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1  age, epoch, era, period, stage, time  

2  appointment, assignation, engagement, meeting, rendezvous, tryst  

3  escort, friend, partner, steady    (informal)  

4  out of date    antiquated, archaic, dated, obsolete, old, old-fashioned, passé  

5  to date    now, so far, up to now, up to the present, up to this point, yet  

6  up-to-date    à la mode, contemporary, current, fashionable, modern, trendy    (Brit. informal)  up-to-the-minute  

7  assign a date to, determine the date of, fix the period of, put a date on  

8  bear a date, belong to, come from, exist from, originate in  

9  become obsolete, be dated, obsolesce, show one's age  

out of date    
antiquated, archaic, dated, discarded, elapsed, expired, extinct, invalid, lapsed, obsolete, old-fashioned, outmoded, out of the ark    (informal)  outworn, passé, stale, superannuated, superseded, unfashionable  
  contemporary, current, fashionable, in, new, now    (informal)  trendy    (Brit. informal)  up to date, valid  

all the rage, current, fashionable, happening    (informal)  having one's finger on the pulse, in, in vogue, modern, newest, now    (informal)  stylish, trendy    (Brit. informal)  up-to-the-minute, with it    (informal)  
  antiquated, dated, démodé, obsolete, old fashioned, outmoded, out of date, out of the ark    (informal)  passé  



    (dates  plural & 3rd person present)  (dating  present participle)  (dated  past tense & past participle  )

1    n-count  A date is a specific time that can be named, for example a particular day or a particular year.  
What's the date today?..., You will need to give the dates you wish to stay and the number of rooms you require.    

2    verb  If you date something, you give or discover the date when it was made or when it began.  
I think we can date the decline of Western Civilization quite precisely...    V n  
Archaeologists have dated the fort to the reign of Emperor Antoninus Pius.    V n to n  

3    verb  When you date something such as a letter or a cheque, you write that day's date on it.  
Once the decision is reached, he can date and sign the sheet...    V n  
The letter is dated 2 July 1993.    V-ed  

4    n-sing  If you want to refer to an event without saying exactly when it will happen or when it happened, you can say that it will happen or happened at some date in the future or past.  
with supp, at N  
Retain copies of all correspondence, since you may need them at a later date...    

5  To date means up until the present time.  
to date    phrase  PHR with cl  
`Dottie' is by far his best novel to date...    

6    verb  If something dates, it goes out of fashion and becomes unacceptable to modern tastes.  
A black coat always looks smart and will never date...    V  

7    verb  If your ideas, what you say, or the things that you like or can remember date you, they show that you are quite old or older than the people you are with.  
It's going to date me now. I attended that school from 1969 to 1972.    V n  

8    n-count  A date is an appointment to meet someone or go out with them, especially someone with whom you are having, or may soon have, a romantic relationship.  
I have a date with Bob...    

9    n-count  If you have a date with someone with whom you are having, or may soon have, a romantic relationship, you can refer to that person as your date.  
usu poss N  
He lied to Essie, saying his date was one of the girls in the show.    

10    v-recip  If you are dating someone, you go out with them regularly because you are having, or may soon have, a romantic relationship with them. You can also say that two people are dating.  
For a year I dated a woman who was a research assistant...    V n  
They've been dating for three months...    pl-n V  

11    n-count  A date is a small, dark-brown, sticky fruit with a stone inside. Dates grow on palm trees in hot countries.  

  →   blind date  
  →   carbon dating  
  →   dated  
  →   out of date  
  →   up to date  date back    phrasal verb  If something dates backto a particular time, it started or was made at that time.  
...a palace dating back to the 16th century...    V P to n  
This tradition dates back over 200 years.    V P amount  date from    phrasal verb  If something dates from a particular time, it started or was made at that time.  
The present controversy dates from 1986.    V P n  

blind date      (blind dates  plural  )A blind date is an arrangement made for you to spend a romantic evening with someone you have never met before.    n-count  

date of birth      (dates of birth  plural  )Your date of birth is the exact date on which you were born, including the year.    n-count  oft poss N  
The registration form showed his date of birth as August 2, 1979.    

date palm      (date palms  plural  )A date palm is a palm tree on which dates grow.    n-count  

date rape    
Date rape is when a man rapes a woman after having spent the evening socially with her.    n-uncount  

out of date    , out-of-date  
Something that is out of date is old-fashioned and no longer useful.    adj  
Think how rapidly medical knowledge has gone out of date in recent years.    

sell-by date      (sell-by dates  plural  )

1    n-count  The sell-by date on a food container is the date by which the food should be sold or eaten before it starts to decay.  
...a piece of cheese four weeks past its sell-by date.    
in AM, use expiration date    

2  If you say that someone or something is past their sell-by date, you mean they are no longer effective, interesting, or useful.  
past one's sell-by date    phrase  N inflects, v-link PHR    (disapproval)   As a sportsman, he is long past his sell-by date.    

up-to-date  , up to date  

1    adj  If something is up-to-date, it is the newest thing of its kind.,  (Antonym: out of date)   ...Germany's most up to date electric power station., ...enhancing the system and bringing it up to date..., This production is bang up-to-date.    

2    adj  If you are up-to-date about something, you have the latest information about it.  
usu v-link ADJ  
We'll keep you up to date with any news...    

  • menses last date  n. first day date for calculation of pregnancy

    For calculation of Pregnancy Age

  • dating partner  n. person that you date
  • Retardo  n. A suburbian species characterized for increased muscle strength, synaptic plasticity, and overall performance in a wide range of activities. The definition is limited by the extent of research to date. Generally, a moderately conditioned interaction will result in successful dialogue.

    Retardo has a great personality.

  • undatable  adj. who cannot find a partner, a date


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Synonyms for date back to in English

  1. date back to
  2. date back to
  3. dates back to
  4. date back to
  5. date back to
  6. date back to
simple past
  1. dated back to
  2. dated back to
  3. dated back to
  4. dated back to
  5. dated back to
  6. dated back to
present perfect
  1. have dated back to
  2. have dated back to
  3. has dated back to
  4. have dated back to
  5. have dated back to
  6. have dated back to
past continuous
  1. was dating back to
  2. were dating back to
  3. was dating back to
  4. were dating back to
  5. were dating back to
  6. were dating back to
  1. shall date back to
  2. will date back to
  3. will date back to
  4. shall date back to
  5. will date back to
  6. will date back to
continuous present
  1. am dating back to
  2. are dating back to
  3. is dating back to
  4. are dating back to
  5. are dating back to
  6. are dating back to
  1. be dated back to
  2. be dated back to
  3. be dated back to
  4. be dated back to
  5. be dated back to
  6. be dated back to
  1. date back to!
  2. let's date back to!
  3. dated back to
  4. dating back to

1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

  1. Gorilla g cartridge
  2. 911 dispatcher ornaments
  3. Eso healing done
  4. Tsukishima merch


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This shows grade level based on the word's complexity.


a particular month, day, and year at which some event happened or will happen: July 4, 1776 was the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

the day of the month: Is today's date the 7th or the 8th?

an inscription on a writing, coin, etc., that shows the time, or time and place, of writing, casting, delivery, etc.: a letter bearing the date January 16.

the time or period to which any event or thing belongs; period in general: Funeral arrangements will be announced at a later date.

the time during which anything lasts; duration: The pity is that childhood has so short a date.

an appointment for a particular time: They have a date with their accountant at ten o'clock.

a social appointment or engagement arranged beforehand with another person, especially when a romantic relationship exists or may develop: to go out on a Saturday night date.

a person with whom one has such a social appointment or engagement: Can I bring a date to the party?

an engagement for an entertainer to perform.

dates,the birth and death dates, usually in years, of a person: Dante's dates are 1265 to 1321.

verb (used without object),dat·ed,dat·ing.

to have or bear a date: The letter dates from 1873.

to belong to a particular period; have its origin: That dress dates from the 19th century. The architecture dates as far back as 1830.

to reckon from some point in time: The custom dates from the days when women wore longer skirts.

to go out socially on dates: She dated a lot during high school.

verb (used with object),dat·ed,dat·ing.

to mark or furnish with a date: Please date the check as of today.

to ascertain or fix the period or point in time of; assign a period or point in time to: The archaeologist dated the ruins as belonging to the early Minoan period.

to show the age of; show to be old-fashioned.

to make a date with; go out on dates with: He's been dating his best friend's sister.


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Idioms about date

    to date, up to the present time; until now: This is his best book to date.

    up to date. See entry at up-to-date.

Origin of date


First recorded in 1275–1325; Middle English noun from Middle French, from Late Latin data, noun use of data (feminine of datus, past participle of dare “to give”), from the phrase data (Romae) “written, given (at Rome)”; Middle English verb daten “to sign or date a document,” derivative of the noun




Words nearby date

data set, data structure, dataveillance, data warehouse, datcha, date, date boil, datebook, dated, Datel, dateless

Other definitions for date (2 of 2)


the oblong, fleshy fruit of the date palm, a staple food in northern Africa, Arabia, etc., and an important export.

Origin of date


1250–1300; Middle English <Anglo-French; Old French dade, date<Medieval Latin datil(l)us (>Old Provençal, Catalan, Spanish datil) <Latin dactylus;see dactyl Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021

Words related to date

term, age, time, period, moment, day, stage, hour, year, appointment, meeting, visit, come from, register, determine, mark, belong to, see, span, generation

How to use date in a sentence

  • Four of those have already been made up, and another two have rescheduled dates set.

    Big Ten moves men’s basketball tournament to Indianapolis|Emily Giambalvo|February 9, 2021|Washington Post

  • In my four years of college, I know exactly one woman who has asked a man out on a date.

    Random Hook-Ups or Dry Spells: Why Millennials Flunk College Dating|Ellie Schaack|January 1, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • As I sign the forms to be admitted to have surgery the next day, I ask my husband the date.

    You’re Never ‘Cured’ of an Eating Disorder|Carrie Arnold|December 20, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • The trickiest items having been placed in the “freezer” to be addressed at a later date.

    Did The U.S.-Cuba Deal Help Drive A Rebel Ceasefire in Colombia?|Richard McColl|December 18, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Just a month from that date, he now no longer believes that to be realistic, and will no longer estimate a timeline for the trial.

    Prosecutors Have No Idea When 9/11 Mastermind’s Trial Will Start|Tim Mak|December 17, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • When on August 7, 2013 Future finally did share a tentative date, he also made a significant change.

    Future Makes Us Rethink Everything We Thought We Knew About Rap Artists|Luke Hopping|December 15, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Bessires was included because he would never win it at any later date, but his doglike devotion made him a priceless subordinate.

    Napoleon's Marshals|R. P. Dunn-Pattison

  • A native of Haarlem on Zandam, the date of her birth being unknown.

    Women in the fine arts, from the Seventh Century B.C. to the Twentieth Century A.D.|Clara Erskine Clement

  • At the latter date all artists were obliged to vacate the Sorbonne ateliers to make room for some new department of instruction.

    Women in the fine arts, from the Seventh Century B.C. to the Twentieth Century A.D.|Clara Erskine Clement

  • The text of the amendments designed to carry out these recommendations will be submitted by the Board at an early date.

    Readings in Money and Banking|Chester Arthur Phillips

  • Hitherto, I have not given the subject much consideration, but I turn over a new leaf from the date of this adventure.

    Glances at Europe|Horace Greeley

British Dictionary definitions for date (1 of 2)


a specified day of the monthtoday's date is October 27

the particular day or year of an eventthe date of the Norman Conquest was 1066

(plural)the years of a person's birth and death or of the beginning and end of an event or period

an inscription on a coin, letter, etc, stating when it was made or written

  1. an appointment for a particular time, esp with a person to whom one is sexually or romantically attachedshe has a dinner date
  2. the person with whom the appointment is made

the present moment; now (esp in the phrases to date, up to date)


(tr)to mark (a letter, coin, etc) with the day, month, or year

(tr)to assign a date of occurrence or creation to

(intr; foll by from or back to)to have originated (at a specified time)his decline dates from last summer

(tr)to reveal the age ofthat dress dates her

to make or become old-fashionedsome good films hardly date at all

informal, mainlyUS and Canadian
  1. to be a boyfriend or girlfriend of (someone of the opposite sex)
  2. to accompany (a member of the opposite sex) on a date

Derived forms of date

datableordateable, adjectivedateless, adjective

Word Origin for date

C14: from Old French, from Latin dare to give, as in the phrase epistula data Romae letter handed over at Rome

British Dictionary definitions for date (2 of 2)


the fruit of the date palm, having sweet edible flesh and a single large woody seed

short for date palm

Word Origin for date

C13: from Old French, from Latin, from Greek daktulos finger

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Other Idioms and Phrases with date

In addition to the idiom beginning with date

also see

  • bring up to date
  • double date
  • make a date
  • out of date
  • to date
  • up to date

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Blind Date -- Episode 28

Synonyms of date in English:


See US English definition of date

See UK English definition of date

See Spanish definition of fecha


1‘the only dates he can remember are his birthday and 1066’


day, day of the month, occasion, year, anniversary, time

2‘a later date than the 15th century is suggested for this bridge’


age, time, period, era, epoch, century, decade, year, stage

3‘we have a lunch date’


appointment, meeting, engagement, rendezvous, assignation

commitment, fixture

literary tryst

4‘have you got a date for tonight?’


partner, escort, girlfriend, boyfriend, young lady, young man, woman friend, lady friend, man friend, man, boy, girl


informal steady, bird, fella


1‘this piece of sculpture can be dated very accurately’


assign a date to, ascertain the date of, determine the date of, establish the date of, put a date on, put a date to, ascertain the age of, determine the age of, establish the age of, carbon-date

2‘the present building dates from the early 16th century’


was made in, was built in, was created in, came into being in, bears the date of, originates in, comes from, belongs to, goes back to, has existed since

3‘the very best films just don't date’


become old-fashioned, become outmoded, become obsolete, become dated, show its age

4‘he's dating the girl next door’


go out with, take out, go around with, go with, be involved with, be romantically linked with, see, court, woo

informal go steady with

North American informal step out with

Australian informal track square with


    to date

    ‘this is his best book to date’


    so far, thus far, yet, as yet, up to now, up to then, till now, till then, until now, until then, as of now, up to the present, up to the present time, up to that point, up to this point, hitherto

    rare thitherto


    since then, to come


Dates synonym for

Synonyms for date

Synonyms for (noun) date


Definition: sweet edible fruit of the date palm with a single long woody seed

Similar words:edible fruit

Definition: edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh

Synonyms:date, engagement, appointment

Definition: a meeting arranged in advance

Usage:she asked how to avoid kissing at the end of a date

Similar words:meeting, get together

Definition: a small informal social gathering

Usage:there was an informal meeting in my living room

Synonyms:date, escort

Definition: a participant in a date

Usage:his date never stopped talking


Definition: the present

Usage:they are up to date; we haven't heard from them to date

Similar words:nowadays, present

Definition: the period of time that is happening now; any continuous stretch of time including the moment of speech

Usage:that is enough for the present; he lives in the present with no thought of tomorrow

Synonyms:date, day of the month

Definition: the specified day of the month

Usage:what is the date today?


Definition: a particular day specified as the time something happens

Usage:the date of the election is set by law


Definition: the particular day, month, or year (usually according to the Gregorian calendar) that an event occurred

Usage:he tried to memorizes all the dates for his history class

Similar words:civil day, calendar day

Definition: a day reckoned from midnight to midnight

Similar words:calendar year, civil year

Definition: the year (reckoned from January 1 to December 31) according to Gregorian calendar

Similar words:calendar month, month

Definition: one of the twelve divisions of the calendar year

Usage:he paid the bill last month

Synonyms:date, particular date

Definition: a particular but unspecified point in time

Usage:they hoped to get together at an early date

Similar words:point, point in time

Definition: an instant of time

Usage:at that point I had to leave

Synonyms for (verb) date


Definition: assign a date to; determine the (probable) date of

Usage:Scientists often cannot date precisely archeological or prehistorical findings

Similar words:determine, set

Definition: fix conclusively or authoritatively

Usage:set the rules


Definition: provide with a dateline; mark with a date

Usage:She wrote the letter on Monday but she dated it Saturday so as not to reveal that she procrastinated

Similar words:supply, render, provide, furnish

Definition: give something useful or necessary to

Usage:We provided the room with an electrical heater

Synonyms:date, date stamp

Definition: stamp with a date

Usage:The package is dated November 24

Similar words:date

Definition: provide with a dateline; mark with a date

Usage:She wrote the letter on Monday but she dated it Saturday so as not to reveal that she procrastinated

Similar words:stamp

Definition: to mark, or produce an imprint in or on something

Usage:a man whose name is permanently stamped on our maps


Definition: go on a date with

Usage:Tonight she is dating a former high school sweetheart

Similar words:go out

Definition: leave the house to go somewhere

Usage:We never went out when our children were small

Synonyms:date, go out, go steady, see

Definition: date regularly; have a steady relationship with

Usage:Did you know that she is seeing an older man?; He is dating his former wife again!

Similar words:affiliate, associate, assort, consort

Definition: keep company with; hang out with

Usage:He associates with strange people; She affiliates with her colleagues

Visual thesaurus for date

Rich Girl Goes On A Blind Date! *WITH A NERD*

Synonyms for Date:

What is another word for date?

4970 synonyms found


[ dˈe͡ɪt], [ dˈe‍ɪt], [ d_ˈeɪ_t]
  • n.

    • century,
    • day,
    • generation,
    • semester,
    • fill in,
    • reign,
    • quarter,
    • complete,
    • backdate,
    • enter,
    • address.
    • go over,
    • scrutinize,
    • check over,
    • monitor,
    • honey,
    • inspect,
    • review,
    • sweetie,
    • companion,
    • trick,
    • friend,
    • study,
    • steady,
    • girlfriend,
    • pickup,
    • sweetheart.
    age (noun)appointment (noun)assignation (noun)boyfriend (noun)counterpart (noun)date (noun)date stamp (noun)duration (noun)engagement (noun)escort (noun)fruit (noun)
    • citron,
    • banana,
    • prune,
    • watermelon,
    • gooseberry,
    • peach,
    • cherry,
    • fruit,
    • plum,
    • melon,
    • papaya,
    • lemon,
    • cantaloupe,
    • blackberry,
    • raspberry,
    • guava,
    • grape,
    • olive,
    • fig,
    • cranberry,
    • grapefruit,
    • pear,
    • berry,
    • mango,
    • avocado,
    • loganberry,
    • passion fruit,
    • tamarind,
    • currant,
    • lime,
    • pineapple,
    • apple,
    • raisin,
    • orange,
    • casaba melon,
    • apricot,
    • tangerine,
    • blueberry,
    • strawberry,
    • nectarine,
    • quince,
    • pomegranate.
    fruits (noun)go-out (noun)invitation (noun)meeting (noun)moment (noun)old fashioned (noun)Other relevant words: (noun)
    • hours,
    • convoyer,
    • year,
    • bird dog,
    • participant,
    • moment,
    • age,
    • epoch,
    • tryst,
    • helpmate,
    • months,
    • co-worker,
    • solicitations,
    • rendezvous,
    • wooer,
    • suitor,
    • warden,
    • solicitation,
    • SECS,
    • boyfriend,
    • entourage,
    • three winks,
    • time,
    • escort,
    • point in time,
    • weeks,
    • years,
    • very minute,
    • sec,
    • breathings,
    • month,
    • lastingness,
    • hour,
    • double date,
    • partner,
    • period,
    • partners,
    • nothing flat,
    • Coworker,
    • assignation,
    • many a moon,
    • point,
    • coworkers,
    • no time,
    • meeting,
    • Chronologies,
    • cavaliers,
    • one night stand,
    • trice,
    • chronology,
    • appointment,
    • promptings,
    • co-workers,
    • invitation,
    • era,
    • engagement,
    • week,
    • seeing one,
    • retinue.
    partner (noun)point (noun)rendezvous (noun)suitor (noun)to date (noun)
  • v.

    accompany (verb)
    • sticked to,
    • shlepping along,
    • shlepped along,
    • sticking to,
    • hanging around with,
    • tagged along,
    • showed about,
    • tagging along,
    • tags along,
    • associating with,
    • shleps along,
    • shows about,
    • shows around,
    • showing around,
    • strung along,
    • hangs around with,
    • hung around with,
    • hanged around with,
    • showing about,
    • keeps company,
    • showed around,
    • associates with.
    assign a time (verb)
    • isolate,
    • come from,
    • belong to,
    • originate in,
    • mark,
    • measure,
    • register,
    • fix the date of,
    • chronicle,
    • put in its place,
    • determine,
    • carbon-date,
    • affix a date to,
    • fix,
    • record,
    • exist from.
    become obsolete (verb)cognition (verb)court (verb)
    • pays addresses to,
    • asked marriage,
    • pop question,
    • seeking hand of,
    • pandered to,
    • setting one cap,
    • keeping company with,
    • pro posing,
    • pro-posing,
    • pro-pose,
    • set one cap,
    • in vite,
    • in-vite,
    • sets one cap,
    • runs after,
    • making love to,
    • makes overture,
    • paid court to,
    • asks marriage,
    • paid addresses to,
    • makes love to,
    • seeking the hand of,
    • pandering to,
    • ran after,
    • be sought,
    • paying addresses to,
    • made love to,
    • be-sought,
    • asking in marriage,
    • asking marriage,
    • sought the hand of,
    • made overture,
    • goes steady,
    • pays court to,
    • asked in marriage,
    • paying court to,
    • setting ones cap,
    • making time with,
    • panders to,
    • payed court to,
    • asks in marriage,
    • making overture,
    • sets ones cap,
    • pro pose,
    • kept company with,
    • set ones cap,
    • went steady,
    • sought hand of,
    • setting cap,
    • seeks the hand of,
    • payed addresses to,
    • makes time with,
    • set cap,
    • sets cap,
    • made time with,
    • seek hand of,
    • pro posed,
    • ask marriage,
    • seeks hand of,
    • sets one's cap,
    • setting one's cap.
    escort (verb)go together/go with (verb)
    • being with,
    • was with,
    • wast with,
    • are with,
    • wert with,
    • went steady with,
    • am with,
    • is with,
    • going steady with,
    • going with,
    • were with,
    • goes steady with,
    • art with.
    outdate (verb)
    • goes extinct,
    • out dates,
    • out dated,
    • went extinct,
    • going extinct,
    • out dating,
    • out-dating,
    • out-date,
    • out-dates,
    • out date.
    pursue (verb)
    • payed attention,
    • pays court,
    • playing to,
    • pays attention,
    • chased after,
    • paying court,
    • play to,
    • payed court,
    • paid court,
    • chasing after,
    • playing up to,
    • went after,
    • played up to,
    • played to,
    • plays to,
    • chases after,
    • plays up to.
    see (verb)
    • comes over,
    • speaks to,
    • ran in to,
    • drops by,
    • coming over,
    • popping in,
    • running in to,
    • spake to,
    • stops in,
    • stopt by,
    • stops by,
    • bare company,
    • stopping in,
    • dropt by,
    • bears company,
    • stopped in,
    • stopped by,
    • bore company,
    • runs in to,
    • dropped by,
    • stopt in,
    • pops in,
    • dropping by,
    • came over,
    • bearing company,
    • run in to,
    • beared company,
    • stopping by.
    woo (verb)
    • billed coo,
    • pressing ones suit with,
    • seeking marriage,
    • setting cap for,
    • pressed suit with,
    • bill coo,
    • sought in marriage,
    • pressed ones suit with,
    • bills coo,
    • press ones suit with,
    • pressing suit with,
    • seek marriage,
    • seeks marriage,
    • pressed one's suit with,
    • press one suit with,
    • aimed for,
    • setting one cap for,
    • seeking in marriage,
    • presses one's suit with,
    • pressed one suit with,
    • sought marriage,
    • sets ones cap for,
    • bills and coo,
    • pressing one suit with,
    • setting one's cap for,
    • presses one suit with,
    • set one cap for,
    • makes advances,
    • made advances,
    • aiming for,
    • billed and coo,
    • setting ones cap for,
    • billing and coo,
    • sets cap for,
    • pressing one's suit with,
    • aims for,
    • presses ones suit with,
    • making advances,
    • billing coo,
    • presses suit with,
    • sets one's cap for,
    • sets one cap for,
    • set ones cap for,
    • seeks in marriage.
  • Other synonyms:

    • stay together,
    • gold digger,
    • THURS,
    • mark up,
    • backgrounder,
    • cohabit,
    • annotate,
    • fill out,
    • postdate,
    • matchmaker,
    • younger,
    • meet and greet,
    • hold together,
    • monday,
    • enshrine,
    • timescale,
    • friday,
    • running time,
    • old flame,
    • palm,
    • mon,
    • computer dating,
    • put down for,
    • reunion,
    • lead up,
    • hang time,
    • ageless,
    • saturday,
    • caption,
    • tues,
    • thursday,
    • well-preserved,
    • time frame,
    • dally with,
    • stint,
    • tuesday,
    • predate,
    • fri,
    • dating service,
    • wednesday,
    • fool around,
    • live together,
    • sunday,
    • fortune hunter,
    • speed dating,
    • girlish.
    • sat,
    • wed,
    • live with,
    • medium term,
    • squire,
    • write out,
    • fresh-faced,
    • young,
    • put down,
    • countdown.
    • show around,
    • guard,
    • shlep along,
    • sticks to,
    • associate with,
    • associated with,
    • show about,
    • shadowed,
    • take out,
    • tailgates,
    • takes out,
    • took out,
    • looking after,
    • stick to,
    • stuck to,
    • kept company,
    • tag along,
    • guarding,
    • hang around with,
    • tailgate,
    • looks after,
    • lead,
    • keep company,
    • look after,
    • tailgating,
    • taking out,
    • looked after,
    • tailgated,
    • keeping company,
    • hang out.
    • Gallanting,
    • groveling,
    • going out with,
    • make overture,
    • Serenading,
    • run after,
    • set one's cap,
    • Sweethearting,
    • go out with,
    • went out with,
    • goes out with,
    • Gallanted,
    • sweethearted,
    • going steady,
    • Serenaded,
    • gallants,
    • seek the hand of,
    • pay addresses to,
    • grovelling,
    • pander to,
    • go steady,
    • running after,
    • make love to,
    • pop the question,
    • ask in marriage,
    • keep company with,
    • spark,
    • make time with,
    • spoon,
    • pay court to,
    • keeps company with.
    go-out Other relevant words:
    • rank,
    • beauty parlor,
    • rely,
    • eat,
    • calx,
    • conjoin,
    • prosperous,
    • pop off,
    • even,
    • consent,
    • enamor,
    • superannuated,
    • fall,
    • manoeuver,
    • uncovering,
    • primer coat,
    • pure,
    • booster,
    • or so,
    • hoot,
    • tie-in,
    • hapless,
    • rag,
    • dialog box,
    • belong,
    • right,
    • electric current,
    • actuate,
    • foil,
    • choice,
    • pal up,
    • fall upon,
    • coming together,
    • ascendency,
    • hoi polloi,
    • favorable,
    • espousal,
    • care,
    • cloud,
    • couple on,
    • hz,
    • captivate,
    • cheat on,
    • hum,
    • school principal,
    • pull a fast one on,
    • translate,
    • stretching,
    • informant,
    • marasca,
    • intellect,
    • have sex,
    • attentive,
    • adjustment,
    • happen,
    • hip to,
    • archetype,
    • phone number,
    • looking at,
    • choir,
    • mollycoddle,
    • forgo,
    • offspring,
    • critical,
    • scrap,
    • cope,
    • blue,
    • location,
    • becloud,
    • utilization,
    • biography,
    • perk up,
    • catamenia,
    • dupe,
    • married person,
    • crony,
    • blink of an eye,
    • bully,
    • scepter,
    • come by,
    • coxa,
    • unsound,
    • pull,
    • straightaway,
    • caboodle,
    • brush up,
    • stunner,
    • enduringness,
    • bell ringer,
    • beauty,
    • cartridge,
    • delinquent,
    • guava bush,
    • humbled,
    • diversity,
    • sober,
    • excogitate,
    • sparkling,
    • sovereignty,
    • soak,
    • legend,
    • economize,
    • cooperator,
    • spoonful,
    • blemish,
    • unsealed,
    • mash,
    • gull,
    • counting,
    • clientele,
    • pile,
    • apportion,
    • posture,
    • insulate,
    • co-occurrence,
    • fixing,
    • volunteer,
    • muster in,
    • comment,
    • unbendable,
    • mess about,
    • news bulletin,
    • person-to-person,
    • calcium hydrate,
    • conglomerate,
    • baby,
    • seated,
    • locomote,
    • cipher,
    • depression,
    • add together,
    • ring,
    • in general,
    • insolate,
    • fatten,
    • sunshine,
    • immix,
    • remark,
    • flack,
    • significant,
    • stead,
    • attentiveness,
    • amuse,
    • conjure,
    • unmediated,
    • go with,
    • header,
    • first harmonic,
    • trend,
    • video,
    • cool,
    • spell out,
    • blast,
    • pomegranate tree,
    • raft,

Similar news:


(in the singular, not followed by "of") The time taken for the current situation to end, especially the current war


(Masonry) A row of bricks or blocks.


Span is the amount of area or the amount of time that something encompasses.


Time is defined as the duration in which all things happen, or a precise instant that something happens.


Someone with whom one is in love and by whom one is loved; lover

originate in

To indicate historical time

associate with


The definition of determine is to set limits, make a decision or find out exactly.


To try to get the love of in order to marry; woo


To gain the favor of (someone) or move (someone) to do something by entreaties or inducements:


Any of the divisions of the academic day.


A unit of geologic time that is a division of a period.


A division of geologic time , longer than a period and shorter than an eon.


The act or process of producing offspring; procreation


(Chiefly Austral.) A period of rest or relief from activity


One fourth of an hour; 15 minutes


One of four natural divisions of the year—spring, summer, autumn, and winter—in temperate zones. Each season has its own characteristic weather and lasts approximately three months. The change in the seasons is brought about by the shift in the angle at which the Sun's rays strike the Earth. This angle changes as the Earth orbits in its yearly cycle around the Sun due to the tilt of the Earth's axis. For example, when the northern or southern hemisphere of the Earth is at an angle predominantly facing the Sun and has more daylight hours of direct, overhead sunlight than nighttime hours, it is in its summer season; the opposite hemisphere is in then opposite condition and is in its winter season.


The time, effort, or trouble taken in doing something:


The definition of reign is the time period of a ruling influence, or a prevalence.


A unit of time equal to one of the 24 equal parts of a day; 60 minutes. &diamf3; A sidereal hour is1 /24 of a sidereal day, and a mean solar hour is1 /24 of a mean solar day.


The definition of a century is a 100-year-long period of time.


A usually private meeting or meeting place that has been agreed on by lovers.


The definition of an interview is a conversation in which someone is questioned about their background, lifestyle or experience.



A date in which two couples participate.


(Figuratively) A thing or phenomenon that is closely associated with another thing, phenomenon, or person.


One or more persons accompanying another to guide, protect, or show honor.


A male companion or friend with whom one has a sexual or romantic relationship.


1620, Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy

heavy date

Person with whom one has a date, sense 2


The art or knack of doing something easily, skillfully, quickly, etc.

mark the time of

To indicate historical time

mark with a date

To indicate historical time


To indicate historical time

fix the date of

To indicate historical time


To establish the age of (carbonaceous material) by means of carbon dating


To indicate historical time


To indicate historical time

tree-ring date

To indicate historical time

furnish with a date

To indicate historical time

have its origin

To indicate historical time

belong to a period

To indicate historical time


The process of establishing order in events based on the time occurrence of the events.


Chronicle means to gather facts and information about events which have happened.


The definition of isolate is to separate a person from others and put him by himself, or to separate out a problem to deal with separately, or extracting a part from a hole.

indicate the sequence

To indicate historical time

go out with

consort with

make a date

keep an engagement with


To understand; comprehend:


The time that a person or a thing has existed since birth or beginning


An indefinitely long period of time:


Any member of the Society of Friends; Quaker


The definition of begin means to start or come into being.


To put in writing, print, etc. for future use; draw up an account of


To be or go with, especially as a companion.


To show or think of as related; associate

day of the month

the specified day of the month

particular date

a particular but unspecified point in time


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