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Battista Rizzini of Brescia Italy founded the Rizzini Company in 1966. He has three children who are actively involved in the family-ran business. Since the company’s foundation, its products have acquired worldwide recognition and appreciation through the endless quest for the best quality of products and materials. This is achieved through continuous investment in the best technology integrated into traditional workmanship.

Rizzini produces sporting arms intended to match the most demanding needs of hunters and competition shooters. Our models range from over-under and side-by-side shotguns as well as over-under hunting rifles and even side-by-side dangerous game rifles.

Inside Rizzini you will find state of the art CNC machines, a wood department where the beautiful stocks are made, a product development department with innovative engineers and Mr. Rizzini’s very own think tank corner where you can find him working on the next Rizzini project. When you buy Rizzini you are investing in some of the best craftsmanship in the world. The “original” Rizzini brand is registered worldwide and certifies the highest quality. Rizzini is 100% made in Italy.

Some companies have worked for over a decade to gain the same recognition and reputation. Rizzini continues to offer shotguns that meet the most demanding needs of shooters and hunters.  Their state-of-the-art machinery and prestigious selection of the best materials, combined with meticulous engineering and design prove these Italian guns to be in a league with only the very best.

Sours: https://pacificsportingarms.com/rizzini/

Rizzini B builds a well-finished boxlock ejector over/under that is available in all gauges and in many different configurations. Rizzini B. guns are manufactured in Marcheno, in the famous Val Trompia gun-making region of Italy.

These guns combine the best of modern computerized machine work with careful hand finishing, to produce a gun that is a value and is aesthetically more pleasing than other guns in today’s market. All Rizzini B. guns have special steel barrels which are proof-tested at 1200 Bars, as well as pattern-tested at the factory.

The Artemis and Aurum models are production guns, built to standard specifications and are a real value for the price. The EL models, which include the Upland El, the Aurum Light EL and the Artemis Deluxe, feature higher grade wood, wood finish, checkering, long guardbow tang and checkered butt. They can be ordered to customer specifications with either straight grip or round knob semi-pistol grip, solid or vent rib, fixed choke or choke tubes and single or double triggers. Also available are multi-gauge field sets with .410, 28 or 20 gauge barrels in any combination. These sets are available in EL or high-grade level guns only. On custom orders, the stock dimensions, chokes and barrel length may be specified.

The high grade models are available with or without sideplates in four engraving styles that include game scenes with gold inlays, ornamental scroll and an English pattern with game scene cameos.

Rizzini B. also offers trunk cases of either leather or ABS plastic fitted to these guns.

Sours: https://williamlarkinmoore.com/rizzini-b
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  • RI-109466 Rizzini Sporter (USED)

  • Rizzini Aurum Light 28 Gauge 28″ FR O/U – Ser#116319

  • Rizzini BR110 Sporter 28 Gauge 30″ O/U #116437

  • Rizinni V3 Sporting Ladies Model 12 Gauge 30″ #104338

  • Placeholder

    Rizzini BR460 XL Sporting 12 Gauge 30″ #104869

  • Rizzini Round Body Sporter 20 Gauge 30″ O/U #104241

  • Rizzini BR460 XL Sporting 12 Gauge 30″ #104868

  • Rizzini Grand Regal Extra 16 Gauge 29″ O/U FR #112664

  • Rizzini Round Body Venus Sporting 12 Gauge #114021

  • Rizzini Fierce 1 Sporting 12 Gauge 30″ #109308

  • Rizzini BR110 Sporter 12 Gauge 28″ O/U #113061

  • Rizzini Grand Regal 28 Gauge 29″ O/U FR #114133

  • Rizzini BR110 410 Gauge 30″ #116490

  • Rizzini BR110 410 Gauge 30″ #116489

  • Rizzini BR460 Regal Extra 28 Gauge 29″ #109747

  • Rizzini Grand Regal Extra 20 Gauge 29″ O/U FR #114134

  • Rizzini BR460 EL Sporting 12 Gauge 30″ #112284

  • Rizzini BR460 Grand Regal Extra 28 Gauge 29″ #116364

  • Rizzini BR460 EL Sporting 12 Gauge 32″ #112684

  • Rizzini BR460 EL Sporting 12 Gauge 32″ #112301

  • Rizzini BR550 Round Body 20 Gauge SXS #102057

  • Rizzini Fierce 1 Sporting 12 Gauge 30″ #109380

  • Rizzini Round Body Regal 20 Gauge 29″ O/U FR #105937

  • Rizzini Grand Regal Extra 28 Gauge 29″ O/U FR #109897

  • Rizzini BR110 Sporter 12 Gauge 30″ O/U RR Adj. Comb #113138

  • Rizzini Round Body Regal 28 Gauge 29″ – #105778

  • Rizzini BR460 Sporting 12 Gauge 30″ #106990

  • Rizzini BR460 Sporting 12 Gauge 30″ #104870

  • Rizzini BR460 Sporting 12 Gauge 32″ #106992

  • Rizzini Round Body Regal 20 Gauge 29″ #106025

  • Rizzini BR460 Sporting 12 Gauge #109384

  • Rizzini Fierce 1 Sporting 12 Gauge 32″ #95520

  • Rizzini Fierce 1 Sporting 12 Gauge 32″ #109367

  • Rizzini Fierce 1 Sporting 12 Gauge 32″ #109363

  • Rizzini Fierce 1 Sporting 12 Gauge 32″ #109358

  • Rizzini Fierce 1 Sporting 28 Gauge 30″ #92331

Sours: https://elite-shotguns.com/product-category/brands/rizzini/
The Rizzini RB EL \u0026 EM

Why are Rizzini shotguns so popular?

Europe has a few centres of gunmaking: Birmingham and London in the UK, Ferlach in Austria, Eibar in Spain to name just a few. Barring London, these places have something in common. Back in the early years of gunmaking no-one wanted to transport the most important of the raw materials - iron and coal - very far, and these centres are close to good supplies of these. The biggest, and perhaps the oldest, of these gunmaking hubs is the Val Trompia region in Italy, home to many of the most popular gun makers - Beretta, Perazzi, Cesar Guerini, Fausti… and the Rizzini clan. 

The Rizzini I am talking about here is Battista Rizzini, the ‘original’ Rizzini and maker of B. Rizzini shotguns - not to be mistaken for E. Rizzini, whose guns were popular in the budget end of the market in the 80’s and 90’s, but which has long since ceased to exist as a brand.

Battista Rizzini still runs the company, with the help of his three children

State-of-the-art gunmaking meets old-school craftsmanship

Founded in 1966, the company is headed by the eponymous Battista, and the company’s ethos is one of making use of state-of-the-art machinery to refine the gunmaking process and make the most precisely constructed guns possible. Today Rizzini continue to use the latest techniques and tools to make their range of over-and-under and side-by-side shotguns. 

However, when you have a concentration of gunmakers in one place, it follows that you’ll also have a concentration of master craftsmen in that place. This means that standard Rizzini models can be customised according to your exact specifications by some of the finest stockmakers and engravers in the world. 


Bespoke guns at off-the-peg prices

Today, Rizzini are distributed in the UK by A.S.I (Anglo-Spanish Imports). Edward King, who owns the company. “What I love about Rizzini, and why we decided to import their guns into the UK, is that they have a sufficiently large factory and output to have all this amazing CNC technology, but are agile enough to make guns to the exact needs of a particular customer and market. We have worked hard with them to develop models with the sort of look and feel that the UK market demands, whether that’s game guns or sporting clay models.” They’re clearly doing something right, since according to the 2020 Game Shooting Census, carried out by GunsOnPegs and Lycetts, Rizzini are the sixth most popular brand of shotgun among game shots.

As we discussed in a previous article and podcast, Edward also imports AYAs into the UK, but the relationship with Rizzini is not as long-standing. ASI began importing Rizzinis in 2010, having recognised the need to add some over-and-unders to the portfolio, to complement the side-by-sides that AYA are so famous for. “Rizzini have a similar philosophy to us,” said Edward, “about producing guns customised for our clients and the UK market, and the scale of their production means that you can pick up a beautifully made shotgun that gives you the best of both worlds - machinery made precision and handmade craftsmanship - at great value.”


Great value Italian over-and-under and side-by-side shotguns

For the UK market Rizzini make a range of over-and-under shotguns - both game and clay - in five gauges – 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410, with all but the .410s built on truly scaled actions, meaning the guns are well balanced, and handling beautifully. They also produce a small number of side-by-side models. The range of customisable elements is too long to list, but among the more important are the choice of barrel lengths ( 26” to 34”), the choice of fixed chokes, internal or extended multi-chokes, and stock styles. 

The Rizzini 'Grand Regal'

When Edward refers to great value, he’s not only talking about value when compared to other custom-made guns, but great value in general. An entry-level Rizzini will set you back around £3,000, going up to around £20,000 for a fully custom-built gun. 

Visit the A.S.I website to see the full range of shotguns, or to discuss your requirements, drop them and email.

Sours: https://www.gunsonpegs.com/articles/guns/s/shotguns/Why-are-rizzini-shotguns-so-popular

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