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WCQ Quarterfinal: Jarel Winston vs. Michael Rindenello

Jarel Winston has made it to the top of several tournaments, usually with a variant of his signature Lightsworn Deck. Today he’s back on top, making the most of the Lightsworn cards in his Chaos Dragon Deck! But Winston will need to get through Michael Rindenello’s Dino Rabbit Deck if he hopes to make it to the Top 4! Read more…

Written by: Michael Kohanim
Categories: ChampionshipsTags: Dino-Rabbit, Dragons

Dragon Duel Top 4: Abhishek Khadka vs. Zachary Leverett

Virginia’s Abhishek just came off his Top 8 match, where he went totally crazy with Gravekeeper’s Spies! Zachary Leverett of Georgia has multiple finishes in Dragon Duel finals, and is looking to push his record further to the World Championship! The winner here will be travelling to Tokyo, Japan!
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Written by: kde_editor
Categories: ChampionshipsTags: Dino-Rabbit, Dragon Duel, Gravekeeper's

Round 10: Sean Montague vs Tyler Tabman

Tyler Tabman of Overland Park, Kansas, has been on a roll as of late, having made the top 32 of both YCS Chicago and YCS Philadelphia recently. He’s relying on Wind-Ups to take him to the top. Detroit’s Sean Montague has a number of accomplishments, including winning this very tournament in 2010! He’s brought Dino Rabbit today. Read more…

Written by: kde_editor
Categories: Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship SeriesTags: Dino-Rabbit, Wind-Up

Round 9 Feature Match: Quaddus Hunt VS Joseph Presnell

Joseph Presnell is here from Indianapolis, Indiana. He’s facing off against Quaddus Hunt, here from Chicago, Illinois.  Both Duelists have a good shot at making the top cut tomorrow, but the loser will be in a much tighter spot for the remaining Swiss rounds.

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Written by: kde_editor
Categories: ChampionshipsTags: Dino-Rabbit, HERO

Dragon Duel – Round 7: Tyler Nilsson VS Vincent Silverman

Twelve year-old Tyler Nilsson is competing this weekend with a Dino Rabbit Deck.  He traveled here from Florida, and has so far achieved a 5-1 record.  A win here would guarantee him a spot in the Top 16 tomorrow.  But his opponent is Vincent Silverman, a veteran of YCS Dragon Duel events.  At thirteen years of age, Silverman has made numerous appearances in Dragon Duel tournaments over the past year, and returns today placing his hopes in Chaos Dragons.    Read more…

Written by: kde_editor
Categories: ChampionshipsTags: Dino-Rabbit, Dragons

Dragon Duel – Round 5: Nicole Tipple VS Clayton Hill

Eleven year-old Clayton Hill traveled here this weekend from Arizona, to play Inzektors here in the Dragon Duel World Championship Qualifier!  His opponent is New Jersey’s Nicole Tipple, who you may remember from the coverage of the Dragon Duel at YCS Toronto, which Tipple won last September.  Tipple is piloting Dino-Rabbit. Read more…

Written by: kde_editor
Categories: ChampionshipsTags: Dino-Rabbit, Inzektor

WCQ Round 1: Hansel Aguero vs. Christopher Gladden

Hansel Aguero is the winner of last year’s North American WCQ and earned the chance to compete in the 2011 World Championship in Europe. Now he’s after another shot at a World Championship victory. But to get there, he’ll first have to beat Christopher Gladden and his Inzektor Deck!
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Written by: Michael Kohanim
Categories: ChampionshipsTags: Dino-Rabbit, Inzektor

Semifinal: Serge Poinsette vs. Feng Chen

The Top 4 Matches in the tournament both pit Dino Rabbit against Dragons. The Finals will either consist of a Dino Rabbit Mirror Match, a Dragon Mirror Match, or another Match of Dino Rabbit versus Dragons. The results of this Top 4 Feature Match, pitting Serge Poinsette’s Dino Rabbit Deck against Feng Chen’s Dragon Deck will determine which Decks and which Duelists will face off against one another in the Finals! Read more…

Written by: Michael Kohanim
Categories: 2012/05 - Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaTags: Chaos, Dino-Rabbit, Dragons

Quarterfinal: Jamal Niles Lagrant vs. Andrew Martin

Only Dino Rabbit and Dragon Decks remain in the tournament, and now one of each is facing off in our Top 8 Feature Match! Jamal Lagrant takes his Dino Rabbit Deck against Andrew Martin’s Dragons in a Match that will determine each Duelist’s fate in the tournament! Read more…

Written by: Michael Kohanim
Categories: 2012/05 - Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaTags: Chaos, Dino-Rabbit, Dragons

Top 32: Oliver Tomajko vs. Alexander Reynolds

Oliver Tomajko and Alexander Reynolds had a Feature Match in Round 10, and Reynolds took a 2-0 victory after 2 close games. But Tomajko made it into the Top 32 anyways, and now they’re facing off against each other in a rematch that will send one of them packing for sure! Read more…

Written by: Michael Kohanim
Categories: 2012/05 - Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaTags: Chaos, Dino-Rabbit, Dragons

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Waiting for arrival delivery date is undetermined YUGIOH Dino Rabbit 2012 Deck Complete 44 - Cards Very suitable for gift giving

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Waiting for arrival delivery date is undetermined YUGIOH Dino Rabbit 2012 Deck Complete 44 - Cards Very suitable for gift giving

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Descargar Musica Dino-rabbit-deck-profile-march-2012 Gratis.

  •  Angel Ascencio Dino Rabbit Deck March 2012 Format (Retro Deck Profile)

    Angel Ascencio Dino Rabbit Deck March 2012 Format (Retro Deck Profile)

    751 192 kbps9.82 MBDuels - youtube.com/watch?v=yaNUFkEa3K8 Deck Profile Playlist - youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_OEqUZkG6kClD-RgKFYvgc46iMoHKc4Y Monsters (20) 3 Rescue Rabbit 3 Sabersaurus 3 Kabazauls 3 Jurrac...DownloadDownload mp3

  •  Dino Rabbit Deck Profile! (2012 Yugioh)

    Dino Rabbit Deck Profile! (2012 Yugioh)

    1,576 192 kbps7.37 MBThis list is from the March/April time period of Yugioh. Had it for a while so I thought I’d share it.DownloadDownload mp3

  •  Yugioh YCS Dallas Top 8 Deck Profile - Dino Rabbit - Frazier Smith

    Yugioh YCS Dallas Top 8 Deck Profile - Dino Rabbit - Frazier Smith

    42,350 192 kbps14.05 MBHere is a deck profile of Dino Rabbit from Frazier Smith! Remember to Like, Comment, and Subscribe for more!DownloadDownload mp3

  •  Dino-Rabbit Deck Profile March 2012

    Dino-Rabbit Deck Profile March 2012

    1,864 192 kbps11.6 MBOhai guys, it's february 29th so I thought I'd finally convert my Dino Rabbit build to the March List, I'm looking for advice on this one, it's a little different from the usual but I quite like...DownloadDownload mp3

  •  Evol (Digimon) Deck Profile March 2012/Dino Rabbit Format

    Evol (Digimon) Deck Profile March 2012/Dino Rabbit Format

    17 192 kbps16.64 MBDownloadDownload mp3

  •  Machina Gadget Deck Profile March 2012/Dino Rabbit Format

    Machina Gadget Deck Profile March 2012/Dino Rabbit Format

    25 192 kbps14.35 MBDownloadDownload mp3

  •  Dino-Rabbit Deck Profile March 2012 Format (Chris Fleming)

    Dino-Rabbit Deck Profile March 2012 Format (Chris Fleming)

    2,946 192 kbps12.06 MBDino-Rabbit deck profile brought to you by Chris from Team SHITboX. Its a first draft of running the deck in the new post march 1st ban list format.DownloadDownload mp3

  •  March 2012 Format Dino-Rabbit Deck Profile

    March 2012 Format Dino-Rabbit Deck Profile

    137 192 kbps7.9 MBdino rabbit w. ur mans J-DOGG from the best team in all of the shaolin: TFB$DownloadDownload mp3

  •  Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Profile: Dino Rabbit (march 2012 format)

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Profile: Dino Rabbit (march 2012 format)

    115 192 kbps12.91 MBdeck list and explanationDownloadDownload mp3

  •  Dino Rabbit deck profile March 2012 Format

    Dino Rabbit deck profile March 2012 Format

    89 192 kbps8.45 MBThis is my Dino rabbit deck profile, let me know what you think. I like main decking macro cosmos for the fact that it kills Inzektors and Chaos Dragons and that it stops my Rabbit from being...DownloadDownload mp3

  •  Joe Giorlando's Top 4 YCS Philladelphia Dino Rabbit 2012 Deck Profile (March 2012)

    Joe Giorlando's Top 4 YCS Philladelphia Dino Rabbit 2012 Deck Profile (March 2012)

    52 192 kbps7.16 MBJoe's Side Deck 2 Effect Veiler 1 Gorz 3 Snowman Eater 1 Spirit Reaper 2 TK Rayoh 2 Challice 2 Dust tornado 1 Macro 1 D-prison Temtempo: ...DownloadDownload mp3

  •  Dino Rabbit Deck profile March 2012

    Dino Rabbit Deck profile March 2012

    210 192 kbps17.26 MBMy Favorite deck of the format, for good reason.DownloadDownload mp3

  •  Dino Rabbit Deck Profile - March 2012 Ban List Update

    Dino Rabbit Deck Profile - March 2012 Ban List Update

    1,490 192 kbps13.14 MBThe New Dino Rabbit deck profileDownloadDownload mp3

  • `
    Sours: http://ebm.lateral.co.za//sugihbareng/dino-rabbit-deck-profile-march-2012.xhtml
    Yu-Gi-Oh History w/Joe Giorlando: Dino-Rabbit vs. Wind-Ups (2012)

    Peter Rabbit (TV series)

    British-American-Canadian Children's animated television series

    Peter Rabbit is a computer-animated television series for preschool children that debuted on Nick Jr. on December 14, 2012 in the United States and on the CBeebies channel and BBC One on December 25, 2012 in the United Kingdom.[3][4] It is based on the character of the same name from Beatrix Potter's books for children. The series debuted on American TV and iTunes on December 14, 2012 with the pilot episode debuting as a Christmas holiday special, titled Peter Rabbit's Christmas Tale, and the show was becoming a regular series on February 19, 2013 in the USA.[5] which was watched by three million viewers in the U.S. The first official DVD of Peter Rabbit was released on May 28, 2013, as a Walmart exclusive. it contains the programmes first eight episodes on a single disc.[6] On October 11, 2013, Nickelodeon ordered a second series of 26 episodes.[7] The series is also on the BBC Alba channel known as Peadar Kinnen. In Wales the series is known as Guto Gwningen dubbed into Welsh on S4C.

    A springtime holiday special episode, titled Peter Rabbit's Springtime Tale (with the actual episode titled "The Tale of the Start of Spring"), aired on March 29, 2013 on iTunes in the USA.

    Season 1 concluded on October 7, 2014, and the second season airing for another year and a half until the show concluded on May 6, 2016, and there have been no plans yet to continue the show since then. The programme ran for two series from 2012 to 2016 and was produced for Nickelodeon in the US by Brown Bag Films, Penguin Books and Silvergate Media.[8] The programme still airs reruns on CBeebies in the UK.

    The series features and revolves around the titular character Peter Rabbit (voices of Colin DePaula and L. Parker Lucas in the US version and Connor Fitzgerald and Harry Henty in the UK version) and his younger cousin Benjamin Bunny (also called Benjamin Bouncer in this series: voice of Peter Steve Harris in the US version and Danny Price in the UK version) along with newcomer Lily Bobtail (voice of Michaela Dean in the US version and Harriet Perring (series 1) and Poppy Labrosse (series 2) in the UK version). The three rabbits experience many adventures in their woodland home across the lush Lake District: From daring radish raids in Mr. McGregor's garden to outwitting the wily fox Mr. Tod (voice of Mark Huckerby) and the bumbling badger Tommy Brock to helping their family and friends solve all sorts of problems. The programme features educational goals that encourage preschoolers to learn problem-solving and interpersonal skills, self-efficacy, resilience, positive re-framing and fostering an interest in and respect for nature.


    The programme follows mischievous, charming Peter Rabbit and his friends as he overcomes obstacles, outwits predators and avoids danger. Peter wants to grow up to be just like his late father and carries his journal (a guide on how to be a good rabbit) on his adventures with his friends, Cousin Benjamin Bunny and new character Lily Bobtail, in the Lake District of northern England.[9]

    Voice cast[edit]

    US version[edit]

    • Colin DePaula as Peter Rabbit (Season 1, 28 episodes, 2012–2014)
    • L. Parker Lucas as Peter Rabbit (Season 2, 28 episodes, 2014–2016)
    • Peter Steve Harris (56 episodes, 2012–2016) as Benjamin Bunny
    • Michaela Dean (56 episodes, 2012–2016) as Lily Bobtail
    • Kyle Massey (53 episodes, 2012–2016) as Squirrel Nutkin
    • Stephanie Sheh (Season 1) and Katie L. Koslowski (Season 2) as Josephine Rabbit
    • Megan Taylor Harvey as Flopsy, Mopsy (Season 1)
    • Brittany Harms as Flopsy (Season 2)
    • Sawyer Niehaus as Mittens and Mopsy (Season 2)
    • Jenna Iacono (Season 1) and Aviella Kibel (Season 2) as Cottontail Rabbit
    • JB Blanc (54 episodes, 2012–2016) as Tommy Brock, Mr. Bouncer, Ginger and Jack Sharp
    • Mark A. Huckerby as Mr. Tod
    • Dave B. Mitchell as Mr. McGregor and Old Brown
    • Gwenfair Vaughan as Mrs. Tiggywinkle
    • Sarah Bolt as Jemima Puddle-Duck (Seasons 1–2) and Mrs. Bobtail (Season 1)
    • Katie Koslowski as Josephine Rabbit (Season 2) and Mrs. Bobtail (Season 2)
    • Kirk Thornton as Jeremy Fisher and Pickles
    • Shawn Curran as Sammy Whiskers and Dr. Warren Bobtail
    • Spike Spencer as The Shrew and Felix
    • Joshua Colley as Pig Robinson
    • David McCamley (23 episodes, 2014–2015)
    • Dino Athanassiou (23 episodes, 2014–2015)
    • Cole Meyer Carandang (23 episodes, 2014–2015)
    • Jennifer Fox (1 episode, 2015)

    UK version[edit]



    • Peter Rabbit – The main protagonist of the series. A mischievous, curious, quick-witted, street smart, imaginative and adventurous young rabbit. He is also the eldest of his siblings. Unlike the character from the books, this version of Peter Rabbit lacks shoes. He also can be very hot-headed. Peter's catchphrases are "a good rabbit never gives up!", and "let's hop to it!" (voiced by Colin DePaula throughout Season 1 and recast by L. Parker Lucas throughout Season 2 in the U.S., and voiced by Connor Fitzgerald in the UK.)
    • Benjamin Bunny – Peter's cousin who joins him on his adventures. Unlike the character from the books, this Benjamin is shorter and younger than Peter. He is also portrayed as being cowardly, wimpy, clumsy, hungry and clueless but also very good-natured, loyal, and kind (voiced by Peter Steve Harris in the US, Danny Price in the UK). Benjamin's catchphrase is "rabbits are brave, rabbits are brave...", which he says when he is scared.
    • Lily Bobtail – Peter and Benjamin's quick-witted female best friend, who carries many useful objects in her pocket. Unlike cousins Peter and Benjamin who were based on the books by Beatrix Potter, Lily is a newcomer who was created by the production team for the series.[10] She carries many things in a pocket on her dress. (She is voiced by Michaela Dean in the U.S., Harriet Perring in the UK.) Lily's catchphrase is "I know that for a fact!", and "just in case pocket, just in case!"
    • Mr. Tod – The main antagonist of the series. A red fox who consistently fails to hunt down, capture, and devour the protagonists and other supporting characters. (voiced by Mark Huckerby)
    • Squirrel Nutkin – A short-tailed squirrel and the leader of the squirrels' tribe. He is Peter's squirrel friend who saves Peter whenever he gets captured by Mr. Tod. His tail was cut off by Old Brown. (Voiced by Kyle Dean Massey in the U.S. and Nigel Pilkington in the UK. His right-hand man is Felix, voiced by Spike Spencer.)
    • Josephine Rabbit– Widow of Mr. Rabbit. Mother of Peter, Cotton-tail, Flopsy and Mopsy. Aunt of Benjamin. Sister of Mr. Bouncer. (Voiced by Stephanie Sheh (Season 1) and Kate Koslowski (Season 2).)
    • Flopsyand Mopsy – Peter's younger, ignorant, arrogant, bossy and smug twin sisters. They are also triplets still, Mopsy the older twin, and Flopsy the younger twin, the middle daughters. Benjamin's twin cousins. (Voiced by Megan Taylor Harvey (Season 1) and Brittany Harms and Sawyer Niehaus, respectively (Season 2).)
    • Cottontail – Peter, Flopsy and Mopsy's baby sister. Benjamin's youngest cousin. (Voiced by Jenna Iacono (Season 1) and Aviella Kibel (Season 2).)
    • Mr. Bouncer – Benjamin's single father. Uncle of Peter, Cotton-tail, Flopsy and Mopsy. Brother of Josephine. Brother-in-law of Mr. Rabbit. He likes to invent many things (often they all go wrong). (Voiced by John White.)


    • Jeremy Fisher – A frog that Peter, Benjamin, and Lily accidentally cause trouble for on occasion. He enjoys fishing and was friend with Peter's father. He has a huge passion for music, but can't really sing. (He is voiced by Kirk Thornton.)
    • Jemima Puddle-Duck – A kind yet very simple-minded duck that knows Peter and his friends well. She has three ducklings. (She is voiced by Sarah Bolt.)
    • Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle – A hedgehog, washerwoman and one of the many townspeople Peter interacts with. She speaks with an Irish accent. (She is voiced by Gwenfair Vaughan.)
    • Ginger and Pickles – A cat and dog who run the village shop. Pickles is quite gruff while Ginger is a bit more respectful of their customers. (voiced by JB Blanc and Kirk Thornton, respectively).
    • Mr. McGregor – A human farmer whose vegetables are the target of Peter. His face is kept hidden. He is portrayed as an old man who gets winded often. Also, he speaks with a Scottish accent. (He is voiced by Dave Mitchell.)
    • Tommy Brock – An irritable badger that finds Peter and his friends obnoxious when they wake him up or disturb his possessions. He enjoys eating worms. (He voiced by John White.)
    • Old Brown – A short-tempered owl that wants nothing but silence. Thus, he would attack anyone who makes a sound within his vicinity. He constantly chases after Nutkin for disrupting the peace. (He voiced by Dave Mitchell.)
    • Samuel Whiskers – A rat who's full name is Samuel Jeremiah Bartholomew Edmond Cornelius Whiskers.[11] He is always after an easy meal, preferably cakes and baked sweets and often attempts to steal food from the other characters. (He is voiced by Shawn Curran.)
    • Dr. Warren Bobtail – Lily's father. The Rabbits' family doctor, he has a strong sense of smell. (He is also voiced by Shawn Curran.)
    • Mrs. Bobtail – Warren's wife and Lily's mother. (She is voiced by Sarah Bolt.)
    • Pig Robinson – A friendly pig that lives on a farm with his best friend Mittens. He loves to paint on his easel and tries mostly to befriend everyone he meets.
    • Mittens – A young cat that lives on a farm with her best friend Pig Robinson. While somewhat hostile to Lily, Peter, and Benjamin at first, she eventually warms up to them. She is aggressive towards any rodents, and abhorred the idea of Tommy Brock moving in her farm.
    • Mr. Tolly – A tortoise, that, over his many years, has acquainted with many of Peter Rabbit's friends, enemies, as well as Peter's father with whom he went on many adventures with alongside Jeremy Fisher and Mr Bouncer.
    • Jack Sharp – A three-spined stickleback that once knew Mr. Rabbit. Often fights with Jeremy Fisher.
    • The Shrew – A shrew whose territory possesses a bountiful field of dandelions, which he guards against Peter Rabbit, or any other animal. He once tracked down Peter to his burrow to demand the return of dandelions picked by Peter and his friends. He is the object of Cotton-tail's affection, much to his dismay.
    • The Tittlemouse siblings – Albert, Louisa and Stanley are two brothers and one sister mice siblings that are always trying to survive.

    Fifty six episodes of the series have been aired as of 2016. Except "Peter Rabbit's Christmas Tale", all episode titles begin with "The Tale of". The American dub did not title the episodes like that in season 2.


    Series overview[edit]

    Season 1 (2012–14)[edit]

    Season 2 (2014–16)[edit]


    Presently, it is airing in Canada on Treehouse TV which also has games.[20] In the United Kingdom, it currently airs on CBeebies and streaming services including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

    Home release[edit]

    Peter Rabbit: Season One was released on October 8, 2015 exclusively at Amazon.com. This release contains 4 discs. It is published on demand onto DVD-Rs.[21]


    The series was met with mostly positive reviews. "Peter Rabbit's Christmas Tale" (Dec 14, at 7 p.m. ET/PT), drew 3 million total viewers and ranked as the number-one program with K2-5 and K2-11 across all TV in its time period. It was also the top-rated and most-watched preschool telecast for the week, posting double and triple-digit gains over last year with K2-5 (6.7/891,000, +196%) and K2-11 (4.7/1.6 million, +22%); and A18-49 (.9/940,000, +73%), making it the week's top preschool telecast.

    According to 'By The Numbers', Nickelodeon's brand-new animated series Peter Rabbit hopped to the top of the charts, with its Tuesday, Feb 19 premiere, which delivered 1.7 million total viewers. The new CG-animated series was also basic cable's top telecast in its time period (12-12:30 p.m. ET/PT) with K2-5, A18-49, W18-49 and total viewers, posting double-digit gains for the net with K2-5 (5.7/760,000, +21%), A18-49 (+47%), W18-49 (+43%) and total viewers (+31%).

    CBeebies broadcasts of the programme have been equally successful with the broadcast on Christmas morning 2012 on BBC1 earning it the highest ratings on any channel in that timeslot.[citation needed]

    At the 2014 Emmy Awards, the programme earned three daytime Emmys and scored another five nominations, earning the most nominations for an animated programme that year.[22]


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    External links[edit]

    Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Rabbit_(TV_series)

    Rabbit 2012 dino

    CreativeMinds @ Wordpress.com

    Time for a new meta decklist, today’s post is about one of the top deck(s) of the past format in TCG: Dino Rabbit; I’ll talk about Verz Rabbit too, that’s a kind of Tier 2 deck in OCG.

    Both decks were hit more or less from the new banlist, to specify it: the semi-limit of Rescue Rabbit, Tour Guide and Pot Of Duality.

    I still think that this deck is one big candidate for the new meta and it’s popularity in OCG will rise too as both Tour Guide and Dolkka will be finally released in the Extra Packs. So today I got unbelievable 3 decklists (!) for you. First one’s a pure Dino Rabbit like many TCG players builds although I got a triple Jurrac Guaiba, which I will explain later; second deck will be a more Dino focused Verz Rabbit deck; last one’s a more Verz focused deck (still refusing to call them Evilswarm, Verz sounds better and is much shorter so I’ll stay with this name 😉 )

    It’s funny that they changed Evolkaiser to Evolzar, guess TCG branch of Konami likes Russian more than German lol

    Decided to split up the posts in order to make it more readable and not having to scroll for ages to get to a certain deck, as the Dino Rabbit post got unexpectedly long; so I’ll post both Verz Rabbit decks in a few days.

    A pure Dino Rabbit deck is what most TCG players use, but there are some differences in the choice of tech cards: you can either choose to run Jurracs, Photon Thrasher, Cardcar D, Spirit Reaper, Thunder King Rai-Oh or Veiler, even Neo-Spacian Grand Mole are in some decks. All those techs have their own reasons and give you a vague hint how each player is using their deck.


    Dino Rabbit Decklist September 2012

    Monster (18)

    3x Kabazauls (LV 4)

    3x Sabersaurus (LV 4)

    2x Rescue Rabbit (LV 4)

    3x Jurrac Guaiba (LV 4)

    2x Tour Guide From The Underworld (LV 3)

    1x Sangan (LV 3)

    1x Spirit Reaper (LV 3)

    2x Thunder King Rai-Oh  (LV 4)

    1x Gorz The Emissary Of Darkness (LV 7)

    Spell (12)

    1x Heavy Storm

    1x Dark Hole

    1x Monster Reborn

    2x Pot Of Duality

    3x Forbidden Lance

    3x Mystical Space Typhoon

    1x Book Of Moon

    Trap (10)

    2x Compulsory Evacuation Device

    1x Mirror Force

    1x Torrential Tribute

    2x Bottomless Trap Hole

    2x Solemn Warning

    1x Solemn Judgment

    1x Starlight Road

    Extra (15)

    1x A.O.J. Catastor (LV 5)

    1x Stardust Dragon (LV 8)

    1x Wind-Up Zenmaines (R 3)

    1x Leviair The Sea Dragon (R 3)

    1x Daigusto Emeral (R 4)

    1x Maestroke The Symphony Djinn (R 4)

    1x Blackship Of Corn (R 4)

    1x Photon Papilloperative (R 4)

    1x Gem-Knight Pearl (R 4)

    1x Number 16: Shock Master (R 4)

    1x Evilswarm Ouroboros (R 4)

    2x Evolzar Laggia (R 4)

    2x Evolzar Dolkka (R 4)

    Side (15)

    1x Hanewata (LV 1 – Tuner)

    2x Maxx “C” (LV 2)

    1x Snowman Eater (LV 4)

    2x Effect Veiler (LV 1 – Tuner)

    2x Forbidden Chalice

    2x Dimensional Prison

    3x Macro Cosmos

    1x Skill Drain

    1x Mind Crush

    Strategy and Explanation

    Ok, so I’m just gonna start with this list: Like you all know the main point in Dino Rabbit is getting your Rabbit as fast as possible out to Special Summon 2 Vanilla Dinos with the same name in order to Xyz them to Laggia or when the situation depends Dolkka. The Tour Guides are there to Xyz summon Leviair, who can Special Summon your banished Rabbit, then you can Special Summon 2 Vanilla Dinos again, ready to Xyz into Laggia/Dolkka. Reaper and TKRO are there to stall / beat your opponent down until you get your Laggia/Dolkka out. Oh, and a Vanilla hand sucks, takes skill to know how to play with them in hand 😀 Well, that was the basic strategy of Dino Rabbit, now we’re moving to specific tech choices:

    Jurrac Guaiba

    Jurrac Guaiba

    This card’s not that good anymore as it was in the last format, but Guaiba and a set Forbidden Lance is still really good, was thinkin of Shrink too, but triple Lance is just better. If you can resolve Guaibas effect, this will result in a Laggia/Dolkka so the additional Dinos are quite good for the deck in my opinion, although Guaiba will have a hard time against HEROs and Dark World. I still like having him, if I had the space, I would put a Shrink inside just for Guaiba. Mike said one time that playing 41 cards in a Dino Rabbit deck would decrease the chance of getting multiple Vanillas in your hand, but that means also that my chance of getting Rescue Rabbit also decreases, so I’m not really happy with that idea, but I’ll try it (adding 1 Shrink raising the total number of cards to 41).

    Spirit Reaper

    Spirit Reaper

    Like I said before this card’s just there for stalling and maybe stealing one hand card if everything works well and you got backup. It will definitely costs your opponent some effort and resources to get rid of Reaper, so it has its good aspects in your deck. If you don’t need it anymore, you can still Xyz him into Leviair/Zenmaines. This card is really good in mirror matches if you don’t have the best outs right now, assuming they don’t have Photon Papilloperative or Blackship Of Corn (that’s the reason for both of them in my main deck too).

    Thunder King Rai-Oh

    Thunder King Rai-Oh

    Rai-Oh didn’t really had the chance to play a major role in the last format due to Inzektors blowing him away in an instant, so it was just a mere side deck slot in some decks and most decks didn’t even had him. As this format’s gonna be a little slower, I think TKRO can be main-decked again in some decks. 1900 Beater and Inherent Special Summon-negating ability is still good, so I replaced the 2 Effect Veilers for 2 TKRO (I don’t think that Veiler will be that good anymore with HEROs and Dark World dominating the field, so I just sided them out, just in case of Wind-Up/Mirror Match).

    Forbidden Lance

    Forbidden Lance

    Forbidden Lance is a great card here, as it protects your monsters from your opponents cards and can also decrease your opponents monster’s attack, so that your Guaiba can overrun it to summon another guaiba ready to Xyz. That’s the reason for triple Lance. Luv the versatility of this card.

    Book Of Moon

    Book Of Moon

    Also a really versatile card you can do so many things with it: Stop an attacking monster, prevent your opponent from using an Ignition effect, stop a Synchro summon (flip the tuner face-down), stop Xyz Summon (same as Synchro), Protect your own monsters from effects that affects face-up monsters (Mirror Force and stuff) etc. So this card has a staple status in my control decks.

    Mirror Force

    Mirror Force

    Finally this card has become useful again, as the Inzektors are disappearing from the front lines 😀 I’ve seen many players maining this card again and I fully agree with that. Although this card isn’t really chainable, this effect is still awesome like in the past days, if it goes through. Getting hit by a MST isn’t really a problem if you have some other traps for backup, just pay attention to a coming Heavy Storm. The increasing count of mained Mirror Force is also the reason for me to play Starlight Road, but I’ll come to that later.

    Starlight Road

    I said it in my HERO post before, this format plays a lot of mass removal, so you got to counter that somehow. Starlight Road is not the optimal choice as it can be blocked by Solemn Warning, but if you can resolve it, you have an amazing advantage to your opponent; the only “bad thing” is that you can’t Special Summon Stardust Dragon back from Grave once he used his own effect or gets destroyed, because he wasn’t Synchro Summoned properly (Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia). You can decide to use The Huge Revolution Is Over instead of Starlight, if you don’t like the point of getting negated by Solemn Warning. Remember there a quite a lot of mass removal in this format: Heavy Storm, Dark Hole, Torrential Tribute, Black Rose Dragon, Mirror Force and other stuff. Ah and one cool thing that you can do if your opponent plays Starlight Road to your Heavy Storm and tries to summon Stardust Dragon: You can chain MST to Starlight Raod to destroy your own Heavy Storm in  order to prevent him from summoning Stardust.
    Why that? It’s because of a certain ruling: If you negate an effect with “Starlight Road” but cannot destroy the card, you cannot Special Summon “Stardust Dragon.”[1] (Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia)
    So what happens here exactly? We’ll just split it into the Chain Links and see what’s happening:

    Chain Links:

    • Chain Link 1: Heavy Storm activates (attempt to destroy all S/T)
    • Chain Link 2: Starlight Road (Trying to negate Heavy)
    • Chain Link 3: MST destroying your own Heavy Storm (You can target Spells/Traps that are activated at that time, cause they are still on the field, they just don’t lose their effects, so normally nobody’s doing that)

    Resolution (resolving backwards):

    • Chain Link 3: MST destroys your Heavy Storm (Heavy going straight into grave; not on the field anymore)
    • Chain Link 2: Starlight Road negates Heavy Storms EFFECT (!) and tries to destroy Heavy Storm, but Heavy isn’t there anymore (this is where the ruling from before kicks in: Stardust DRagon Can’t be Special Summoned if you can’t destroy the card; the effect of Heavy Storm is still negated although)
    • Chain Link 1: Heavy Storms effect tries to resolve, but gets negated by Starlight Road (The effect of Heavy Storm will still try to resolve, even though it isn’t there on the field anymore)

    BUT: The only thing you can’t do is MST targeting itself (same as a destroyed Penguin Soldier targeting itself with its FLIP-effect), because Konami says so:” (…) [W]hen you activate “Mystical Space Typhoon“, it cannot target itself.[6](Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia)

    Puuh talked got too much about this topic, but whatever, now it’s already here. 😀 The other trap lineup should be clear, it’s the standard lineup for control decks.

    Photon Papilloperative

    Photon Papilloperative

    Papilloperative’s purpose is just to stop Stallers like Spirit Reaper, Gellenduo or Marshmallon; destroys Reaper immediately due to his effect of being targeted and allows you to deal Damage to those other stallers.

    Number 50: Blackship Of Corn

    Blackship Of Corn

    I liked the name “Black Corn” more, but it seems that the TCG branch of Konami has a faible for shitty names, so this card’s called Blackship of corn nowadays. Has almost the same purpose as Papilloperative, although it’s the better choice against Marshmallon and Gellenduo.

    Gem-Knight Pearl

    Gem-Knight Pearl

    This guy’s here as a strong beater and he’s useful if Skill Drain’s out (you can still use Rabbit, as you can still activate effects and the effect resolves in the banished zone). Prefer him over Utopia cause of his attack and if I need protection, I’ll use Maestroke (said that in HEROs post too).

    Daigusto Emeral

    Daigusto Emeral


    2 Level 4 monsters
    Once per turn: You can activate 1 of these effects. ● Detach 1 Xyz Material from this card to target 3 monsters in your Graveyard; shuffle those targets into your Deck, then draw 1 card. ● Detach 1 Xyz Material from this card to target 1 non-Effect Monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target.

    This guy’s pretty neat if you know when to summon him, he can shuffle back 2 of your Dinos and Leviair (to reuse them; Leviair summoning Rabbit back, etc.) for example and you can even draw 1 card too, just pray that you don’t draw one of the shuffled vanilla Dino 😛

    Evilswarm Ouroboros


    3 Level 4 monsters
    Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; activate 1 of these effects. Each of these effects can only be used once while this card is face-up on the field. ● Target 1 card your opponent controls; return it to the hand. ● Send 1 random card from your opponent’s hand to the Graveyard. ● Banish 1 card in your opponent’s Graveyard.

    Somehow really blurry card, but this should represent the infected counterpart of Trishula. 😉 The reason why I chose this card is because of his versatility, it has multiple effects that you can activate once this card’s face-up and you can only activate one of them during a turn. Still a good card in my opinion, if there’s some space left.

    Number 16: Shock Master

    Shock Master

    A must have against random decks like Exodia (just call spell and they can say gg if they don’t have the outs to get rid of Shock Master), not that good against Burn decks although, they can activate the effects in your Standby Phase, so not really good. This cards popularity surprisingly rose during the past months, was always playing it, but seems like some people finally realized Shock Masters potential (the prize went up to 55 bucks) 😀



    Just there against Burn decks, had a space left and was thinkin about having no out against Burn Decks except Laggia, so I decided to put 1 Hanewata in my Side.

    Maxx “C”

    Maxx C

    Tech against Hieratic, Wind-Ups and all other swarming decks.

    Snowman Eater

    Snowman Eater

    Mainly for the Mirror Match, just awesome against Laggia and the other dinos, except Dolkka.

    Effect Veiler

    Effect Veiler

    Just got a Side Deck slot, because the playability of her decreased due to the increase of Hero Beat and Dark World, bad against Mermail too.

    Forbidden Chalice

    Forbidden Chalice

    Sometimes the Chalice is better than Veiler, because you can activate it in your turn and it boosts your own monsters ATK too. Works good against Gorz (to prevent him from Summoning a token).

    Dimensional Prison

    Dimensional Prison

    Thought about maining this card, but I didn’t found the space for it, so just a Side Deck slot. Works good against Dark World (if it doesn’t get popped by Grapha), Chaos Dragon (Same with Lyla and Ryko) and HEROs.

    Macro Cosmos

    So good against so many decks. Dark World, Chaos Dragon, Lightsworn, Mermail and other stuff will be wrecked when they face this card without some way to remove it. I think it’s one of the main reasons why Dino Rabbit is successful like that: Dino Rabbit can virtually side against every deck, assuming they have the right cards in their Side Deck.

    Skill Drain

    Skill Drain

    Your Rabbits will still work under this card, while your Jurracs don’t, so be careful. This card’s still great against some decks (Gadgets, Inzektor, Mermail – not that great in particular but in combo with Macro)

    Mind Crush

    Mind Crush

    Great cards against Exodia decks, just be careful that they don’t have Dark Factory Of Mass Production, good against Gadgets and all other searcher decks too.

    Additional Comment

    Well I promised you 3 decks, but I guess that was a bit too much for one post so I’ll post my other decklists (Verz Rabbit V1, Verz Rabbit V2) in a few days and take a break for now, 2400+ words now lol

    Thinkin of adding 1-2 Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror to my side but still not sure what to kick for it.

    The post about Dino Rabbit got bigger than expected, so to make it more structured I’ll discuss Verz Rabbit in a separate post 😀

    Did I forget something, you disagree with me in a certain point or you just want to state your opinion? – The comment section is wide open for you, you can either post your comment here on WordPress (click on the bubble at the top of the post or visit my Facebook page to discuss there (upper right corner of the blog or here).

    Thanks for reading this big post and have a nice day 😉

    All images are taken from Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia and DuelingNetwork.

    Like this:


    By Kahzel • Posted in Decks • Tagged Dino Rabbit, Dino Rabbit deck September 2012 banlist, Dino Rabbit September 2012 decklist, Laggia Decklist September 2012, Meta deck, Yu-Gi-Oh!, yugiohSours: https://creativeminds4t.wordpress.com/tag/dino-rabbit-september-2012-decklist/
    Joe Giorlando YCS Philadelphia 2012 4th Place Deck Profile- Macro Dino Rabbit

    YUGIOH Dino Rabbit Dinosaur Deck w/ Macro Removal & Jurrac Complete 40 - Cards

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    Date:June 29, 2012
    Contact:Dan Johnson, Chief of Interpretation and Visitor Services, (435) 781-7702
    Contact:Joel Brumm, Resource Management Specialist, (970) 374-3055

    Dinosaur, CO- On June 28, 2012, monument staff were notified by wildlife health officials with the National Park Service that a rabbit from the Gates of Lodore Campground at Dinosaur National Monument tested positive for tularemia in laboratory tests. Monument staff noticed several dead rabbits in the vicinity of the Gates of Lodore Campground starting last week and sent a specimen for analysis. Rabbits exhibiting the effects of tularemia, a naturally occurring disease that periodically strikes rabbits, hares, rodents, have only been found in the Gates of Lodore Campground. This campground is in the extreme northern part of Dinosaur approximately 106 miles north of the Canyon Visitor Center in Dinosaur, Colorado and 137 miles north of the Dinosaur Quarry near Jensen, Utah. There have been no confirmed cases or noticeable outbreaks in any other areas of the monument.

    As mentioned previously, tularemia is a naturally occurring disease that periodically strikes rabbits, hares, rodents, and other small animals. It is present at all times, but usually only noticeable during severe outbreaks, which are marked by increased mortality rates in these small mammals. Since the threat to human health is considered minimal by health officials, the campground and boat launch for the Green River will remain open. Signs, informing visitors of the presence of tularemia will be posted in the campground and monument staff will make contact with visitors to let people know the disease is present in the area.

    The disease is relatively rare among humans with less than 200 cases reported each year, but is a potentially serious illness if contracted. People can become infected with tularemia in several ways including being bitten by an infected tick, mosquito, deerfly or other insect; handling infected animal carcasses; breathing in the bacteria directly; or eating or drinking contaminated food or water. Symptoms of tularemia may include fever, chills, headaches, diarrhea, cough, and muscle aches. Symptoms usually appear 3 to 5 days after exposure to the bacteria, but can take as long as 14 days. Consult your doctor at the first sign of illness, as the disease can be successfully treated with antibiotics. Make sure to let your doctor know that you have been to an area where an outbreak of tularemia has occurred.

    To minimize your risk of contracting tularemia, avoid contact with wild animals, use insect repellent containing DEET or permethrin, and use protective equipment (such as gloves, goggles, mask, etc.) when handling dead animals or mowing in areas where rabbits frequent. Be sure to cook your food thoroughly and that your water is obtained from a safe source. Pets are susceptible, can be carriers, and can transmit tularemia to humans either through insect bites or direct contact. Symptoms in pets may include fever, lack of appetite, lethargy, enlarged lymph nodes. Flea and tick control is recommended for pets as well as preventing them from eating or being in contact with infected animals. Note any change in the behavior of your pets or livestock, and consult a veterinarian if they develop unusual symptoms.

    If you have any questions regarding information on tularemia at the Gates of Lodore Campground or need any other information on Dinosaur National Monument, call us at (435) 781-7700. You can also find us on facebook or follow DinosaurNPS on twitter.

    Sours: https://www.nps.gov/dino/learn/news/tularemia-confirmed-in-rabbit-population-at-gates-of-lodore-campground.htm

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