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  • Discover the performance of professional tree-cutting equipment with the Stihl 051 AV chainsaw. The die-cast magnesium construction combined with the cylinder plated in aluminum and chrome help make this saw a top choice for work that involves major cutting. The anti-vibration handlebar system keeps hands comfortable over long hours in the woods, and the automatic rewind starter means less strain when the job begins. The piston-ported intake and centrifugal clutch set this chainsaw apart from the competition, and the Bosch electronic magneto carries power without adding significant weight. Able to carry a 30-inch bar, the Stihl 051 AV chainsaw defines professional cutting strength. These Stihl chainsaws are built to last down to even the smallest part. These saws are built around an 89cc engine, giving you all the power you need to slice through hardwoods. Engineered in Germany, the engine uses the reliable 51mm Bosch spark plug for ignition, ensuring you won't be out there cranking away for hours. A 900ml fuel tank gives you plenty of operating time on recommended regular octane fuel. Mix that fuel at a 40:1 ratio with Stihl chainsaw oil for great performance. The automatic oil pump saves you time out at the jobsite, in the backyard, or wherever you work with your 051 AV saw. Sporting one cylinder, each piston boasts a 1.65-inch stroke, generating enough RPMs to handle any task. A chromium-plated bore on an aluminum cylinder helps make this part lightweight yet durable. The Tillotson HS-60 carburetor can handle increased air intake easily. This allows you to continue working through large, dense hardwoods. A wire gauze air filter catches most impurities before they can reach the motor to protect vital components from being gummed up. The centrifugal clutch prevents stalling when the motor speed rapidly decreases. The Bosch magneto keeps the spark plugs charged by drawing energy from each chain rotation. This keeps your plugs around longer, and it gives you more time between tune-ups. Die-cast construction makes these components particularly tough. The machine is designed to work in extreme temperatures, and it is as powerful and reliable on a day that is 100 degrees as it is when the temperatures dip below freezing. Often overlooked despite its critical importance, a good chain can make a lot of difference. This saw uses a manufacturer piece, ensuring that all the parts are compatible. The chain is built with a pitch of 3/8 inches to maximize leverage when cutting into a particularly tough surface. Users can choose from many different accessories designed for the machine to ensure that they have the right chain for the right style of cutting. The standard orange casing on the saw increases visibility, and the anti-vibration handlebars significantly improve user comfort. These ergonomic design features make this saw useable by people with both large and small body types. They also help you work all day without fatigue.Any guide bar between 17 and 35 inches can be installed on this saw. A direct drive reduces moving parts and eliminates unnecessary complexity from your tool. Because it is configured for one-man operation, you can operate this device by yourself using only safety gear and eye protection.

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Sours: https://www.ebay.com/p/77599019

Stihl 051 AV Chainsaw Specifications

Stihl 051 AV Specifications for Stihl 051AV chainsaws, Find detailed specs information for the Stihl chainsaw including engine, fuel system, Carburetor, ignition system, chain lubrication, Torque settings and cutting attachments.

Stihl 051 AV Chainsaw Specs

ENGINE DISPLACEMENT: 89ccm (5.34 cu. in.)
CYLINDER BORE: 52mm (2.05 in.)
PISTON STROKE: 42mm (1.65 in.)
CYLINDER TYPE: Aluminum with a chrome-plated bore
INTAKE METHOD: Piston ported
WEIGHT: 10.5kg with 35cm bar & chain, 23 Lbs. with 17 in. bar & chain
HANDLEBAR SYSTEM: Anti-vibration
CLUTCH: Centrifugal
CONSTRUCTION: Die-cast magnesium
MAGNETO TYPE: Bosch electronic
CARBURETOR: Tillotson HS-60A, B, C, D, E series
MAJOR REPAIR KIT: RK-21HS for C, D, E and RK-23HS for A, B
AIR FILTER SYSTEM: Wire gauze element
STARTER TYPE: Stihl automatic rewind
OIL PUMP: Automatic
IGNITION TIMING: 2.5mm (0.1 in.) before TDC
SPARK PLUG GAP: 0.51mm (0.020 in.)
FUEL TANK CAPACITY: 900ml (1.9 U.S. Pints)
FUEL OIL RATIO: 40:1 with Stihl Chain Saw mix oil
MIX OIL SPECIFICATION: Stihl Two-cycle chain saw mix oil
CHAIN PITCH: 3/8 in. optional .404 in.
CHAIN TYPE: Stihl or alternative
35cm (17 in.)
75cm (30 in.)

Stihl 051 AV Specifications Carburetor

Replace carburetor with Tillotson or Walbro carb:

Tillotson Carburetor Models: HS-60D
Walbro Carburetor Models: WS-11

Piston Ring Size: Piston Ring (52mm x 1.5mm)

Replace spark plug with Bosch WSR6F,  Champion RCJ6Y and NGK BPMR7A.

Covers all models and dates of manufacture (which was only a few years!).

Stihl 051 AV Specifications information can be found in Carburetor Manuals

Sours: https://chainsaw-workshop-manual.com/stihl-051-av-specifications/
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Stihl 051 AV, worth resurecting?

hey guys, so here is the story. im at my grandfathers and im wandering around the garage, and i saw this saw. its been sitting there for quite a few years because something went wrong with it and my grandfather really could care less about fixing it. So im trying to fix it up. But i dont know where to start or whats wrong with it. Its got a brand new bar and chain on it so it would be a shame to waste. I looked over the cosmetics, it looks good, not much wear on the outside, the air filter is dirty. i havent been able to check on the cylinder to see if its scored yet because i havent been able to get much of anything off of it since my Scrench wont work since the nuts are slightly too small for the regular stihl side of the scrench and too big for the husky side. I also havent been able to get the spark plug out because i dont seem to have a wrench big enough for the plug. The engine seems like its not seized up either because i can pull the starter cord. its got a pretty hefty pull to it. I tried putting new gas in it, and pulling it over, no luck. So what should i check for and what should i know about these saws. this thing is an absolute brute. it would be a shame to waste such a big powerfull saw when i can fix it up and use it.
Also i am under the impression that this is around a 90cc saw. is this correct? if it is what abouts is the biggest bar i could put on it. im very interested in using this saw to work with when some of my smaller saws cant get the job done.


Sours: https://www.arboristsite.com/threads/stihl-051-av-worth-resurecting.74229/
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Stihl 051

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