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Kat joined Donald Maass Literary Agency in 2019. She graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelors in English in 2009 and is drawn to literary and commercial voices within the adult and YA markets, as well as adult nonfiction. Kat feels strongly about supporting programs like We Need Diverse Books and is passionate about creating space in this industry for those from historically marginalized communities. She is actively seeking to grow her client list and is particularly hungry for magical realism, literary leaning speculative and science fiction, women’s fiction, YA works with a lot of heart, and narrative nonfiction with something to say.

Submission Interests:

Literary and Upmarket Fiction:

Kat is drawn to strong, character-driven works with rich, literary prose. She loves books that make her think and have a strong emotional pull.

  • Contemporary
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Multicultural Lit
  • Speculative
  • Magical Realism
  • Family Sagas
  • YA

Favorite Books: Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, Big Fish by Daniel Wallace, About a Boy by Nick Hornby, Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, The Leavers by Lisa Ko, Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel, Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi, More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera, Here and Now and Then by Mike Chen, anything by Amy Tan

Commercial Fiction:

For the commercial market, Kat is looking for high concept, voice-driven works with a close POV and well-developed, distinct characters.

  • Select Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Women’s Fiction and Rom-Coms
  • YA (all genres)

Favorite Books: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab, The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire, Crazy Rich Asians trilogy by Kevin Kwan, The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang, The Sound of Stars by Alechia Dow, Wild Women and the Blues by Denny S. Bryce, I’ll Be the One by Lyla Lee


  • Narrative nonfiction and journalistic non-fiction tackling current affairs and social justice issues, particularly covering topics of racism, immigration, LGBTQIA+ rights, gender equality, and poverty
  • Select biographies and memoirs

Do not send:

  • Plots/themes centering around unresolved trauma
  • Previously published or self-published works
  • MG, Chapter books, picture books
  • Novellas, short stories, or poetry collections
  • Military/war stories
  • Westerns

To query, please visit http://QueryMe.Online/KatKerr and fill out the online form with your query, synopsis, and first five pages of your manuscript.

Sours: http://maassagency.com/kat-kerr/

eCourse /// Kat Kerr – Daughter’s of God Q & A


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Kat worked in the business world for over 20 years developing skills in Design, Photography, Marketing and the Legal arena before being set apart to prepare for a ‘special’ assignment. Now President of One Quest International; a for profit corporation God downloaded into her spirit for His purpose of releasing products into the marketplace that bring Heaven to earth and generate Kingdom finances.  The Father has told her that the Body of Christ is about to produce entrepreneurs through Heaven’s witty ideas, inventions and within a Holy Spirit inspired entertainment industry, things that will shock this world and shift the current economy.  He has shown her that America has not yet seen its greatest days as He pours out His Spirit on all flesh!

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  • Aliens

  • Melchizedek, the Elders, and the 7 Spirits of God

  • Satan’s Fake Kingdom

  • Does the Demonic Impersonate? 

  • Does Bigfoot exist?

  • There is a Mock Heaven & Mock Hell

  • Why we should test the Spirits

  • Travelling in the Spirit Realm

  • Mother Mary

  • Witchcraft & Harry Potter

  • Why I like Star Wars

  • Violence Voiding Healing

  • Can you go on space adventures in Heaven?

  • Dinosaurs, why aren’t they here anymore?

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  • Creation of the Earth the First Time

  • Negative Thoughts During A Conversation

  • Angels, do they have gender?

  • Little Children Looking Angels

  • Seven Spirits of God separate from Holy Spirit

  • Interaction with the Spirits of Heaven

  • The Watcher Angels vs. Cro-Magnon Man

  • Caveman, evolution, Melchizedek

  • Watcher Angels that gave themselves to Satan

  • Where human sacrifice and the black arts came from

  • Mystic is not a New Age term

  • Declarations


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This answered a bunch of questions I had. Thanks for being bold and asking!
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Have you ever wondered how the world was created? What about bigfoot, aliens, caveman, and Cro-Magnon Man? Who were the watcher angles and where did the Nephilim and giants come from? Can we just travel in the spirit realm and take ourselves to Heaven? Kat answers these questions and so many more!

The mother’s in the room while the Children’s Q & A was happening couldn’t help jumping in at the end to ask Kat their questions about Heaven. We learned so much about a wide variety of topics dealing with the spirit realm and its effects in the natural realm. This eCourse answered so many of our questions on how to righteously interact with the spirit realm. Kat gave us helpful tools to not only evict the enemy from our thought life but to give testimony to the people around us that we are not tolerating darkness in our lives. 

Heaven is a real place and it’s not boring, just ask these girls and Kat! Some people want to know why they should know about Heaven and why not let it be a surprise? Well, how can we bring Heaven to Earth if we don’t even know what Heaven is like? The more I hear Kat Kerr talk about Heaven the more overwhelmed I am by the Father’s love for us! He cares about every little detail, the ones that are so tiny we can’t even see them and the ones so big they’d take forever to explore! 

Sours: https://kingdomlearning.life/shop/ecourse-kat-kerr-daughters-of-god-q-and-a/
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Kat Kerr

New episodes every Monday! Become a Patron and join our Discord! - patreon.com/allthingsreconsidered Follow us on Instagram and Tiktok! https://linktr.ee/AllThingsReconsidered Welcome to All Things Reconsidered - where we navigate through deconstructing and reconstructing our faith together. Brandon McAlpine and Joey Trieb are exfundamentalist exvangelical Christians who have deconstructed away from Bible literalism and other harmful theology like that Rapture, Creationism, and purity culture. In episode 8, Joey Trieb and Brandon McAlpine investigate the wild claims of Kat Kerr, a self-proclaimed prophet who says she travels to Heaven regularly where she rides on dinosaurs and flies with Superman. Then the guys explain the history of the Rapture and how the Bible verses used to prop up this bad theology are misunderstood.


15 Jun 2021

Sours: https://www.owltail.com/people/fsJrl-kat-kerr/appearances
The Good Life - Kat Kerr and Roy Fields

Revealing Heaven | Official Site of One Quest and Kat Kerr

Please be sure to visit all that is offered; our new Store, Our Team Page and especially About One Quest which is the host of this website commissioned to Create Heaven on Earth. There is also a link to KatKerr.com, a new website that is a platform for Heaven to speak and a way to give a blessing to Kat.

Due to the large number of questions sent to Kat we regret that she is no longer available to provide individual answers. If you want to see your question and answer posted at a future time in the Q&A section of our website you may email your question to contactoqi @ revealingheaven.com

To request Kat to speak at your location
send inquiry to: katkerrbookings @ revealingheaven.com

Sours: https://www.revealingheaven.com/

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Evangelical 'Prophet' Kat Kerr Says She Won't Get Vaccinated, but Would Have if Trump Won Election

Kat Kerr, a self-proclaimed "prophetess" and Evangelical preacher from Jacksonville, Florida, has said that she refuses to get a COVID-19 vaccination because former President Donald Trump is no longer in office.

While speaking with co-host Steve Shultz on their YouTube show Wednesdays with Kat and Steve!, Kerr acknowledged that there are several vaccine varieties. But she said she's not open to taking any of them, according to reporting from Right Wing Watch.

"I may have trusted [the vaccine] when Trump was sitting where the villain fraudulent person is sitting," she said, referring to current Democratic President Joe Biden. "But because they're not, I won't trust it. I don't trust you... I don't know what's in it, I don't know the makeup of it."

After very briefly mentioning that conspiracy theories exist about the vaccines, she suggested that people shouldn't put "anything extra in their body" if they are already healthy.

Kerr is the author of two books that purport to be an "eyewitness" account of Heaven. The front page of her personal website contains a quote attributed to "The Holy Spirit." One of the quotes attributed to the Holy Spirit on her website states, "Take the journey and check it out, it will make you praise Him and joyfully shout!"

Kerr has previously said that there is football in Heaven as well as a warehouse where God keeps spare body parts and organs for those in need. She has also said that that if a woman miscarries a child, God will put the soul of that child into a second child if the woman decides to get pregnant again.

In January 2021, Kerr claimed that God had personally told her that Trump is still president. Trump lost the election by 74 electoral votes and over 7 million popular votes.

Kerr isn't the only Evangelical to express doubt about the COVID-19 vaccine.

In December 2020, pro-Trump pastor Jack Hibbs said that he believed the COVID-19 vaccine is a means of social control that will "condition" people into accepting the Mark of the Beast. The Mark of the Beast is a Biblical prophecy of an anti-Christian marker placed on the head or the hand that will be required to buy necessities and participate in modern secular life.

Epidemiologists estimate that 70 percent of the population will need to develop immunity to COVID-19 in order to end the pandemic, whether through vaccinations or other means, according to Science Magazine.

Only a small number of people oppose vaccination for religious reasons, Heidi Larson, director of the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, told Nature.

Larson said that most people who oppose receiving vaccines often fear negative health effects, feel suspiciously of medical authorities or haven't had their concerns addressed by the information available on the websites of the World Health Organization (WHO) or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Newsweek contacted Kerr for comment.

Sours: https://www.newsweek.com/evangelical-prophet-kat-kerr-says-she-wont-get-vaccinated-would-have-if-trump-won-election-1578920

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