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Emerson Global Users Exchange USA 2017

The Emerson Global Users Exchange is a series of technical conferences where automation leaders share their experiences and collaborate to define best practises, as well as learn how to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The conferences take place around the world – we previously attended the EMEA region’s event in 2016. The event for the Americas region was held on 2nd-6th October 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our Managing Director, John Hartley, and new Business Development Manager for the Americas region, Chris Sadler, attended the conference as part of a wider two-week visit to the United States. They showed attendees how our wireless and location tracking solutions combine to provide our customers with up-to-date information, increased productivity, and a safe working environment.

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John Hartley and Chris Sadler at Emerson Global Users Exchange 2017

Sours: https://www.extronics.com/2017/10/03/emerson-exchange-usa-2017/

Emerson Exchange 2017: The Next Era of Value Creation Is Digital


ARC Advisory Group recently attended another jam-packed Emerson Exchange in Minneapolis, MN.  The location enabled the company to showcase its new facilities at the global headquarters for Rosemount products in nearby Shakopee.  This is also the home of the company’s second Interactive Plant Environment (IPE) training facility where students can improve their skill levels in a simulated plant environment.  

phd1.JPGEmerson Automation Solutions launched its Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) portfolio last year when it introduced its Plantweb digital ecosystem.  Just one year later, the talk now is about creating value digitally by automating mundane production tasks to enable workers to add more value through better decision support and increased collaboration. Emerson states digital transformation is fundamentally changing how people do their jobs, to create value in new ways with the right analytical tools and training.  Stating that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work, Emerson Chief Technology Officer, Peter Zornio declared, “We’ve architected Plantweb to enable companies to get started where they can gain the greatest near-term impact.”  The company’s Plantweb portfolio updates, introduced at the event, address this need.  Mr. Zornio explained that these are designed to help customers achieve top-quartile performance across the lifecycle of their investments by linking strategy to business objectives, creating a culture of accountability, embedding expertise into work processes, and using real-time data to optimize.

Committed to Supporting Top-Quartile Performance

In his opening remarks, Executive President, Mike Train, promised that Emerson Automation Solutions will continue to build on the progress it has made in helping its customers achieve top-quartile performance through a modern approach to automation.  Mr. Train acknowledged that digital transformation will enable the next era of value creation.  He went on to suggest that digital transformation requires more than technology, stating that people and culture often represent the most challenge to change. 

In this vein, CTO Peter Zornio shared that Emerson will focus on what it considers to be the five essential competencies for digital transformation and associated deliverables, from organizational alignment through program sustainability (see table). 

Emerson’s Five Essential Competencies for Digital Transformation phd2.JPG

Digital Workforce Experience

According to the World Economic Forum, 73 percent of CEOs cite skills shortages as a business threat.  In his presentation, Ranken Technical College President, Stan Shoun, supported this position, stating that manufacturing is not lacking for jobs, but rather the workforce is not keeping pace with technology.  “This isn’t a jobs issue; it’s a skills issue.  The future jobs created will be skilled, not unskilled.” 

Manufacturers increasingly rely on automation to help fill these knowledge and experience gaps while simultaneously upskilling the workforce.  In its immersive Digital Workforce Experience exhibit, Emerson demonstrated how its Plantweb digital ecosystem can empower workers to tackle new types of problems and deliver value in new ways.  One example provided was an automated workflow for a valve repair, supported with real-time access to a remotely located valve expert to guide the technician through the repair process.  Another was using a digital twin to enable an operator to test new approaches to controlling a process.   

Emerson Becomes Main Valve Contractor

Emerson’s ongoing assimilation of Pentair’s Valves and Controls business dominated much of the Flow Control discussions.  This acquisition continues to create a stir in the market as it paired the leading global supplier of control valves with the leading global supplier of isolation and pressure relief valves.  This expands the breadth of Emerson’s valve portfolio, strengthens its European presence, and increases its phd3.JPGvalve service capabilities. 

Emerson plans to leverage the expanded scope of its valve and automation solutions to revolutionize the purchase processes and service businesses for isolation and pressure relief valves.  By combining Pentair brands with Emerson’s Fisher brand, the company plans to become a main valve contractor (MVC).  Combining the MVC role with the company’s strengths in DCS, asset management, intelligent field devices, wireless networks, and as a main automation contractor (MAC) allows Emerson to serve as a partner for most any automation requirements.  This will become important in the future as more isolation and pressure relief valves are integrated into plant automation and other systems.  Taking this a step further; Emerson hopes to leverage its strengths to increase the availability and reliability of critical emergency shutdown and other safety valves; thereby increasing overall plant safety.  

An interesting related item is the company’s use of additive manufacturing to produce stronger, less costly valve components and deliver these to customers much faster.  According to Terry Buzbee, Group President, Final Control, "Additive manufacturing lets us print with powdered metal right from a CAD file.  This eliminates waste, saves energy, and produces products that are laser perfect and have better material characteristics.  In fact, we can print a ball valve for a 1,000-psi application that's stronger than the cast version.”  Buzbee reported the company now uses additive manufacturing to produce all Cavitrol Hex cavitation-reducing flow conditioners.  He added, “In the future, users are going to see more [additive manufacturing] facilities nearer to their sites for easier response and quicker deliveries.”

Stiff Competition for Reliability Plant of the Year

There was stiff competition for this year’s Reliability Plant of the Year (RPOY) award.  The award recognizes organizations for improving operations by adopting top-quartile reliability strategies.  The judges painstakingly whittled down the initial field of 53 nominees to three worthy finalists: Gwinnett County Water Resources of Lawrenceville, Georgia; TNB Janamanjung Sdn. Bhd. (TNBJ) of Malaysia; and Saudi Aramco Shell Refining (SASREF) in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. 

phd4.JPGThe winner, SASREF, launched its Reliability Excellence Transformation (REXT) program in 2014 to create more business value for the facility by establishing a reliability and performance culture across the organization.  In part, the SASREF program leveraged automation, digital tools, and training to detect and resolve asset issues faster.  It invested heavily in its workforce to help it become digitally-based.  The 305,000 barrel-per-day refinery increased mechanical availability from 96 percent to nearly 98 percent in three years and achieved a 13.5 percent reduction in maintenance cost from the total budget.  SASREF plans to sustain its efforts through industry benchmarking and pursuing ISO 55000 asset management certification. 

Ten Years of Wireless

Emerson Automation Solutions used the event to mark the tenth anniversary of its first wireless transmitters.  ARC’s in-depth research in this area indicates that no other automation firm has made investments in this area comparable to Emerson’s and the company is the clear market leader in wireless measurements and sensing.

The company recently launched a dual-mode wireless gateway that supports both WirelessHART and ISA100 industrial wireless communications standards.  The vast majority of wired field measurements employ the ancient HART protocol.  This can make them difficult to integrate from an IIoT standpoint because HART data must usually pass through a DCS to a device management software application.  End users almost never have enough time and expertise to maintain this complex form of connectivity, which can involve tens of thousands of devices for a large complex.  Furthermore, many of the existing device management applications are standalone and cover devices for just one process unit or DCS.

This all spells “opportunity” for Emerson.  First, via wireless sensing where the connectivity is much easier.  Second, via the company’s Plantweb IIoT applications.  Making field instrument data more widely accessible has and will continue to be an Emerson strong suit.

New Products and Services

Emerson used the event to mark the launch of several new products and services.  The highlights include:

Operational Certainty Consulting Group

ARC research indicates that manufacturers are still learning about digital transformation; many want to begin, but are uncertain how to proceed.  In response, Emerson launched its Operational Certainty Consulting Group to help manufacturers develop a digital roadmap.  Emerson believes its advantage in phd5.JPGthis area is its application and industry expertise.  In addition to developing a solution architecture and management of change guidance, the group of 100+ consultants will provide expertise in safety, reliability, production, and energy management to help its customers reduce losses due to poor operational performance, which the company estimates at $1 trillion annually.  The Operational Certainty methodology begins with an assessment of IT and network infrastructure to understand how users interact with it.  Recommendations will focus on communications to facilitate collaboration and an architecture to support the business needs of the enterprise. 

DeltaV PK Controller for Small-Scale Applications

A new DeltaV PK controller was introduced that targets a range of applications from skid-mounted equipment to large-scale traditional control operations.  ARC’s most recent DCS market research revealed that integrating  skid-mounted control systems has become a pain point for end users, OEMs, and EPC firms alike.  Though a project may agree on a common DCS, integrating multiple skid-mounted DCSs to form a single system is not a trivial endeavor.  Emerson’s new controller is designed to address this issue (for DeltaV users, at least).  The product’s functional design and features reduce costs and its licensing structure reduces duplicated costs that represent a pain point for system integrators and often encourages them to cut corners.

Heat Exchanger Monitoring App

The company introduced the Plantweb Insight Heat Exchanger app.  This provides real-time access to critical heat exchanger analytics anytime, anywhere.  An extension of the Plantweb digital ecosystem, the app employs pre-built algorithms and analytics to deliver predictive diagnostics to monitor shell and tube heat exchangers and provide alerts, including for fouling, heat duty, and heat transfer coefficient.  The app operates independently of existing monitoring and control systems.


The Emerson Automation Solutions Plantweb digital ecosystem, in collaboration with strategic partners including Microsoft, Cisco and Dell, plays to the company’s leading position at the sensor/actuator level of the IIoT stack.  Hardware innovation to ease the complexity of installing, commissioning, and connecting devices wirelessly is being augmented with analytics and applications to provide deeper insight into asset and plant performance to empower the digital worker. 

The company is also taking an innovative approach to delivering its domain expertise through innovative software.  Plantweb Insight applications target specific asset classes to identify and resolve asset issues.  The Plantweb Advisor Suite leverages the open data infrastructure of OSIsoft PI to monitor plant asset health, plant performance, and energy consumption.  Connected Services enables Emerson to deliver its expertise via the SaaS model. 

Emerson Automation Solutions continues to demonstrate its willingness to invest in new concepts, technologies, products, alliances, and acquisitions.  The combination of Project Certainty, Operational Certainty Consulting, and the Plantweb digital ecosystem enable Emerson to offer its customers the opportunity to digitally transform their operations from dull, dirty, dangerous and distant environments to engaged, clean, safe, and desirable places to work. 

ARC Advisory Group clients can view the complete report at ARC Client Portal on New Client Portal  or Office 365 or Box.com on this website.

If you would like to buy this report or obtain information about how to become a client, please Contact Us

Keywords: Additive Manufacturing, Digital Transformation, Digital Workforce, Workforce Upskilling, Main Valve Contractor, Wireless, Reliability, ARC Advisory Group.

Sours: https://www.arcweb.com/blog/emerson-exchange-2017-next-era-value-creation-digital
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ioTium and Emerson Lead Joint Workshop at Emerson Exchange Americas 2018

ioTium Chief Product Officer Dhawal Tyagi and Emerson Senior Reliability Consultant Solution Architect Tinh Phan to Speak on IIoT Connectivity and Reliability

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — ioTium, the first commercially deployed Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), will be at Emerson Exchange Americas in San AntonioOctober 1-5, 2018. Dhawal Tyagi, ioTium co-founder and chief product officer (CPO), will co-lead a workshop on “The Definitive Guide to Networking Security for IIoT for Plantweb Optics and AMS Device View” alongside Emerson senior reliability consultant solution architect Tinh Phan. In the session, Tyagi and Phan will cover how industrial organizations can securely connect the legacy brown-field world with the new cloud-enabled world, for preventative maintenance.

The invitation-only Emerson Exchange conference was developed to provide end users with a valuable exchange of information among process manufacturers, end-users and Emerson experts. All participants are nominated and carefully vetted by Emerson. The event features workshops and short courses, product roadmap presentations, technology roundtables, meet the expert sessions and technology exhibits. In addition, the program will include keynote speakers from Emerson.

WHO: ioTium’s Co-founder and CPO, Dhawal Tyagi, will be attending the event and co-leading the workshop alongside Emerson’s Tinh Phan and Juan Campos-Ramos, technical assistant IV at the University of Texas JJ Pickle Separation Facility. Tyagi will also be available at the ioTium booth in the Emerson Exchange Exhibit Hall.

WHAT: The joint ioTium and Emerson workshop, titled: “The Definitive Guide to Networking Security for IIoT for Plantweb Optics and AMS Device View,” will cover the use case of creating a data portal by transporting data from the industrial plant floor to business layer or into the Azure or Amazon Web Services Cloud. This workshop will address the security issues within the IoT network and allow participants to obtain a methodology that solves legacy, security and ease-of-deployment issues at their facilities.


  • Emerson Exchange will take place from Monday, October 1 to Friday, October 5, 2018.
  • The workshop will be held on Tuesday, October 2 from 9:00-9:45 a.m. CT and Wednesday, October 3from 1:30-2:15 p.m. CT.

WHERE: Emerson Exchange Americas 2018 is taking place at Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, located at 900 E. Market St, San Antonio, TX 78205.

/by kim truongSours: https://www.iotium.io/iotium-and-emerson-lead-joint-workshop-at-emerson-exchange-americas-2018/
Конференция Emerson Global Users Exchange 2018 в Гааге - личное знакомство с технологиями

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Exchange 2017 emerson

Emerson Global Users Exchange Conference

Emerson Global Users Exchange Conference is more than an industry-leading technical conference. It is a community of process automation leaders committed to extracting the most from their automation investments and sharing their learning with each other.

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2017 Emerson Exchange Press Event: Expanding Plantweb to Empower the Digital Workforce

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Emerson Global Users Exchange 2017

  • Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Oct 2 - 6, 2017

Key Metrics






Why Attend

Event Overview:

The Emerson Global Users Exchange Conference was developed to provide end users with a valuable exchange of information among process manufacturers, end-users and Emerson experts.  The unique opportunity offers peers the ability to network, view and offer input about developing Emerson technologies and to take away new knowledge, ideas and techniques to help maximize assets and increase profitability.

For Users, By Users

The Emerson Global Users Exchange is more than an industry-leading technical conference…it is a community of process automation leaders committed to extracting the most from their automation investments…and sharing their learning with each other.

Attendee Information:

Now is the time…

  • To learn best practices and see how colleagues are improving efficiency and reducing costs with automation.Several hundred workshops and short courses are specially selected each year for practical results on pertinent issues such as reducing production costs and improving agility.
  • To understand what your peers, other suppliers, and customers in your industry are doing to compete in challenging economic times.Industry specific forums will cover pertinent topics such as operational strategies for uncertain times and meeting new regulatory requirements.
  • To touch and experience the breadth of innovative Emerson technologies all in one place.More than a football field-sized area of Emerson technologies and complementary vendor solutions will be exhibited with live hands-on demonstrations.
  • To meet with the Emerson experts behind the technologies and learn how innovative technologies can be put to work for you. Emerson subject matter experts will present product and service roadmaps, host demonstration booths, and provide opportunities to speak specifically to your needs.
  • To network with your peers and other industry leaders and make the right connections.Throughout the conference you can meet face-to-face with industry and process experts, speak with Emerson leaders, interact with fellow automation professionals, and make new contacts.
  • To receive complimentary certified training and earn CEU credits.  Several popular educational courses will be taught focusing on many of the most prevalent industry technologies and products. (These courses are valued at several hundred $USD each if taken independently)
  • To get the most out of your automation investments and realize its true value. The Exchange is a user community committed to extracting the most from their automation investments and sharing their learning with each other.

Who should attend?

  • Control Systems Manager, Engineer, Specialist
  • Instrumentation Supervisor, Engineer, Technician
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Plant Management, VP Manufacturing
  • Production Operator, Supervisor
  • Project Director, Manager
  • Reliability Manager or Engineer
  • VP or Director of Engineering or Operations
  • EPCs and OEMs

Who can attend?

Based upon its charter, the Emerson Global Users Exchange is intended for:

  • End users – individuals who are actively using Emerson Automation Solutions’s products, systems, and services to control process plants
  • Alliance Partners – complementary suppliers who are part of Emerson’s Alliance Partner program
  • Third Party Suppliers – other complementary suppliers (this is by invitation only)
  • Invited speakers, presenters or panel members
  • Emerson Automation Solutions employees, including our Sales organizations

Technology Exhibits

The workshops, short courses and other sessions at this year’s conference give users like you the opportunity to learn from your peers on topics such as improving your operating efficiency and reducing the costs of your projects.

In the Technology Exhibits, you can actually experience some of Emerson’s latest technologies—including new intelligent digital instruments, enhancements to our control systems, and our solutions to issues in your industry. Our complementary suppliers will also be there showcasing their products and services and explaining how they can also help your plant to be more productive. This is your chance to get a first-hand look at some of the industry’s most innovative automation technologies and services, and to learn more about what they can do for you!

Exhibitor Information:

Interested in Exhibiting?

Do your products and services complement the industrial automation industry?

Become an Exhibitor

If your company has been pre-qualified to exhibit at Emerson Exchange, the primary contact on the exhibitor account will receive an email invitation in mid-May 2017 when exhibitor registration opens.

Source : Event Website

Keynote Speakers

Robyn Benincasa

World Class Teams

Terry Buzbee

Emerson Automation Solutions

Group President, Final Control

Jeff Civillico

Wednesday Lunch Entertainer

Las Vegas Headliner, TV Host Personality, and Philanthropist

Future and Past Event Dates

Event NameCityStateAtendanceExhibitorsDate
Emerson Global Users Exchange 2022GrapevineTexas-- Oct 24, 2022
Emerson Global Users Exchange 2021WashingtonDistrict of Columbiaverified




Sep 27, 2021
Emerson Global Users Exchange 2020PhoenixArizonaEstimated




Oct 05, 2020
Emerson Global Users Exchange 2019NashvilleTennesseeEstimated




Sep 23, 2019
Emerson Global Users Exchange 2018San AntonioTexasEstimated




Oct 01, 2018
Emerson Global Users Exchange 2017MinneapolisMinnesotaverified




Oct 02, 2017
Emerson Global Users Exchange 2016AustinTexas-- Oct 24, 2016
Emerson Global Users Exchange 2015DenverColorado-- Oct 12, 2015
Emerson Global Users Exchange 2014OrlandoFlorida-- Oct 04, 2014
Emerson Global Users Exchange 2013GrapevineTexas-- Sep 30, 2013

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