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Inter City Express Passenger – Children’s Train Set – HO Scale

Start small or add to your child’s collection with the PIKO Inter City Express Passenger. An easy to use, delicately crafted electric locomotive painted and stamped “ICE.” This high-speed locomotive, with 100% matching coloured carriage is ready to jump all-over the city. Fixed with operating headlights at one end of the train, all it needs now is a train driver to press go. Do you know any?

The PIKO Electric locomotive makes it look easy weaving through all of the busy traffic of the city. Help workers and travellers beat the rush and arrive at their destination on-time.This extremely fast Express Passenger Train refuses to let peak-hour traffic let it run late. It is “express” afterall. Delivering passengers on time is made to look easy. Watch closely as it rounds the track, blink and you just might miss it!

PIKO Spielwaren GmbH is a company based in Sonneberg. With over 600 employees at production sites in Sonneberg (Germany) and Chashan (China), PIKO is one of the leading German and European manufacturers of model trains and accessories in the gauges G, H0, TT, N. PIKO model railroad products cover a wide variety of needs for model railroaders and are regularly tested and awarded by the domestic and international model railway press.

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Sours: https://www.modelerscentral.com/model-trains/model-train-sets/inter-city-express-passenger-childrens-train-set-ho-scale/

Check out the quality and value found inside the M.T.H. HO heavyweight passenger cars now arriving at your local M.T.H. Authorized Retailer. An intricately detailed, durable ABS body rides atop smooth rolling trucks that won't bog down a locomotive struggling to pull heavy passenger cars. Detailed car interiors, detailed car undercarriage, Kadee couplers and overhead, constant voltage flicker-free LED lighting ensure that these cars won't disappoint.

Check out the details of the cars by clicking on the images below.

Sours: https://mthtrains.com/ho/heavyweight
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The Coach Yard

We are the manufacturer of HO Scale brass model trains, passenger cars, and a few locomotives. The Coach Yard has always had a tradition of "striving for excellence".

The mission of the Coach Yard is to model all the premier trains of the United States Railroads. This dedication has produced many excellent models of Pullman Company, acf, Budd mfg and other builders who built the passenger equipment for the railroads.

The following trains are " In-stock" or "In production" at The Coach Yard, click on a "Drumhead tailsign" to see more:

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We do not sell direct to the Modeler. Coach Yard products are available direct from select Hobby Shops, Model Railroading Stores and Model Train Dealers only.

The primary builders used by The Coach Yard are Sam Model Company of Korea, and Apex Model Co. - SamMohuyng Models retired in 2018, Samhongsa & Co., Ltd of Korea, retired in 2004 , and Kumata & Co., Ltd of Japan retired in 1999.

Products bearing Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Chicago and North Western, Denver & Rio Grande, Missouri Pacific, St. Louis Southwestern, Texas & New Orleans, and SSW, are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.

Check the catalog for additional photos of equipment being added regularly!
(Press on any linked or highlighted item number)

Want to find any Coach Yard product past, present or future?

Check out the Master Production List. If you notice an item missing or incorrectly listed on the list -

please send us an email - Updated 01-06-2021

Click HERE or HERE for other pictures of the Mission Road Coach Yard taken in the early 50's by Lou Cross.

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Sours: https://www.thecoachyard.com/
Modern 2020’s Ho Scale Amtrak Train Compilation!

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Sours: https://www.brasstrains.com/Classic/Product/Detail/034415/HO-SOHO-UP-Union-Pacific-1950-Streamline-13-Car-Passenger-Train

Train ho passenger

I have never heard of NS giving out any kind of passenger car to their employees.  However, just because they didn't do it on my division doesn't mean that they didn't do it!  I remember when all the guys on the Harrisburg Division got a complete ABBA set of Athearn F units a few years ago and they were the only ones who got them.  

Bachmann is currently producing the Super Dome "Delaware" in its Silver series line and to my knowledge this is the only car currently being produced by any manufacturer and I don't know if they have plans to do more.  That's one thing I would like to know! 

Con Cor did a run of Norfolk Southern Passenger cars probably 10 or 15 years ago and they can still be found from time to time on Ebay.  The cars were offered in a set of 8 and were pretty generic.  No where close to the prototype, but they did make good stand in cars.  

And Ken I agree with you....the Business Train is nice to look at, but I hope I'm never on it again!

Dustin Whitten

Atlantic & East Virginia Railway

Sours: https://model-railroad-hobbyist.com/node/6610

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