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A&E continues the new, original, real-life series BARTER KINGS, featuring a skilled pair of entrepreneurs as they trade up from low-value items to items worth thousands. Cash is never exchanged and value is subjective, but these guys know the current market well and they will trade multiple times over to get to the objects of their desire.

A&E continues the new, original, real-life series BARTER KINGS, featuring a skilled pair of entrepreneurs as they trade up from low-value items to items worth thousands. Cash is never exchanged and value is subjective, but these guys know the current market well and they will trade multiple times over to get to the objects of their desire.
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A&E continues the new, original, real-life series BARTER KINGS, featuring a skilled pair of entrepreneurs as they trade up from low-value items to items worth thousands. Cash is never exchanged and value is subjective, but these guys know the current market well and they will trade multiple times over to get to the objects of their desire.

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NEW YORK, NY – July 25, –The kings of bartering are back with a brand new season, and the trades and the drama are bigger than ever. A&#;E’s hit series ‘Barter Kings’ returns with eight all-new episodes, premiering on Tuesday, August 6 at 10 PM ET/PT.

“Barter Kings” follows Steve and Antonio, two of the best barterers in the business, as they trade up from low value items to items worth thousands. In the competitive industry of cashless trading, Steve and Antonio have the skills to get what they want without spending a dime. This season, business is booming and Steve and Antonio expand by opening a new store in Utah. With their Apprentice and rising queen Kendall’s help back in the High Desert, this tough team is prepped and ready to do whatever it takes to cash out big!

In the season three premiere episode, Steve and Antonio are looking to trade up to a “monstrous” item for their parking lot sale. However, nothing comes easy in the bartering business, and to close this deal, someone may be taking a shot…from a taser.

“Barter Kings” is produced for A&#;E Network by Brownstone Entertainment. Executive Producers for Brownstone Entertainment are Drew Brown, Bob Gillan and Brian Richardson. Nicco Ardin is Co-Executive Producer. Executive Producers for A&#;E are Elaine Frontain Bryant and Nicole Reed.

Please visit to screen the season three premiere episode of “Barter Kings.”

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A&E continues to ramp up its social TV efforts to provide an additional layer for fans and influencers to participate in their programming. Recently, they launched a second screen app for Storage Wars. Now the network has told Lost Remote exclusively about the &#;Social Barter Kings Challenge,&#; an entire competition that takes the premise of the show but brings it to social media influencers.

Barter Kings, which premieres this Tuesday, June 12th at 9 p.m., follows two people as they try to barter their way up from a smaller object (for example, an electric guitar) to a more valuable &#;goal object&#; ( Monte Carlo) &#; with no money exchanged. The TV contest has been brought online with a Facebook-based competition, running through June 20th.

This is a great effort by the network to leverage the social reach of the influencers they&#;ve selected as part of a social TV strategy, while also making the content extremely relevant to the show itself. A&E worked with Awestruck and Glow Interactive to execute and fulfill the campaign.

Among the influencers in the entertainment category is Jamal Jimoh of NCredible entertainment (Nick Cannon&#;s company). &#;(It) just seems like a lot of fun, it&#;s also a great way to engage my audience across several networks and get a real feel for how different people value different items,&#; he told Lost Remote. &#;Plus, it&#;s a great way to get free stuff!&#; He added that, &#;There&#;s a REAL art to bartering &#; taking money and services out of the equation and just leaving it at good for good makes it as challenging as it is fun.&#; Jamal will start off by bartering a Playstation 3.

Here are the details from A&E on the influencers and how it will work, followed by an interview with Executive Vice President of Marketing for A&E, Guy Slattery.

Throughout the two week period, each influencer will post content related to the object he or she just acquired, along with content from A&E that helps promote the show within the context of the Social Barter Kings competition. This sequence will continue for 2 weeks until the program concludes. Assuming the influencer has successfully executed at least 3 trades for the duration of the campaign, they will keep the item they have at the campaign&#;s conclusion. Each influencer, who successfully barters up at least 3 times over the 2 week period, will be crowned a social media Barter King. One influencer, who ends up with the highest valued item will win $1,

Influencers and Personal Interest Categories:

Music &#; Jonathan Cook (Forever The Sickest Kids)
Entertainment &#; Jamal Jimoh (Ncredible Entertainment)
Food &#; Melissa Pfeister (Hot For Food via YouTube)
Finance/Technology &#; Josh Smith (
Finances (Frugal Living) &#; Cathy Yodel (FabuLESSly Frugal)

Lost Remote: How does the Social Barter Kings Challenge work?

Guy Slattery: We wanted to create a social campaign that helped capture the essence of our newest show Barter Kings. Barter Kings is all about this thriving subculture of entrepreneurs who barter for items they want using their own networking channels, expertise and influence without spending a dime. We wanted to extend this skill into the social space, and see how we could leverage everyday people who are influential in their own right, and create a parallel social storyline.

We found 5 unique everyday influencers representing different passions like music, entertainment, finance and technology, and invited them to participate in the following challenge&#; use YOUR social networks and influence to barter up! To make it fair, each influencer starts with a $ item of their choice, in two weeks the influencer that traded up to the highest valued item will be crowned The Social Barter King. That&#;s serious bragging rights! Not to mention, they could catch the barter bug.

LR: What partners did you work with to create it?

Slattery: We partnered with Awestruck marketing to identify our everyday influencers and Glow Interactive to build our social hub where fans can track the progress and watch our influencers barter in real-time, and even participate in the challenge by tweeting their own barters.

LR: What are the social TV elements?

Slattery: We&#;re promoting the Challenge on air and with in-show integrations. Viewers of the show will be encouraged to check out this extended social narrative, get in on the action and barter up with our influencers via snipes and customized hashtags.

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Barter Kings

Season: Season 1 Episode Guide

1- No Cash No Problem # 1

No Cash No Problem: Steve wants a speedboat for his family. He starts with Elvis gold records and hopes he can trade up before his family goes to the lake for the weekend. (S1, ep 1)

2- Cart Before The Horse # 2

Cart Before The Horse: Antonio is determined to trade up for a horse to surprise his daughter for her birthday. Steve&#;s tired of walking and decides on a golf cart. (S1, ep 2)

3- Diamond In The Rough # 3

Diamond in the Rough: As Steve&#;s anniversary approaches, he hopes to trade a simple item up to an amazing diamond. Fellow trader Antonio aims to barter up to some jet skis. (S1, ep 3)

4- Rock And A Hard Place # 4

Rock and a Hard Place: Barterer Steve trades up items of little value in the hope of bagging a pool table. Antonio aims even higher, setting his sights on a car for his son. (S1, ep 4)

5- Not So Easy Rider # 5

Not So Easy Rider: Steve takes a small and simple item and trades it up for a motorcycle. Meanwhile, his fellow barterer Antonio sets his sights on a hot tub. (S1, ep 5)

6- Happy Camper # 6

Happy Camper: Steve and Antonio lay their hands on a load of free grass seed. Can they surprise a long-term customer by trading it all the way up to a campervan? (S1, ep 6)

7- Dune Buddies # 7

Dune Buddies: Barterers Steve and Antonio look to trade up two $ watches for a sandrail, as they set their sights on entering a big race in the High Desert sand dunes. (S1, ep 7)

8- Bah-Bam! # 8

Bah-Bam: Steve and Antonio pick tricky starting items for each other. After several swaps, who will have the coolest item for the trade shop&#;s fourth birthday? (S1, ep 8)

9- Divide & Conquer # 9

With some big bills due to drop through the door soon, Steve and Antonio get to work, trading up low-value goods to items worth thousands of pounds. (S1, ep 9)

Four Wheeling And Dealing # 10

Four Wheeling And Dealing: Antonio begins bartering with a welder&#;s mask, hoping to trade up to something he can flog for profit. Steve sets his sights on an ATV. (S1, episode 10 of 14)

Barter Up # 11

Barter Up: Steve and Antonio haggle their way to a killer deal, starting with a $ radio they trade up to an $8, advertising package at their local baseball stadium. (S1, ep 11)

Shake Your Money Maker # 12

Shake Your Money Maker: Antonio breaks the shop&#;s scissor lift and comes under pressure to barter up a replacement. Steve starts small and trades up to a dance machine. (S1, ep 12)

Home Is Where The Barter Is # 13

Home is where the Barterer is: The guys get one week to trade an accordion up to a dream holiday home. But just when they think they have a deal, they get a nasty surprise. (S1, ep 13)

Talkin&#; Turkey # 14

Talkin&#; Turkey: Steve and Antonio reveal how easy it is to get a new set of wheels, as they trade a car stereo up to a Chevy Corvette and some old tires for a El Camino. (S1, ep 14)

Season: Season 2 Episode Guide

2- Big Rig Or Bust # 2 (16)

Traders Antonio and Steve rescue a friend who is down on his luck. In one of their biggest barters yet, they help him trade up to a big rig. (S2, ep 2)


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Barter Kings - El camino del trueque - \

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