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Orange Amps Launch Crest Edition Wireless Headphones

Orange Amplification introduce their new Crest Edition Wireless Headphones; with more than fifty years of audio expertise behind them, they offer expert sound for sophisticated ears. The key features of the new headphones are reliable great sounding audio, touch controls, wireless connectivity and comfort.

The wide, well balanced refined sound of Crest Edition Wireless Headphones offers superb levels of detail with warm rumbling basslines and natural sounding highs. The spacious sound will set pulses racing and have users rediscovering their music library in a totally different way.

They offer wearers complete control over what is listened to and how it is enjoyed. The headphone touch-pad allows users to control volume by swiping up or down, move to the previous track or to the next song by swiping side to side and pause by tapping. The discrete built in microphone is ideal for phone or video calls.

The Headphones run on Bluetooth and will last for more than twenty four hours on a single charge. A spare cable is included as an optional preference or just in case, so users can keep listening whatever the circumstances.

Orange Amps Crest Edition Wireless Headphones
Orange Amps Crest Edition Wireless Headphones
Orange Amps Crest Edition Wireless Headphones

The shape and soft cushion design of the over-ear pads offer lasting comfort and a superior, secure fit with excellent noise reduction so the user hears only the music they want to hear from the quality drivers. Their iconic orange and black design, with the Orange Crest embossed into the headband, offers understated elegance to suit any style.

The highly portable headphones have been engineered to fold into their padded carry case for easy transportation. The headphones are also supplied with a 3.5mm mini-jack to mini-jack audio cable and a USB charging cable. RRP £95.00/$115/€108. Take your music anywhere.

The Orange Crest Edition Wireless Headphones are available exclusively to purchase from the Orange Amplification website at Claim your 10% off special launch offer using the code STAYHOME6 (expires 15th May 2020).

Orange Amps Crest Edition Wireless Headphones

About Orange Amplification

Orange Amplification has been a pioneering force in guitar and bass amplification since 1968. They have built a reputation of delivering innovative technology, always built with uncompromising attention to detail and quality.  Known as the best British guitar amplifier manufacturer for both design and build, they dominate the world’s stages and studios. Orange are rightfully proud of their heritage, a story that began in the late 1960’s. The world’s greatest rock icons, including Jimmy Page, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Fleetwood Mac, Oasis, Madonna, Jim Root and Geddy Lee are proud to stand in front of the unmistakable iconic brand and rely upon its unique tone.

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More Than Merchandise: Orange Amps Crest Edition Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

When in 2017 Orange Amplification introduced its own headphones at the Musikmesse and Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt, the strategy was right on target. They helped leverage the brand's reputation as product extensions that reinforce the emotional connection with users. While generating a new revenue opportunity, in this case by expanding the already existing and extremely successful merchandise catalog (and you could see it at NAMM and Musikmesse). Three years later, Orange Amps renews the strategy with the new Crest Edition wireless headphones.

Orange Amplification has been a pioneering force in guitar and bass amplification since 1968 and they are rightfully proud of the brand's heritage. The new Orange wireless headphones would be probably a smash-hit presentation at Musikmesse this year, if it wasn't for the pandemic and the cancellation of all trade-shows. In result, Orange Amps released the new Crest Edition wireless headphones very discretely in May 2020, solely relying on its own distribution channels and social media reach, and trusting its own online store to handle the sales, at a time when people are sheltering at home. The formula worked, because the Crest Edition headphones generated a buzz that was impossible to ignore.

The previous O Edition Headphones were extremely nice, they came with a very nice zipped clamshell carry case and three different cables, they were affordable and they sounded good. The design, unfortunately, was a bit crowded, and not very appealing even as a fashion statement, but they were comfortable. Of course they did appeal to a devoted fan base that knows Orange as an amplifier brand, but it didn't expand much from there. After all, they are sold as "Orange merchandise." Unlike Marshall that licensed the brand to another consumer electronics' company to explore in a range of lifestyle products, Orange seemed to have more modest ambitions and has kept the product in-house.

Now, Orange Amplification introduced their new Crest Edition Wireless Headphones and it seems clear that, whoever did the ODM  work, was trying to look ahead. These are beautifully designed headphones, where the Orange brand and rock’n’roll-inspired embossed graphic motifs are incorporated tastefully in the ear cups and headband, with the orange color in the inside materials and matte black dominating the outside.

But more importantly, they offer everything that any consumer might be looking for in affordable, wireless over-ear headphones - and they cost less than the previous O Edition headphones. The Crest Edition offer well-tuned sound, they have effective touch controls on the right earcup, robust wireless connectivity and comfort. They even feature a built-in microphone for video/phone calls and support for Google Assistant and Apple Siri when connected to a smartphone. And for a very competitive retail price of just $120 USD (106 Euros), they offer good battery capacity for up to 27 hours run time, and they allow the use of an optional wired audio cable that bypasses Bluetooth completely, allowing its use without charging battery, ideal for a home studio.

Of course, the market is extremely competitive at the moment, with lots of good-sounding wireless headphones that also offer ANC and better range thanks to Bluetooth 5. The Crest edition are most likely Bluetooth 4.x and they still use a mini-USB for charging, which helps to explain why they are so affordable. But they compete directly with many branded wireless headphones in the non-ANC category, costing almost twice the price.

Using large-sized 40-mm dynamic drivers, the Orange Crest Edition wireless headphones have a well balanced sound with the correct amount of bass and detail, and the soft ear cushions offer a good amount of passive isolation. They are highly portable and the padded clamshell carry case is even more compact because of the way the headphones fold nicely. The headphones are also supplied with a 3.5mm mini-jack to mini-jack audio cable and the USB to Mini-USB charging cable.

For now, the Orange Crest Edition Wireless Headphones are available exclusively to purchase from the Orange Amplification website at
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Maybe I didn't get the memo, but when did Orange Amps – pardon me, I meant, Orange – quietly become a lifestyle brand? 

I know this legendary amplifier company has been around since the Sixties, and continues to make the most recognized and revered amps for musicians, but one look at their global website reveals some other youthfully hip products like a skateboard, an embossed leather belt and… you guessed it: headphones. But more specifically, the Orange Crest Edition Wireless Headphones.  

The Crest Edition Wireless Headphones feature Bluetooth connectivity, headphone touchpad controls for navigating music (volume up/down, previous/next track and touch play/pause), a built-in microphone for phone/video calls, multi-function button (answer/hang up, redial/reject call, device search and on/off), support for Apple Siri and Google Assistant, multipoint pairing that automatically toggles between paired devices without re-pairing (i.e. switching from laptop to smartphone when receiving calls) and up to 27 hours of battery life. 

Want to use it old-school? No problem; the Crest Edition comes with a braided 3.5 mm mini-jack for a wired-in connection.

Also included is a USB to mini-USB cable to charge the headphones. And let’s definitively state that its matte black and orange color scheme, ear cups with Orange’s branded logo and etched figures of Pan and Britannia (from Orange’s crest) on the lower side of the headband, all make for a pretty rad fashion statement.

The Crest Edition headphones come neatly folded in a padded clamshell carry case and fit securely and comfortably on your head. The soft earpads also provide a gentle seal that firmly isolates noise.

It’s immediately clear these headphones possess exceptional audio quality that exhibits a robust low end, taut mids and crisp highs

Needless to say, after quickly pairing them to my smartphone and laptop, it’s immediately clear these headphones possess exceptional audio quality that exhibits a robust low end, taut mids and crisp highs. It’s perfectly attenuated, and I never had the urge to adjust the EQ from my devices; however, I did find the touchpad a little fiddly, but that’s a minor complaint.

What’s noteworthy is Orange’s years of in-house audio expertise and design resulted in the Crest Edition, so above all, you’re getting premium headphones with a superb frequency spectrum for everyday use, let alone maximum comfort without fatigue when you need to listen to tracks for a prolonged amount of time. And that literally is music to my ears.

  • STREET PRICE: $122 / £95
  • MANUFACTURER:Orange Amps


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Orange Amps Orange Head Phones Crest Edition Review with Audio Sample \u0026 Call Quality

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Orange Crest Edition Bluetooth Headphones -- REVIEW

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