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Are you a pagan, wiccan or witch? This pagan planner is for you!

If you’re into contemporary paganism, You might be familiar with a to-do list somewhat similar to this:

  • Work at your day job
  • Pick your kids up from school
  • Cook dinner
  • The household needs some attention
  • Go to the grocery store once in a while.
  • You want to fit your spriritual practice in there somewhere as well.

The pagan planner

Being a witch is so enriching, and if you are a planning enthusiast like me you might want to combine the planning for both everyday chores and to-dos with planning for the festivals, keep a tarot tracker and be able to see at a glance when it’s time for the next full moon.

But it can be hard work to be a modern witch. Modern life has it’s challenges. It’s not always easy to fit your spiritual practice into a modern calendar, where non of your needs have been taken under consideration. A modern planner is often designed to fit the busy world of work and business.

I have recently been investigating digital planning, and the possibilities that it can bring about. With a note taking app like Goodnotes, I saw the potential of combining digital planning with hand written pages and even a section dedicated to recipes, notes and spells. I wanted a planner that would fill my needs to plan for the spiritual stuff as well as a calendar for my everyday business.

Bullet journal vs pagan planner

If you’ve been around for a while on this blog, you know that I’m in a deep relationship with the bullet journal system. The problem with the bullet journal can be that it can be too overwhelming at times with all the habit trackers, mood trackers and master to-do lists.

I searched for a pagan planner with a clean and tidy look and style. But I didn’t find anything that would fit my needs. I found planners that were great in functionality and had great features, but kind of ugly in my opinion, or I found planners that were beautiful but lacked the features that I wanted.

So I created one of my own.

It is a digital pagan planner with the features that I need for my everyday and pagan planning. If you’re looking for something similar, hopefully you will find this planner to be a right fit for you as well.

I created this planner so that I would be able to plan out the festivals in detail as well as keep track of my daily to-dos.

I created a walkthrough for you, so you can see if it is something for you.
If you’re interested of checking it out, you can do it in my shop here.


Wicca Book of Spells Witches' Planner 2021: A Wheel of the Year Grimoire with Moon Phases, Astrology, Magical Crafts, and Magic Spells for Wiccans and Witches (Wicca for Beginners Series)

This first-ever daily planner from best-selling Wiccan author Lisa Chamberlain is a collaboration of knowledgeable, practicing Witches from diverse paths within the Witching world. With backgrounds in Wicca, Traditional Witchcraft, Hedge Witchcraft, Kitchen Witchcraft, and other forms of Witchery, these authors share their wisdom on all things Craft-related:

• Herbs and cryThis first-ever daily planner from best-selling Wiccan author Lisa Chamberlain is a collaboration of knowledgeable, practicing Witches from diverse paths within the Witching world. With backgrounds in Wicca, Traditional Witchcraft, Hedge Witchcraft, Kitchen Witchcraft, and other forms of Witchery, these authors share their wisdom on all things Craft-related:

• Herbs and crystals;
• Magical charms;
• Divination;
• Faeries;
• Spirit communication;
• Sabbat lore;
• Kitchen magic;
• Folk magic traditions;
And much more......more

Kindle Edition, 148 pages

Published October 18th 2020 by Chamberlain Publications

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Leather journal solar plexus stone embossed handmade notebook is very beautifully embossed contains 120 recycled cotton paper leaves (240 pages). The triple moon symbol is a powerful goddess symbol, often used for goddess who have triple aspects, especially lunar goddesses such as Hecate, Artemis, and Diana. Notebook features a brown thread binding, with embossed designs front and back. The book is approximately 7 inches tall, 5 inches wide, and 1.2 inches thick, and the pages are unlined. The concept is found particularly in the tantric traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Notebook has an antique brass swing clasp to keep your secrets from prying eyes. Handcrafted journals contain acid free, handmade, archival Quality, linen - cotton parchment paper by a family owned company that has been in the handmade paper making business for almost 150 years. This book is great for keeping by the bedside to jot down dreams, or for use as a diary or journal. This brand new journal makes an ideal gift for that special someone or simply to keep for yourself. (Due to screen resolution color of products may slightly vary from images shown.)

Pagan Planning - Planner Setup - Journal

The Best 2020 Pagan and Witchy Planners

There’s nothing quite like bringing a new blog into existence to make one tighten the reins on their daily workflow and am to utilize their time as effectively and enjoyably as possible.

Enter the humble workhorse that is the personal day planner.

The Best 2020 Pagan and Witchy Planners |

Time to get planning!

With 2020 officially underway, now is the time to ramp up – *cough, cough* – planning for this exciting first year of the new decade.

Planners have seen a huge resurgence in popularity over the past few years. I personally believe they were a game-changer in the paper crafting industry.

I am not surprised that many people, both paper crafters and non-paper crafters alike, find themselves drawn to day planners, bullet journals, and similar forms of personal calendars and tracking methods.

The tactile, creative, imaginative nature of paper planners (as opposed to digital apps and other online planners) stirs many of our souls, while also being a genuinely useful tool in our daily lives.

For the purpose of today’s post, we’re going to bypass the personal planner 101 info.

Instead, we’ll dive headfirst into a look at some of the most appealing 2020 planners for Pagans, witches and similarly spiritually attuned folks.

Note: There are many wonderful annuals, almanacs, and similar books, as well as wall calendars, that are published each year pertaining to things such as moon phases, astrology, herbology, and so forth.

These books and calendars generally provide a short, informative snippet on a given topic each day or week. Some include blank space for the user to jot down their own info as well, others do not.

For the purpose of this post, we’re focusing instead on the types of day planners that lean more heavily on providing the user with ample room to write, track, etc their own personal information.

2020 Your Most Magical Year Yet Planner

2020 Your Most Magical Year Yet Planner | The Best 2020 Pagan and Witchy Planners |

Page count: 131

Publisher: Independently published

Specs: From well-known and highly esteemed Pagan author Tess Whitehurst, with contributions from Jennifer Joy, comes this beautiful, full-colour calendar planner that includes info on astrology and moon signs, spells, journaling prompts, poetry, customizable goal planning sections, and colouring pages, amongst its other appealing features.

Get it here: Amazon

Astro Moon Diary 2020

Astro Moon Diary 2020 | The Best 2020 Pagan and Witchy Planners |

Page count: 202

Publisher: Astrocal

Specs: Vivid, enchanting artwork is used abundantly throughout this spiral-bound day planner, which features daily moon phase and sign information, sun sign and planetary forecasts, both moonrise and moonset data (in EST), month-a-glance lunar grids, Pagan sabbat info, a retrograde table, and much more pertaining to both astrology and Paganism in general.

Get it here: Amazon

Coloring Book of Shadows: Planner for a Magical 2020

Coloring Book of Shadows Planner for a Magical 2020 | The Best 2020 Pagan and Witchy Planners |

Page count: Unknown

Publisher: Amy Cesari

Specs: Designed, illustrated and published by Amy Cesari, this witchy planner may be the ideal choice for those who are looking to marry their love of adult colouring or paper crafting with their day planner.

Spiral-bound, printed on 70LB paper, measuring 6 inches X 9 inches, designed to be used with coloured pencils, gel pens, and ballpoint pens (best to skip the watercolors and markers here), and featuring such highlights as monthly calendar spreads, weekly planning pages, moon sign tracking, monthly spells, sabbat ideas, and tons of gorgeous witchy themed illustrations, this planner is a work of art right of the gate and will be all the more so once you’ve added your personal creative touches to its pages.

Get it here: Amazon

Country Wisdom & Folklore Diary 2020

Country Wisdom and Folklore Diary 2020 | The Best 2020 Pagan and Witchy Planners |

Page count: Unknown

Publisher: Talking Tree Books

Specs: As much an engaging read with stellar illustrations as it is a diary planner, this A5 sized book stars folklore and wisdom of the British Isles alongside information on the Wheel of the Year, sun and moon risings and settings, nature and the seasons.

Its motto and principles of “Keeping the Old Ways” alive is sure to appeal to many Pagans and witches both in the United Kingdom and across the globe.

Get it here: Amazon

2020 Earth Pathways Diary

Earth Pathways Diary 2020 | The Best 2020 Pagan and Witchy Planners |

Page count: Unknown

Publisher: Earth Pathways

Specs: Part personal diary and planner, part networking resource for green-minded and creative individuals. This beautifully illustrated, article rich book is UK-centered in terms of its information on the moon, sunsets and sunrises, and related data. However, it can still be by many others around the world.

This A5 sized planner is spiral bound and includes week-at-a-view pages, month-at-a-view planner pages, and a yearly planner, as well as additional pages for you to jot down your own information.

Get it here: Earth Pathways

Llewellyn’s 2020 Witches Datebook

Llewellyn's 2020 Withes Datebook | The Best 2020 Pagan and Witchy Planners |

Page count: 168

Publisher: Llewellyn

Specs: To witchy days planners as pumpkins are to Samhain, this much-beloved, long-standing favourite is perhaps the best known of all Pagan planners on the market today.

Llewellyn’s annual day planner is full of beautiful illustrations, writing from some of today’s leading Pagan authors and writers (such as Tess Whitehurst and Laura Tempest Zakroff), sabbat recipes, information about the Wheel of the Year, and many others witchcraft and Pagan related topics.

It’s a classic for good reason and can be an excellent stand-alone or accompaniment to other planners, datebooks, bullet journals, and your BOS.

Get it here: Amazon

The Practical Witch’s Almanac 2020: Walking Your Path

The Practical Witch's Almanac | The Best 2020 Pagan and Witchy Planners |

Page count: 160

Publisher: Microcosm Publishing  

Specs: As mentioned above, almanacs are not the focal point of this list, however this wonderful book by founder Friday Gladheart merits inclusion, as it combines an in-depth Pagan focused almanac with planner pages, worksheets, project ideas, and numerous articles on a broad range of topics.

These include such areas as spellwork, tarot, runes, correspondence references, herbalism, wortcunning, crystals and stones, astrological and astronomical information, the sabbats, moon phases, gardening and permaculture, recipes, weekly psychic insights, and more.

In short, it is a treasure trove of handy, engaging info and inspiration that would make a fantastic gift for yourself or any of your witchy friends or coven mates.

Get it here: Amazon

The Witches Planner 2020

The Witches Planner 2020 | The Best 2020 Pagan and Witchy Planners |

Page count: 300+

Publisher: The Witches Planner

Specs: If you’re looking for the crème de crème of witchcraft perfect planners, this is your winner. Featuring an attractive black faux leather covered binder, high-quality paper, a complete annual calendar with sabbat and Wheel of the Year Information, daily affirmations, and numerous other appealing features, this planner is designed specifically for those who live a magickal life and plan to plan their way through the coming year.

Get it here: The Witches Planner

2020 My Shining Year Life Goals Workbook by Leonie Dawson

2020 My Shining Year Life Goals Workbook by Leonie Dawson | The Best 2020 Pagan and Witchy Planners |

Page count: 190

Publisher: BenBella Books

Specs: While not strictly Pagan or witchy, this excellent annual life planner by renewed artist and entrepreneur Leonie Dawson has become a cult hit with creatives, spiritually focused folks, and many others the world over since it first debuted a decade ago.

For those looking to use a planner that addresses and emphasizes the very real importance towards such areas as self-love, abundance, and creative endeavors, this gem of a day planner may be for you.

Get it here: Amazon

We’moon 2020 Spiral Edition: Wake Up Call

We'Moon 2020 Wake Up Call | The Best 2020 Pagan and Witchy Planners |

Page count: 234

Publisher: We’moon

Specs: This is the 39th book in the Gaia Rhythms for Womyn series, and like its predecessors, it is a soulful, engaging datebook that focuses on annual theme, as well as astrology and the lunar year, and more than 250 informative articles coupled with beautiful artwork throughout.

Get it here: We’Moon

Witching 2020

Witching 2020 | The Best 2020 Pagan and Witchy Planners |

Page count: 210

Publisher: Independently published / physical copy available from Blurb

Specs: Unique amongst the entries in this post, popular witchy blogger Jess Carlson’s gorgeous Witching 2020 can either be purchased, downloaded and printed yourself, or you can buy a physical copy if you prefer.

Described as a both witchcraft planner and book of shadows in one, this terrific offering features everything from information on the sabbats to moon signs and phases to a magickal tracker, plus monthly charm spells and tarot/oracle/rune spreads and plenty more (including access to a private Facebook group just for customers of this witchy planner).

Get it here: Jess Carlson (digital download version) | Blurb (physical copy)

Why you need a witchy planner for 2020

There is an unlimited number of reasons why a person could, and should, utilize a daily planner.

Each time we write down our plans, goals, and even the more seemingly ordinary “mundane” tasks of our daily lives we are planting seeds of manifestation.

The better the handle we have on our lives and spiritual journeys, the smoother they tend to run and the more prepared we stand to be for those times when the universe throws us one of famous curveballs.

Regardless of specific faith or spiritual path, a planner can be a god/goddess send in terms of helping you to plan, record and document aspects of life that pertain to your beliefs and practices.

You could even use a planner or a bullet journal for your Book of Shadows or Grimoire, if you wanted (though doing so might mean that you’d need to create a new volume of your ongoing BOS/Grimoire when the time frame, such as a year or eighteen months, that the planner was created specifically for wrapped up).

It is important to point out as well, that one can opt to make their own Pagan day planner, starting with all-purpose planner pages (inserts), journaling/planner binders, and any other materials that work for your personal needs, if going that route appeals to you.

There are also numerous sources, including a multitude of Etsy sellers, who sell planner inserts that are a great fit for Pagans and witches. Think moon phases, tarot card logs, and spell recording, for example.

Those who enjoy bullet journaling, paper crafting, or crafts in general, may find the DIY planner approach to be an especially enjoyable and meaningful way to keep track of your life each year.

Creating your own daily planner could also be a rewarding way to break into the world of paper crafting for the first time, if you’re new to this wonderful hobby.

In addition, it can be an excellent way for Pagans and witches who live south of the equator to put together a 2020 planner that reflects the Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year.

What witchy planner am I using for 2020?

As much as I’d love to pick up multiple entries from this list, I’m a witch on a major budget. Plus, objectively, I don’t need more than one planner, even if various options might provide me with different perks and features.

No sense in buying multiples of something for which one version should amply suffice – especially as I work from home and don’t presently live the kind of life that requires me to rigidly plan out my every waking minute (full and busy as my days certainly are!).

The Best 2020 Pagan and Witchy Planners |

I first caught wind of The Practical Witches Almanac in mid-October 2019. Samhain season was out in full force and this planner immediately intrigued me. In fact, I ordered it the very same day I discovered its existence.

I’ve just starting to read and use it, as January gets underway. So far I’m very pleased with this engagingly beautiful planner and am delighted that I followed my intuition and opted to make it my witchy planner for 2020. (Note that the Llewellyn Witches Datebook poking out beneath my planner in the photo above is from a previous year)

Which of these 2020 witch and Pagan planners most appeals to you?

What are you looking for in your planner? Dimensions? The amount of blank space provided? Useful witchy info that is included? Dare I say it… aesthetics?

While the latter can be a lovely boon to any planner, ideally it’s usually prudent to purchase a planner (or multiple planners) that fit your lifestyle. Your real, honest to goodness current lifestyle and daily schedule.

If you aren’t sure which planner is right for you, consider employing divination, listing your options on pieces of paper and using a pendulum to narrow down your choices, asking for a sign, speaking to fellow witchy folks about their choices, or visiting your local metaphysical shop or bookstore to see which of the planners highlighted here they have in stock and getting a feel for what option you connect with most in person.

Do you know of any other great physical or downloadable witchy day planners for 2020 that aren’t included here?

If so, please feel free to share them in the comments below so that this post can offer fellow readers even more handy planner options.

Note: This post is the first in an on-going multi-part series that will explore the importance, benefits, and magickal + spiritual applications of day planners for witches, Wiccans and Pagans of all kinds.

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