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[3.15] Carrion Golem Super Tanky Build - Very Very Hard to Die - 5M DPS - League Starter

Hi Guys,

First Time doing a build guide, dont really know how to make the page look nice yet, but really want to share my build with you guys first, because I haven't seen anything similar yet. Of course, there are aura stacking builds, which is probably more tanky and more dps, but budget wise, nowhere near this one.

On top of that, the build is very friendly with league start, most of gears are available from start to finish.

First of all, it is a elementalist carrion golem build, nothing fancy, but to be honest, and I followed many other build guide before, having like 10-50M damange pretty good, but I die a lot, which is really anoying to me. I hate the 10% XP penalty. So now, I focus on defence a lot more, and sacrifice the damage, so current damage is like 5M, not too bad, still be able to do endgame content, but not like crazy endgame, like 5 way or 100% Delirum stuff, maybe viable, but I dont like to die as I mentioned.

Anyway, sorry for the long intro, lets have a look at the damage and defence

Damage: 5M+ 4 Carrion Golem is doing 1M each, plus all the other minion probably do another 1M combined, so about 5M.

1. 90% Physical Reduction - Most of Time
2. 83% Elemental Resist - Divine Flesh
3. 87% Chaos Resist
4. Fortify - From AG Kingmaker
5. 800 life regen, can go up to 1100 if on conserated ground
6. No Crit - From AG Body Armour
7. 50% Evade - Enemies are blind from sand stance
8. Immortal Call 27% less damage taken - Cast when damage taken
9. No Bleed No Corrupted Bleed - Body Armour and Jewel Implict
10. 20% Spell Block - Shield Mod
11. 2500 Ele Damage Shield - Primal Aegis
12. Some dodge like 5-10%, this is from Flask though

In short, very hard to die.

Note: 90% Physical Reduction is most of time with 15 layers of Crab Aspect from Body Armour, when u get hit and the layer goes down, that is when the immortal call kicks in


POB Link:


One thing that is not available on POB is the AG gear and spectre I use
AG Gear
1. Kingmaker
2. Elder Helmet with +9% physical damage take
3. Garb of the Ephemepal - This is where you get the no crit
4. Southbound - No need to get the vulnerabilty curse implict cause we running curse on skitterbots
5. Victario Flight Or a warlock boots with regen % life

Tips in case u dont know
- AG do not benefit from flat + Max Life mod, but +% Max Life works for him

2 x Carnage Chieftain - Act 7 The Ashen Fields
1 x Host Chieftain - Act 7 The Ashen Fields
1 x Arena Master - Warlord Conquerors Map

For people dont have pob, here is a short breakdown for gear and gem
The Alternative Quality Gem and awakened Gem are bonus, but not necessary in this build

1. Weapon - Cold Iron point
Anomalous Cast when damage Taken Lv 3 + Immortal Call lv 5
Flame Dash

2. Shield - Saffell's Frame
Awakened Generosity + Divergent Dread Banner
Anomolous Flesh and Stone

3. Helmet - Elder Helmet item lv 86 (+3 Minion and Minion Life Support)
Raise Spectre lv 21 + Divergent Animated Guardian + Raise Zombie lv 21 + Lifetap

4. Body Armour - Craiceann's Carapace
Carrion Golem lv 21 - Impale - Awakened Brutality - Awakened Multi Strike - Awakened Minion Damage - Anomalous Bloodlust

5. Amulet - Citrine Amulet (+1 all intell gem and +1 phys gem)

6. Left Ring - Profane Proxy

7. Right Ring - Unset Ring
Desecrate or Portal

8. Glove - Breathstealer
Divergent Flesh Offering - Convocation - Phase Run - Enhance lv 4

9. Belt - Stygian Vise

10. Boots - Any (Perferable with +2 Minion Gem)
Anomalous Chaos Golem + Anomalous Stone Golem + Feeding Frenzy
Divergent Skitterbots

One of these need to have corrpted blood implict
Rest of them aim for 10% avoid stun
1 x Anima Stone
1 x Primordial Might
2 x Primordial Harmony
2 x Primordial Eminence
1 x Glorious Vanity - Xibaque - To get Divine Flesh
3 x Ghastly Eye - Must have +10% Minion Resist
2 x Large Cluster Jewel - 8 Nodes Minion Damage - Vicious Bite and Renewal
3 x Medium Cluster Jewel - 4 or 5 Nodes Minion Life - Dread March and Renewal
1 x Small Cluster Jewel - 2 or 3 Nodes Chaos Resistance - Born of Chaos

Skill Tree:

If someone knows how to upload a screenshot from pob, please let me know.

Feel free to leave ur questions below, I will do my best to help you out.

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Sours: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3169921

Witchcrafter Golem Aruru

LanguageNameLoreFrenchGolem Aruru, Artisanesorcière

Lorsque votre adversaire active une carte ou un effet qui cible un ou plusieurs monstres Magicien que vous contrôlez, ou les cible avec une attaque (Effet Rapide) : vous pouvez cibler 1 carte contrôlée par votre adversaire ou 1 Magie "Artisanesorcière" dans votre Cimetière ; Invoquez Spécialement cette carte depuis votre main, et si vous le faites, renvoyez la carte ciblée à la main. Vous ne pouvez utiliser cet effet de "Golem Aruru, Artisanesorcière" qu'une fois par tour. Une fois par tour, durant la Standby Phase de votre adversaire : renvoyez cette carte à la main.

GermanHexwerker-Golem Aruru

Wenn dein Gegner eine Karte oder einen Effekt aktiviert, die oder der ein oder mehr Hexer-Monster, die du kontrollierst, als Ziel oder als Angriffsziel wählt (Schnelleffekt): Du kannst 1 Karte wählen, die dein Gegner kontrolliert, oder 1 „Hexwerker“-Zauber in deinem Friedhof; beschwöre diese Karte als Spezialbeschwörung von deiner Hand und falls du dies tust, gib die als Ziel gewählte Karte auf die Hand zurück. Du kannst diesen Effekt von „Hexwerker-Golem Aruru“ nur einmal pro Spielzug verwenden. Einmal pro Spielzug, während der Standby Phase deines Gegners: Gib diese Karte auf die Hand zurück.

ItalianStregartigiana Golem Aruru

Quando il tuo avversario attiva una carta o un effetto che sceglie come bersaglio uno o più mostri Incantatore che controlli, o li sceglie come bersaglio per un attacco (Effetto Rapido): puoi scegliere come bersaglio 1 carta controllata dal tuo avversario, o 1 Magia "Stregartigiana" nel tuo Cimitero; Evoca Specialmente questa carta dalla tua mano e, se lo fai, fai ritornare nella mano quella carta scelta come bersaglio. Puoi utilizzare questo effetto di "Stregartigiana Golem Aruru" una sola volta per turno. Una volta per turno, durante la Standby Phase del tuo avversario: fai ritornare questa carta nella mano.

PortugueseFazticeira Golem Aruru

Quando seu oponente ativar um card ou efeito que escolha como alvo um ou mais monstros Mago que você controla, ou os escolha como alvo de um ataque (Efeito Rápido): você pode escolher 1 card que seu oponente controla ou 1 Magia "Fazticeira" no seu Cemitério; Invoque este card por Invocação-Especial da sua mão e, se isso acontecer, devolva esse card alvo para a mão. Você só pode usar este efeito de "Fazticeira Golem Aruru" uma vez por turno. Uma vez por turno, durante a Fase de Apoio do seu oponente: devolva este card para a mão.

SpanishGolem Aruru Artibruja

Cuando tu adversario activa una carta o efecto que selecciona uno o más monstruos Lanzador de Conjuros que controlas, o los selecciona para un ataque (Efecto Rápido): puedes seleccionar 1 carta que controle tu adversario, o 1 Mágica "Artibruja" en tu Cementerio; Invoca esta carta de Modo Especial desde tu mano y, si lo haces, devuelve a la mano esa carta seleccionada. Sólo puedes usar este efecto de "Golem Aruru Artibruja" una vez por turno. Una vez por turno, durante la Standby Phase de tu adversario: devuelve esta carta a la mano.



Wicchikurafuto Gōremu AruruWitchcraft Golem AruruKorean위치크래프트골렘 아루루

이 카드명의 ①의 효과는 1턴에 1번밖에 사용할 수 없다. ①: 이 카드가 패에 존재하고, 자신 필드의 마법사족 몬스터가 상대 효과의 대상이 되었을 때, 또는 상대 몬스터의 공격 대상으로 선택되었을 때, 상대 필드의 카드 1장 또는 자신 묘지의 "위치크래프트" 마법 카드 1장을 대상으로 하여 발동할 수 있다. 이 카드를 특수 소환하고, 그 카드를 주인의 패로 되돌린다. ②: 상대 스탠바이 페이즈에 발동한다. 이 카드를 주인의 패로 되돌린다.

Wichikeuraepeuteugollem Aruru
Sours: https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Witchcrafter_Golem_Aruru
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Battle Decks ListRandom Deck


I think this was used by a ranker, don't remember where I saw it. This is my version. Great deck except for the fact that clone isn't a great card in itself.

Deck Information

Deck Created by:The Real Sargas
Minimum Recommended King Level: 10
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Legendary Arena (Wrong?)
Average Elixir Cost: 4.1 (Wrong?)
More Statistics:Go to Deck Builder

Card Roles

Golem: Your main tank and win condition. Use it carefully since it costs a heavy 8 Elixir.
Elixir Collector: Elixir Collector can provide you extra Elixirs that are useful for your pushes.
Witch: Witch is your support behind the Golem. She can swipe away any swarms and distract troops and buildings with her Skeletons.
Night Witch: Night Witch is also your support behind the Golem. She can deal heavy damage to towers and defending troops. She can also distract with her bats.
Fireball: Fireball is your medium damage spell to be used against glass cannons like Musketeers, Wizards, etc.
Clone: Clone is for duplicating your giant push for 2x damage. Be careful of spells though.
The Log: The Log is for getting rid of any ground swarms disrupting your push. Its push back can also stall fast moving troops.
Ice Spirit: Ice Spirit is for cycling your deck and also useful to support your push by freezing buildings/troops.


  • Unless you put down the collector or you are playing in Double Elixir, don't play the Golem. It costs heavy 8 Elixir and can leave you defenseless.
  • To start your push, start by placing down the Golem, then followed by the Witch and Night Witch. After your push reached enemy's tower, use your Clone to duplicate all of them, this may result in 3 crown victory if not countered properly.
  • If you know your opponent is using Inferno Tower to counter the push. Use Ice Spirit to freeze it. Allowing your Golem to reach the Inferno Tower and destroy it.
  • Fireball is great to destroy glass cannons. And thus it can cripple your opponent's pushes and defenses.
  • This push is weak to Rocket since it will kill both witches which are your main supports for the Golem.
Sours: https://clashroyale.fandom.com/wiki/Deck:Golem_Double_Witch
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