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Enjoy the ride of your life on the Ducati Two Seater

Riders for Health is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride the world-famous Ducati Two Seater bike at the British GP.

Experience the historic Silverstone circuit from the point of view of a MotoGP™ rider on a Ducati Desmosedici Two Seater bike.

The bikes are piloted by Riders for Health’s co-founder and former MotoGP racer, Randy Mamola, and Ducati test rider, Franco Battaini – two of the most experienced and talented riders in the world.

But this isn’t just the chance to complete a thrilling lap of Silverstone on the same weekend as the stars of MotoGP; each passenger will also receive access to the MotoGP paddock for the day and lunch in Ducati hospitality. They will also receive a paddock pass for one guest.

It really is the experience of a lifetime: you cannot buy the chance to ride on this bike anywhere else in the world. Plus your ride will also be supporting the life-saving work of Riders for Health, the official charity of MotoGP.

All the money raised from the sale of the rides goes directly to support Riders for Health’s work in Africa. An award-winning social enterprise, Riders for Health makes sure health workers in Africa have access to reliable motorcycles and ambulances so they can reach even the most isolated people with regular and predictable health care.

Rides are available on Friday 28 and Sunday 30 August 2015. So you can either be part of Friday’s practice sessions, or enjoy your ride in front of a full race-day crowd. For more information about taking part in this incredible experience and for details about prices, contact Martyn Cook by calling +44 (0)1604 889 574 or email [email protected]

Please Note: Each passenger must undergo and pass a full medical check prior to their ride. Passengers must not exceed 90 kilos (14 stone), and be no taller than 1.90m. Participants must be over 18 and the maximum age is 60.

Sours: https://www.motogp.com/en/news/2015/07/20/enjoy-the-ride-of-your-life-on-the-ducati-two-seater/180220

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Two-Seater GP Bike | Events

21 October 2015 / Text Size (-)(+) / Print

We grab a chat with Randy Mamola and learn a thing or two about the 990cc Ducati two-seater.

1. People who have never been on a bike usually make the best pillions.
So Randy Mamola told us, anyway. “Think about it,” he said. “If you’re a skier and I say to you right we’re going to ski down that and you say no, no, no we’re not. But if you’ve never skied before and I point to the same hill and I say you can do this, you’ll go okay. But if you’ve skied before, you’ll say, I know I can’t do that.”

2. The two-seater bike has been allocated three hours track time at the Valencia test.
Not because they’re trying to get more speed out of it, but because the bike is also switching to Michelin control tyres. “Because it’s very critical, when we’re carrying extra weight, how the front tyre feels and fits and that sort of thing,” Mamola explains.

3. It doesn’t get a run at every round.
And it’s mostly to do with tobacco laws in various markets. Though Mamola doesn’t go to the German round simply because it’s “too hard”. He says from his home in Barcelona there’s too many planes and stopovers and “I could be halfway to Australia in the time it takes me, so I don’t go.”

4. You can’t pay to get on the two-seater Ducati.
Well, you can, but only at the Silverstone round in the UK. And that’s only because the money goes towards the Riders for Health charity work.


5. A 71-year-old Bernie Eccelstone did it 14 years ago.
Formula One’s big boss on the back of a MotoGP prototype should have been headline grabbing news, and it was, but it got lost because Bernie’s ride was just a few days after the 9/11 attacks.

“But prior to Bernie coming on,” Mamola recalls, “Frank Williams and people at Ferrari were calling up and saying, ‘Are you nuts?’
“So when I finished — then we used to do two laps, at the moment we only do one. And it was on the Yamaha 500 — and as I passed, Carmelo Ezpeleta said, ‘Why did I let this happen?!’. And you know I came in with a stoppie and everything with him. He was definitely the most iconic.”

6. Randy Mamola would rather take you over Tiger Woods.
“It is very satisfying to take a top athlete,” Mamola concedes. “But for me it’s equally gratifying, if not more gratifying, to take someone off the street because those people tend to appreciate the opportunity. VIPs generally already have these sorts of opportunities.”

7. There’s a 90kg weight limit.
Which isn’t very big. We would have thought Ross Noble weighed more than 90kg.

8. Two-seater pillions go the fastest at Silverstone.
The two-seater ride is scheduled during the lunch break at the British Grand Prix and therefore is allowed a little more time. What that means is because it’s allowed to do two laps, it gets a flyer down the straight. All other circuits, like Phillip Island, he enters the circuit at turn one and comes in between turns 11 and 12. Mamola says he goes well over 300km/h at Silverstone.


9. Mamola never tries to scare anybody.
Or so he reckons. “We never use it with disrespect to scare anybody,” he says. “There are men and women who say, ‘I’m really scared’. I say okay, let me take you at a level that you’re willing to go and you’ll be blown away. And then they get off the bike and say, ‘I’m so sorry, can we do it again?!’”

10. Even 13-time Grand Prix winners make mistakes.
It was bound to happen and it did. It was at the Spanish Grand Prix at Catalunya in 2013 when Randy Mamola and his pillion went barreling through the gravel leaving Mamola red-faced and with a dislocated shoulder. It was reported the unnamed pillion suffered a fractured hand and minor bruises. Now that’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Sours: https://amcn.com.au/editorial/10-things-probably-didnt-know-two-seater-gp-bike/
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The original price was £5K and this dude is willing to do me a deal lol. It is for a sunday and you get a paddock pass for the whole day (Ducati hospitality). I still think that even at £2.5k it is a bit expensive. I was just interested in the pillion ride, could not care less about the hospitality bit but this is how it is!

A few hundred quid for a pillion ride would be a lot more reasonable and I am sure more people will go for it.

Basically, the idea behind it is that the money (most of it) goes towards a charity in Africa which supply ambulance and transport services to different areas. Randy sort of works for that charity and does these rides. These passes are donated by Ducati to these people and they sell it to the general public.

I think I will give this is a miss, not because of the excessive money, but these charity people are occasionally dodgy. Many of them charge a massive salary and I do not want to pay for that unreasonable salary. A lot of them I have seen make money out of some one's misery in Africa.

Oh, he said the bike will be a 2013 Ducati MotoGP bike :D


Sours: https://ducatiforum.com/threads/ducati-two-seater-motogp.15025/
Easily picking up this girl with my Ducati

Mission Winnow Ducati X2

Join us on the track for a once-in-a-lifetime speed experience.

Piloted by Two Wheels for Life’s co-founder and former Grand Prix racer, Randy Mamola, and Ducati test rider, Franco Battaini – two of the most experienced riders in the world, you’ll be riding pillion on this special two seater bike reaching top speeds on one of the best race tracks in the world.

Not only will you complete a thrilling lap of the Silverstone circuit on the same weekend as the stars of MotoGP™; each passenger will also receive access to the MotoGP™ paddock for the day and lunch in Ducati hospitality. You will also receive a paddock pass for one guest.

It really is the experience of a lifetime -you cannot buy the chance to ride on this bike anywhere else in the world. Plus your ride will also be supporting Two Wheels for Life, the official charity of MotoGP™.

Money raised from the sale of the rides will support programmes in Africa  that reach remote rural communities with life-saving healthcare. Together we can show that two wheels really can save lives.

Costs and booking


Subscribe to our Two Wheels News to be amongst the first to know about our upcoming Ducati 2-Seater experiences.

Note that the price varies each year based on insurance and other costs. The cost reflects the fact that this is a very special once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Please email [email protected] for more information including the price.

Sours: https://www.twowheelsforlife.org/experiences-memorabilia/mission-winnow-ducati-x2/

Seater ducati 2

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Ducati 2 Seater Ride

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