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There’s nothing quite like the relaxation you get from swaying back and forth in a hammock while staring at the sky, reading, or napping. Nicer weather is on the way, and IKEA released new hammocks to ensure we can all bask in it.

The Swedish chain’s new striped hammock is called Solblekt, which means "sun-bleached" in Swedish—and instantly conjures images of bright summer days. It comes in green, yellow, and blue or orange, white, and blue in a durable fabric made from recycled polyester, for $39.99. The accompanying stand, which is called Gårö, is available for $70.

If the striped fabric is a little too beachy for your liking, IKEA is selling another hammock option called Risö in a solid orange or green color for $25. It comes with hooks for hanging instead of rope on the ends for tying, plus there’s a side pouch to store snacks, books, sunglasses, and whatever else you want to have on you. If you like the pale orange color, you have the option to buy it with the stand for a total of $95.

Whether you go for solid or striped, these hammocks are sure to up your summer game. It might be time to replace your overused hammock this season or finally give in to the trend with one of these. Oh, and you don't have to have a backyard to enjoy one. If you have the space, put it in your living room and crack a window. You have to work with what you've got, right?

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Outdoor chaises & hammocks

Sun, fresh air and a warm breeze – the perfect setting for a nap beneath the sky. With our outdoor chaise lounge chairs, relaxing outdoors becomes easy and comfortable.

Get some large, wooden outdoor chaise lounges and create a permanent sunbathing installation on the patio. Or get a foldable beach chair, and you’ll have a comfy place to sit during the next picnic. If you prefer to kick back in a hammock, we have a few options for you to choose from as well.

Check out our outdoor chaise lounges to find the perfect recline for your next outdoor hangout.

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs for every space

When choosing an outdoor chaise lounge, consider how much space do you have to work with. With an open garden, you can easily fit one or more large outdoor chaise in the grass or on the patio. Just consider how much space you want to dedicate to sunbathing, so you still have room for an outdoor grill or a game of corn hole.

A small patio might limit your options somewhat. However, a foldable beach chair can fit even the smallest of patios. Also, it can easily be put away when not in use, which make it a good choice for smaller spaces. A good tip is to choose a chair that matches your patio flower garden, to set a theme for your outdoor room.

How to take care of your outdoor chaise lounges

All our outdoor chaises and hammocks are made to withstand the elements, but they are not indestructible. If you want your outdoor chaise to stay looking fresh for years, here are a few things you can do.

First, make sure to wipe them down to avoid moisture. This protects against mold or mildew infesting the material. Second, when you’re not using your patio furniture, put them in storage indoors or cover them up. We have a wide selection of outdoor furniture covers that you can find among our outdoor accessories.

Sours: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/cat/outdoor-patio-chaises-hammocks-21963/
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Too small for our hammockSTEPHANIEMake sure your hammock is the correct size before ordering1

Very good hammock stand.OSCARVery good hammock stand.5

Very sturdyAmandaVery sturdy5

Solid easy to assembleRobertStrange that this year there are stands but no hammocks. Wouldn’t fit my Pawleys but using with the camping one for now.4

I love itMARTHAI love it5

Very sturdyAishaVery sturdy5

GreatAndrewPretty solid hammock stand, it’s a little squeaky but it gets the job done. Love that it has a wheel too for easy moving!5

Very niceJOSE A.We all love it. I already took a nap on it5

GaroDaysiGreat easy no heavy5

Love it!!EmilyLove it!!5

Sturdy and AppealingREAGANI bought 2 of these along with 2 of the green hammocks. The are absolutely wonderful: look good, work well, and are really easy to move.5

Moveable and Sturdy!RevZetaI'm a big girl. I checked the weight limit and everything before I made the purchase. When it arrived, I put together my new Gårö Hammock Stand. It was simple to put together and I love the wheel so I don't have to carry it. One note: Put it together OUTSIDE or in the garage. I started putting it together in the house and quickly realized I should change locations. It holds me! I love it!5

Summer & Backyard must Have!MissMoeThe stand and the hammock fabrics will make you backyard an oasis not just a yard. Most beautiful combo and so well made! I’ve recommended to everyone in my circle! The wheel to move around makes it even greater!5

Was easy to put togetherJumpHave it finally together hope to use it soon4

Super easy to setupHammockk2019The materials are very durable, and it is easy to setup. The only problem, is it is very short (length wise). If you are using your own hammock double check the dimensions. I highly recommend you use the ones they sell. I tried to use my own and it didn’t fit. My bottom was on the floor. So because of that, I returned it.4

Sturdy hammock standRoastmasterWe had one of these hammock stands about 5 years ago then sold it because we moved to a place with good hammock trees. We moved again and I knew this stand would work great. We love it.5

Love the color, sturdy, easy to set up!JbirdieI bought this a few weeks ago and it works great! It's sturdy, easy to set up, and a nice color. Great price too.5

LovedGlamonech04Super happy with this hammock stand is strong ,stable ,easy to a assemble and beatiful gray color soon a going to buy a second one5

Very easy to set upCharley GirlLove it and really enjoy relaxing5

Easy setupMr pipI bought 2 of these hammock stands and if they had them in stores right now, I might buy another for my kids, but that will probably have to wait until next summer. I had a different stand from another large store and this stand is stronger and easier to move for about the same price. The biggest downside is that it's not available anymore at my local store.5

Sours: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/garoe-hammock-stand-outdoor-gray-80251513/
Hammock Comfort: Top 7 Tips for Sleeping Comfortably in a Hammock

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Ikea hammock

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