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A push or a pull.

The pulling force between two objects which depends on how big they are.

A change in position.

The measure of how fast something moved over a certain distance.

The measure of force used over a certain distance.

The measure of the pull of the force of gravity on an object.

A tool that helps you work.

A simple machine that that can be used to raise or lower and object.

The point where a lever rocks.

A simple machine used to move objects to a higher or lower place. A ramp.

An inclined plane wrapped around a post.

A triangle shaped object used to separate, split, cut or lift objects.

A wheel and a rope. A pulley changes the direction of force.

A circle attached to a bar called an axle.

Things with more mass require more __________ to move.


Simple Machines

QuestionAnswerWorkSomething done whenever a force moves an object through a distance.Simple machine One of six basic kinds of tools with few or no moving parts that make work easierLeverA simple machine made of a bar or board that is supported underneath at the fulcrum; a bar that tilts about a pivot to move a loadFulcrumThe point on which a lever is supported and moves; the pivot on which a device such as a lever is supported so that it can balance, tilt or swingInclined planeA simple machine that is a flat surface with one end higher than the other; it enables a smaller force to lift a load over a longer distanceScrewA simple machine used to hold objects together. It is an inclined plane wrapped around a rodPulleyA simple machine made of a wheel and a rope; a wheel with a grooved rim through which a rope, chain or belt is pulled to lift a loadWheel and axleA simple machine that has a center rod attached to a wheel; a class of rotating machines in which effort applied to the wheel produces a useful movement in the axle or vice versaWedgeA simple machine used to cut or split an object; a machine with a sloping side that moves to exert forceForceA push or pull that makes something move, slows it down or stops it, or the pressure that something exerts on an object.Mechanical advantagethe time and energy gained by using a machine to do workGravityGravity the force that gives everything weight and pulls objects toward the Earth's centerGearwheel with notches, or cogs, cut around its edge; used to transmit the turning movement of one wheel to a second wheelFrictionforce of rubbing between two surfaces that slows movement and also produces heat or soundWheela circular rotating part in a machine that moves around an axleEnergythe capacity to do workCompound machinemachine a machine that contains more than one simple machineAxelthe shaft on which a wheel turns
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A flat surface with one end higher than the other.
A simple machine made of a wheel with a groove and a rope.
An inclined plane wrapped around a center post.
A measure of how far an object moves
A simple machine used to cut or split something.
A tool that measures force
A straight bar that turns on a point.
Something done when a force moves an object a distance.
A kind of wheel with teeth.
Simple Machines Quick Tutorial - Elementary and Middle School - Free Tutorial

Simple Machines

True or False:
The unit for mechanical advantage is a joule.

There are no units for mechanical advantage.

True or False:
An automobile is an example of a simple machine.

An automobile is an example of a compound machine.

Any device that makes "work" easier.

A sloping surface used to raise objects.

A grooved wheel that has a rope or chain running along the groove.

Any device that accomplishes work with only one movement.

A rod or bar that pivots around a fixed point.

A measure of the amount of work input that is transformed to usable work output.

Force applied to a machine.

A device composed of tow or more simple machines.

The fixed point of a lever.

Force applied by a machine.

A device in which work output is equal to work input.

Which class of lever?

Give an example

Which class of lever?

Give an example.

Which class of lever?

Give an example.

What is the formula for mechanical advantage?

Load (resistance) force

Effort force

What is the formula for W(input)?

Effot force X Effort Distance

What is the formula for Efficiency?

Work output
X 100%
Work input

What is the formula for W(output)?

Load force x load distance

A person exerts a force of 83 N on a crowbar to move a rock tha weights 200 N.
a. What type of simple machine is a crowbar?
b. Determine the MA of the crowbar.

a. lever

b. MA = 200N
MA = 2.41

A person exerts a force of 65 N to push a box that weighs 300 N up an inclined plane. What is the MA of the inclinced plane?

MA = 300 N
65 N
MA = 4.61

A person uses a fixed pulley to haul a bale of hay that weighed 400 N, 10 M up into the loft of the barn.
a. What was the output work done by the pulley?
b. If the person exerted a force of 600 N to raise the bale, what was the efficiency of the pulley?
c. How much work was transferred to friction and heat?


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