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John Kemper Classic Overall Bikini Winner Jacqueline Solomon

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NPC John Kemper Classic


NPC John Kemper Classic
Online entry is now closed&#;
You may still enter to compete in person at the athlete check-in (Saturday, 4/ am)


* NPC membership is required for all competitors. Use the link above to purchase yours today!

Doubletree by Hilton Hotel
Route 4 Eastbound
Fort Lee, NJ

» Online ticket sales are now closed..
You may also purchase at the door on Saturday (4/10) starting at am:
Pre-Judging: General Admission: $30
Finals: General Admission: $50

ICE is the official airbrush tanning service for this event. CLICK HERE to book your appointment today!
ICE is the official hair styling & make-up artist for this event. CLICK HERE to book your appointment!

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John Kemper &#; Billy Arlen (Download)

John Kemper & Billy Arlen, with Jacques Neuville

Filmed at the spectacular Vasquez Rocks, located in the high desert near Agua Dulce Springs, CA, our two heavyweight bodybuilders were in rock-hard condition. This was on the morning after they competed in the Mr. America contest.

Photo Galleries

John Kemper
Billy Arlen

Here in the rocky foothills of Southern California the first sequence features each man in a tight t-shirt, sleeves rolled up to display arms in a dramatic style!! These same arms are worked to a full-vein-bulging pump and intense contraction posing. Muscular arms in full-screen closeup.

Next John & Billy go head to head in tough duo muscle action, as they pump together with emphasis on massive arms. The session becomes an intense competitive posedown. (The total Kemper Arlen segment runs for 43 mins.)

JOHN KEMPER solo: One of USA’s golden boys. 5’11“ ( cm) lbs (93 kg) blond hair, blue eyes, golden tan, superb shape. Fantastic arm shots, full-body posing as well as extreme closeups. Breathtaking!!

BILLY ARLEN heats up the posing with pose after pose showing mass and definition in a truly macho muscle display. For the record, Billy is 5’10“ ( cm) lb (95 kg) with a massive 52” chest, 30” waist and 19” arms. He’s a former American football star. Astounding closeups of ripped pecs, rock hard abs, cuts and striations, topped by bulging veins.


To finish off the DVD, there’s a dynamic sequence of the French bodybuilding star JACQUES NEUVILLE. Filmed right at the start of his career when he was only 23 years old. His symmetry is flawless &#; a truly rare piece of archival footage. (12 mins).

All photos for this DVD presentation by Wayne Gallasch, copyright GMV.


Special Note &#; June 13th,

John Kemper
IFBB judge and long-time NPC official John Kemper passed away on June 13th,   He was 67 years old. John was the founder of the famous Diamond Gym in the s and located in Maplewood, New Jersey.

From his first title as Teenage Mr. New Jersey, John enjoyed an outstanding career culminating in winning the Masters Games Heavyweight, Heavyweight and Overall titles at the NPC Junior USAs and the Masters Nationals.

I worked with John twice shooting photos and film in the early 80s. The first time was on the day after he competed in the Mr. America in LA. Most of the photos in our Gallery on John are from that shoot. The second time was a year later in San Jose, on the day after he competed in the World Games.  He was an outstanding physique and a great model to work with.

John Kemper Classic - Juan Morel Guest Posing

April 1, NPC John Kemper Classic

I totally forgot to write a post for the last show I competed in – the April 1, John Kemper Classic!


front pose - NPC John Kemper Classic by popular New Jersey fitness blogger and bodybuilder Fit Mommy in Heels

I wanted to take tons of videos and photos backstage of the NPC John Kemper Classic but the cell service was HORRIBLE! My phone didn’t get any reception the entire day so I wasn’t able to keep everyone in the loop. This show was much smaller then the last show I competed in. Some of the classes only had a handful of competitors in them but it’s still such a great learning experience and practice for future shows.

The pic above is my (2nd) front pose. It’s the most uncomfortable for me and I’m still a work in progress! Posing is such a HUGE part of these shows. You can have the BEST body on stage but if you don’t pose well or if your pose doesn’t show off your body in the absolute best way possible you will not win. Posing is definitely something I need to work on and I’m considering changing up one of my poses for the next show. If my coach reads this she will probably smack me 🙂

booty shot - NPC John Kemper Classic by popular New Jersey fitness blogger and bodybuilder Fit Mommy in Heels

Going into this NPC John Kemper Classic show, I knew that my body wasn’t the absolute best it could be. I didn’t respond as quickly or as well to my diet as I did for my previous show. That in itself was a learning experience for me. It was frustrating, upsetting and stressful. Now going forward I know that my body will respond differently every prep. (In the above photo I’m 2nd to left, in the green)

front pose - NPC John Kemper Classic by popular New Jersey fitness blogger and bodybuilder Fit Mommy in Heels

Since last prep I have been lifting lighter upper body. I love lifting heavy but for bikini they aren’t looking for so much muscle up top. It’s hard for me to go backwards and lift lighter but I’m going to do my best!

I’ve had questions regarding my weight both in and off-season. I don’t want to give my weight because it’s irrelevant. The weight that works for me isn’t the weight that will work for everyone so I think it’s best not to focus on that. Your focus should always be on YOUR goals.

When I’m not in prep I don’t focus on my weight nor do I focus on it when I am in prep (with exceptions). I know where a comfort zone is for me (plus/minus) a few pounds. My focus during the off season is to maintain muscle, challenge myself in new ways and eating to perform.

john kemper classic - NPC John Kemper Classic by popular New Jersey fitness blogger and bodybuilder Fit Mommy in Heels


My workouts don’t get easier in the off season but I definitely am more lax with my diet. Staying on a prep meal plan is not something that should be done for an indefinite period of time. I still have grueling workouts and eat well but I eat in moderation as opposed to % clean. Since I get asked about it all the time I’ll be sharing what a normal week  of eating for me might look like (NOT A PREP MEAL WEEK) in the next week!


backstage - NPC John Kemper Classic by popular New Jersey fitness blogger and bodybuilder Fit Mommy in Heels


Looking at this NPC John Kemper Classic picture I look SO TAN but if you scroll back up and look at the stage shots you will see I am the absolute lightest on stage. The lights at these shows are so white and bright that even competition tans (different from a regular spray) don’t look as dark once you get up there. Darker skin helps show your muscles so all competitors get tans before the show. Next time I definitely need to get a few extra coats!

pump ups - NPC John Kemper Classic by popular New Jersey fitness blogger and bodybuilder Fit Mommy in Heels


Here’s a backstage shot of me doing pump-ups and getting ready to step on stage. Bikini is almost always the last class to go on so by the time it rolls around we are exhausted!


3rd place trophy - NPC John Kemper Classic by popular New Jersey fitness blogger and bodybuilder Fit Mommy in Heels


I ended up placing 3rd in one of my classes. My body wasn’t at its absolute best So I wasn’t too surprised that I didn’t do better. However the “look” the judges want varies from show to show. I have seen super lean girls win first place and I have also seen more muscular girls win first place. There is no way to know what the judges are looking for on any given day so as a competitor I always strive to bring what is MY BEST.

Overall I had a great experience at this NPC John Kemper Classic competition. I’m now glad I went through some struggles during this prep. It better prepared me for the next one. I am taking a few months off so I can enjoy some food freedom and get my metabolism back in check. I will likely begin prep again in August for a show I plan to do in October!

If anyone has any questions feel free to drop a comment below or send me an email at [email&#;protected]








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John Kemper Classic - Akim Williams Guest Posing

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