chicago into a new domain located on the old Bell property and mere feet from the forest rumored to be inhabited by the malevolent spirit, the Sawyers could very possibly be the thickest fictional white people to ever reside in a haunted house.  Personally, I’d be putting a temporary hold on the unpacking after a strange-acting party guest and her boyfriend are brutally murdered on their drive home from the shindig.  This occurs, not after setting up any sort of coherent narrative, but in the opening minutes of the movie.  They are discovered by the true hero of the piece, Officer Bungalon (Jason Kakebeen), who is apparently the only cop within a fifty mile radius.  Ever.  This could explain why a rural law enforcement professional is outfitted with an expensive chest cam.  Obviously, his superiors worry he may accidentally shoot someone in a sleep-deprived stupor.


From there, “Bell” wavers between outlandish shock scares (two appearances of the ghost early on that are never mentioned again, the infamous sink) to dull bits of lights turning on and off, doors creaking open, et cetera.  There is no build here whatsoever until the final fifteen minutes, merely unconnected occurences rambling over one another like drunk housewives discussing last week’s “The Voice.”  The continuity is a nightmare. Skipping inexplicably in time and at one point introducing a camera angle days before the actual camera is placed in that particular location, this entire link could be dedicated to the c**k-ups alone.  The deaths (and, to its credit, there are plenty) range from silly to hysterical, my personal fave involving an unfortunate laborer who lets loose with the most cartoonish shriek this side of a “Loony Tunes” short as he meets his end via the witch’s ability to manipulate electricity.  She also flies at one point, in a dazzling display of effects most likely created with a clip art program from 1998.  Don’t even get me started on why these people have flashlights equipped with digital cameras lying around the house, powered up and at the ready.



Though given very little to work with, the main quartet of performers portraying the Sawyers are more engaging than the roles deserve.  As hip parents Scott and Kristi, Drew Cash and Desi Ivanova hold up well until the final third, when he becomes sort of possessed (I think) and bellows “We’re not leaving this house!” at the others approximately four hundred times as she mewls and stage weeps.  Catherine Alter and Andrew Hellenthal fare better as teen siblings Dana and Brandon, but nobody involved emerges from this wreck completely unscathed.  The lovely Alter, though no rising starlet, is indeed a trooper.  From unending shots of her suffering night terrors, to a scene where she is found by the eternally on-duty Bungalon in a storm drain munching on a dead raccoon, to floating around the dining room in goth club make-up as a priest attempts an exorcism, Alter tries her damnedest to sell this.  They all give it a commendable go, which is more than I can say for many Asylum productions.

A final claustrophobic crawl through a subterranean cave in pursuit of the witch brings a belated touch of intensity to the proceedings, even if five other better films are called to mind in its presentation.  The Asylum continues their giddy streak of disposable nonsense with “The Bell Witch Haunting,” another fitting entry in the company’s dubious catalogue.  So many differing levels of awful are on display here, it’s nearly mesmermizing.  Watch it with a few beers and a gaggle of wiseass pals.  You might get your money’s worth.

The Bell Witch Haunting (2013)

Sours: https://horrornews.net/77548/film-review-the-bell-witch-haunting-2013/

Look, if the film’s saying that these events actually happened, then it clearly has to be true.

Cast of Characters:
Brandon Sawyer – Andrew Hellenthal
Dana Sawyer – Catherine Alter
Janette Sawyer – Julia Cearley
Michael Sawyer – Ted Jonas
Colby – Benjamin James
Officer Bungalon – Jason Kakebeen

Director – Glenn Miller
Producer – Paul Bales, David Michael Latt & David Rimawi
Not Rated

In Tennessee, the Robertson County Sheriff’s Department has officially released to the public cell phone and video camera footage found of the murders of the Sawyer family – Michael (Ted Jonas), Janette (Julia Cearley), and their two children Brandon (Andrew Hellenthal) and Dana (Catherine Alter).

The film you are about to see is an account of the tragedy which befell this group of four, in particular Brandon and his bitchy sister Dana. It is all the more tragic in that they were young stars destined for greatness. But, had they achieved very, very long careers, they could not have expected nor would they have wished to see as much of the mad and macabre film as they were to participate in long, long ago. For them an idyllic summer week – wait, isn’t it supposed to be January?

Clearly these guys don’t know much about winters in Tennessee.

Anyway, the events of that week were to lead to the discovery of one of the most bizarre crimes in the annals of American history… The Bell Witch Haunting… er – uh – massacre..

For movies that have popularized the found footage genre like The Blair Witch Project or revitalized it like Paranormal Activity, it’s natural and totally unsurprising that they have incentivized every average Joe with even just the crappiest flip cam or cell phone camera to gather their friends around, yell out “ACTION!!” and make a cheap movie. After all, who wouldn’t want to make a film for next to nothing and have it go on to gross over $100 million at the box office?

That said, any amateur nobody can just slop together a half-assed movie, and then slap a “BASED ON TRUE EVENTS” tag on their film. It’s my objective duty as the well-respected, world-renowned journalist that I so clearly am to pick through this particular footage presented here – both Brandon’s handheld camera, and Officer Bungalon’s body and dash cam – with a fine-tooth comb and come to a decisive and fully assured conclusion as to whether this is true, unadulterated evidence of a heinous, paranormal-related crime or flat-out bull shit.

Witness statements have confirmed that the events that would ultimately lead to the scene of the crime first began at what was initially believed to be a wild, inhibition-less rave filled with underage drinking, drug use and more than a few topless, skimpy thong-clad statutory rape cases just waiting to happen. Upon further examination, the initial assumptions proved to be a mistake as it turned out to be a family birthday party for the Sawyers’ son Brandon.

Dear God, I hope they all weren’t related.

Also, if it pleases the court, I ask that the father, Michael Sawyer’s statement suggesting that his son ends up in Hollywood and becomes the next Steven Spielberg be stricken from the record, as even the most inattentive examination to the video evidence presented here could verify with full certainty that such a statement couldn’t be any further from the truth.

And now ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the evidence.

Exhibit A: Both video and audio evidence appear to confirm what could be potential supernatural activity occurring in the Sawyer family’s new residence, in this case a book falling from Brandon’s shelf and at one point, a shrill, piercing demonic voice shrieking “GET OUT!!” through Dana’s speakers, thereby frightening her friends away. Might I also add for the record that these two items appear to be the only two objects of note that have been unpacked from the Sawyers belongings in what may have been days since their first move-in date.


  • Maybe it’s the wind?
  • Have you tried perhaps taking a spirit level to the base of the bookshelf to see if the floor is evenly horizontal?
  • You know, if you’re dealing with a demon that is this trite and lazy-assed, do you really have much to worry about?

Exhibit B: During Brandon’s party, in the midst of all the illegal underage activity all the seemingly responsible adults appear to be overlooking, many eyewitnesses have identified one partygoer – female, brunette, possibly late teens to early-mid twenties, one of the few girls to have actually kept all her clothes on – to be standing out on the patio alone, motionlessly. Statements have testified to her eyes having this blank stare, so dark and empty, as if her entire being’s been swallowed up by the very callous, inhuman form that possesses her weary soul.


  • Infestation… oppression… possession. This woman’s soul belongs to Satan now. May God grant mercy on her soul.
  • Narcolepsy?
  • If you’ve ever been to a Marlatt family gathering – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, birthdays… interventions – the answer is abundantly clear… this bitch is totally shit-faced.

Annnnnnnnd she’s dead.

Exhibit C: Video evidence obtained by the Robertson County Sheriff’s Department show what appears to be Dana’s fashion podcast, where she flaunts her oh so fashionable taste in $12.75 dresses she bought at the O’Hare Airport while her brother creepily catches her with his camera from inside her closet. May the record show that this evidence bears little weight to this particular case, but you can see Miss Sawyer’s nipples.


  • $12.75 at the O’Hare Airport? If this bitch has an online fanbase of even just ten subscribers, then clearly I’ve been wasting my fucking time giving any sort of effort whatsoever.
  • I don’t know what’s creepier: The ghost haunting her room or the brother watching her get dressed?
  • Yeah, about the nipples, It’s not that I’m a creep… they’re just that noticeable.

Exhibit D: Video evidence obtained with the Robertson County Sheriff’s Departmentshowcase what most definitely appears and sounds to be a montage set to Tchaikovsky’s “Russian Dance”. Again… that is a PERFECTLY EDITED MONTAGE SET TO TCHAIKOVSKY’S “RUSSIAN DANCE”smack dab in the middle of allegedly found footage.


  • Brandon’s camera is just that good.
  • If you play the music backward you can almost make out the Devil admitting not even he would pull off a bit of creative license this glaringly inauthentic.
  • Maybe the Robertson County Sheriff’s Department edited it as a tasteless gesture toward the Sawyer family’s memory?

Exhibit E: Police reports filed by Officer Bungalow or whatever his name is have confirmed his call to the scene of a missing person’s report at 22:34 PM – Dash-Cam Footage, 20:36 PM – Body-Cam Footage.


  • We have officially stepped into an opened portal from which time, matter and space bear no meaning at all.
  • Daylight Saving’s Time.
  • Tennessee response times are just as bad as Detroit’s. What can I tell ya?

Exhibit F: Further reports filed by Officer Bungle in the Jungle have stated his discovery of the dead body, later identified to be one of Dana’s friends. Despite hanging from a tree literally only fifteen feet from his parked vehicle, the officer did not notice the appearance of the body until later on during his search.


  • It was night. It’s hard to see, plus your eyes play tricks on you.
  • Sudden manifestation of a full-bodied apparition. Even the Devil moves in mysterious ways.
  • The cop is just that fucking stupid.

January 21TH and 22TH.

No need to add that to the record. By this point, a goof like that so obviously inept they have to be punking us should come as no surprise by now.

Exhibit G: Video evidence obtained by the Robertson County Sheriff’s Department, and a crucial point for this case, shows the Sawyer parents comforting Dana after reportedly experiencing night terrors and possibly even worse – demonic oppression. Forewarning, what you are about to see is indeed troubling and traumatic, and, thankfully, Brandon is a dickhole and a half of a brother to videotape every waking second of her life-altering experience.

Victim Statement #1: “She’s been yelling, craziness. Like crazy shit… She was just – like – yelling and freaking out. She’s – like – really stressed out. She’s like mega-bitch.” – Brandon Sawyer


  • Troubling signs of abnormal behavior spurred on by demonic oppression. Contact a paranormal/demonology professional and (or) an ordained priest right away. Time is of the essence.
  • You don’t need a priest. You need the feminine hygiene products aisle at your local store, ’cause all this bitch has is PMS.

Victim Statement #2: “Brandon… I love you too… I’m sorry I’m such a bitch sometimes.” – Dana Sawyer


  • It takes a real, honest individual to take a good, hard look at themselves in the mirror, reflect and own up to their own shortcomings.
  • Sweet Mary, Joseph and Jesus, this woman is definitely possessed. Forget the priest and professionals, and just get the hell out of that house now. I mean, you barely unpacked anything anyway, so it’s like total escape and ultimate peace of mind at only half the effort.

Exhibit H: Video evidence obtained by the Robertson County Sheriff’s Department confirmed a troubling sight first witnessed by Brandon and Dana’s mother Janette that, thankfully, Brandon again is tactless enough to have captured on camera. The startling footage clearly shows what appears to be every single family picture with a precise crack where Dana is. Even more startling is the confirmed realization that this is assumed to be the only time Janette unpacks a damn thing


  • Clearly, the malevolent entity has found its host.
  • Maybe it was the moving company? That’s what Yelp is for.
  • At this point, was a moving company even necessary?
  • “Oh… look how cute she is too.” – Janette Sawyer
  • “Look at you… my baby!” – Janette Sawyer
  • This family is like cheap, flimsy putty in this demon’s hands.

Final testimonies, eyewitness accounts and obtained video footage have confirmed what could very well be a documented case of demonic possession within the Sawyer family. Maybe it was the weird, airy, disembodied whispers initially believed to be Enya music? Maybe it was Officer Electric Boogaloo – who apparently must be the only cop in Robertson County – discovering Dana eating animal carcass in the middle of the night? Or maybe it was the Sawyers’ daughter levitating about five to six feet above the dining room table?

A local priest had been contacted to perform an exorcism, but upon further examination, the ritual was a total fail. It is being reported that it was not so much the clergyman’s lack of faith as it was his neck being snapped by Dana.

Final Observations:

1) Blood spewing up from your sink? Maybe the septic tank’s backed up?

2) If it takes you nine days of experiencing some next-level ghost shit in your home before you finally begin to do a little online research, if not flat-out booking it the hell out of that place, then you deserve all the supernatural ass-kicking that little spawn of Satan inflicts on you.

3) Heavy scratching at the door? Could be a mouse.

4) When your family’s going through some seriously traumatic experiences, why not make lemons into exploitative lemonade by making a movie out of it?

5) When a cop tells you to get down on the ground at gunpoint, the best course of action is to threaten and scream angrily back, “Get out of my house… Get out of my house! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! GET!! OUT!! OF MY!! HOOOOUSSSSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6) Irony: Death by way of the camera you’re documenting everything with documenting your own death as it bashes your brains out.

Judgment: Upon close and extremely, very extremely careful examination, I am thoroughly persuaded, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the evidence brought forth before our very eyes here is the grand culmination of what is, undoubtedly, the most meticulously crafted, painstakingly efforted, convincingly argumented, immaculately conducted investigation that I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

And I’d expect nothing less from the same man that thought water tornadoes shitting out sharks all over Los Angeles was a great idea.

Sentence: Five years community service spent unpacking and arranging the home the Sawyers just slept their lazy asses on and let all those untouched boxes sit there still packed up for fifteen days straight.

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Cat Alter (Dana Sawyer), Andrew Hellenthal (Brandon Sawyer), Ted Jonas (Michael Sawyer), Julia Cearley (Janette Sawyer), Benjamin James (Colby), Natalie Burtney (Lisa), M. Steven Petty (Priest), Drew Cash (Scott), James Simenc (Chris), Desi Ivanova (Kristi)

The Found Footage ghost story became a genre unto itself after the success of Paranormal Activity (2007) and sequels. This produced a horde of usually low-budget imitators such as Lake Mungo (2008), Haunted Changi (2010), Emergo/Apartment 143 (2011), Grave Encounters (2011), Haunted Poland (2011), 7 Nights of Darkness (2011), Muirhouse (2012), The Borderlands (2013) and 21 Days (2014). The Asylum, a company known for their habit of ripping off other people’s ideas and titles, jumped in with the idea of setting a ghost story on the site of a famous murder or haunted house with The Haunting of Winchester House (2009) and continued with Gacy House (2010), Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes (2011), The Amityville Haunting (2011), A Haunting in Salem (2011), The Haunting of Whaley House (2012) and 100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard Speck (2012).

The Bell Witch Haunting was a supposedly true incident that occurred between 1817 and 1821 where the Bell family of Adams, Tennessee claim to have been terrorised by a supernatural force. The spirit assaulted the teenage Betsy and struck down the father John Bell with palsy and possibly poisoned him. The Bell family believed this was a curse conjured by local woman Kathe Betts who fell out with John and had him excommunicated from the local church. Later-to-be US President Andrew Jackson supposedly tried to visit the Bell farm and was driven away by the spirit. There have been three films based on the legend with the low-budget The Bell Witch Haunting (2004) and Bell Witch: The Movie (2007), with the most high-profile of these being Courtney Solomon’s An American Haunting (2005).

The Found Footage ghost story (and genre as a whole) has so few original moves to it that most of them have been reduced to cliche within the space of less than a handful of films. By the time of The Bell Witch Haunting, these are starting to seem tiresome in their predictability. A great many of the directorial set-ups here are blatantly borrowed from Paranormal Activity and sequels – the infra-red cameras watching in the bedrooms as people sleep, ones mounted in the dining room and kitchen observing as things randomly fall over or doors shut of their own accord.

James Simenc attacked in the woods in The Bell Witch Haunting (2013)

The basic plot of the family moving into the new house, which they then find to be haunted, has been uplifted from The Amityville Horror (1979) – we even get scenes where the father (Ted Jonas) becomes infected by ichor and turns brooding. It is also a film where the need to swing plot points gets in the way of credibility – I can buy that an electrical repairman might want to do a selfie How To film to upload to YouTube as a promotional gimmick but would someone really edit, post-produce and upload footage that showed the electrician being killed (as the on-screen site credits indicate it has)?

Glenn Miller, who as is wont with most Found Footage films, is uncredited. Miller has been a regular Asylum assistant director who subsequently went on to direct The Coed and the Zombie Stoner (2014), Santa Claws (2014), Zoombies (2016) and Aquarium of the Dead (2021). Very occasionally Miller does something that stimulates attention. One of the more interesting images is an infra-red shot where a sheet is levitated from two sleeping girls and then brought down, pinning them to the bed and suffocating them.

The film also gets one mild jolt off where James Simenc goes into the woods to pay tribute to his killed friend only to be abruptly snatched up into the air by a blurred force and his dead body tossed back seconds later. The last section of the film with the attempt to exorcise the house and much running around the woods with possessed people and handheld camera travels into tiresomely cliche areas by which point one switches off altogether.

Trailer here

Sours: http://www.moriareviews.com/horror/bell-witch-haunting-2013.htm
The Case Of The Bell Witch Haunting Is More Terrifying Than Any Horror Film


January 15th, 2011 – Officer Bungalon discovers the bodies of Scott Johnson and Lynn Roebuck along a rural road in Adams, Tennessee.

6 Hours Earlier – Brandon Sawyer celebrates his birthday at an outdoor pool party with his friend Chris and his cousin Colby. Brandon’s parents Michael and Jeanette give him a video camera as a gift. Brandon’s sister Dana brings her friends Kristi and Jessica to the party. The power goes out during the party. Lynn goes into a trance before Scott decides to take her home.

January 16th, 2011 – Day 2 – Brandon jumps out of his sister’s closet while she records her web series, “Dressing with Dana.”

January 17th, 2011 – Day 3 – While Brandon is out of his room, the camera records a door opening and things moving by themselves. That night, Dana is awoken by night terrors.

January 18th, 2011 – Day 4 – Nothing happens.

January 19th, 2011 – Day 5 – Brandon and Colby explore the woods. They find a dead animal that looks like it is half-rabbit and half-dog. Kristi records a female apparition while the girls have fun in Dana’s bedroom. Brandon hears scratching at his door while he tries to sleep. He also sees an apparition briefly while exploring the kitchen in the dark.

January 20th, 2011 – Day 6 – Brandon finds footprints leading from a puddle in the basement. While the girls are in Dana’s bedroom, a voice over the stereo says, “get out!” Kristi immediately leaves the Sawyer house in fear. Officer Bungalon later finds her body hanging from a tree.

January 21st, 2011 – Day 7 – Dana and Jessica discuss Kristi’s death. Dana has night terrors again.

January 22nd, 2011 – Day 8 – Jeanette hears something and falls in the basement. Michael cuts his hand while feeling for the source of the noise. Brandon and his mother discover that Dana’s face is mysteriously scratched out of all the family photos. Michael is covered with a strange red slime while working at the kitchen sink.

January 23rd, 2011 – Day 9 – Colby and Brandon research the legend of the Bell Witch and discover that the Sawyer house is built on the same land from the nineteenth century haunting. Based on the bizarre occurrences in the house, the two boys then set up surveillance cameras throughout the home. A living room lamp turns on by itself. While Kristi and Dana sleep in a bed together, their bed sheet rises in the air before returning to the bed and attempting to suffocate the girls. Kristi leaves.

January 24th, 2011 – Day 10 – Jeanette cuts her hand while fiddling with the living room lamp. While filming an episode for his web series “Get Electric with Denny,” an electrician working on the house is electrocuted.

January 25th, 2011 – Night 11 – The witch appears on the surveillance cameras before Dana has another night terror.

January 26th, 2011 – Day 12 – Brandon and Colby review the footage and decide to examine the nearby woods while looking for the Bell Witch cave. Brandon’s mother calls him away before the boys can leave. Colby investigates alone and is attacked by something unseen. Brandon and his father later search the forest for Colby and find his body with its innards torn out.

January 27th, 2011 – Day 13 – While filming a tribute to Colby at Wood Creek, Chris is attacked and killed by the witch.

January 27th, 2011 – Night 13 – Michael sleepwalks outside in a trance. He goes into convulsions as a fire burns in the outside fireplace. Jeanette calls 911 when she finds her husband’s blood all over the bathroom sink. Officer Bungalon eventually finds Michael wandering a dark road and screaming, “get out of my house!” Back at home, Michael spits up red slime.

Dana becomes trapped in the basement. Jeanette calls 911 when she is unable to find her daughter. Officer Bungalon later finds Dana in a drainage pipe eating a raccoon and returns her to the Sawyer residence. Michael becomes enraged when his wife suggests leaving the house.

January 28th, 2011 – Day 14 – Pots and pans fall over in the kitchen. Jeanette contacts a priest.

January 29th, 2011 – Night 15 – The priest performs an exorcism on Dana. In her possessed state, Dana kills him. The family follows Dana into the woods. Brandon is attacked by his sister. She uses the camera to kill him. Michael fires his gun at Dana but instead shoots his wife. Dana then forces her father to turn the gun on himself. No longer possessed, Dana comes to her senses and sees the carnage. She follows an apparition into a nearby cave and comes face to face with the witch. Epilogue text reveals that Dana currently lives in a privately owned asylum on the east coast and still suffers from night terrors.

Sours: https://culturecrypt.com/movie-reviews/the-bell-witch-haunting-2013

Tennessee dana sawyer

The Bell Witch Haunting

2013 American film

The Bell Witch Haunting
The Bell Witch Haunting poster.jpg

Film poster

Directed byGlenn Miller
StarringAndrew Hellenthal
Ted Jones
Cat Alter

Release date

  • August 26, 2013 (2013-08-26)

Running time

91 min
CountryUnited States

The Bell Witch Haunting is a 2013 horror film based on the story of the Bell Witch that haunts a modern American family. The film was preceded by others based on the same plot, Bell Witch Haunting (2004), An American Haunting (2005) and Bell Witch: The Movie (2007).[1]


In Tennessee, the Robertson County Sheriff’s Department releases a footage found on the cell phones and video cameras of the dead Sawyer family. What was first thought to be a murder-suicide is now believed to be the return of a centuries-old supernatural sinister force.


Rob Getz from Horrornews.net noted that "though utilizing the oddly tropical January climate in Tennessee... for a few pivotal witchy woodland shenanigans, much of the film takes place within the walls of the Sawyer home, owing a greater debt to the “Paranormal Activity” franchise".[1] Getz added that the film is "slapping elements of "The Exorcist", "Darkness Falls" and countless others into the wildly uneven casserole" and that "watching this Amtrak jump the rails is never short of interesting".[1]


External links[edit]

Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bell_Witch_Haunting
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