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RefPart NumberDescriptionPart, Description# On Img# Cart$ EachNotes15XC-14611-20PIPE, EXHAUST 15XC-14611-20PIPE, EXHAUST 11 on diagramx1667.5525XC-14628-00PROTECTOR, EXHAUST PIPE5XC-14628-00PROTECTOR, EXHAUST PIPE1 on diagramx1110.5034BD-14766-00WASHER, PROTECTOR4BD-14766-00WASHER, PROTECTOR6 on diagramx61.65498980-06008SCREW, BIND98980-06008SCREW, BIND3 on diagramx31.95590206-06090WASHER, WAVE90206-06090WASHER, WAVE3 on diagramx33.6565NL-14613-00GASKET, EXHAUST PIPE5NL-14613-00GASKET, EXHAUST PIPE1 on diagramx111.1575XC-14750-M0SILENCER ASSY5XC-14750-M0SILENCER ASSY1 on diagramx11525.6085XC-1466G-M0BODY, SILENCER5XC-1466G-M0BODY, SILENCER1 on diagramx1515.05990267-48084RIVET, BLIND90267-48084RIVET, BLIND16 on diagramx168.65105XC-1469A-10FIBER5XC-1469A-10FIBER1 on diagramx1294.30112S2-1469E-00FIBER2S2-1469E-00FIBER1 on diagramx16.75122S2-1469F-00FIBER2S2-1469F-00FIBER1 on diagramx17.15135XD-14714-00GASKET, MUFFLER5XD-14714-00GASKET, MUFFLER1 on diagramx126.45145BE-14747-00DAMPER, MUFFLER5BE-14747-00DAMPER, MUFFLER1 on diagramx18.051590387-08081COLLAR90387-08081COLLAR1 on diagramx118.35165BE-14788-00BAND, SILENCER5BE-14788-00BAND, SILENCER1 on diagramx177.001790201-08061WASHER, PLATE90201-08061WASHER, PLATE1 on diagramx16.051890105-08137BOLT, FLANGE90105-08137BOLT, FLANGE1 on diagramx114.201990105-08307BOLT, FLANGE90105-08307BOLT, FLANGE1 on diagramx14.55
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Fits The Following Bikes:

Yamaha YZ250F 2007-2008


Exhaust Description:

If you are looking for increased performance, there is no faster, or less expensive way to get it than the Ti-4 Slip-On. The Ti-4 Slip-On offers huge performance gains when compared to stock OEM exhausts. This silencer is designed to bolt onto the stock head pipe or Pro Circuit head pipes in a matter of minutes. Not only will horsepower and torque increases be noticed throughout the entire power curve, but the Ti-4 is constructed of titanium, meaning a substantially lighter silencer compared to stock.


Features Include:

  • Increase in horsepower and torque throughout power curve
  • Titanium construction throughout mid pipe, canister and end-cap
  • Equipped with removable USFS approved spark arrestor
  • Strong mounting bracket(s) for increased durability
  • Lighter weight compared to stock
TI-4 SILENCER, YZ250F '07-08
Sours: https://www.procircuit.com/ti-4-slip-on-yz250f-07-08.html
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Akrapovic Racing Full Exhaust System SS/TI/CF For Yamaha YZ250F 2008


This is a complete, high-quality exhaust system made from stainless steel tubes and a titanium muffler with precision handcrafting and attention to detail. Its unique deisgn yields the maximum output for each specific motorcycle model, while significantly reducing overall weight for top performance. It's identical to Arkaprovic's top-range Evolution line of exhaust system - the only difference is in the material used. The mufflers feature a new coating for the muffler sleeve, providing better scratch resistance and easier cleaning.


  • Pantented chamber
  • Special muffler coating for better scratch resistance and easier cleaning
  • Please note: Heat shield (shown) NOT included.Please note: Certain aftermarket exhaust systems may not comply with applicable California laws and regulations, and may therefore be prohibited from use on California highways or roads, or on roads or vehicles otherwise subject to emissions control requirements. Akrapovic exhaust systems for automobiles and motorcycles mounted downstream of the catalytic converter (also known as cat-back systems) are considered replacement parts in California by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), and do not require an exemption or executive order from CARB to be sold in California. However, California prohibits the use of any aftermarket exhaust system that modifies, removes or replaces original equipment catalysts, unless CARB has issued an Exective Order as to such part or system. Further, Akrapovic parts or exhaust systems used in intended for use on racing vehicles(i.e. a competition vehicle used exclusively for competition on closed-course circuits) do not require an exemption or Executive Order from CARB to be sold in California. However, such parts are prohibited from use on California public highways or roads, even if occasionally used off-road.
Sours: https://www.ridersdiscount.com/akrapovic-racing-full-exhaust-system-ssticf-for-yamaha-yz250f-2008-148107
2008 yz250f

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Exhaust 2008 yz250f

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2006-2009 Yz250f Fmf Powercore 4 exhaust vs stock

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