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Friends - The Complete Series Collection (DVD, 2006, 40-Disc Set, Digipak Back to Back)

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  • The binge-worthy 10 seasons of 'Friends' boast more laughs and iconic moments than possibly any other sitcom. Follow along with Rachel, Monica, Ross, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe as they grow, learn, laugh, and love, all while maintaining one of the most iconic group friendships in television history. This collectible 40-disc set comes rife with plenty of extras, including a 60-page book with behind-the-scenes photos and a copy of the original pitch for the show's pilot. Also included are quizzes to test your Friends knowledge, 25 different audio commentaries, documentaries, and mini-features, and, of course, all 236 episodes. And no 'Friends' DVD set would be complete without a gag reel, offering even more ways to laugh.

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    TV Shows, Comedy

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    Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc

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    40-Disc Set; Digipak; Back to Back

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    40-Disc Set; Digipak; Back to Back

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Friends and Heroes is an animated children's adventure based in Ancient Egypt, Israel and Rome. The story follows two young friends Macky and Portia as they fight for justice against the Roman Empire. There are three series of multi award-winning DVDs, each series containing thirteen episodes.

DVD General Information

Our Multi-Language DVDs are designed for home viewing - if you wish to show them in public for example in a school or a church, please ensure you hold a Friends and Heroes Public Display License.

DVD Versions

The original Series 1 DVD releases in North America had a single Friends and Heroes Episode in the English language only, although they also had subtitles in Spanish. We call these English DVDs. Series 1, 2 and 3 have now been released as Multi-Language DVDs which contain at least two Friends and Heroes Episodes in ten languages (and the same ten languages as subtitles) on each DVD: Arabic; Chinese (Mandarin); English; French; German; Hindi/Urdu; Korean; Portuguese (Brazilian); Russian and Spanish (South American). All language subtitles can be displayed with any audio language you select. You select the language you wish to hear when you first insert the DVD into your player and can change languages at will by simply ejecting and re-inserting the DVD and selecting a different language. Once you have selected the language you wish to hear all the menus, extras and quizzes will be provided in that language. These true multi-language DVDs are available on this website - simply order the Multi-Language Versions.

TV Systems

The DVDs in this North American store are designed for the NTSC TV system used in the the United States of America, Canada and several other countries. They are not suitable for use on the PAL TV system used in the British Isles, most of Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Countries which use the SECAM TV system are usually able to view PAL DVDs. You can order both PAL and NTSC format Multi Language Version DVDs from our International Store here.
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Garfield And Friends Season 3 DVD

Enjoy the complete third season of Garfield and Friends! This hilarious DVD collection based on the newspaper cartoon created by Jim Davis features classic episodes centered around the world’s most lovable feline Garfield, his owner Jon Arbuckle and pal Odie.

Watch as Garfield becomes a stowaway after Jon goes on a cruise, as Garfield hosts a TV debate on “why cats are better than dogs,” and much more! Based on the beloved newspaper cartoon created by Jim Davis, this collection features all 18 episodes from the fun-filled third season. This DVD set also includes the episode shorts from U.S. Acres, which stars a group of barnyard animals!

Production Year: 2020
Rating: TV-Y
Number of Discs: 2
Length: 432 minutes
Subtitled: Y
Subtitle Languages: English (SDH)
Audio Format: Stereo
Aspect Ratio: 16x9 Widescreen

Item can only be shipped to US destinations.

FRIENDS Box Set Complete Episodes On DVD - All 10 Seasons

Why There’s No Substitute for Owning ‘Friends’

By Adam Chitwood


Physical media reigns supreme once again!

Before “binge-watching” was a publicly acceptable term, and before Netflix and Amazon and Hulu and countless other streaming services made full libraries of films and TV shows available on demand, Friends was my comfort watch. When the iconic NBC sitcom wrapped up its 10-season run in 2004, I had already started buying up the individual DVD sets. By the time I was in college a few years later, these DVD sets were already falling apart. Friends had become a balm with which to end the day. Something to watch in bed while winding down, or to revisit with friends (real ones, IRL!) on the weekends. What The Office is to so many Netflix users right now? Friends was to me, back in the day when you had to get up and change each individual DVD disc out to continue on to the next episode.

It’s kind of hard to remember now, but when Friends premiered in 1994, it was kind of groundbreaking. Yes it was the traditional three-camera sitcom format, but instead of focusing on a family or adults or a romantic couple, it instead focused on six very good friends—as the title suggests. We watched as Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross navigated life in their 20s (and eventually 30s), but instead of zeroing in on the mundane, Friends delighted in the complicated. The first season alone found Rachel leaving her husband at the altar and cutting up her credit cards determined to be financially independent for the first time. Ross was having a baby with his ex-wife who was now an out lesbian. And Phoebe was dealing with the trauma of her mother having died at such a young age (in Phoebe’s own way, of course).

Through 10 seasons, Friends pushed boundaries of what was “normal” on television at the time, and while some of the jokes and subject matter haven’t aged all that well, in the 90s Friends was unique for simply having LGBTQ characters who weren’t only there to be the butt of jokes. The show also navigated life as a sexually active twentysomething with surprising frankness, although as the show wore on the characters would begin to put down relationship roots, leading to some of the best arcs of the series (Monica and Richard, my heart).

And you know what, for the most part, Friends still holds up remarkably well. In 2015, the show made its streaming debut on Netflix, and it started to reach an entirely new audience. Suddenly teens and pre-teens were now discovering a series that had brought myself joy at the same age, and Millennials were using the newfound streaming availability as an excuse to rewatch Friends over and over. Friends was almost as popular now, in the 2010s, as it was in the 90s and early 2000s when it absolutely dominated the pop culture discourse.

But in January 2020, Friends disappeared from Netflix. The licensing agreement with Warner Bros. TV was over, and all of a sudden Friends wasn’t available to stream anywhere. And while the show is planned to be streaming as part of Warner Bros.’ upcoming streaming service HBO Max, the relatively short window of time that Friends was streaming in the first place is a reminder that there’s no substitute for owning the show outright.

Just as I was thankful for those DVD sets years ago after the show went off the air, owning Friends—either on Digital, Blu-ray, or DVD—is the only way to get the show right now. And if you’re a big fan of the series, there’s no substitute for having that ability to watch or rewatch it at your leisure. Streaming availability may come and go, but owning the show outright? That’s a guarantee that you don’t have to rely on the whims and whimsy of complicated streaming contracts and licenses to be able to watch Friends.

The same is true of all physical media, of course. In the age of streaming, so much of the content people consume is just a signature away from being ripped out of their reach at any given moment. But physical media or owning something on Digital is the only surefire way to guarantee that that thing you love is really, truly, actually yours.

So whether you’re just looking to fill gaps by purchasing individual seasons or want to spring for the complete series box set, Friends is there for you (I’m sorry) right now at All seasons are available to own digitally at all major retailers—iTunes, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Google, and if the Blu-ray or DVD is more your speed (it’s my preference), pick one up at any major retailer liker Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or Amazon.

Day or night, streaming or no, you’ll be able to watch “The One Where Everybody Finds Out” or “The One with the Prom Video” over and over again.


Exclusive: Bill Hader on ‘Barry’ Season 3 and 4 and How They Overhauled the Scripts

Hader also reveals how many episodes he’s directing in the eight-episode third season.

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