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Easy Planking E-105 Antique Thermally-Modified Barn Wood Wall Planks, 6 Piece

First, our planks are perfectly milled. Everybody knows how painful to install wood planks if they’re inconsistent in their sizes. Second, our planks will stay stable on the wall with no shrinking, cupping and moving because we’re the only in the USA to make our wall planks from thermally-modified wood. Third (but might be the first in the importance) - our thermally-modified wood is free of any insects and bacteria as the process eliminates all moisture, resins, sugars, organisms, and bacteria in the wood. When you bring a piece of reclaimed lumber in your home, you bring all chemicals and insects from outdoors with this. Thermo-modification makes wood pure: it is a 100% Green product! Our home decor wall planks are great for both residential and commercial applications such as accent walls, wainscoting, wall tiles, ceilings, wall art, headboards, underbars, upgrades for furniture and doors, and many others. Every piece is manually selected to combine every set for the best look and performance. Wire brushed for 3D textured surface. Due to thermo-treatment, you may use our planks in high humidity environment: bathrooms, kitchens, basements, pool areas, backsplash areas, etc. DIY Easy Planking installation kit included in each box.

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Easy-Planking-Thermally-Modified-Planks-Antique/dp/B07SDTMM6W

Easy Plank Wall Install

What do you do with an ugly wallpapered wall when you'd rather not spend days scraping it off? Cover it up! My friend Angie recently did just that.

I invited her to share her experience with us, because for six hours of labor she now gets to bask in the glory of her statement wall every time she walks through the front door. 

Angie Davis, guest blogger

Hello from South Dakota!

I'm Angie, and I'm excited to be the very first guest blogger on Top Shelf DIY! I have known your lovely hostess for more than 10 years, and she inspires me with her creativity and skill, her excellent taste in wine and food... and she makes cute babies! 😉

I am brand new to DIY, and so far I am enjoying the learning process and the sense of accomplishment that comes with a completed project.

My husband and I bought our first house just over a year ago. I adore old houses. Ours was built in 1910 and was kept in excellent shape by the previous owners.

easy plank wall install; get the details and tutorial here!

My very first DIY project involved a 16-foot wall covered in wallpaper in the living room. And not just any wallpaper - wallpaper that someone had sponge-painted maroon, cotton candy pink and glittery gold, topped by a matching floral wallpaper border that went all the way around the room.

Needless to say, not my style.

Don't both with messy wallpaper; cover it up with this easy plank wall install tutorial!

If you stare at it long enough, eventually you'll see a 3D hot pink cheetah...

I had taken down the wallpaper border on the other walls in this room, and just that small amount was enough to make me despise the removal process. The thought of spraying wallpaper remover and scraping, followed by at least one cycle of re-spraying and scraping an entire wall's worth of wallpaper made me die a little inside.

I wanted to keep that wall as an accent wall, so I turned to Pinterest (where else?!) for ideas.

Why go with a shiplap look?

Shiplap is everywhere on Pinterest.

There are lots of ways to go about installing it - some more expensive and time-consuming than others. I thought shiplap or something similar would be a good way to cover up the wallpaper, but I was daunted by the installation process, especially since this was my first DIY project ever. I told my father-in-law, who is also a DIYer, about my lazy girl workaround: buying sheet paneling and putting it up horizontally.

Sheet paneling generally comes in 8-foot panels, and since this wall was about 16 feet long, he pointed out that I'd have a vertical seam in the middle of the wall where the panels met that would be difficult to disguise. I knew he was right, so I wasn't sure what to do next.

Editor's note: She could have cut the panels at varying lengths. This would have created the same plank effect.

A few days later, he found this reclaimed wood wall plank kit at Lowe's. I immediately ordered enough to cover the wall.

When it arrived, it smelled like cedar chips - bonus! Each box came with wood planks of varying lengths, all tongue and groove edges, so they nestled together neatly. The planks are about 1/8 of an inch thick and therefore very lightweight. You can stain or paint them if you want, but I really like the weathered look, so I left them as-is.

Don't bother with messy wallpaper; cover it up in a weekend following this easy plank wall tutorial

It was so easy and fun to create my own wall!

Easy Plank Wall Install Process

Disclaimer: this post includes affiliate links for your convenience, which means I may earn a small commission should you purchase any of the items recommended below.



1. Remove outlet covers. Depending on the width of your planks, you may also need to add outlet extenders so that the outlet is flush with the new wall. You can see how Erin did this in her Shiplap Office here.

2. For this particular tutorial, no wall prep was required. However, if you're doing shiplap, you may want to paint the existing wall white so that any gaps between the boards appear white.

3. Locate your studs using a stud finder, and mark them vertically along your wall. This will ensure you're nailing your pieces to the inner framework of your wall.

4. Start from the top of your baseboard and work your way up, nailing pieces as you go. If your pieces are heavy, apply Liquid Nails to the back immediately before nailing. Use your level to make sure the first row is level. Walls and ceilings are rarely perfectly straight!

Editor's note: you can also start from the ceiling and work your way down. Personal preference. If planning to install new baseboard, I recommend starting with the ceiling and working your way down. The baseboard can be installed right on top of your shiplap.

5. Depending on the width of your planks, you may have to rip (i.e. reduce the width) of your pieces once you get to the last row. This can be done with a table saw or jig saw.  If using plywood underlayment, the cutting department at Lowes will usually rip pieces for you.

6. Replace your electrical plate covers if necessary.

7. Sit back, relax, and soak in that amazing view every day for the rest of your life.

*Note: I didn't need outlet extenders because my pieces were only 1/8 of an inch thick. I also didn't need to use liquid nails because the pieces were so light.

Shiplap or Planking - What's the Difference?

With Shiplap:

  • you want a small gap between your boards (using a dime or tile spacer).
  • you'll have an easier time hiding imperfections such as nail holes because you'll be able to use wood filler and spackle prior to painting.
  • slightly more time and cost involved due to materials used.

With Planking:

  • no gap between your boards.
  • less forgiving with blemishes since the final product is usually left raw.
  • less time needed for install since it comes pre-cut in a kit and does not require painting or finish work.

As you can see, I had at least three outlet covers to remove:

Outlet Extender spots

I completed the wall in about 6 hours. My father-in-law cut pieces to fit at the end of each row.

Total cost: $245.

Later, we framed and installed a door in the doorway on the left side.

Don't waste time peeling off dingy wallpaper -- simply cover it up following this easy plank wall install tutorial. #plankwall

This wall is hands down my favorite feature in the house. Every time someone comes over and sees it for the first time, they tell me how much they love it, and they're amazed when I tell them how easy it was!

In case you need a little more inspiration, here are a few more tutorials worth reading:

Good luck!

Here's what it looks like when the Pink Panther throws up chunks of Pepto Bismol. How we fixed the problem without even messing with the ugly wallpaper. #easyplankwall #plankwall #diyplankwall
Sours: https://topshelfdiy.com/easy-plank-wall/
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How to Do the Perfect Plank

Common planking mistakes

Collapsing your lower back

Instead of compromising your lower back by dipping your butt, engage your core by imagining your belly button pulling in toward your spine. This will help keep your torso flat and, in turn, your spine safe.

If you want to get super technical, have a friend gently place a broomstick or yardstick on your back. The top of the stick should make contact with your head, and the bottom of the stick should rest between your buttocks.

The stick should also make contact right between your shoulder blades for proper alignment.

Reaching your butt to the sky

Planks aren’t supposed to look like Downward Dog.

To really get your core working the way it should in the plank position, keep your back flat enough so your abs feel engaged from top (right below your sternum) to bottom (directly below your belt). Just don’t dip your tush too far toward the floor.

Letting your head drop

While the focus may be on keeping your hips, butt, and back in the proper position, form isn’t just about your core and lower body in this move.

It’s important to think of your head and neck as an extension of your back. Keep your eyes on the floor, letting them rest about a foot in front of your hands, which will help keep your neck in a neutral position.

Forgetting to breathe

It’s human nature to hold your breath when you’re in a strenuous position. But denying yourself oxygen can bring on dizziness and nausea, which are unpleasant at best and dangerous at worst.

Focusing too much on the stopwatch

Quality trumps the quantity of seconds ticking away. When your form begins to suffer, it’s time to call it quits. If your back starts to bow or your shoulders start to sink, take a break.

Thanks to our friends at Lululemon for outfitting our model in the Speed Tight II and Studio Racerback.

Sours: https://greatist.com/fitness/perfect-plank
12 Easy Planks to Tone Up Your Body at Home

Easy Planking Thermo-Treated 1/4 in. x 5 in. x 4 ft. Whitewash Barn Wood Wall Planks (10 sq. ft. per 6-Pack), White accent of the beauty of the wood's grain structure

The thermo-treatment process accelerates the aging of wood to make it similar to 350-year-old lumber. The process eliminates all moisture, resins, sugars, organisms, and bacteria in the wood. In opposite to reclaimed lumber, which was staying outdoors for decades, our product is free of any insects and bacteria. Bringing reclaimed outdoor lumber to your home is not safe: you’ll bring all chemicals and insects with this. The thermo-modified wood is pure, and it is a 100% Green product! Our planks are perfectly milled, plus thermo-treatment adds dimension stability for the wood. The product is domestically made from American lumber. Our home decor wall planks are great for both residential and commercial applications such as accent walls, wainscoting, wall tiles, ceilings, wall art, headboards, underbars, upgrades for furniture and doors, and many others. Every piece is manually selected to combine our sets for the best look and performance. The planks are wire brushed to eliminate splinters and create a 3D textured surface. Thermo-treatment makes wood essentially durable: you may use our planks in high humidity environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, pool areas and light backsplash areas. Our wood will not rot or create mold. DIY installation kit included in each box (fasteners and one pre-cut starter/end plank). See installation instructions for details. Color: White accent of the beauty of the wood's grain structure.

Sours: https://www.realsimple.com/shop/product/thermo-treated-1-4-in-x-5-in-x-4-ft-whitewash-barn-wood-wall-planks-10-sq-ft-per-6-pack-accent-of-the-beauty-of-the-woods-grain-structure-easy-planking/1c1bef20-153b-3221-b05a-081b4a5303bd

Planking easy

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3 Best Plank Exercise For Women Beginners

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