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In this post, we will discuss OnionPlay website, similar websites like onion play, how does this website work, is it a safe website for watching movies and web series, and we will discuss everything related to this website. This guide will help you to know the details about this website.

General Information

Type of Website: Online Movies Streaming

Founded: 3 July 2019


What is onionplay?

OnionPlay is a web application that provides the latest movies and TV shows for free. The domain name of this website (onionplay.co) was registered on 3 July 2019.

You can watch comedy movies, action, drama, history, mystery, thriller, crime, adventure, family, horror, romance, war, animation, and lots more genres are there on this website.

You can also check movies by latest release like movies of 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, etc.

This website has more than thousands of movies and TV shows. This website provides all the videos for free without any copyright license and therefore there is a high chance that this is an illegal website.

Users do not require to create an account for watching any movies or TV shows. User account sign-up is optional, if any user wants to create an account on this website then you can register on this website.

OnionPlay provides the option to create an account. Before creating an account on this website you should read the terms of service and privacy policy of this website. I suggest not to provide any personal identification information for your own safety. If you trust this website then it’s your choice.

You can also search movies on this website by top-rated IMDB ratings. You can easily find the top 50 or top 100 highest rated imdb movies and watch them.

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OnionPlay Alternatives

These are the 5 websites that are similar to onion play in many ways.

1. Spacemov

Spacemov is a free online movie-watching website. Anyone can access this website and watch thousands of movies for free. You do not need to sign up for a membership or creating an account on this site.

Documentary videos, short films, web series, Tv-shows, Hollywood movies, Korean movies, Chinese movies, Bollywood movies, Asian dramas, and other regional movies are also available on this website.

2. Dramacool

Dramacool is a website that is specially used for watching Asian movies, dramas, and TV Shows. You can find Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and Japanese movies on this website.

This is another free movie website therefore, there may be the possibility that the web address of this website may change after some time.

3. Sockshare

Sockshare is already blocked in some countries. If this website is blocked in your country then you can use a free VPN like Psiphon to unblock this website. This website provides a ton of movies and the quality of the videos is amazing.

You can watch your favorite movies in HD quality. Another plus point of this website is that it loads pretty much faster when compared with other websites on this list. So, you don’t get irritated with the slow loading of the website.

4. Soul Anime

Soul Anime is not a movie-watching website, as the name suggests that it is an anime website. On this website, users can watch anime online.

I added this website to this list to provide a variety of entertainment websites. If you like watching anime movies, shows, and cartoons then you can check this website.

5. PirateBay

Piratebay is a torrent website and this website is already blocked in many countries because this is an illegal website that distributes content such as movies, software, courses, etc for free.

We also don’t suggest using any illegal or pirated websites but this post is for the information purpose only to educate the readers on different topics. So, I added this site to the list.

How does this Website Work?

1. You can search the name of the movie that you would like to watch in the search bar.

2. Now, the movie you have searched for will appear on the screen.

3. Click on the movie and open it.

4. Click on the play button and wait for 10-40 seconds. After that, the movie will start. Press the F Button to watch in the fullscreen size.

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Why onionplay is an illegal website?

OnionPlay provides copyrighted movies for free. Providing a movie for free without a copyright license, ownership, permission, etc is not a good thing. This violates copyright law.

Is onionplay safe?

No, this website contains many pop-up advertisements some of them are not good in my opinion. You can use this website at your own risk.

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Final Words

OnionPlay provides movies in English languages and the videos display quality is excellent. Most of the movies on this website are available in HD. If your Internet speed is good then there is no buffering on this website when you play a video like in some other websites where videos load too slow when using a High-speed Internet connection.

You will not face this issue on this website. There are lots of pop-up and pop-under advertisements on this website that will open in a new tab or new window. It may irritate you and these ads are of low quality.


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Onionplay. com (April 2021) Free To Watch!

Onionplay. com (April 2021) Free To Watch! >> Are you looking for ways to watch online free latest movies? Check how legit the site is.  

Are you thinking of some alternative way to watch online movies or shows? Well, then, Onionplay. comis the right thing for you.When all the things are conducted online, including seminars and meetings, and when almost all the theatres are closed, everyone also wants to watch movies online.While watching your favourite movies by subscribing to individual broadcasters can be expensive, various online websites unlawfully stream latest movies for their audience. People from any country can access these websites, be it theUnited Statesor India.Learn more about the mentioned website in this article.

What is Onionplay.com?

Onionplay. comis an online website used for streaming free latest or outdated movies, web series or TV shows. You can watch your favourite movie in HD print. Most of the latest films are uploaded on the website after one or two weeks upon release. Initially, the print may not always be perfect, but later on, the HD print is uploaded. The details about the owner of the website and other things like its domain age, are all hidden. The website seems to get originated in theUnited States, but nothing has wholly revealed on it.

How to watch movies on Onionplay. com?

It is effortless to access the website and stream your favourite content on it. You can follow the following steps to watch movies or shows:

  • Search the movie or show title on the search bar.
  • Select the one you want to stream.
  • Click on the Stream button and wait for few seconds so that the movie loads up.
  • Click on play and then enjoy watching your film online for free.

And even if you are not particular what to watch, you can browse through movies based on their genre or the film’s release year. You can watch the trailers on the website also.

Is it safe to use Onionplay. com?

Although using this pirated website to watch movies is against the laws, these movies do not harm your device. There may be several ads on the website, but there will be not much issue if you follow the mentioned steps. Thus, the website is not unsafe to use e yobut it is unlawful.

User Reviews:

Almost all the users have mentioned in the reviews that they love this website. A user said that Onionplay.comis anything anyone would ever ask for: the website does not buffer, movies are in HD, and loads of movies and TV shows are there to watch.Alternativeto.net has given a 4.3-star rating to the website while trustpilot.com has assigned a rating of 3.6-star.Have you tried to watch online movies on it? How was your experience? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Final Verdict:

Onionplay. comis an online torrent website that lets you watch online movies for free, both latest and old. The website is easy to manage with a user- friendly experience. We want to inform you that accessing such websites is unlawfulr, therefore, be very careful while using it. No information about the website’s owners is made available, but they have mentioned a link for their Telegram group.

Sours: https://www.dodbuzz.com/onionplay-com/
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Onionplay. Com (Dec 2020) Honest Reviews for Clarity >> Do you want to stream online latest movies for free? Learn more from the article.

Who does not want to watch movies for free? But then, did you hear about Onionplay. com

Onionplay.com, onionplay.is or onionplay.co seems to be the United Statesbased website. It is a pirated website offering online latest and old movies, web series, OTT movies and web series. And before streaming, you can watch the online trailer of your selected film.

You can easily stream or even download movies in HD print. The website has various ads, and the movies can be rushed in your preferred language when the option is available. Let us see how to stream on the website if it is safe to use or not, and what do people say about it?

What is Onionplay. com?

Onionplay.com is an online torrent website streaming various motion pictures and web series. It unlawfully leaks latest or outdated movies online. You can stream your selected movie in HD. It seems to be a United Statesbased website, but nothing is confirmed.

The owner details and domain age of the website is hidden. 

The website asks for a donation to support their OnionPlay project by subscribing to Trust.Zone. You will then be able to protect your online activity and also enrich your experience on the website.

How to Stream on Onionplay. com?

The website is straightforward to manage. All you have to do is type the movie or series name in the search bar and select your choice. You must click on the Stream button and wait for a few seconds for the movie to load up. You can then click on play and enjoy online streaming.

In case you do not know which movie to stream, you can browse through hundreds of movies by clicking on your favourite genres like Adventure, Action, Romance, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Horror, Sci-Fi, Family and many more.

You can also browse movies based on their release year. And as mentioned before, you can again watch the official trailer of your selected movie.

Is Onionplay. com safe to use?

Although these websites operate unlawfully, these websites do not harm you or your device. Onionplay.com has many ads and redirects links on it, but you will not face much trouble if you follow our mentioned steps.

We want to say that streaming on such websites is against the laws, but it is not entirely unsafe to use.

User Reviews:

All the users of Onionplay.com love the website. The latest movies are uploaded almost after a week of their original release. 

Trustpilot.com has given the website an average rating of 3.6 stars. And alternativeto.net has assigned a rating of 4.3 stars.

Did you try streaming on the website? What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments below.

Final Verdict:

Onionplay. comis an online website allowing streaming latest movies online for free. The website is easy to use and user- friendly. 

You can watch the trailer on the website before streaming the whole movie. However, the owner details are hidden, but you can join their telegram group with the link on the website.

Sours: https://cinejoia.tv/onionplay-com/
OnionPlay 2021 - 4K Releases \u0026 WandaVision

We all love to watch movies and popular TV shows. But sometimes we couldn’t cope up with the telecasting time because of our daily schedule and busy lifestyle. But what happens when you don’t have to stick with the watch to show your TV shows and movies. Yes, you can watch them whenever you want to stream that. OnionPlay is in your way to help you out.

OnionPlay is a free online website to watch movies and TV shows. Here you can stream movies and your favorite TV for free. So, if want to watch movies for free and of the highest quality then you must try OnionPlay. This is a website for the videos and movies category.


Now you must be thinking that what is special about the OnionPlay. You can watch movies on any app or any website. So, let me clear to you that on the other sites you have to pay to watch movies or TV shows. Like if you take a membership of Amazon Prime or Netflix then you would know that you have to take the membership for that. After taking the membership you can watch the movies there.

But this is not with the OnionPlay. You can watch movies and TV shows for free here. But let me clear one thing about the OnionPlay that this website is not a legit website. OnionPlay is a pirated website that steals movies and uploads them to your website. After that, you can see them for free.

Is OnionPlay Safe To Use?

Any website that is pirated, is not safe. There you have to deal with so many ads, if you accidently click on those ads, then you can enter the virus in your devise. Hence, we should not use pirated websites. These sites have some benefits but along with that there are many losses too.

But OnionPlay comes with the extra security and safety. Their users can be used it fearlessly and no need to worry about the devices.

OnionPlay has also closed many websites but they built a new website after one is shut down and launch that again. OnionPlay has been around for quite some time and now has gained too much popularity. Because they upload latest content of TV shows and movies.

The good thing about the OnionPlay is that they have a range of Hollywood movies. So, if you are a lover of Hollywood movies and TV shows then OnionPlay is for you.

What Are The Features of OnionPlay?

After the introduction of OnionPlay, now we will tell you about the features of this website. What kind of theme does OnionPlay have? How well this website respond? These are some questions that have come to your mind. So, to answer all these questions, we have sorted the all information for you about OnionPlay.

  • OnionPlay has a dark theme and has simple and minimalistic layouts. On that layouts, you can scroll without any kind of interruption and confusion.
  • As we already told you that OnionPlay is pirated website. But it comes with extra safety and security for their users. Hence, you have no need to worry about your system. That won’t be hacked by the malware and the other virus attacks.
  • The page loading speed is very high and pretty on point. On the OnionPlay you can navigate any content without any buffering.
  • OnionPlay has also a separate button for searching on the top. That makes it easier for you to find any movie and the TV shows that you want to watch.
  • Here you can find wide range of movies and TV shows. OnionPlay has categories to watch the best movies and shows. You can choose your movies or TV shows from the category.

What Are The Categories on OnionPlay?

If we talk about the categories on OnionPlay, there are some selective categories available. You can find anything from the homepage of OnionPlay. This is hassle-free website, you have no need to struggle to navigate the content of your choice. Some main categories of OnionPlay are;

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • New releases
  • Episodes
  • Genres
  • TOP
  • A-Z

How Can You download The movies And TV Shows On OnionPlay?

The downloading process is very easy and simple. Especially if the content is available on the website, then you can do it in a few seconds. You just need to follow some steps for that. Have a look;

  • After visiting the official website of OnionPlay, open the home page.
  • From there you can navigate the website to find which TV show or movies you want to watch.
  • After finding the desired content, you can click on the thumbnail of that to open a new page.
  • Then you have to go down to the bottom page to find out the download button.
  • Click on that download button and then the downloading will be start quickly.
  • Now enjoy your programs.

Does OnionPlay require a VPN?

No, there is no requirement for any kind of VPN. That means you can rely on Google search for finding the website. But if the official website is not available there then you can generally find the mirror website to enjoy your desired content on OnionPlay.

This was to all information about the OnionPlay, which you need to know. Now I am going to tell you about some alternatives of OnionPlay.

Some alternatives of OnionPlay

As I told you before that OnionPlay is a pirated and illegal platform, hence, now I would suggest you some legal alternatives to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. This would be more ethical to choose these sites rather than pirated websites.

Some best alternatives;



We all know about this popular platform. But on YouTube, you don’t find vast movies or TV show collections. Some content you have to purchase or give rent. But aside from that, YouTube allows you to watch millions of videos and shows that you can enjoy absolutely free. When you are getting bored, you can find something here and can enjoy it. For more information click here.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

my next suggestion is Amazon Prime, they have a full range of movies and TV shows. Amazon Prime have their own releases which you can watch only here along with amazing videos collection. But to watch their content, you have to take its subscription. If you will take a subscription to Amazon Prime then you will enjoy some extra benefits on this platform. Like you can get next day delivery of your orders which you shop from their site. Click here.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV

If you are looking legal alternative to OnionPlay then Tubi TV is a nice option for you. There you can watch many movies or can binge-watch your desired shows. Here you can find old and new movies collection and also TV shows. Tubi TV has a minimalistic dark theme that gives it an aesthetic look. Click here.



Netflix is one of the best alternatives of OnionPlay. It has their own original movies and web series with a range of classic and latest released movies and shows. This is a paid subscription-based site, if want to enjoy of their contents then you have to pay for that.

Here you can also enjoy Hollywood movies and English web series. If you invest your money on Netflix, you will not disappoint at all. Click here.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a Sony’s owned website and they host a wide range of movies and TV shows. The best part about this is that this is a free movie streaming platform. You can enjoy its services anywhere like on Android or iOS. Some content of the Sony Crackle is restricted in a few countries but you can watch them by using a VPN to stream that. Click here.

Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix

In the search of alternatives to OnionPlay, we would suggest Popcorn Flix. This platform is also a legal site and is also a free that hosts amazing Hollywood movies and TV shows. So, you can enjoy all this for free, but this is an ad-supported platform.

That’s mean you will have to watch the content here with the ads. Click here.

Con TV or Viewster

Con TV or Viewster

This website is now gaining a popularity for hosting a range of classic and latest movies. Along with the movies and TV shows you can enjoy here a wide range of independent productions shows and documentaries.

The unique thing about Con TV is that it hosts a range of original TV shows and original movies. These all content you can’t find anywhere else. Click here.



This is a free movie streaming platform and lets you stream your TV shows and movies for free. But this platform is not so much popular but its host amazing content online to watch. So, you can take it as an alternative of OnionPlay to watch the movies and TV shows for free.

But annoying part of this platform is that they host the ads. Hence, you have to bear that while watching the contents. Click here.

We hope this all information about the OnionPlay will be helpful for you. And you can understand the importance of legal alternatives which you should support.

Biswajit Raskhit

Biswajit Rakshit is a professional blogger and writer. He loves to write on various topics.


Sours: https://widetopics.com/all-you-need-to-know-about-onionplay-and-some-alternatives/

Safe onionplay

Onionplay Free Streaming website for Movies TV Show and Latest Web Series. They provide the most Popular Movies and TV Shows online with the highest quality of video. You can watch latest English Movies in for free of cost. Onionplay Hollywood movies download site full Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Here you can stream movies and your favorite TV show, Currently official website is showing on internet with different domain like Onionplay.co which is live on internet. Mostly realize the most recent English films, Old English films, and alternative forms of Onionplay variety videos are available   to watch Online and also for download. These websites known for dishonestly display movies on internet which are actually pirated. Onionplay movies website is totally illegal or pirated because they are doing piracy

About Onionplay website

Onionplay is famous for movies downloading website, among all the people who loves watching movies and TV shows in their own house without any kind of disturbance and without going anywhere to buy tickets in their relative theater’s. It has additional large variety movies and Tv Shows as compare to other movies illegal site of online illegal paid content and they provide easily without any cost that’s why they are banned or banned in future.

According to United State Rules and regulation it is illegal to use these types of website. In some other country these website is blocked, but the website nonstop works with diverse domain names to run their illegal works which effect all of film industry. Onionplay is available on internet for pc and android mobiles.

The uploads around  movies which relates to English Hollywood movies and also some Bollywood, and You can download and watch it on your device like mobile or PC or tablet.The reason why it is not safe to download movies from here is due to copyright issues

What are the features of Onionplay Movie?

Some uncommon options build Onionplay the simplest on-line content platform. The options include:

  1. The interface of this website is straightforward and easy
  2. The info of this web site additionally used
  3. User will simply search his most-liked movies, TV shows in step with the classes
  4. There is no demand to pay any quantity for using this website
  5. Users can even download the film and television shows to observe later in offline mode
  6. In case, any TV program or video isn’t available within the list then the user will speedily request relating to it
  7. It is untroubled to look and watch the content from this web site
  8. User doesn’t need to pay any subscription or sign in fees

Onionplay mirror websites which are closed

When you search onionplay site on search engine, you will find that some the website is not running because they bane in some country due to of piracy. If it open then you can see lots of  Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi are available here. But you should always aware that these website are illegal and may be banned by officials for movie and series piracy.

Onionplay.io – Onionplay.io Website is a pirated website in this website you can download movie and also watch movies online free of cost but these sites are illegal. From Onionplay.io you can download all the latest movies of  Hollywood & Bollywood

Onionplay.net – The Onionplay.net is a Website where you stream movies free of cost and you can download it also. But this type of sites is illegal because they are doing movie piracy website. Onionplay.net is similar above website but not working currently

Onionplay.in – Onionplay.in Website is a illegal movies downloading site  where you can download and stream movies free of cost. But sites is illegal because they are doing movie piracy . this website is a part Onionplay same as above but the site is not currently running in India.

Onionplay.ws – The website Onionplay.ws  is  currently running on internet where you can download or watch movies. but as we discussed above they doing piracy that’s why this type of website banned after some time. The main work of Onionplay.ws site is movies downloading and online streaming without pay anything you can watch the movies and download.

What type of genre movies available on Onionplay?

Onionplay has split the positioning into several genre to create it without delay obtainable to all or any users. this is often not as a result of there’s a restricted variety of flicks eligible. Onionplay movies web site has sorted them into completely different genres so as to create the films without delay obtainable to the guests. you may find the video quicker there and have a bigger likelihood to seek out the right image. the subsequent  various genre you see on the web site of Onionplay

  • Action
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Horror
  • Sci-fi
  • War
  • Thriller
  • Comedy
  • Web series
  • TV series

What are the Latest Movies illegally leaked by Onionplay?

The onionplay typically illicitly leaks movies on its web site. The onionplay includes a list of flicks, net series on its web site. The M4ufree web site has several genres and illicitly leaks releases movies in numerous languages too. The list of Movies illicitly leaked by onionplay is listed below.

  • The Tomorrow War
  • The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2
  • False Positive
  • America: The Motion Picture
  • Fear Street Part Two Conjuring
  • Black Widow

Can I watch online web-series on Onionplay?

Onionplay a torrent web site that’s utilized by the users to observe and transfer movies free. the films square measure typically new movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Punjabi that get leaked hebdomadally as presently because the picture show is printed on their web site. Onionplay outlawed web site conjointly provides a district to picture show downloads specifically for mobile phones in top quality. This outlawed web site conjointly has sub-sections for Tamil dubbed movies and shows. Aside from Tamil movies, users may stream net series and watch on-line for gratis on M4ufree. a number of the net series obtainable on the Onionplay is listed below.

  • Residential Evil- Infinite Darker
  • Loki
  • Sophie
  • Game of Thrones
  • Miracle worker
  • The Walking Dead- Origins

The best platform to observe movies is theatre. Numerous illicit websites are there to spoil the hassle of the movie industry. The outlawed websites typically leak movies, web series, Tv shows. Several movies are additional to the piracy list.

Different sizes of movies are available in Onionplay movies Website

You can download movies in different file size which depending on your net speeds website allow you to access of the movies in different qualities. The available movies file sizes that users can downloads Onionplay Website are listed lower.

  • 320MB qualities movies for Mobile qualities Movies
  • 750MB qualities movies for Pc HD qualities Movies
  • 1.GB movies for Tv Ultra HD qualities Movies

How to Look or watch online movies on Onionplay

To watch or download movies on Onionplay site you should know as we conversed in above paragraph, Onionplay bollywood movies is illegal, and visiting sites like this is a crime in India. However, if you still want to watch and download Onionplay movies, you do not need to get a Proxy because its currently running. A proxy will allow you to safely download the content from the website without revealing your IP address.

How to access Onionplay movies Website?

Follow the below-given steps to access the illegal website Onionplay.

  • First you need to open proxy of site, you must have a URL  of website on or our system which you using to overcome your limit, but for Onionplay you need not to do anything,simply open it.
  • After you open it, you can visit Onion play com. And you can access lots of movies and TV shows for free download.

How does Onionplay work internet?

Its not about  a one person, a group of different Person with their hidden identity are opens these types of websites and cost website is few bucks. And the quality of content also high in adding to the latest movies, Onionplay movies accepts much of the traffic flow. You should also know that they earn lots of money from site. After earning enough money, they change the website name or Domains of website. In This way they are continue to work their prohibited work.

Is OnionPlay Safe To Use?

Any web site that’s pirated, isn’t safe. There you have got to manage such a lot of ads, if you accidently click on those ads, then you’ll enter the virus in your devise. Hence, we must always not use pirated websites. These sites have some advantages however in conjunction with that there area unit several losses too.

But OnionPlay comes with the additional security and safety. Their users is used it intrepidly and no ought to worry concerning the devices.

OnionPlay has conjointly closed several web sites however they designed a brand new website once one is close up and launch that once more. OnionPlay has been around for quite your time and currently has gained an excessive amount of quality. as a result of they transfer latest content of TV shows and films.

Best Alternative of Onionplay which are legal websites

  1. Netflix
  2. Disney
  3. Hotstar
  4. Amazon Prime Videos
  5. YouTube


Theblogspost.com does not encourage piracy and is strongly against online piracy. We appreciate and fully comply with the copyright acts/sections and confirm we take all steps to obey with the Act. In this post, our intend to update users around piracy and strongly inspire our users to avoid such platforms

FAQ Realated Onionplay

  1. Is this site Onionplay is live or not?

yes the site is available on internet with different domain

  1. Is this site Onionplay is illegal or not?

All the website which are showing pirated movies or showing pirated content are illegal website

  1. Can I watch movies from Onionplay?

Yes, you can download movies from Onion play but you should know that this is illegal

  1. Is this Onionplay is safe for browsing or not?

No, the browsing site like Onionplay is not safe because this site is illegal and may be harmful for your system.



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How to Identify if a Website is Safe

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