Female walking animation

Female walking animation DEFAULT

Animation Woman Walking, walk, cartoon, girl, silhouette png

Animation Woman Walking, walk, cartoon, girl, silhouette png

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Best Animation Mods for Skyrim on Xbox One

Article Contents

In this list, we’re going to take a look at some of the best animation mods for Skyrim on the Xbox One. Most of these mods consist mostly of combat and movement animations, and aim to make the game feel more immersive and realistic.

There doesn’t seem to be many mods available that change the movement of creatures. Although some are still pretty unique, such as the Ronin Animations which give a Japanese feel to the game.

All the links below link back to the Bethesda website where they can be downloaded, and the list below is in no particular order. We’ve covered many more lists of Skyrim Mods for Xbox One!

Girly Animations

girly animations

First up is the Girly Animations mod, which replaces a lot of animations for your female characters in Skyrim. Currently, these include running, walking, sprinting and idle animations. The developer hopes that these new animations will make your characters look a bit more ‘feminine’.

Visit Mod

Shared Girly Animations

shared animations

This next mod is an expansion of Girly Animations. Instead of just having some movement animations, this mod will also add new animations for jumping, weapon idles, weapon sprinting, one handed movement and more. Although due to animations being shared between all characters in Skyrim, these will affect male characters too.

Visit Mod

Realistic Death Physics

death physics

Realistic Death Physics is a mod for Skyrim that will remove all death animations from the game. Instead, any characters or creatures will ragdoll instantly, which is intended to give them a more realistic looking death. The mod also makes some minor tweaks to physics and collisions which should help with realism.

Visit Mod

Immersive Animations

The Immersive Animations mod has been ported from PC, and adds new animations which mostly make changes to Combat. The animations that are included and changed include one handed weapons, dual wielding, sprinting, sneaking, walking, strafing and animations for weapons and shields.

Visit Mod

Mofumofu372 Combat Animations

This next mod is another animation replacer, though this time specifically for Combat animations. Specifically, this mod changes animations for 1 handed and 2 handed weapons, normal attacks, power attacks, bash animations and running attacks. 

Visit Mod

First Person Magic Animation

Another mod ported from PC is First Person Magic Animations. It changes casting animations for idle, ready, charge, self release, far release, self concentration, aim concentration, telekinesis, ward, dual casting and more. It’s one of the only mods available that work on changing these types of animations in Skyrim.

Visit Mod

Faster Get Up Animation

Instead of working on making animations more appealing in Skyrim, this mod simply makes it so that if you get knocked down, the time it takes to get back up is reduced and back into battle.

Visit Mod

Ronin: Combat Animations

This mod replaces the animations of one handed and hand to hand combat animations to suit a more Japanese style of combat. As well as changing player animations, the animations of some NPCs in Skyrim will also be changed. A few items are also included with the mod, including a craftable Katana and invisible shields.

Visit Mod

Animated Dragon Wings

This next mod adds new items into Skyrim. When equipped, they will add special Dragon Wings to the players back. They come with a few positive effects, such as increased health, stamina, magicka and shout recovery rate. These wings come with some great looking animations which match the players movement.

Visit Mod

Dualsun Animation Replacer

Finally, we have another Skyrim mod which changes some combat & movement animations. Overall, it replaced many vanilla animations including 1 handed, 2 handed, magic casts, sneaks, bow and crossbow, blocks, jumping, standing and a few others.

Visit Mod

Sours: https://www.pwrdown.com/skyrim/best-animation-mods-for-skyrim-on-xbox-one/
  1. Deuteronomy 1 7
  2. Top 3 automakers
  3. 1911 cast frame
  4. Herrscher honkai impact
Is there a mod to fix the female animation ?
Why Bugthesda always copying/paste modders (amateurs) works for their next game ?

Now we have every single woman in Skyrim walking like a model ( a ♥♥♥♥♥ ?) :steamfacepalm:
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Blender 2.83 : Female Walking Cycle Animation (In 3 Minutes!!!)

– Female Walk Cycle – Workflow Tutorial –

In this Tutorial I show my personal workflow to create this Female Walk Cycle (in place)

Software: Maya
Rig: The Eleven Rig http://elevenrig.blogspot.de/


“Female Walk Cycle” – RECAP (INTERMEDIATE)

In general, before you start your cycle, you need to decide what type of walk you want to create, the style, the timing, the mood of the characters etc…

Make a research, shoot yourself, watch other walks, make some test. There’re infinite ways to walk and it’s important to chose the right one for your character!

In this tutorial I show you a very fluid and sinuous walk (I made this choice ’cause I wanted play with overlap) 😉

This are the KEY poses for this walk, focusing just on the HIP and LEGS (and below the hip positions in the in-betweens)

You can see the 2 CONTACT POSE with opposite foot leading (the foot forward), the DOWN position with the extreme DOWN pose of the hip, the PASSING and the UP with the extreme UP hip position.

Before start to pose the character, I usually hide the parts of the body I don’t want to see for the moment, I will start posing the legs and the hip, so I temporarily hide all the other faces

To do that, just create a new material (a lambert) and make it transparent, then select the mesh and the faces you want to hide and assign them this transparent material

After that, I also assign 2 different colors to legs and arms to better visualize left and right


We start from the CONTACT POSE. Use a SIDE VIEW and move a bit downward the body, then select the leading foot (in this case is the right one) and move it forward (the leg is straight, not bended) and rotate the foot upward so that just the heel touches the ground.

Move back the left foot and with the foot rool pose it so that the heel starts to leave the ground

In the FRONT VIEW move on X the feet so that they are almost aligned in the center of the body, one in front of the other

Then we copy the same pose at the end of our cycle (frame 31) and in the middle (frame 16) we add an other key, but this time we mirror the pose of the feet (now the left foot is the leading one)

To mirror the pose: go on frame 1, select the right foot ctrl and right-click on the timeline and select COPY, then select the left foot ctrl and move on frame 16 and right-click…PASTE. Then go in the channel box and change the + with the – (or viceversa) for the axis that are opposite for the other foot (translation X, rotation y and Z)

Again, go on frame 1, select the left foot ctrl, COPY, select the right foot ctrl and go on frame 16, PASTE, and mirror values. Do the same for the knee ctrl!


Now select all the ctrls and in the graph editor be sure to have the tangents in SPLINE (or Auto), then select just the feet ctrls and switch to LINEAR the part where the feet slide on the ground

At frame 3 set at 0 all the rotations of the right foot (now it touches completely the ground), move downward the body (here it reaches his lowest position)

On the left foot increase the values of the foot rool so that now it’s alsmost detached from the ground, it touches it just with the toes

Both the legs now are bended!


At frame 8 we create the passing pose, the moment when both the legs are aligned in the middle of the center of gravity, the left foot is moving forward and the right foot…backward

The body started to go UP again, the right foot is still complately flattened on the ground and the left foot is in the air (rotated downward and translated and rotated a bit externally)

Keep attention to balance the body in this pose. The right foot must be perfectly on the center of gravity (’cause all the weigth is on this foot now)


On frame 12, move the body upward (this will be his highest position), the left foot is almost forward, pointing upward and the leg is a bit bended

The right foot is flattened on the ground but the heel started to detach from the ground a bit

Let’s copy and mirror the DOWN (frame 3), PASSING (frame 8) and UP (frame 12) poses on the other half of the cycle: mirrored DOWN (frame 18), mirrored PASSING (frame 23), mirrored UP (frame 27)

Switch ALL the curves in STEPPED and make a playblast!


Now we can add the HIP movement! Funny part 😉

Schermata 2017-07-18 a 10.48.57.png

In the contact pose (frame 1), the weight of the character is on both the feet, but we translate a bit the hip on the left, and  rotate it towards the left foot on Y and a bit on the left on Z so that we will have a big change of rotation of the hip between down and passing pose!

Then we skip for a moment the down pose, and we move directly on frame 8 (passing pose) and here we have a completed change of the weight on the righ foot, so we translate the hip on the right and we rotate it on Y and Z towards the right foot (this is the extreme hip pose on the right side)

Now add a key on the down pose where you just have to slow down the spacing between contact and down, so rotate the hip a bit on the left so that is more similar to the position at frame 1! In this way we have a slow spacing between contact and down, and a speed spacing between down and passing!hipROT


Do the same for the other stride. Move on frame 23 and create the extreme hip pose on the left side (copy the pose of frame 1 and increase the translation on the left and both the rotation of Y and Z)

Now you have an interpolation between frame 8 and frame 23 where the hip moves from right to left, add a key on frame 12 and move it to frame 16 (in order to slow down the spacing between the passing and the contact position and speed it up between contact and passing of the following step – between frame 16 and 23)

Now add a key again on frame 12 (just keep the interpolation)

On frame 31 just copy the pose of frame 1 and then add a key on frame 27

That’s it! So…the big change of position for the hip happens very fast (3 frames) between the contact – passing pose (this makes a more “sashay” effect)

When you are happy with the result…go forward with the REFINE! 😉

For this walk I just animate in Blocking the legs , the body and the hip, ’cause are the more complicated parts in a walk, and I will animate chest, head and arms directly in spline!Schermata 2017-07-18 a 10.49.49.png


Switch the curves in STEPPED and create a playblast! 😉


Start refining what you animated so far, legs and body. In the graph editor switch again all the tangents in SPLINE (or AUTO) except for the translation Z of the feet in the part where they slide on the ground, that must be LINEAR

After that, cycle ALL the CURVES (pre and post infinity) and adjust the transition at the start and the end, using flat tangents (when you have just two extremes keys) or using the handles. REMEMBER to adjust the tangents of the first and last keys together at the same time (they must be the same)

If you want you can check my tutorial on the use of the Graph Editor and “Create a Cycle Animation”  –  minute 4.32 (also explained here )


Select the body (COG) ctrl


and add a small movement left and right: on frame 1 move it a bit on the right (copy the same value on frame 31) and on frame 16 move it a bit on the left. In the graph editor select the X axis and make the first and last keys FLAT

Then, keep open the graph editor and select the traslation Y and polish the curves

The result should be like this:



At this point I just animate 1 leg and then I copy/past the animation on the other one (but if you prefer you can animate both the legs separately to have less symmetry in the walk). During the blocking is important to have both the legs animated to check timing and poses but now…you can hide one leg and animate just the other one! 😉

On frame 2 adjust the right foot and make it flat (set at 0 all the rotations) and animate the toes cntrl that must point upward (it doesn’t touch the ground yet)frame2.pngNow animate the TOES (offsetted from the foot movement) for the entire range of animation (ex. when the foot moves upward the toes point downward and viceversa)

If you have it, use DEFORMERS ctrls to adjust arcs and legs shapes! They will help to smooth your animation 😉

Now clean the path of your foot movement (you can see my tutorial on “How to REFINE a shot”minute 5.40 where I also explain the use of motion trails to adjust the arc!)

You have to create a nice, rounded and smooth arc for your feet! 😉

Also, you can use the knee deformer to avoid POP result during contact and down pose!

The KNEE should have a smoothed movement just like the feet but sometimes you could have a bad effects due to the movement of foot and body, in this case a knee deformer can helps you (animate it frame by frame during the contact and down positions)

Now you can polish the curves of the foot:

When you are happy with the result, copy/paste the animation on the other foot!

Remember to past the animation of ALL the controls you used for the first foot (foot, toes, knee, deformers etc…)

To copy the animation: select one control at the time, example: select right foot ctrl, in the timeline select the entire range of animation, right-click COPY –> select the same ctrl on the left foot, point on frame 1 and right-click PASTE

Do the same for ALL the controls and after that you should have the feet with the same animation at the same time (they should move together)

Select ALL the controls used for the left leg and, in the Graph editor, select all the curves and drag them forward in the timeline (the first keys should be at frame 16, exactly in the middle of the cycle)

Check you animation, does it works? Ok, now go back in the graph editor, with the same ctrls selected of the left foot, and add a key at frame 31, select all the keys after this one (31 included) and drag them backword up to frame 1, now copy the keys at frame 1 to frame 31! That’s it!

You can watch my tutorial “Run Cycle”minute 10.56 where I show how to copy/paste animation from a foot to an other! 😉Schermata 2017-07-19 a 17.47.10.png

Now polish the curves of the HIP ctrl and… you should have something like this 😉


Chest controls (in my case I have 3 ctrls)

Schermata 2017-07-18 a 10.52.42.png

I use the upper ctrl to add a squash and stretch (I can use the other 2 just for rotation)

Use the rotation Y to add a visible Up and Down, the chest should squash with a bit of delay from the Up and Down of the body: with the Low extreme positionbetween the Down Pose and the Passing Pose (around frame 5 or 6) and the Highest extreme positionbetween the Up pose and the Contact pose (around frame 14/15)

To do that: add a key at frame 1/16/31, then on frame 8 translate a bit downward the chest, and on frame 14 a bit upward. Then copy the pose at frame 8 on frame 23, and copy the pose of frame 14 on frame 29. Now select the handles of the first and last key and smooth the transition

Now we add a bit of Rotation on Y

select all the 3 chest ctrls together and on frame 1 (with the right leg leading) rotate the chest on the left (copy this pose on frame 31), on frame 16  (with the left leg leading) rotate the chest on the right

Offset 2 of this controls, select the one in the middle, select all the keys and move them forwards in the timeline by 8 frames (so now the first keys is on frame 8), then add a key on frame 31, copy this key on frame 1 and delate the key on frame 38. Now select the handles of the first and last keys to smooth the transition

Then select the upper control and move all the keys forwards (so that the first keys is on frame 16) then copy the key on frame 31 and paste it on frame 1 and delate the keys on frame 46!

So now the upper part of the chest is rotated opposite to the leading leg!

Now use the same process to rotate the chest on X, a small rotation back and forth. You can use just the upper ctrl of the chest: add a key on the rot X on frame 1/16/31, then on frame 8 rotate a bit the upper chest forwards, and on frame 14 a bit backwards, then copy the keys on frame 8 and past it on the other stride (frame 23) and the copy/paste the key of frame 14 on the frame 29. In the graph editor select the handles of the first and last keys and adjust them to smooth the curve, the adjust also the handle of the frame 16



Just as for the legs, you can animate one arm and then copy/past and mirror the animation on tje other one (or, especially for the arms, you can animate both of them separately, I always suggest to add a bit of variations in the arms movement! 😉

The arm are in FK, and you have 3 controls: arm, forearm, wrist + the shoulder ctrl

Before animate the arm, pose the fingers in a natural and relaxed pose (avoid rigid pose, ore fingers too separated between each other, or “paddle hand” effect)Schermata 2017-07-18 a 10.58.05.png

First of all we set the 2 main key poses in the contact pose (frame 1/16/31).

The arms always move in the opposite direction of the foot on the same side

On frame 1 we have the right foot forward, so we move back the arm (the 3 controls) and also the shoulder (for the shoulder you can also use a bit of translation back and forth)

Choose a natural and armonic pose of the arm, use deformers to adjust it or make it a bit more rounded and “soft”

When you have done with the first pose, copy all the 3 ctrls + the shoulder (and the deformers if you used them) on frame 31

On frame 16 create the opposite pose, with the arm rotated forward (and the shoulder also translated a bit forward)

Now create the passing pose (around frame 8) and, it depends on the pose you choosed for you arm, in my case I keep the arm straight during the passing pose and I break the joint a bit (rotating the forearm and the wrist backward and using the deformers)arm1

Now select the forearm and offsett it by 1/2 frames from the arm

Then polish the curve in the graph editor and do what you have done for the chest to keep the animation in the range of 31 frames

Select the wrist and now offset it by 1/2 frames from the forearm this time (add some in-betweens to overlap)

Then polish the curve in the graph editor and again, keep the animation in the range of 31 frames

When you have done, copy/paste mirror on the other arm or, as I said before, animate it separately!



Let’s move to the head! First of all, add a nice and relaxed expression to the character, keep attention to the eyes look direction, we need the feeling that the character is looking at something to keep it aliveSchermata 2017-07-18 a 12.43.59.png

For the head we just go to add a small X rotation back and forth, following the back and forth movement of the chest: frame 5/6 extreme forward rotation, frame 13/14 extreme backward rotation

I also add a bit of animation to the hair, this rig doesn’t has hair ctrls, so I directly animated the mesh so…is something you can do just for your animation test but NOT IN PRODUCTION 😀Schermata 2017-07-18 a 10.59.49.png


In this particular animation (due to the character design) is interesting to add a nice and exaggerated animation of the brest (just to have more overlap!)

We can translate and rotate them in order to create a circular movement + an Up and Down (use motion trail if needed) and animated them offsetted by 1/2 frames! 😉


So, don’t be shy and send me your walk cycle adding a link to your video in the page “YOUR ANIMATIONS”to receive my feedback! 😉

Like this:


Posted in: Cycles, Tutorials, Videos | Tagged: 2D, 3d, actingSours: https://iwanttobeananimator.wordpress.com/2017/01/29/tutorial-2/

Animation female walking

Which one? I'm confused.

CensorStation 5 for the Cucks!

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there is no gender walk

upright posture vs nerd slouch

Wind Waker >>> Ocarina of Time. People who agree: 553

I'm not sure if there is supposed to be an intended feminine one.

IIRC, the first one is hunched (probably more masculine), and the 2nd one is upright.

I'm done playin' with ya'll.

aak57 posted...

If you can't tell, does it matter?
No, but that won't stop them.

Pudi360 posted...

Which one? I'm confused.


Pudi360 (Topic Creator)11 months ago#9
A it is then.

CensorStation 5 for the Cucks!

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FlipaClip - Animation Process Girl walking

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