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Pokecraft Mod For MCPE & Kalos Pixelmon Mod 2021

Welcome to the new Pocket pixelmon mods for mcpe and Pokecraft monsters mod & skins. One click use! Easy to use app with manual for kids, contains Poke Monsters Plush Collection mod, Pika and Eevee Monsters Evolution map, Kalos Legendary Pixelmon addon for mcpe.
This is newest mods launcher with free addons to your all versions minecraft pe game. Pocket skins and Monsters locations waiting you in this app.

First mod for craft from this application: Poke Monsters Plush Collection mobs mod for mcpe game.
implements lots of pokecraft mobs plushies to the game which you can use to decorate your home in Minecraft. They are really cute pokecraft mobs plushies which you can collect in Minecraft pe world.
This addon will add lots of new entities to your game. All pokecraft mobs in this addon contains all of Poke from Generation 1. But, since theres too many Poke in Generation 1, it took lots of time for me to remodel the Plushies. and theyre not completed yet for now. 67 Pokecraft monsters available for now.
Evolution: We cant call them Poke monsters if they cant Evolving right? Even they are just a plush.
They will only Evolving by themself.
If you too many take the plush and replace them, they will not evolving.
So the only way to make them Evolving is just WAITING
Legendary & Ancient Plush: Just like in the Poke Movie, the unique Poke mobs plush like Legendary or Ancient Poke Skins Plush is also available in this addon.

Second mod for craft from this application: Pika and Eevee Monsters Evolution mod for mcpe 2020.
Its no big deal, for instance, no power moves, turn base battles or throw catching mecanics, just new mobs. good new mobs.
Some pixelmon monsters:
1) Hunting down chickens
2) Eating berries
3) Being cute
4) Et Cetera
Pikamon, Eevee, Clefairy, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle spawn in most of biomes, and has a small chance to spawn shiny!
All pixelmon mobs from pocket edition balls can be bred with sweet berries.

Third mod for craft from this application: Kalos Legendary mod for mcpe - Pixelmon Map and Skin 2020.
Generation 6 of Pokecraft games Kalos Region in XY probably has my favourite trio of legendaries with Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde. This addon will add them to your world in how I d consider a pretty accurate power level if they exist in a minecraft world. Hope you like it!
This addon is only about 80% done and there are definitely more things I d like to add in future updates.
Contain monsters:
Xerneas, the Life - Tree form and stag form.
Also expect a new fnf music mod next month: friday mobile night funkin with Whitty boss character.

Features in this mods launcher:
1) Automatic addons installation.
2) Supports latest mcpe game versions.
3) Install guide for kids.
4) Top mods & skins collection for craft, 2020 year updated.

Note: This application requires an internet connection for one-time downloading mods.
For install this mod in craft mcpe game, you need last version blocklauncher, or blocklauncher pro.

DISCLAIMER: "Pokecraft Mod For MCPE & Kalos Pixelmon Mod 2021" - is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not associated in any way with Mojang AB. Minecraft Name, Minecraft Mark and Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with http://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines

DISCLAIMER: "Pokecraft Mod For MCPE & Kalos Pixelmon Mod 2021" app - is a fan app. This application is unofficial and is not associated with its owners. All rights to Pokemon or Pocket Monsters or Pikachu belong to Nintendo and its owners. All information has been collected freely available on the Internet. All trademarks and copyright protected to the respective owners. Usage for this app falls within fair use guidelines. This app is intended purely for the fans.

Inside the application there are detailed instructions for installing mods. Mods are available for download on the last slide. Happy game to you, friend.

Sours: https://www.appannie.com/en/apps/google-play/app/com.volodysesgames.craft.maps.minecraft.pixelmon.maps/

Recent Changelogs

8.6.0 Changelog

Released on October 14th 2021

New Features

  • Added Fakemon Support for up to 50 Fakemons! More information found below
  • Added New AssetManager Features! More information found below
  • Added 44 New Slab Blocks
  • Added 42 New Stair Blocks
  • Added 26 New Blocks
  • Added 8 New Temple Pillars
  • Added Pokeball Pillar Block
  • Added Bush Block
  • Added Litwick Candle & Litwick Candles Blocks
  • Added New Music Disc + Song (Twinleaf Town)
  • Added New Decoration Blocks: Bookshelf, House Lamp, Desk, Work Desk, Couch
  • Added New Ultra Jungle Blocks: Plank, Stairs, Slab, Double Slab
  • Added New Ultra Dark Blocks: Plank, Stairs, Slab, Double Slab
  • Added New Items: Purple Juice, Red Juice, Yellow Juice, Blue Juice, Green Juice, Pink Juice
  • Added new Egg CustomIcon
  • Added a config option to enable/disable horde battles with hordesEnabled
  • Added some missing advancements
  • Added IV Percent to PokeSpec (/pokegive name Pikachu ivperc:0.81)
  • Added missing from block recipes (ie Ice Stone Block -> Ice Stone)
  • Added Special Carvanha, Sharpedo + Mega, Gible, Gabite, Garchomp + Mega (Scrapforge)
  • Added Special Dreepy, Drakloak, Dragapult (Nerf)
  • Added Special Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot (Zelda)
  • Added Special Trapinch, Vibrava, Flygon (Cosmic)
  • Added Special Volcarona, Larvesta (Tropical)
  • Added Special Mantyke, Mantine (Gyorg)
  • Added Special Falinks (Kirby)
  • Added Special Eternatus, Eternamax (Dragonbone)
  • Added Special Sandile, Krokorok, Krookodile, Fearow, Spearow (Summer)
  • Added Special Meltan, Melmetal (Magma)
  • Added Special Trubbish, Garbodor (Patch)
  • Added Special Cramorant (Flamingo)
  • Added Special Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Keldeo(both) (Space)
  • Added Special Lotad, Lombre, Ludicolo (Robodisco)
  • Added Special Beldum, Metang, Metagross + Mega (Gohma)
  • Added Special Zacian(both) (MinecraftFox)
  • Added Special Aerodactyl + Mega (Retro)
  • Added Special Rookidee, Corvisquire, Corviknight (Eagle)
  • Added Special Diglett, Dugtrio (Snow)
  • Added Special Psyduck, Golduck (Cartoon)

Fakemon Support

  • Custom Fakemon with unqieu stats can be registered using MissingNo from MissingNo_1157.def.json onwards
  • Customizable MissingNo Forms begin at form 5. These will not have the same catch restrictions
  • Please note, currently Fakemon data can only be modified by editing the MissingNo Jsons directly in the Jar, external json support will be looked into soon
  • Servers can edit these "MissingNo" forms to have unique typings, movesets, base stats, and more. Players will not be required to download anything extra!
  • We've also released a plugin in our Server Owners Discord to override the MissingNo names to be whatever you like
  • An AssetManager update is available to have these new MissingNo forms use custom models, so they can truly look like entirely new species
  • Added several new custom abilities you can use for your new creations as well, found below
  • These custom abilities can be entered in the MissingNo JSONS as "Fakemon
  • Below are all of the new custom Fakemon abilities (you can also use any existing ability)
  • Offering: This ability multiplies the users damage by their Friendship level * 100. IE 250 Friendship is 2.5*. When taking damage, this Pokemon loses Friendship equal to half the damage taken
  • Supercharged: Has a 10% chance to triple damage output
  • Companion: This abilities changes all their mopves to be 100% accurate
  • Brain Freeze: This ability prevents status conditions and freezes their opponent if an attempt is made
  • Heavyweight Bruiser: This ability causes moves to start off powerful (250% more), and decreases by half for each turn
  • Poptart Cannon: +2 Priority on Flying Type Moves
  • Returnal: This ability copies the opponents move and returns it, if it is the last mover in any given turn. However, both the copied move and the users selected move will have their damage halved that turn
  • Revealed: This ability changes the users form to 29 if their attack is Physical, and changes to 28 if Status or Special
  • Cold Shoulder: Has a 30% chance to Freeze the opponent on contact
  • Daunting: Similar to Intimidate, except lowers Speed upon Entry
  • Gray Area: Allows Psychic Type moves to hit Dark Type Pokemon
  • Love Song: Sound based moves have a 25% chance to infatuate the target
  • Mudslinger: Allows Ground Type moves to hit Flying Type Pokemon
  • Poison Sipper: Draws in Poison Type moves and raises Special Attack
  • Rule Breaker: Allows Ghost Type moves to hit Normal Type Pokemon
  • Sharp Claws: Boosts Slashing moves by 20%
  • Steel Toe: Boosts kicking moves by 20%
  • Too Hot: 30% chance to Burn the target on contact
  • Bird Brain: Forgets the chosen move after each attack and learns an entirely new random move (same checks as Metronome)
  • Cannonball: Forces opponents to use Splash when this Pokemon switches in, rather than their selected move. This also washes away some Entry Hazzards (Spikes, Stealth Rock, and Toxic Spikes)
  • Forged In Fire: Raises Atk/SpAtk, Lowers Def/SpDef when using Fire Type moves. Lowers Atk/SpAtk, Raises Def/SpDef when using Steel Type moves

Asset Manager Features

  • Background Textures: Servers can now load in custom PC Backgrounds!
  • Block Textures: Servers can now have custom Blocks! (with the help of Armor Stands)
  • Board Textures:
  • Cape Textures: Servers can now have custom Capes!
  • Cosmetic Models: Servers can now load custom cosmetic models for players!
  • Item Models & Textures: Servers can now load in custom items with all sorts of functions!
  • Popup Textures: Servers can now display images on screen in a variety of different ways, such as custom UI's!
  • Sounds: Servers can now load in custom sounds!
  • Special Texture Models: Servers can now run custom models for Pokemon! (used in our Fakemon support)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Groomer Trainers spawning as level 0
  • Fixed Long Reach not being properly implemented
  • Fixed Dynamax HP Bug causing inaccuracies between the HP in the party screen vs battle screen, and often times crashing battles
  • Fixed Multiple Terrain Types being able to be active at the same type
  • Fixed timeouts sometimes occuring when downloading custom server textures, which is more common when switching between servers (ie on Bungee)
  • Set Pixelmon Grass Generation to be off by default

8.5.1 Changelog

Released on June 12th 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a client crash when searching for shiny or legendaries in PC
  • Fixed NPC's, Totems, & Bosses not spawning
  • Fixed default Battle Tier not behaving properly
  • Added a config option to disable Pixelmon Grass generation

8.5.0 Changelog

Released on June 11th 2021

New Features

  • Added Marks:
    • - Absent Minded, Angry, Blizzard, Calmness, Charismatic, Cloudly, Crafty, Curry, Dawn, Destiny, Dry, Dusk, Excited, Ferocious, Fishing, Flustered, Humble, Intellectual, Intense, Jittery, Joyful, Kindly, Lunchtime, Misty, Peeved, Prideful, Pumped Up, Rainy, Rare, Rowdy, Sandstorm, Scowling, Sleepytime, Slump, Smiley, Snowy, Stormy, Teary, Thorny, Uncommon, Unsure, Upbeat, Vigor, Zero Energy, Zoned Out
    • - On Capture and under certain conditions, the Pokemon will "roll" for a chance to obtain specific marks- just like in the games!
  • Added Mark Charm
    • - Triples the "rolls" for increased chances of obtaining Marks
    • - Chance to obtain when catching a Pokemon with a Mark
  • Added Oval Charm
    • - Chance to obtain when hatching an egg
  • Added the ability to display IVs/EVs in the Pokemon summary GUI
  • Added Horde Battles
    • - Currently set for Pixelmon Grass only, may change in future based on suggestions
    • - There is a 20% chance Grass battles will trigger a Horde battle of up to 5 Pokemon
    • - The following can be customized in the hocon: hordeTriggerChance, hordeMaxSpawnAmount, hordeMinSpawnAmount, hordeMaxSpawnLevel, hordeMinSpawnLevel
    • Added support for displaying IVs/EVs in Pokemon Summary
    • - Disabled by default, can be enabled with showIVsEVs
  • Added hocon setting healerSpeed for controlling Healing speed
  • Added cancelable HordeTriggeredEvent
  • Added cancelable DynamaxEvent
  • Added Wooden Bench, can be crafted with a chair and planks
  • Added PC Backgrounds & general overhaul to PC's
    • - Servers can add their own custom backgrounds and even custom obtainment methods
    • - Can unlock certain backgrounds by completing quests such as:
    • - Obtaining Arceus, Zacian or Zamazenta, 5% chance when obtaining Aegislash
    • - Can now search for Pokemon by IVs, Gender, Nature, Shiny, G-Max, Level, PokeBall, Special, Type, Ability (& Hidden Ability), & Legendary
    • - Sorting Pokemon now supports drag and drop vs point to click for a smoother experience
    • - Can now also name PC Boxes
  • Updated Magnezone's evolution method
  • Updated LC, NU, OU, RU, UU Tiers to Smogon 4/19/2021 sets
  • Added Lure Modules
    • - Spawns Pokemon around PokeStops with a different shiny rate
    • - Config Options: lureRadius, lureTimer, lureSpawns, lureShinyChance
  • Added new Battle Clauses:
    • - Freeze- limits 1 frozen Pokemon, same as Sleep Clause
    • - Z-Move- denies zCrystals
    • - Primal- denies blue & red orbs
    • - Ultra Beast- denies ultra beasts
  • Updated all recipes to use OreDictionary to be compatible with other mods that use: Aluminum, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, & Crystal
  • Added new Scarecrow block that stops Pokemon Spawns within 32 blocks
  • Added a new config option pcsHealPokemon to heal Pokemon automatically when placed in PC, disabled by default
  • Removed Surface API
  • Removed old server texture download system in favor of a new one (new AssetManager plugin available, replaced TextureManager)
  • Removed TMT Server Model API- You can convert your models to SMD. Next update will add SMD delivery support via AssetManager on servers to allow custom Pokemon Models without resource packs or sidemods
  • Added Shop Front Blocks: Case 1, Case 2, Round 1, Round 2, Shelf 1, Shelf 2
    • - Can all be crafted. Recipe Book unlocks by obtaining a Stick
  • Added a "gymChance" config to alter chance of a Gym spawning with Villages
  • Added a "ranchBlocksDropUpgrades" config to allow Ranch Blocks to drop their Upgrades when broken
  • Added randomPokemonFromGeneration to EnumSpecies methods
  • PokeGive and PokeSpawn now support more PokeSpec options:
    • - Spawning from a random generation (ex: /pokespawn generation:4)
    • - LevelRange:1-100
    • - Legendary:true/false
  • Added PokeStop Particles & Animation
  • Added an extra safety check for adding Pokemon to PC
  • Removed old PokeDex code, old Zygarde UI, old Comsetic code, & old NPC Cosmetic code
  • Optimized misc textures
  • Pokemon Grass now generates in its respective biomes by type
  • Tweaked flower Gen for Flabebe Flowers
  • Flabebe Flowers can now be crafted into dyes
  • Healing via NPC now has dialogue and heals 50% quicker
  • Fixed Centiskorch giving wrong EV type
  • Added new cosmetic menu and cosmetic system
  • Added new Arceus Obtainment Method:
    • - Talk to the Damos NPC, and he tells you what to need
    • - You need to catch all Unown forms and have the Splash, Meadow, Earth, Zap, and Draco plates.
    • - Once you have all of that, you talk to him, and he will give you the Jewel of Life. You can then summon Arceus by right clicking the Time Space Altar with the Jewel of Life when you have a Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia in your party.
    • - The Jewel of Life quest can only be done once per player.
    • - Can manually spawn the Damos NPC if you wish with /summon pixelmon:npc_damos
  • Added Dynamic Movement Plate
  • Added new Items: Escape Rope, Odd Keystone, Omelette
  • Added Bike Speed Config option "bikeSpeed"
  • Added Honey Gather ability functionality
  • Added new Custom Icons: Explorer Kit, Snap Camera, Dex Icon, Blue Sphere, Green Sphere, Pale Sphere, Prism Sphere, Red Sphere, Poketch
  • Added Egg display support to PokeSashes
  • Added 6 new Particles: Shadow Fire, Purified, Pumpkin, Mega, Go Candy, Battle
  • Added Egg Hat Cosmetics
  • Added Egg Sash
  • Added Shiny Saddle Lapras
  • Added new Player Cosmetics (Aviator Shades): Purple, Amber, Blue, Pink, Silver
  • Added new Player Cosmetics (Backpacks): Sporty Backpack, Scout Backpack, Leather Backpack
  • Added culling for blocks some blocks: PokeDolls, Scarecrow, Apricron Trees, Shop Blocks
    • - They will not render if not in field of view (ie behind other blocks) to massively increase FPS
  • Added more classic specials: Growlithe, Arcanine, Bellsprout, Bastiodon, Articuno, Armaldo, Archeops, Archen, Arbok, Anorith, Alakazam, Aerodactyl, Abra, Vaporeon, Ninetales, Espeon, Leafeon, Jolteon, Glaceon, Flareon, Rattata, Raticate, Persian, Moltres, Meowth, Camerupt, Carracosta, Chansey, Clefable, Clefairy, Cloyster, Cranidos, Croconaw, Cubone, Dewgong
  • Added New Candy Specials: Avalugg, Bergmite, Panpour, Pansage, Pansear, Simipour, Simisage, Simisear
  • Added new Halloween Specials: Blipbug, Dottler, Orbeetle
  • Added new Elephant Specials: Cufant, Copperajah
  • Added new Summer Specials: Sandaconda, Silicobra
  • Added Radioactive Eternatus & Cryogonal (glows)
  • Added new NPC Skins: Alder, Brycen, Burgh, Byron, Calem, Candice, Charon, Clown, Crasherwake, Cynthia, Cyrus, Drayden, Elesa, Ethan, Fantina, Female_Trainer, GalacticGrunt, Gardenia, Ghetsis, Grimsley, Hilbert, Jupiter, Lenora, Lucas, Mars, Maylene, N, PlasmaGrunt, PlasmaGrunt2, Riley, Roark, Saturn, ShadowTriad, Skyla, Volkner

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed not being able to activate a shrine if slot 1 of your party is fainted
  • Fixed Legendary Bird Trio Shrine always spawning their Galarian counterparts
  • Fixed a json duplicated key error with PokeDrops
  • Fixed Kakuna, Combee, Beedrill, Vespiquen not dropping Honey
  • Fixed MissingNo forms other than RedBlue missing moveset data
  • Fixed a crash when evolving a HA Rockruff into Lycanroc
  • Fixed evolving an OwnTemp Rockruff evolving into a HA Lycanroc
  • Fixed time requirements not working for Own Tempo Rockruff -> Dusk Lykanroc
  • Fixed a texture atlas crash some users are experiencing
  • Fixed Destiny Bond working consistently with repeat usage
  • Fixed current HP not displaying properly after Dynamax ends, resulting in 0 HP displaying in scenarios when the HP was low when Dynamax phase ended
  • Fixed Battle Rule Tiers not parsing Forms correctly
  • Fixed Zygarde UI going off screen in some cases
  • Fixed Zygarde Cube giving 50% cells rather than 100% when deconstructing a 50% with Power Construct
  • Fixed Weather & Terrain Max Moves saying they fail when used consecutively (even though it works properly)
  • Fixed Zygarde Cube missing description lore
  • Fixed Primal Reversions and Mega Evolutions being able to Dynamax
  • Fixed Primal Groudon's and Primal Kyogre's respective "move failed" messages
  • Fixed Primal Reversion messages showing out of order
  • Fixed interacting with mountable Pokemon with healing items, TMs, etc in hand forcing you to mount them
  • Fixed Arceus' Judgment move visually displaying incorrect Typing
  • Fixed PokeRus just dissapearing
  • Fixed a rare client crash for missing discordRPC files
  • Fixed an NPC exploit
  • Fixed Surge abilities lasting one turn if they're activated a 2nd time on the same Pokemon
  • Fixed Sand Spit not triggering when it should, as well as incorrect display message
  • Fixed purely cosmetic forms (ie Flababe, Gastrodon) unable to change abilities via PokeEditor & NPC Wands
  • Fixed Catch Combo's not persisting
  • Fixed a white cube appearing when sitting on chair blocks
  • Fixed NPC's switching to a duped Pokemon
  • Removed the ability to "throw" items into the trash can- could be harmful if breaking valuables nearby. Can still open and place items in to dispose of
  • Fixed Ultra NPC not displaying what Pokemon you're missing
  • Fixed Hatterene missing an AI
  • Fixed Generations Orb not requiring an Orb to craft
  • Fixed Malamar, Bruxish, Drampa, Palossand, & Porygon-Z having a level 100 spawn cap (reduced to more sensible numbers)
  • Fixed Darkrai & Dog Trio being able to spawn when you have a fainted party
  • Fixed not being able to select a target when Dynamaxed in Double Battles
  • Fixed instances of using Max Knuckle & Max Mindstorm when replacing Counter & Mirror Coat causing 0 damage to the opponent
  • Converted Gem recipes to be shapeless for easier crafting
  • Fixed Ability Patch not working on Greninja to give Protean
  • Fixed all the new PokeDolls the past few months being unobtainable
  • Fixed new PokeMail being unobtainable- added to shopkeepers like the rest
  • Fixed PokePuffs being unobtainable- added to Restoration drop table in chests, Rocket drops, and PokeStop drops
  • Fixed Feathers being unobtainable- added to Restoration drop table, PokeStop drops, and Tier 3 PokeLoot
  • Fixed Flutes being unobtainable- added to Restoration drop table, Tier 2 PokeLoot, Rocket drops
  • Fixed the following items being unobtainable:
    • - Bottle Cap: Added to Tier 3 PokeLoot (Master Balls)
    • - Gold Bottle Cap: Added to Tier 3 PokeLoot
    • - Poke Doll & PokeToy: Added to Tier 1 PokeLoot (Poke Balls), & Rocket drops
    • - Whipped Dream: Added to Tier 2 PokeLoot (Ultra Balls), Totem Drops
    • - Sweet Heart: Added to Tier 1 PokeLoot, & replaces main drop of Fish for Luvdisc
    • - Super Repel: Added to Tier 2 PokeLoot & Tier 3 PokeLoot
    • - Max Repel: Added to Totem Drops & Mega Drops
    • - Guard Spec: Added to Tier 1 PokeLoot, Tier 4 PokeLoot (Beast Balls), Rocket Drops
    • - White Street Lamp: Craftable with a stick, 5 White Glass, 1 Redstone Lamp (obtain a stick to unlock recipe)
    • - Black Street Lamp: Craftable with a stick, 5 Black Glass, 1 Redstone Lamp (obtain a stick to unlock recipe)
    • - Double Street Lamp: Craftable with a stick, 4 White Glass, 2 Redstone Lamps (obtain a stick to unlock recipe)

8.4.2 Changelog

Released on March 27th 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Added Special Pokemon: Burmy Plant (Spring), Wormadam Plant (Spring), Pikachu Hat (Team Rocket), Ninetales Alolan (Halloween), Squirtle (Classic)
  • Fixed Timespace Altar causing crashes
  • Fixed Water Quartz Blocks causing crashes if it comes into contact with Water
  • Fixed Technic not installing BOP correctly- we've renamed the skipbop.txt to skipbopdownload.txt
  • Fixed Shiny G-Max Pokemon not displaying their Shiny Textures
  • Fixed Pesticide not displaying their item description
  • Fixed Brittle Bones lang displaying as "Brittle bones"
  • Fixed some more leftover debug
  • Fixed wild Eternatus spawning too small
  • Fixed Fancy and Monsoon Vivillon sprites
  • Fixed Honey not dropping from: Kakuna, Beedrill, Combee, and Vespiquen
  • Fixed catching small Pokemon being a bit too difficult- increased the catch radius
  • Fixed Dancer ability causing the user to use their selected move twice if they're slower than the opponent
  • Fixed battles getting stuck when a Dynamax is defeated on same turn it evolved
  • Fixed Choose a Pokemon battle screen displaying incorrect HP for Pokemon when their Dynamax has expired
  • Fixed Primals not blocking their respected move types nor overriding existing weather
  • Fixed the previous update fix for Primal Exploit not effecting Kyogre (had orbs mixed up)

8.4.1 Changelog

Released on March 24th 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when placing some statues
  • Fixed old Dynamax Band obtain method still working
  • Fixed some debug remaining leftover from testing
  • Fixed Curry EXP not being nerfed from last update
  • Fixed Dynamax Candy not being implemented- Added a recipe: XL EXP Candy + Max Powder
  • Fixed being able to give Gigantamax Factor to Pokemon that can't Gigantamax
  • Make sure to report bugs! We're aiming for a large stability update next- alongside some more new content of course :)

8.4.0 Changelog

Released on March 24th 2021

New Features

  • Added Gigantamax Alcremie, Appletun, Blastoise, Butterfree, Centiskorch, Charizard, Cinderace, Coalossal, Copperajah, Corviknight, Drednaw, Duraludon, Eevee, Flapple, Garbodor, Gengar, Grimmsnarl, Hatterene, Inteleon, Kingler, Lapras, Machamp, Melmetal, Meowth, Orbeetle, Pikachu, Rillaboom, Sandaconda, Snorlax, Toxtricity, Urshifu
  • Added All G-Max Moves: G-Max Befuddle, G-Max Cannonade, G-Max Centiferno, G-Max Chi Strike, G-Max Cuddle, G-Max Depletion, G-Max Drum Solo, G-Max Finale, G-Max Fireball, G-Max Foam Burst, G-Max Gold Rush (New config in hocon), G-Max Gravitas, G-Max Hydrosnipe, G-Max Malodor, G-Max Meltdown, G-Max One Blow, G-Max Rapid Flow, G-Max Replenish, G-Max Resonance, G-Max Sandblast, G-Max Smite, G-Max Snooze, G-Max Steelsurge, G-Max Stonesurge, G-Max Stun Shock, G-Max Sweetness, G-Max Tartness, G-Max Terror, G-Max Vine Lash, G-Max Volcalith, G-Max Volt Crash, G-Max Wildfire, G-Max Wind Rage
  • Added Shiny PokeDolls: Articuno, Azelf, Darkrai, Deoxys, Entei, Giratina Altered, Giratina Origin, Groudon, Heracross, Ho-Oh, Jirachi, Kyogre, Latias, Latios, Lugia, Manaphy, Mesprit, Mew, MewTwo, Moltres, Palkia, Raikou, Rayquaza, Regigigas, Shaymin Land, Shaymin Sky, Suicune, Uxie, Zapdos
  • Added Dynamax Energy & Wishing Stars & Gigantamax Factor
    • As you're exploring, there is a chance for Dynamax Energy and Wishing Stars to spawn
    • You can change the spawn chances in the config
    • Dynamax Energy Beams are unique beacons that glow and have particles around them, you won't miss them. Right click on them to obtain a Max Powder
    • Wishing Stars require at least 60% of the PokeDex to be complete to spawn (The PokeDex percentage is also configurable)
    • Wishing Stars spawn above you, and then fall to the ground like a shooting star. They have a trail of purple particles. Once they hit the ground, there will be a non damaging explosion, and there will be a wishing star item left on the ground
    • Both of these will only spawn when you are on the surface
    • Max Powder can be crafted with Tiny Mushroom to create Max Mushrooms, which can be combined with Honey to get Max Honey
    • 3 Max Mushrooms in a Cooking Pot creates Max Soup- which can be given to a Pokemon to gain the Gigantamax Factor
    • Urshifu needs Max Soup with Max Honey to gain Gigantamax Factor
    • In the wild, Pokemon that spawn have a 1 in 512 chance to have the Gigantamax Factor. You can configure this with "gmaxFactorSpawnRate" in the hocon. Pokemon obtained prior to this update, will not have the Gigantamax Factor
    • Craft an Uncharged Dynamax Band with 2 blue dye, 2 pink dye, and 4 iron ingots. To charge your Dynamax Band, right click it with a Wishing Star in your inventory. Now, you can Dynamax and Gigantamax!
    • You can manually spawn a Wishing Star or Falling Star with /fallingstar
  • Added a TurnEndEvent as an additional hook when a battleparticipant ends their turn
  • Special Texture Revamp
    • Specials now support emissive glow
    • Specials now support strobe on glowing textures
  • Added 5 new PokeMail items: Bridge T, Harbor, Shadow, Tropic, Tunnel
  • Updated Pokemon Summary:
    • Held item icons are now displayed
    • Holding shift will now show the description of the ability
  • Added new PokeParticles: Clover, Coins, Egg Torchic, Flower Butterfree, Honey, Horseshoes, Rainbow
  • Added Corsola to Coral Reef biome
  • Added Stardust, Sweet Heart, Rare Bone, Silver Leaf, and Strange Souvenir items
  • Added Valuable Items tab in Creative menu
  • Added Cleanse Tag
  • Added Galarica Twig
  • Added recipes for Galrica Cuff/Galarica Wreath
  • Added an Import/Export option to Move Tutor GUI
  • Added new items: Honey, Max Honey, Max Mushroom, Max Powder, Max Soup, Slow Poke Tail, Wishing Star, Dynamax Band
  • Added new sounds for 72 Gen 8 Pokemon: Alcremie, Appletun, Applin, Arctovish, Arrokuda, Barraskewda, Blipbug, Boltund, Carkol, Centiskorch, Chewtle, Clobbopus, Coalossal, Copperajah, Corvisquire, Cramorant, Cufant, Cursola, Dottler, Dracovish, Dracozolt, Dragapult, Drakloak, Dreepy, Drizzile, Dubwool, Duraludon, Eiscue, Eldegoss, Eternatus, Falinks, Flapple, Frosmoth, Gossifleur, Grapploct, Greedent, Grimmsnarl, Grookey, Hatterene, Hattrem, Impidimp, Indeedee, Inteleon, Milcery, Morgrem, Morpeko, MrRime, Nickit, Orbeetle, Perrserker, Polteageist, Rillaboom, Rolycoly, Rookidee, Runerigus, Sandaconda, Silicobra, Sinistea, Sirfetchd, Sizzlipede, Snom, Sobble, Stonjourner, Thievul, Thwackey, Toxel, Toxtricity, Wooloo, Yamper, Zacian, Zamazenta
  • Added Honey, Max Honey, Max Mushrooms, Slowpoke Tail to default shopkeeper files for selling
  • Added a chance of Tiny Mushroom & Big Mushroom dropping when harvesting Minecraft Mushrooms
  • Added G-Max options to PokeEditor and Statues
  • Added a Generations Shrine & Generations Orb
    • Can be configured to spawn any Pokemon
    • generations_group.json for configuring Pokemon, and spawn_colors.json for adjusting particle colors
  • Updated Suicune model (used two models, now uses one)
  • Added New Spring Specials: Alomomola, Audino, Mega Audino, Camerupt, Mega Camerupt, Dodrio, Doduo, Koffing, Mothim, Nosepass, Numel, Probopass, Weezing, Weezing Galarian
  • Added New Halloween Specials: Necrozma, Necrozma Dawn, Necrozma Dusk
  • Added New Let's Go Hats: Black, Flareon, Glaceon, Sylveon, Umbreon
  • Added Face Cosmetic Support
  • Added Face Cosmetics: Thick Classes, Sunglasses (Black, Brown, Pink, White), Flowers (Blue, Green, Pink)
  • Added New Specials: (Classic Blocky Models) Krabby, Ditto, Eevee, Umbreon, Mew, Shadow Mew, Trapinch, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Magikarp

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Ice Stone Armor missing fullset bonus
  • Fixed Thrash not being a multi-turn move
  • Fixed Catch Charm lang
  • Fixed Dark Oak End Table lang
  • Fixed Redirect Abilities working when said Pokemon is fainted (IE Raichu's LightningRod still redirecting when Raichu is fainted)
  • Fixed Expanding Force targeting all opponents when not in Psychic Terrain
  • Fixed Emergency Exit activating every turn when below 50% when instead it should be activating only during the turn it was above 50% HP and dropped below 50% HP
  • Fixed numerous PokeDrop entries, some missing partial data for various drop data
  • Fixed Owner/OT not setting on PokeGive
  • Fixed Plasma Fists not changing Normal types to Electric
  • Fixed PokeParticle lighting
  • Fixed Sylveon's level range
  • Fixed Sirfetch'd missing the apostrophe in name
  • Fixed Yamper spawning in water
  • Fixed opening Mail causing inventory desync bug on servers
  • Fixed Sticky Web not working against Substitute
  • Fixed Absorb abilities not taking into account temporary types (ie plasma fist effects)
  • Fixed an exploit with Shopkeepers & Vending Machines
  • Fixed nature errors when importing Pokemon from Smogon format
  • Fixed an exploit with Primals when force ending battles as they evolve, allowing them to stay primal with other held items if switched in on a new battle
  • Fixed an infinite waiting bug if Dynamax faints on same turn their Dynamax is set to expire
  • Fixed Meloetta reverting form right after using Relic Song
  • Fixed a few Pokemon unable to learn Wish though Move Tutors: Absol, Bagon, Chansey, Drowzee, Exeggcute, Farfetchd, Kangaskhan, Lickitung, Pichu, Pikachu, Ralts
  • Removed numerous unused sound assets
  • Updated Alolan Meowth to evolve by level-up instead of Ice Stone
  • Fixed Curry giving too much EXP
  • NOTICE TO SERVER OWNERS: You may need to /fml confirm when updating your server, as sound files were altered. This will create a backup of your world. As always, it's recommended to take backups before updates anyways. There are new configuration options for gMax in hocon you may want to adjust. You may also want to adjust G-Max Gold Rush settings. Other then that, this update is mostly plug-and-play

8.3.0 Changelog

Released on February 12th 2021

New Features

  • Added Dynamax (config options)
  • Added Dynamax Candy
  • Added new command: /DynamaxBand to give Dynamax Band
  • Added New Moves: Max Airstream, Max Darkness, Max Flare, Max Flutterby, Max Geyser, Max Guard, Max Hailstorm, Max Knuckle, Max Lightning, Max Mindstorm, Max Ooze, Max Overgrowth, Max Phantasm, Max Quake, Max Rockfall, Max Starfall, Max Steelspike, Max Strike, Max Wyrmwind
  • Implemented Dynamax Cannon, Behemoth Bash, and Behemoth Blade effects
  • Added PokeStops: Spawns near villages, chance to drop a handful of loot
  • Added Critical Capture (new config options)
  • Added Capture Charm (new config options)
  • Added Shiny Option to regular and pixelmon grass spawners
  • Added Original Trainer setting in Poke Wand menu
  • Added Guard Spec
  • Added Drops to Rolycoly line
  • Added setShiny to links
  • Added a PokeRus API
  • Added walking animations for: Galarian Articuno, Calyrex, Calyrex IceRider, Calyrex ShadowRider, Glastier, Regidrago, Regieleki, Galarian Slowking, Spectrier, Galarian Zapdos
  • Added Prismarine statue type
  • Added new PokeBrick Blocks: PokeBrick, Brown, Cyan, Gray, LightBlue, LightGray, Lime, Magenta, Orange, Pink, Black, Purple, Blue, Red, Yellow, White
  • Added new BeanBag Blocks: Blue, Cyan, Green, Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue
  • Added the ability to shift+right click PokeDolls to rotate them
  • Added Heracross PokeDoll
  • Added all Curry ingredients to Tier 1 PokeLoots
  • Added item descriptions to all Curry Ingredients
  • Added form option to PokeDrops
  • Added chance for Wild Pokemon to appear from PokeLoots
  • Added Shiny/Special Texture icons to overlay
  • Shiny & Special Textures can now render on overlay
  • Zacian & Zamazenta now obtain their signature move in battle
  • PokeLoot now uses Drops menu and has better support for custom drops
  • Renamed Ultra Logs to Ultra Wood
  • Unedited PokeMail can now stack up to 64
  • Updated Cooking Pot so it can continuously make Curries as long as its active and has ingredients
  • Updated breeding mechanics: Males that breed with genderless Pokemon are 100% guaranteed to pass down their PokeBall, If breeding two of same species a child has a 50% chance to inherit the PokeBall from the father
  • Updated Tiers: LC, NU, OU, RU, UU, & Unrestricted
  • Added Cheongsam Specials (Cheongsam): Gallade + Mega, Garvevoir + Mega, Kirlia, Ralts
  • Added Specials Omanyte & Omastar (Halloween)
  • Added Special Drifblim & Drifloon (Lantern)
  • Added Special Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar (Scales)
  • Added Special Models: Chansey(Nurse Joy), Ditto (Top Hat), Eevee (Bow Tie), Golduck (Captain), Growlithe (Officer), Leafeon (Flower)
  • Added Chinese New Year Specials (CNY): Bagon, Bunnelby, Deerling, Diggersby, Dunsparce, Luxio, Luxray, Mudbray, Mudsdale, Salamence (+Mega), Shelgon, Shinx, Tauros
  • Added Valentines Specials (Valentines): Aegislash Blade & Shield, Amoonguss, Bewear, Blastoise, Flabebe (all forms), Floette (all forms), Florges (all forms), Foongus, Grotle, Kartana, Luvdisc, Squirtle, Stufful, Torterra, Turtwig, Wartortle
  • Added Special Luvdisc
  • Added Special Pink Krabby
  • Added Special Police Krabby
  • Updated Fridge Model/Texture
  • Updated Apricorn Tree & Trash Can models

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Pokemon unable to use Z-Move after they've been flinched trying to use a Z-Move
  • Fixed Neutralizing Gas not working on allies in Double Battles
  • Fixed Curry friendship being pulled from ingedient type, rather than amount/type of berry
  • Fixed berry trees not regrowing once they wither
  • Fixed Pixelmon Grass not behaving properly with Silk Touch, Shears, and Creative Mode
  • Fixed Zen Mode Darmanitan being wrong type
  • Fixed Corsola's Special Defense stat
  • Fixed Bosses and Totems spawning in worlds with spawning disabled
  • Fixed Pixelmon Grass being placed on other Pixelmon Grass dissapearing
  • Fixed Ultra Necrozma form 4 not being rideable
  • Fixed Victini not being able to learn Bolt Strike, Blue Flare, Glaciate, Fusion Bolt, & Fusion Flare
  • Fixed Shedinja breeding into Shedinja eggs
  • Fixed Galarian Slowking movesets
  • Fixed Keldeo's found in wild with Secret Sword, not being Resolute form on capture
  • Fixed up Dino, Bird, Fish, and Drake Fossil descriptions
  • Fixed Z-Fighting on items in cooking pot renderer
  • Removed unneeded player references from curry dex
  • Fixed Pokemon with modified IV stats from Bottle Caps not displaying in /ivs
  • Fixed Totem spawning errors
  • Fixed Wishiwashi not reverting to Solo form after battle
  • Fixed small pokemon render issue
  • Fixed stats not updating after Poke Editor import
  • Fixed Sawsbuck Special Textures
  • Fixed long move names not displaying properly in move selection screen
  • Fixed snowing on fence & apricorn trees
  • Fixed Eject Pack activating vs Parting Shot
  • Fixed Eject Pack activating multiple times (ie when Superpower decreases more than 1 stat)
  • Fixed Eject Pack forcing a switch when no able Pokemon are remaining
  • Fixed Screen Cleaner not displaying text when activated
  • Fixed Rowlet's model
  • Fixed Mudsdale texture
  • Fixed Giratina doll's sprites swapped
  • Reduced jar size by 20mb

8.2.3 Changelog

Released on January 20th 2021

New Features

  • Added PokeRus
  • Added Rotom PC
  • Added 3 New Pixelmon Grass Variants
  • Added Aluminium Block
  • Added Fling being able to use TRs
  • Added Orb to tier3 loot drops
  • Added Heart Scale to tier2 loot drops
  • Added New PokeDolls: Articuno, Azelf, Darkrai, Deoxys, Entei, Giratina Altered, Giratina Origin, Groudon, Ho-Oh, Jirachi, Kyogre, Latias, Latios, Lugia, Manaphy, Mesprit, Mew, MewTwo, Moltres, Palkia, Raikou, Rayquaza, Regigigas, Shaymin Land, Shaymin Sky, Suicune, Uxie, and Zapdos
  • Updated Dialga & Palkia's catch rate
  • Updated Bullet Proof
  • Updated Gastro Acid
  • Updated Ultra Necrozma to be ridable and fly
  • Updated Gogoat to be ridable
  • Updated 68 various item sprites for better match existing sprites
  • Updated Swampert to be ridable
  • Updated Frillish(Female) model and animation
  • Updated Summary Text to Dark Text

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bird Shrines only usable once on servers
  • Fixed Emergency Exit/Wimp Out forcing switch with 0 remaining Pokemon
  • Fixed PokeDex not displaying past the two new Regi'servers
  • Fixed Soft Soil lacking recipe
  • Fixed type changing abilities/moves changing permanently until server restart or client relog
  • Fixed Galarian Zapdos having too much Special Defense
  • Fixed Kanto Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos being able to obtain Galar exclusive moves
  • Fixed Teleport causing disconnection issues
  • Fixed seen in battle Pokemon not counting as seen in PokeDex
  • Fixed fishing rods allowing you to fish with a full fainted team
  • Fixed Galarian Slowking unable to learn Sludge Bomb
  • Fixed Galarian Farfetch'd egg moves missing First Impression
  • Fixed TimeSpace Altar missing from the Shrines creative menu
  • Fixed Galvanize ability not working
  • Fixed Inventory visual issue with items vanishing
  • Fixed Boss Eternatus health bar going across the screen
  • Fixed HDTV's shading and resized into bounding box
  • Fixed a crash with NPC's and invalid indexes
  • Fixed Toxtricity forms having Shift Gear and Magentic Flux moves reversed
  • Fixed Starter Screen causing crashes when disabling Gens 1,3 & 7
  • Fixed G.Farfetch'd being able to learn First Impression via Egg Move
  • Fixed G.Birds sharing Normal Form Moves
  • Removed Advent Calendar for now
  • Removed Liblib dependancy (this has currently disabled the visual currydex UI until next update)

8.2.2 Changelog

Released on December 14th 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash with Berries, Curries, and Ultra Armor on servers
  • Fixed a crash with Apricorn Trees on servers
  • Fixed Advent Calendar not executing rewards on servers running Sponge
  • Fixed Galarian Birds not spawning with their specified Orbs on servers
  • Fixed Totem Pokemon not dropping rewards
  • Fixed Totem Pokemon health bar extending across the screen
  • Fixed Cooking Pot missing a recipe
  • Fixed Flabebe and other small Pokemon’s Shiny Particles not displaying
  • Fixed Deoxys’ TM’s
  • Fixed setting a Pokemon’s form value to -2(or lower), in PokeEditor causing crashes
  • Fixed Custom Pokemon on servers using Texture Manager displaying as missing sprite
  • Fixed NPC’s activating abilities on switch-in twice
  • Fixed Regidrago unable to learn Draco Meteor
  • Fixed up Galarian Slowking’s model
  • Fixed up Regieleki and Regidrago’s model & texture
  • Fixed up Glastrier & Spectrier’s model & texture
  • Fixed up Galarian Moltres’ texture
  • Fixed Vitamins not allowing to go passed 10 used per EV
  • Fixed Throat Spray activating before the sound move is used
  • Fixed Eerie Spell not working
  • Fixed Aurora Veil + other Veils not activating in battle
  • Fixed Fiery Wrath hitting a random opponent instead of both
  • Fixed Pesticied Recipe broken due to Heal Powder
  • Fixed Tin of Beans missing lang
  • Fixed Pixelmon Spawner not spawning Pokemon over double grass or flowers
  • Fixed inability to create a Primal Groudon or Primal Kyogre Statue
  • Updated Custom Icons for: Incense, Basic Incense, Incense Premium, Incense Rair, Lure Module
  • Updated Sprites: Blue Mint, Green Mint, Pink Mint, Purple Mint, Red Mint, Yellow Mint
  • Made Healers drop when broken with Silk Touch
  • Added new Custom Icons: Battle Dome, Battle Factory, Battle TOwer, Button Location Blue, Button Location Green, Button Location Yellow, Button PokeStop Claimed, Daycare, Entei Shrine Icon, Raikou Shrine Icon, Suicune Shrine Icon, Gyms
  • Fixed Smoke Poke Tail missing lang
  • Fixed Magician ability missing lang
  • Fixed Cooking Pot not dropping when broken
  • Fixed Berry Plants displaying as poor quality only on servers, even though they had correct quality just didn’t display properly
  • Fixed null issues with a cross hair on the HUD
  • Fixed inability to enter a battle with a berry as a held item
  • Fixed Regieleki having incorrect movesets
  • Fixed a crash when obtaining Copperajah quality berries

8.2.1 Changelog

Released on December 13th 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed players unable to join servers/worlds if wearing Ultra Armor

8.2.0 Changelog

Released on December 13th 2020

New Features

  • An Advent Calendar!
    • You can login EACH DAY to your singleplayer world, or your favorite server(s) until the 25th to receive a gift! Press “J” to redeem!
    • Servers can also customize the gifts with the advent_calendar.json in /config/pixelmon
  • New UI for Pokemon Info
  • Updated 141 returning Pokemon Tundra DLC movesets
  • Added a Curry Dex!
    • You can view your Curry Dex with the “O” Keybind
    • You can use a Cooking Pot with wood to start a fire
    • Place a bowl in the center and surround it with berries to cook some curry!
  • Added a whole new Berry farming mechanic!
    • You can now use Mulch to plant a berry (IE Cheri)
    • Sometimes, weeds will grow and you’ll need to clean them up with a hoe
    • You’ll also need to use some Pesticide or Bug types will hang out nearby
    • Added Surprise, Stable, Rich, Growth, Gooey, Damp, Boost, and Amaze Mulch
    • Obtain some Rotten Flesh to unlock all Mulch recipes
    • Added Pesticide- Craftable with Heal Powder, Redstone, and Fresh Water
  • Added Glastrier
    • Spawns in Ice Flats, Snowy Coniferous Forest, and Origin Island
  • Added Spectrier
    • Spawns in Roofed Forest, Dead Forest, and Origin Island
  • Added Calyrex & Calyrex IceRider & Calyrex ShadowRider
    • Spawns in Mesa Rock, Mutated Mesa Clear Rock, Origin Island
    • Can fuse with Glastrier & Spectrier with the item “Reins of Unity”
    • Added Reins of Unity, obviously- but currently obtainable via Ultra Loot. This may change, as unfortunately it was a bit rushed
  • Added Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres
    • Craft a Mystical, Malevolent, or Martial Orb with an Orb + primary Gem type
    • IE For Galarian Articuno you’d use Orb + Psychic Gem
    • These new Orbs work on the old shrines
  • Added Regidrago & Regieleki
    • Same basic mechanics as the other Regi’s
    • They each have a shrine
    • Collect 4 Fragmented Drago Keys for Regidrago to craft a full key
    • Collect 4 Discharged Eleki Keys for Reieleki
    • Activate their shrines with Unown blocks and the Key with Regigigas
  • Added Galarian Slowking
    • Also added Galarica Wreath & Galarica Cuff items
  • Added New Moves: Abstral Barrage, Dragon Energy, Eerie Spell, Fiery Wrath, Freezing Glare, Glacial Lance, Thunder Cage, Thunderous Kick
  • Added Abilities: As One, Chilling Neigh, Grim Neigh, Curious Medicine, Dragons Maw, & Transistor
  • Added Ability Patch
  • Added Beach Glass, Black Flute, Chalky Stone, Lone Earring, Marble, Polished Mud Ball, Stretchy Spring, Tropical Shell, White Flute, Gold Leaf, Small Bouquet
  • Changed O hotkey to hide Pokemon to H for hide
  • Reorganized creative inventory tabs and added new tabs
  • Added Shiny / Special Texture icons to Pokemon info in inventory
  • Added Custom texture furniture support
  • Moved Move Descriptions & Move Info to hover tooltips in battle
  • Added support for custom server sprites with custom textures
  • Bottle Cap & Gold Bottle Cap now behave like mints as they should
  • Added Feathers: Clever, Genius, Health, Muscle, Pretty, Resist, Swift
  • Remade Zygarde UI and fixed a crash with language translation
  • Added Type: Null capture advancement
  • Added Drops Menu API – DroppedItem is now extendable for custom item logic
  • Added toast notifications API
  • Added new equipment system for Dynamax(SoonTM) & Mega Rings
  • Added new Custom Icons: UltraChest, SilverStar, SilverCrown, RoyalCrown, PokeCoin, PokeChest, GreatChest, GoldStar, GoldCrown, EmeraldCrown, CosmeticFemale, BronzeStar, BronzeCrown, Vs_Seeker, Unown Report, Unova Stone, TM Case, Sinnoh Stone
  • Added new PokeParticles: bauble, candycane, christmastree, stocking, twinklelights, snowflake1, snowflake2, snowflake3, snowflake4, snowflake5, snowflake6, snowflake7, snowflake8, snowflake9, leaf, petal, shadow, pure
  • Added Special Maractus
  • Added Special Venonat & Venomoth
  • Added Special Pumpkaboo & Gourgeist
  • Added Special Misdreavus & Mismagius
  • Added Special Yamper & Boltund
  • Added Special Cradily
  • Added Special Mawile & Mega Mawile
  • Added Special Woobat & Swoobat
  • Added Special Sinistea & Polteageist
  • Added Special Skuntank & Stunky
  • Added Special Illumise & Volbeat
  • Added Special Sizzlipede & Centiskorch
  • Added Special Comfey
  • Added Special Cowboy Krabby- Yeeee ‘Claw

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Expanding Force being a physical move
  • Fixed Teleport not activating in battle
  • Updated KR lang
  • Fixed Psychic Fangs effect not working
  • Fixed Facade not checking for Burn status
  • Fixed all the various switch, and move selection bugs on first turns vs NPC’s
  • Fixed Latios dropping Latiasite
  • Updated TM & TR for all languages
  • Fixed errors in shopkeepers for various languages
  • Fixed switch in abilities activating after death by hazzards
  • Fixed a typo on hover info of Cloning Machine
  • Fixed Yawn applying sleep status if the Pokemon gains another status such as toxic before sleep kicks in, allowing the pokemon to obtain 2 primary status
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with gloves
  • Fixed cosmetic lighting issues with mega bracelet
  • Fixed chatting NPC’s always being Scottish
  • Fixed lighting on blocks in drops menu
  • Fixed Ultra Necrozma not obtaining Neuroforce ability
  • Fixed Magic Bounce not countering Parting Shot
  • Fixed MrMime/MrRime breeding with Odd Incense
  • Fixed Pixelmon Rods being stackable
  • Fixed Aroma Veil lang in battle
  • Changed the hide Pokemon hotkey “O” to “H” for hide
  • Fixed a typo with HoopaUnbound in config
  • Removed NewRedeem command as it’s unused
  • Updated red/yellow/blue flute lang to ORAS/USUM
  • Fixed a breeding error with Galarian Stunfisk
  • Fixed debug on Scorbunny spawning
  • Fixed bound must be positive error on world gen
  • Fixed block discoloring in shopkeeper menu’s
  • Fixed Antique Sinistea being obtainable through breeding
  • Fixed Catch Combo messages showing even if Catch Combo’s are disabled in config
  • Fixed XP Candies not stopping interactions like riding when used successfully
  • Fixed Carkol & Coalossal getting Heatproof instead of Flame Body
  • Fixed Fell Stinger upping Attack by 2 instead of 3
  • Fixed Shields Down not blocking Status Conditions when in Meteor form
  • Fixed Power Trip’s effect not working
  • Fixed Guts receiving a nerf from Burn status
  • Changed Nihilego’s spawn location from Air to Water
  • Removed Genesect from Ice Flats & Snowy Confierous Forest for the new legends
  • Removed Marshadow from Roofed Forest for the new legends
  • Removed Yveltal from Dead Forest for the new legends
  • Fixed Magician ability missing activation lang

8.1.3 Changelog

Released on September 14th 2020

New Features

  • Added a new Player Cosmetics system which can be added via a plugin currently. This will allow you to put on all sorts of clothes for your player or even change your player model completely- no texture pack needed
  • Added Evolution moves- you can now learn evolution based moves! IE Venusaur, Hatterene, about a hundred Pokemon
  • Added Throat Spray (Obtained via Tier 1 PokeLoot, Totem Drops)
  • Added Protective Pads (Obtained via Tier 2 PokeLoot, Totem Drops)
  • Added Blunder Policy (Obtained via Tier 2 PokeLoot)
  • Added Eject Pack (Obtained via Tier 2 PokeLoot)
  • Added EXP Charm Item
  • Added Blue, Red, & Yellow Flute Items
  • Added Shoal Shell & Shoal Salt Items
  • Added Adrenaline Orb
  • Added PokeDoll, PokeToy, & Fluffy Tail Items
  • Added Gen 8 Badges
  • Added Flabebe Flowers (AZ, Blue, Orange, Red, White, Yellow)
  • Added 8 House Floor Blocks, 3 Wall Blocks, 2 Cave Rock Floors
  • Added Shelf Block
  • Added Ekans PokeDoll (+Shiny) & Celebi PokeDoll (+Shiny)
  • Added new cosmetics: Straw Hat, Crown, & Detective Pikachu Hat
  • New Mounts: Zacian & Zamazenta (+Crowned form)
  • Added Shiny Star to PC menu
  • Added Last Ball feature in battles
  • Added animated statue option to chisel UI
  • Added functionality to the Trash Can! Wow!
  • Added Alex Skin support for NPC’s
  • Added a HidePlayer NBT Tag to fully hide the player model
  • Added animation to bikes
  • Added Koffing evolution- next to Mossy Rock will result in a Galarian Weezing
  • Added MimeJr evolution into Galarian MrMime by using an Ice Stone
  • Added a hover description indicator to bikes to shift-click to pick them up
  • Updated Trace for new Gen 8 abilities
  • Added a Fossil Machine Event for developers
  • Added 4 Badge Case Custom Icons
  • Added 30 Emoji Custom icons
  • Added 3 Lure Custom Icons
  • Added 12 new Custom Icons (Backpack, Blue Trainer Card, Cap, Gift, Home, Location, PokeCenter, PokeMart, PokeStop, Red Trainer Card, Rotom Phone, Small Bag


  • Added Special Tympole, Palpitoad, & Seismitoad
  • Added Special Lunatone & Solrock
  • Added Special Galarian Ponyta & Rapidash (Celestial Theme)
  • Added Special Froslass, Glalie, & Mega Glalie (Summer Theme)
  • Added Special Diancie (Celestial Theme)
  • Remodeled Diancie
  • Updated Sweets Sprites
  • Fixed Zarude missing vines on model
  • Fixed Shaven Mareep & Shaven Wooloo broken/backwards legs
  • Fixed Shiny Sableye PokeDoll and Shiny Krabby PokeDoll’s name not labeled Shiny
  • Fixed Saddle & Armor custom models overriding other specials
  • Fixed Spell Tag particle texture named wrongly, showed missing texture
  • Fixed Galarian Ponyta texture
  • Fixed Thwackey’s hair on model
  • Converted Armor Mewtwo to use the new Special Texture Model system, which also fixes issues such as Armor Mewtwo unable to mega evolve, sometimes obtaining a Mega Mewtwo from a Cloning machine

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Breeding Galarian specific final forms not resulting in a Galarian egg (such as Cursola, Obstagoon, Perserker, Sirfetchd, Runerigus)
  • Fixed Grassy Glide not giving priority under Grassy Terrain
  • Fixed Draco Meteor not showing up as a Tutor move for many Gen 8 Pokemon
  • Fixed Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike move missing lang
  • Fixed Extreme Evoboost not raising stats
  • Fixed a crash with Camouflage
  • Fixed Gorilla Tactics sometimes not locking moves if opponent uses a MultiTurn move like Dig
  • Fixed Gorilla Tactics moves remaining locked after switching
  • Fixed Heal Pulse not healing the target
  • Fixed Burn halving Facade users Attack Stat
  • Fixed Weather Ball only doubling attack if it’s a Z-Move (which it shouldn’t have in the first place)
  • Fixed Terrain Extender not extending Surge abilities
  • Fixed Light Clay not extending number of turns for barrier moves
  • Fixed Heavy Duty Boots not protecting from Sticky Web
  • Fixed Psychic Terrain suddenly missing an effect and doing nothing (fixes other things like Expanding Force as well)
  • Fixed Pyro Ball not thawing the user if frozen
  • Fixed Intimidate & support for Adrenaline Orb
  • Fixed NPC’s calling Switch In effects twice
  • Fixed being unable to Mega Evolve after Battle Bond
  • Fixed PokeEditor crash
  • Fixed NPC Teams clearing when changing NPC Skins
  • Fixed crash with Wailmer Pail when shift clicking an Apricorn Tree
  • Fixed server crash with Groomers running off thread
  • Fixed NPC’s being moveable with Fishing Rods
  • Fixed Galarian Slowbro being able to Mega Evolve
  • Fixed Sirfetchd flying
  • Fixed Shedinja unable to learn Draco Meteor from Transfer Tutor
  • Fixed Pokemon not spawning on Burst Turf in Ultra Space (Need to regen config/BetterSpawnerConfig.json)
  • Fixed being able to bypass battle rules on NPC Trainers
  • Fixed spawned legends (via shrines/items), losing their Synchronized nature when put in PC
  • Fixed a crash when clicking Fight with a Rayquaza with less than 4 moves and no Dragon Ascent
  • Fixed Shaymin movesets (missing some transfers, all TM/TR’s)
  • Fixed Hoopa missing Tutor & TM/TR moves
  • Changed normal Corsola spawn time to Day, so at night it’s just Galarian Corsola
  • Fixed scaling on starter screen for large monitors
  • Fixed Zacian & Zamazenta not updating stats after form change, meaning it was possible with some workarounds to sucessfully remove a Crowned Sword/Shield and they’d keep the stats of Crowned form

Frequently Asked Questions

So, what is Pixelmon Generations and what features are there?

We're a Minecraft Mod running on Minecraft 1.12.2 and latest Forge for 1.12.2. Pixelmon adds various gameplay from Pokemon, into Minecraft! Here's just a taste of what's in Pixelmon Generations:

  • A 100% PokeDex, including all from Sword and Shield
  • All Forms of Pokemon, such as Arceus, Genesect, Meloetta, Alcremie, Sinistea, etc
  • All Mega Evolutions, Primal Evolutions, Ultra Burst, Dynamax
  • Every Z-Move and Z-Crystal
  • Totem and Mega Boss Pokemon offer a unique challenge for rewards. Totem Pokemon spawn with 5x HP. Boss Pokemon can spawn at higher levels not normally possible, up to level 150 with default configs!
  • PokeDolls. 78 Regular PokeDolls and 48 Shiny PokeDolls.
  • Special Skins! We have over 450 Special Pokemon. Great for cosmetic, EULA friendly perks
  • All Gen 8 100 TMs and 100 TRs
  • All Items from every game from Mints to Arceus Plates to Nectar
  • 100% Recipe Book support. Every recipe has an entry in our Recipe Book, great for beginners
  • All items and blocks have hover descriptions. Simply hover over an item or block in your hand, press shift and learn about it. Great for beginners so you don’t have to Google what each held item or TM does. You can also press “K” to open our wiki learn even more details about an item, such as how to craft or find more of it
  • Music: 10 Music Tracks, 5 play at night, 5 play at day
  • Battle Music: Yes, we have battle music! We have 10 Tracks to shake it up so you’re not hearing the same track every battle as well
  • Pokemon Cries: We have 1,266 Pokemon sounds
  • Chest Loots: All chests found in the world have Pixelmon Items added to their loot tables. Such as Mineshafts, Woodland Mansions, End City, Villages, all of them
  • Naturally Spawning Gyms: We have 11 Gyms that spawn naturally
  • Naturally Spawning Structures: We have 42 Naturally Spawning Structures to liven up your worlds substantially! Many are Legendary structures with quests to obtain a Legendary Pokemon
  • We have full Biomes O Plenty support. In fact, we encourage it. 139 biomes in total with Biomes O Plenty, full of lively Pokemon spawns
  • Cosmetic Player Models: We have 36 Backpacks/Sashes and 27 Hats your player can wear. We even have a permission plugin to allow you to give these models to your players with just a simple permission node
  • Pokemon Particles: We have 50+ Pokemon Particles that can be attached to any Pokemon via a plugin. From Spooky Ghost particles to Candy Hearts, we have a ton!
  • Fossil Pokemon! Yep, Fossils can be found under water. They can be cleaned and placed in a Fossil Machine to revive an ancient Pokemon such as Aerodactyl and Dracovish
  • NPC Skins: 219 NPC Skins to liven up the gameplay experience and great for content creators to expand their options
  • Breeding: Of course you can breed your Pokemon! Just grab a Ranch block and pair your PokePals up
  • Custom Icons: You can liven up your plugins and custom content with 265 Custom Icons. Want to display arrow keys in a chest UI? Easy. Want proper Keys for Crate Keys? We have 22 Key Sprites. Tons of possibilities!
  • Ultra Space: Our Ultra Space is an entirely different world like nothing you’ve experienced before. Gravity behaves differently. * We have 9 biomes for 9 naturally spawning Ultra Beasts. More structure spawns. Beast Ball PokeLoot. Ultra NPC’s that give you a quest to obtain Poipole/Naganadel. It’s an entire world to explore, or even set up a home in
  • Custom Pokemon Models: Our Special Skin system also supports Custom Models! Through this, we have Saddle Pokemon from Sun & Moon such as Charizard, Stoutland, Machamp, Tauros- all of them. We also have some cute extra ones like Detective Pikachu, Santa Wooloo, Armored Mewtwo and several more
  • We have Groomer NPC’s to groom your Furfrou into different forms
  • Wooloo and Mareep are both shearable and dyeable
  • We have Transfer Tutors to teach your Pokemon old moves they could learn in previous games. We have Move Relearners, Event Move Tutors, and Normal Tutors as well.
  • We have Shiny Chaining and Shiny Charms with Catch Combo’s
  • Bikes! We have Bikes you can craft and ride
  • Over 77 tools to enhance your craft with special abilities. From faster mining to night vision
  • Over 100 Combat enhancing items- armor and swords
  • Over 300 Decoration blocks like Umbrellas, Clocks, Pillars, Bean Bags and more
  • Tons of utility blocks and items such as Cloning Machines (Mew/Mewtwo), Fridge with storage space, Mechanical Anvils to craft Pokeballs, Elevators, Rotom Catalog, Zygarde Machine, Vending Machines and much more
  • Of course there’s SO much more to experience as well… Get in and play!

My modpack won't run or install, how can I fix it?

Delete the modpack from your Technic Launcher. Wait about a full minute for it to fully delete, and then restart your computer. Then re-install the modpack and you should be good to go! If you have further issues, you can download a program that can fix your installation by contacting support in our Discord.

What can I play this on?

Pixelmon Generation can be played on all Windows & Mac machines. The mod is built on Forge for Minecraft Java Edition, which means it won't work on Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Phones, Tablets)

Is there an easier way to install and play this?

You can download Technic. Technic is a one-click installer. You can download Technic by clicking here.

When Technic is installed, just paste this link in the search bar ("https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/pixelmon-513-pro.1072839") and click install! Technic will automatically install everything you need. Plus, it will even let you know when a new Pixelmon update becomes available and can update for you.

Sours: https://pixelmongenerations.com/
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  5. Cisco enterprise switch

Pokémon the Series: XY Kalos Quest

J#[a]E#[a]English title
Japanese title Original air date[3]English air date[4]——"Pokémon: Mega Evolution Special II" (The Strongest Mega Evolution: Act II)
Transcription: "Saikyō Mega Shinka ~Act II~" (Japanese: 最強メガシンカ~Act II~)November 6, 2014 (2014-11-06)February 7, 2015 Alain continues his journey to find and defeat all of the Mega Evolutions in the world. He next meets up with Hoenn Region Champion, Steven Stone, who has also been traveling to understand the secrets of Mega Evolution and the Mega Stones, but both are caught off guard when Rayquaza appears in the skies.850844"Pathways to Performance Partnering!" (Dance, Yancham — Captivate, Fokko! The Dance for Tomorrow!!)
Transcription: "Odore Yanchamu, Misero Fokko! Ashita e no Suteppu!!" (Japanese: 踊れヤンチャム、魅せろフォッコ!明日へのステップ!!)November 13, 2014 (2014-11-13)February 7, 2015 After Pancham and Chespin get into a fight, Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie meet Nini, a Pokémon Performer preparing for the Pokémon Showcase. Serena demonstrates her Pokémon's performance to Nini. Nini helps Pancham improve its dance choreography for the Showcase. Team Rocket kidnaps Chespin, Fennekin, Pancham, and Nini's Pokémon: Smoochum and Farfetch'd. Pancham and Chespin temporarily stop fighting each other to team up and defeat Team Rocket.851845"An Undersea Place to Call Home!" (The Undersea Castle! Kuzumo and Dramidoro!!)
Transcription: "Kaitei no Shiro! Kuzumō to Doramidoro!!" (Japanese: 海底の城!クズモーとドラミドロ!!)November 20, 2014 (2014-11-20)[b]February 7, 2015 Ash and Serena join the marine archaeologist Lindsey on an expedition to the sunken luxury liner known as the Cussler where Skrelp, Dragalge, and several marine Pokémon live. However, Team Rocket tries stealing a safe containing treasure inside the Cussler, which makes its structure begin to collapse. Ash helps the Water Pokémon who live in the Cussler prevent the Cussler from collapsing.852846"When Light and Dark Collide!" (Luchabull and Dark Luchabull!)
Transcription: "Ruchaburu to Dāku Ruchaburu!" (Japanese: ルチャブルとダークルチャブル!)November 27, 2014 (2014-11-27)February 7, 2015 Mistaking a play rehearsal at the Super Pokémon Battle Show for an actual kidnapping of a Snubbull, Ash accidentally causes the show's star Gallade to be injured. Ash lets his Hawlucha understudy for Gallade while it recovers. Team Rocket tries stealing the Pokémon from the show. Ash's Hawlucha teams up with its Dark Hawlucha costar to beat them. When the show starts, Ash's Hawlucha and Dark Hawlucha have an unscripted battle with each other.853847"A Stealthy Challenge!" (Ninja Arts Showdown! Gekogashira VS Gamenodes!)
Transcription: "Ninpō Taiketsu! Gekogashira Tai Gamenodesu!!" (Japanese: 忍法対決!ゲコガシラ対ガメノデス!!)December 11, 2014 (2014-12-11)February 28, 2015

Sanpei's ninja master Saizo sends Sanpei on a mission to deliver a secret scroll to some fellow ninjas before sundown. The scroll is actually blank, and the mission is intended as a test to prove how much Sanpei has improved his ninja abilities. As part of the test, Saizo disguises himself as a masked ninja who pursues Sanpei and the scroll with a Barbaracle. Ash and Froakie assist in battle against Saizo's Barbaracle, during which Froakie evolves into Frogadier.

  • Ash's Froakie evolves into Frogadier.
854848"A Race for Home!" (Serena's Earnest! The Wild Meecle Race!!)
Transcription: "Serena no Honki! Gekisō Mēkuru Rēsu!" (Japanese: セレナの本気!激走メェークルレース!)December 18, 2014 (2014-12-18)March 7, 2015 When Serena's mother Grace meets up with the group on their journey and learns of her daughter's new goal of becoming a Pokémon Performer, Grace wonders if her daughter is truly dedicated to her goals and challenges her to a Skiddo race to prove her determination.855849"Facing the Grand Design!" (Calamanero VS Maaiika! The Bonds that Would Save the World!!)
Transcription: "Karamanero Tai Māīka! Kizuna wa Sekai o Sukuu!!" (Japanese: カラマネロ対マーイーカ!絆は世界を救う!!)December 25, 2014 (2014-12-25)March 14, 2015 At the peak of a mountain called Grace Tower, three evil Malamar plot to change the world's environment to suit them using a device created by some scientists, while holding Ash, Pikachu, Serena, Bonnie, Jessie, and Officer Jenny captive. James, Meowth, and Clemont escape and convince a group of wild Inkay and Malamar to free their friends. An evil Malamar puts James's Inkay under hypnosis, but Inkay being reminded of its friendship with James frees it. Jenny's Manectric stops the device with a Thunder attack. The evil Malamar escape into the future to avoid arrest.856850"A Slippery Encounter!" (The Weakest Dragon!? Numera Appears!!)
Transcription: "Saijaku no Doragon!? Numera Tōjō!!" (Japanese: 最弱のドラゴン!?ヌメラ登場!!)January 8, 2015 (2015-01-08)March 21, 2015 Ash and his friends encounter and rehydrate an extremely timid but friendly Goomy. Team Rocket kidnaps Pikachu and Goomy, but they break out of their cage with the help of Goomy's slippery body and return to Ash. Team Rocket has the upper hand in the battle against Ash when Inkay confuses Pikachu and Fletchinder. Goomy saves Pikachu and Fletchinder with a Bide attack, giving Pikachu enough time to break out of confusion and beat Team Rocket.857851"One for the Goomy!" (Do Your Best, Dedenne! Do it for Numera!!)
Transcription: "Dedenne Ganbaru! Numera no Tame ni!!" (Japanese: デデンネがんばる!ヌメラのために!!)January 15, 2015 (2015-01-15)March 28, 2015 Serena, Bonnie, Dedenne, Goomy and Pancham get separated from their friends when Team Rocket disturbs some Lotad and Lombre. When Goomy gets frightened off by Serena battling Team Rocket, Dedenne goes looking for it. Dedenne protects Goomy from being taken by Team Rocket. Ash, Serena, and Clemont find them and Pikachu finishes off Team Rocket.858852"Thawing an Icy Panic!" (Vanipeti Panic! An Ice-Covered Whiteout!!)
Transcription: "Baniputchi Panikku! Howaitoauto wa Kōrigōri!!" (Japanese: バニプッチ・パニック!ホワイトアウトはこおりごおり!!)January 22, 2015 (2015-01-22)April 4, 2015 In Coumarine City, Team Rocket steals a Vanillite to make ice cream from it, incurring the anger of its fellow Pokémon, Vanillish and Vanilluxe, who cause a sudden snowstorm. The Coumarine City Gym Leader Ramos has his Jumpluff use its Sunny Day to stop the snowstorm, while his many Sunflora melt the fallen snow with their combined Solar Beam. As a back-up plan, Team Rocket steals Vanillite, Vanillish and Vanilluxe with their giant robot. Ramos' Gogoat and Ash's Frogadier destroy the robot's air vent which is blasting cold air from the stolen Pokémon, and Pikachu frees the Pokémon with Iron Tail.859853"The Green, Green Grass Types of Home!" (Hiyoku Gym Battle! Gekogashira VS Gogoat!!)
Transcription: "Hiyoku Jimu Sen! Gekogashira Bui Esu Gōgōto!" (Japanese: ヒヨクジム戦!ゲコガシラVSゴーゴート!!)January 29, 2015 (2015-01-29)April 11, 2015 Ash arrives at Coumarine Gym to challenge Ramos for the Plant Badge.860854"Under the Pledging Tree!" (Satoshi and Serena's First Date!? The Tree of Promises and the Presents!!)
Transcription: "Satoshi to Serena Hatsu Dēto!? Chikai no Ki to Purezento!!" (Japanese: サトシとセレナ初デート!?誓いの樹とプレゼント!!)February 5, 2015 (2015-02-05)April 18, 2015 Coumarine City holds an annual festival to celebrate the bond between Trainer and Pokémon. When Ash has trouble deciding on a present for his Pokémon, Serena suggests getting them something that would make Ash happy, as they think just like he does. Inspired by Serena, Ash hand picks a bunch of berries for all of his Pokémon to feast on.861855"A Showcase Debut!" (Aim to be the Kalos Queen! Serena Makes her Debut!!)
Transcription: "Mezase Karos Kwīn! Serena, Debyū Desu!!" (Japanese: 目指せカロスクィーン!セレナ、デビューです!!)February 12, 2015 (2015-02-12)April 25, 2015 Serena, Shauna and Jessie enter the Pokémon Showcase in Coumarine City. The theme for the first round is Pokémon styling. Serena loses in the first round after Fennekin trips up. Shauna wins enough votes from the audience in both rounds win a Princess Key.862856"An Oasis of Hope!" (Decisive Battle in the Wilderness! Fight, Numera!!)
Transcription: "Kōya no Kettō! Tatakae Numera!!" (Japanese: 荒野の決闘!戦えヌメラ!!)February 19, 2015 (2015-02-19)May 2, 2015 Ash and friends find and heal an injured Spoink in the Lumiose Badlands. The Spoink takes them to the area's oasis, where Team Rocket and a Grumpig bully have taken over the food and water. The Grumpig chases the group into a cave where Team Rocket traps Ash and friends inside a prison cell. Ash escapes, and while he defends Goomy from Grumpig, Goomy evolves into Sliggoo and defeats Grumpig.863857"The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination!" (Protect the Future of Science! The Electric Labyrinth!!)
Transcription: "Saiensu no Mirai o Mamore! Denki no Meikyū!!" (Japanese: サイエンスの未来を守れ!電気の迷宮!!)February 26, 2015 (2015-02-26)May 9, 2015 Team Rocket takes over the Kalos Power Plant and use it to control the Electric Pokémon in the area with a microwave antenna, including Pikachu, Dedenne and Luxio, who enter the Power Plant with the other Pokémon. Ash and friends sneak inside. Clemont gets through to Luxio, who overloads the system with Discharge and stops the Pokémon-controlling waves, causing Luxio to evolve into Luxray with Clemont.864858"A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways!" (A Fork in the Path of Indecision!? Musashi and Sonans!!)
Transcription: "Mayoimichi Wakaremichi!? Musashi to Sōnansu!!" (Japanese: 迷い道は分かれ道!?ムサシとソーナンス!!)March 5, 2015 (2015-03-05)May 16, 2015 Jessie and Wobbuffet are separated from James and Meowth after being sent flying by Pikachu's Thunderbolt. A doctor named White saves Jessie from drowning in a river. Jessie falls in love with White and decides to quit Team Rocket to live with him. When a Pokémon hunter steals Meowth, Inkay and Pumpkaboo, Jessie realizes that White is in love with his childhood friend Beatrice. Ash and Serena distract the hunter to help James free Team Rocket's Pokémon, and Jessie and Wobbuffet reunite with them. Ash and Serena temporarily team up with Team Rocket to defeat the hunter's Rhyperior.865859"Battling with Elegance And a Big Smile!" (Fokko VS Mahoxy! A Splendid Performance Battle!!)
Transcription: "Fokko VS Mafokushī! Karei Naru Pafōmansu Batoru!!" (Japanese: はフォッコVSマフォクシー!華麗なるパフォーマンスバトル!!)March 12, 2015 (2015-03-12)May 23, 2015 Pancham and Fennekin start fighting while training with Serena for their next Pokémon Showcase, and she inadvertently yells at them. The Kalos Queen Aria, disguised as a performer called Arianna, prompts Serena to apologize to Pancham and Fennekin. She challenges Serena to a double battle to show how Serena, Pancham and Fennekin can work as a team, during which Fennekin evolves into Braixen.——"Pokémon: Mega Evolution Special III" (The Strongest Mega Evolution: Act III)
Transcription: "Saikyō Mega Shinka ~Act III~" (Japanese: 最強メガシンカ~Act III~)March 19, 2015 (2015-03-19)August 15, 2015 Alain and Steven must find a way to stop an apocalyptic clash between Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza before these titans turn the Hoenn Region into a ruin.866860"Good Friends, Great Training!" (Kameil and Raichu Appear! Good Luck Numeil!!)
Transcription: "Kamēru, Raichuu Tōjō! Numeiru Ganbaru!!" (Japanese: カメール、ライチュウ登場!ヌメイルがんばる!!)March 26, 2015 (2015-03-26)May 30, 2015 Ash reunites with Tierno and decides to prepare for his Lumiose Gym match by challenging Tierno to a double battle. While trying to steal Pikachu before the battle can start, Team Rocket takes Sliggoo and Tierno's Raichu and Wartortle by mistake. Jessie angrily frees the Pokémon when Wartortle soaks her hair. When Pumpkaboo starts a forest fire while trying to catch Pikachu, Sliggoo stops the fire with its Rain Dance, causing Sliggoo evolves into Goodra, who defeats Team Rocket with its new move, Dragon Pulse.867861"Confronting the Darkness!" (The Miare City Investigation! Citroid VS Black Citroid!!)
Transcription: "Miare Shiti Sōsasen! Shitoroido tai Burakku Shitoroido!!" (Japanese: ミアレシティ走査線!シトロイド対ブラック・シトロイド!!)April 2, 2015 (2015-04-02)June 6, 2015 Ash and the others arrive in Lumiose City and reunite with Clemont and discover that a robot builder called Belmondo had invented a Dark Clembot robot, which he had been using to commit crimes all over the city to frame Clemont's Clembot. Clemont discovers Clembot's blueprints were stolen in a hack of the Prism Tower computer, and traces the hack to Belmondo. Allying with Officer Jenny, Clemont and a freed Clembot head to the museum to stop Belmondo and Dark Clembot from sneaking inside.868862"The Moment of Lumiose Truth!" (Miare Gym Battle! Satoshi VS Citron!!)
Transcription: "Miare Jimu Sen! Satoshi VS Shitoron!!" (Japanese: ミアレジム戦!サトシVSシトロン!!)April 9, 2015 (2015-04-09)June 13, 2015 Ash starts his match against Clemont in Prism Tower to win a Voltage Badge. However, problems arise for Ash as Clemont knows how Ash battles. What hidden tricks does Ash have if he wants to achieve victory?869863"Garchomp's Mega Bond!" (The Coveted Mega Evolution! Gaburias's Bonds!!)
Transcription: "Neraware ta Megashinka! Gaburiasu no Kizuna!!" (Japanese: 狙われたメガシンカ!ガブリアスの絆!!)April 16, 2015 (2015-04-16)June 20, 2015 Ash and the others visit Professor Sycamore to observe his experiment with a Key Stone and a Mega Stone. However, when Team Rocket crashes the experiment and gets away with the Mega Stone and Garchomp, Ash attaches a tracking device to them for him and the others to follow their escape, in order to retrieve the Mega Stone and Garchomp.870864"Defending the Homeland!" (Battle in the Wetlands! Numelgon VS Florges!!)
Transcription: "Shicchi tai no Tatakai! Numerugon tai Furājesu!!" (Japanese: 湿地帯の戦い!ヌメルゴン対フラージェス!!)April 23, 2015 (2015-04-23)June 27, 2015 Ash and his friends return to the wetlands Goodra originally lived in as a Goomy before the Pokémon there were terrorized by a Florges and its army of Bug-type Pokémon. Goodra protects its friends from being attacked by Florges. When it seems that Goodra has won, Jessie's Pumpkaboo and James's Inkay create a distraction, allowing Florges to retreat. Later, some Bug Pokémon steal Pikachu and Dedenne.871865"Beyond the Rainbow!" (Conclusion! Numelgon, Go Over the Rainbow!!)
Transcription: "Kecchaku! Numerugon Niji no Kanata ni!!" (Japanese: 決着!ヌメルゴン虹の彼方に!!)April 30, 2015 (2015-04-30)July 4, 2015

Team Rocket deceives Florges into an alliance to help the sickly Floette it is taking care of. They double-cross Florges when they drain all the water in the spring Florges had taken over to heal Floette. Team Rocket takes the water, Pikachu and Dedenne in their airship, and Ash and Goodra ally with Florges to stop them. Florges frees the stolen Pokémon, but the water is lost during the battle. Goodra uses its Rain Dance and Florges uses its Grassy Terrain to restore the dried up wetlands to life. Believing that Goodra belongs in the wetlands, Ash decides to leave it behind.

  • Event: Ash leaves Goodra at the wetlands.
872866"So You're Having a Bad Day!" (The Worst Luck? Eureka VS Nyarth!!)
Transcription: "Unsei Saiaku? Yurīka tai Nyāsu!!" (Japanese: 運勢最悪? ユリーカ対ニャース!!)May 7, 2015 (2015-05-07)July 11, 2015 When Team Rocket steals some Berries from some Pangoro (who are enraged at the theft), Ash's group and Team Rocket get separated. Bonnie and Dedenne find themselves lost in the forest with Meowth, with Bonnie and Meowth getting stuck together.873867"Scary Hospitality!" (The Scary House's Welcoming Services!)
Transcription: "Kowaiie no Omotenashi!" (Japanese: こわいイエのおもてなし!)May 14, 2015 (2015-05-14)July 18, 2015 Ash and his friends find themselves in a mansion called the Scary House to shelter from the rain. Its owner Lon offers them some food. A Gastly, Haunter and Gengar scare Ash and his friends as a playful way of showing hospitality. Ash, Pikachu, Serena and Bonnie fall down some trapdoors into the basement. After rescuing them, Clemont finds a 200-year-old journal which talks about the secret room the trapdoors lead to which was created for Lon to hide in when he was a boy. Ash and the others are shocked to discover a 200-year-old photograph of Lon and that Lon is no longer alive. Afterwards, everyone wakes up in the forest, with Ash, Serena and Clemont unsure if they were dreaming.874868"A Fashionable Battle!" (Battle at the Fashion Show! Tatsubay VS Shushupu!!)
Transcription: "Fasshonshō de Batoru desu! Tatsubei VS Shushupu!!" (Japanese: ファッションショーでバトルです!タツベイVSシュシュプ!!)May 21, 2015 (2015-05-21)July 25, 2015 Ash and his friends finally arrive in Laverre City and immediately head over to the Gym only to find it closed due to its seasonal Fashion Show. They instead meet Sawyer, who had a Gym battle with Clemont recently and gets to challenge the Gym Leader Valerie during the show. Sawyer's Dragon-type Pokémon Bagon loses to Valerie's Fairy-type Spritzee due to a type disadvantage.875869"Fairy-Type Trickery!" (Kunoe Gym Battle! The Beautiful Fairy Trap!!)
Transcription: "Kunoe Jimu Sen! Utsukushiki Fearī no Wana! !" (Japanese: クノエジム戦!美しきフェアリーの罠!!)May 28, 2015 (2015-05-28)August 1, 2015 Ash challenges Valerie to a two-on-two Gym battle for the Fairy Badge. He has to be careful when facing Valerie as she has a lot of hidden tricks up her sleeves. Fortunately, Ash seems to know how to use his opponents' attacks against her. Also, Valerie starts becoming a fan of Ash's skills.876870"Rivals: Today and Tomorrow!" (Three-Match Rival Battle! Towards the Future!!)
Transcription: "Raibaru Batoru San hon Shōbu! Ashita ni Mukatte!!" (Japanese: ライバルバトル3本勝負! 明日に向かって!!)June 4, 2015 (2015-06-04)August 8, 2015 Sawyer accidentally loses his notebook, which is found by Team Rocket who think it belongs to Steven Stone, the Hoenn Region Champion and that the information inside it will help them with their plans. Ash and Sawyer prove Team Rocket wrong and stop them from stealing the group's Pokémon.877871"A Not-So-Flying Start!" (The Wind, the Egg and Onbat!)
Transcription: "Kaze to Tamago to Onbatto!" (Japanese: 風とタマゴとオンバット!)June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)August 22, 2015 Hawlucha finds a Pokémon egg near a tree. When Hawlucha hands the egg to Ash, it hatches into a Noibat. Ash, Ash's friends, and their Pokémon help find some Berries for the hungry Noibat to eat. Although Noibat is unable to fly very well, Team Rocket plots to take it and make it evolve into a more useful Noivern.878872"A Relay in the Sky!" (The Pokémon Sky Relay Challenge! Fly, Onbat!!)
Transcription: "Chōsen Pokemon Sukai Rirē! Tobe, Onbatto!!" (Japanese: 挑戦ポケモンスカイリレー!飛べ、オンバット!!)June 18, 2015 (2015-06-18)August 29, 2015 Ash competes in the Pokémon Sky Relay, a race for flying Pokémon, and enters with Fletchinder, Hawlucha and Noibat to train Noibat to fly properly. Team Rocket, expecting Noibat to evolve during the race, enters the race with Pumpkaboo, Meowth (piloting a Pelipper-shaped machine), and Inkay to steal Noibat when it evolves.879884"Lights! Camera! Pika!" (Pikachu Becomes a Star!? Its Movie Debut!!)
(How to Pikachu The Movie! OK! Action!!) The Lightning-fast Hero! Super Pikachu!!
Transcription: "Pikachu no dokidoki NG taishō" (Japanese: ピカチュウはスター!?映画デビュー!!
How to ピカチュウ・ザ・ムービー!よーい!アクション!!
迅雷のヒーロー!スーパーピカチュウ!!)June 18, 2015 (2015-06-18)November 21, 2015 Ash and his friends arrive at a village, where they meet a group of Pikachu and their owners, Frank and Jean. Impressed with Ash's Pikachu, Frank wants to cast him in a movie with the Cosplay Pikachu.——"Hoopa, The Mischief Pokémon" (The Minidjinni of the Word "Appear!": Hoopa)
Transcription: "O Demashi ko Majin Fūpa" (Japanese: おでまし小魔神フーパ)June 19, 2015 (2015-06-19)December 3, 2015 The story is set when Hoopa's companions, Baraz and Meray, were still children. The three of them lived happily together with the villagers in a far away place from Désser City known as "Arkhē Valley", where Hoopa later met Ash and his friends. Everyone there loved Hoopa's rings, which could make anything and everything appear! One day, the three of them were helping an old woman make donuts. Hoopa's eyes started glittering at the sight of these round treats it had never seen before! When Hoopa's rings get used to make donuts, could things get silly?880873"A Frenzied Factory Fiasco!" (Fierce Battle in the Monster Ball Factory! Pikachu VS Nyarth!!)
Transcription: "Gekitō Monsutā Bōru Kōjō! Pikachuu VS Nyāsu!!" (Japanese: 激闘モンスターボール工場!ピカチュウVSニャース!!)June 25, 2015 (2015-06-25)September 5, 2015 When Ash and his friends arrive at a factory where workers make Poké Balls. Team Rocket tricks them into handing over their Pokémon, while also stealing the Poké Balls in the factory.881874"Performing with Fiery Charm!" (Tairenar and Yancham!! A Captivating Fiery Performance!!)
Transcription: "Tērunā to Yanchamu!! Misero Honoo no Pafōmansu!!" (Japanese: テールナーとヤンチャム!!魅せろ炎のパフォーマンス!!)July 2, 2015 (2015-07-02)September 12, 2015 Serena, Jessie, and Serena's old rival Miette compete in the Pokémon Showcase in Dendemille Town. They make it through the themed round by cooking Poké Puffs that impress the judges and their Pokémon. Serena wins her first Princess Key after the audience votes Pancham and Braixen's performance in the freestyle round their favorite.882875"Rotom's Wish!" (Satoshi Leaps Through Time! Rotom's Wish!!)
Transcription: "Toki o Kakeru Satoshi! Rotomu no Negai!!" (Japanese: 時をかけるサトシ!ロトムの願い!!)July 9, 2015 (2015-07-09)September 19, 2015 Ash and the others check in to run-down hotel, where its owner Mantle wagers Pokémon as prizes for battles. They meet a timid Rotom once owned by the front desk clerk Weston. Rotom uses a television to show Ash and the others that ten years ago at the founding of the hotel, Weston had lost ownership of the hotel to Mantle by forfeiting a match after Rotom was scared off. Rotom sends Ash and his friends ten years into the past to change history.883876"A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?" (The Pumpjin Festival! Farewell, Bakeccha!?)
Transcription: "Panpujin Fesutibaru! Sayonara Bakeccha!?" (Japanese: パンプジンフェスティバル!さよならバケッチャ!?)July 23, 2015 (2015-07-23)September 26, 2015 Ash, his friends, and Team Rocket arrive at a town holding the Gourgeist Festival, where humans and Pokémon get dressed up in costume. Jessie tricks the castle's count, Count Pumpka, into thinking that Ash and his friends are Pokémon thieves who took Team Rocket's Pikachu and asks him to retrieve Pikachu in return for Count Pumpka's Prince Pumpkaboo to live with Jessie's Pumpkaboo, who are mutually attracted to each other.884877"Over the Mountain of Snow!" (Crossing the Snow Mountains! Mammoo and Yukinooh!!)
Transcription: "Yukiyama o Koete! Manmū to Yukino ō!!" (Japanese: 雪山をこえて!マンムーとユキノオー!!)July 30, 2015 (2015-07-30)October 3, 2015 Ash and his friends ride on some Mamoswine to climb a snowy mountain which they have to pass through to get to Anistar City. The Mamoswine lead them to a cave where an Abomasnow is taking care of a sick Snover. Ash and his friends go looking for plants that grow on the mountain to make medicine to help Snover. Team Rocket snatches Abomasnow, but Braixen and Chespin free Abomasnow from its net.885878"Adventures in Running Errands!" (Harimaron! Its First Errand!!)
Transcription: "Harimaron! Hajimete no o Tsukai!!" (Japanese: ハリマロン !はじめてのつかい!!)August 13, 2015 (2015-08-13)October 10, 2015 A Pokémon Center loses power due to the generator short-circuiting from a leaky roof. Clemont starts repairs on the generator, while Ash fixes the roof. Clemont sends Chespin and Bunnelby on an errand to pick up a replacement fuse for the generator. After they successfully bring a new fuse from the shop, Clemont brings the Pokémon Center back online.886879"Mending a Broken Spirit!" (A Broken Twig and a Broken Heart! Tairenar's Strong Feelings!!)
Transcription: "Ore ta sae Ore ta Kokoro! Tērunā no Tsuyoki Omoi!!" (Japanese: 折れた小枝、折れた心!テールナーの強い思い!!)August 20, 2015 (2015-08-20)October 17, 2015 When Braixen accidentally breaks her branch while practicing for the next Pokémon Showcase, Serena seeks help after seeing that the branch means so much to her Pokémon. Serena goes to the famous tree surgeon Mr. Woodward to have Braixen's branch repaired. Woodward has his Gallade battle Braixen to help prove Serena and Braixen's desire to have the branch repaired. Team Rocket interrupts the match, and Braixen further shatters her branch fighting them off. Woodward explains to Braixen that while holding onto precious things from the past is fine, being too attached can leave someone stuck in the past. Braixen accepts a new branch from Pancham.887880"A Legendary Photo Op!" (Photo Op on Fire! Snap the Legend!!)
Transcription: "Shattā Chansu wa Faiyā! Densetsu o Tore!!" (Japanese: シャッターチャンスはファイヤー !伝説を撮れ!!)August 27, 2015 (2015-08-27)October 24, 2015 Ash and friends reunite with Trevor. He explains his interest in snapping a picture of the legendary Moltres rumored to have been spotted nearby on Mt. Molteau. When Team Rocket comes to steal Pikachu once more, their battle disturbs Moltres.888881"The Tiny Caretaker!" (Eureka the Caretaker! The Spoiled Chigoras!!)
Transcription: "Yurīka Osewa desu! Amaenbō no Chigorasu!!" (Japanese: ユリーカお世話です!甘えん坊のチゴラス!!)September 10, 2015 (2015-09-10)October 31, 2015 When Team Rocket tries and fails to steal a Tyrunt from a Pokémon fossil research laboratory. Bonnie finds Tyrunt stuck between some rocks in a river and rescues it. Bonnie and Tyrunt try escaping from Team Rocket, but get cornered. When Team Rocket drops Bonnie from above, Tyrunt evolves into Tyrantrum and saves her life. After Tyrantrum beats Team Rocket, its original owners take it back to the laboratory.889882"A Trip Down Memory Train!" (Memories of the Train! Citron and Horubee!!)
Transcription: "Tsuioku no Torein! Shitoron to Horubī!!" (Japanese: 追憶のトレイン!シトロンとホルビー!!)September 17, 2015 (2015-09-17)November 7, 2015 After defeating Team Rocket, Clemont and Bonnie tell Ash and Serena a story of how they first met Bunnelby.890883"A Frolicking Find in the Flowers!" (The Eievui Who is Shy of Strangers!? Capture at the Flower Garden!!)
Transcription: "ībui wa Hito Mishiri!? Ohanabatake de Tsukamae te!!" (Japanese: イーブイはひとみしり!?お花畑でつかまえて!!)September 24, 2015 (2015-09-24)November 14, 2015 Serena finds an Eevee who loves dancing and performing, but it turns out to be shy and afraid of people. Serena sets out to bond with it.891885"Tag Team Battle Inspiration!" (A Tag Battle is a Friendship Battle! Eievui's First Time in a Fight!!)
Transcription: "Taggu batoru wa Yūjō Batoru! ībui Hatsu Sansen!!" (Japanese: タッグバトルは友情バトル!イーブイ初参戦!!)October 1, 2015 (2015-10-01)November 28, 2015 While Serena helps her newly captured Eevee, Tierno and Shauna, along with their newly evolved Blastoise and Ivysaur, appear and help her to attempt to address Eevee's shyness.892886"A Performance Pop Quiz!" (The Happy Dance Comes After the Quiz!? The Hyakkoku TriPokalon Tournament!!)
Transcription: "Happī Dansu wa Kuizu no Ato de!? Toraipokaron Hyakkoku Taikai!!" (Japanese: ハッピーダンスはクイズのあとで!?トライポカロン・ヒャッコク大会!!)October 8, 2015 (2015-10-08)December 5, 2015 The time has come for Serena's third Pokémon Showcase. Serena gets ready to begin her next performance hoping to obtain her second key in the Showcase.893887"Cloudy Fate, Bright Future!" (The Crisis in Kalos! The Battle of the Giant Sundial!!)
Transcription: "Karosu no Kiki! Kyodai Hidokei no Tatakai!!" (Japanese: カロスの危機!巨大日時計の戦い!!)October 15, 2015 (2015-10-15)December 12, 2015 With the Showcase a success for Serena, Ash and his friends continue their visit to Anistar City for Ash's next gym battle with Olympia who foresees the events of the future. After meeting her and learning about Frogadier's past, the Anistar sundial seems to be in trouble.894888"All Eyes on the Future!" (The Double Battle in the Hyakkoku Gym! Gojika's Future Sight!!)
Transcription: "Hyakkokujimu no Daburu Batoru! Gojika no Mirai Yochi!!" (Japanese: ヒャッコクジムのダブルバトル!ゴジカの未来予知!!)October 22, 2015 (2015-10-22)December 19, 2015 The time for Ash's Gym Battle has finally arrived. He gets prepared to win his next Gym Badge.——"Pokémon: Mega Evolution Special IV" (The Strongest Mega Evolution: Act IV)
Transcription: "Saikyō Mega Shinka ~Act IV~" (Japanese: 最強メガシンカ~Act IV~)October 29, 2015 (2015-10-29)December 26, 2015 Alain has returned to Kalos with Lysandre to be tested in a match against ten Mega Evolved Pokémon. Alain loses his Mega Stone and Key Stone if he fails. Meanwhile, Chespin discovers scientists performing experiments on an unknown Pokémon, which leads it to fall victim to a mysterious illness.
Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_the_Series:_XY_Kalos_Quest
The Kalos Region - Minecraft: Pokemon X\u0026Y Pixelmon Adventure Map Recreation Episode 1

You might be wondering if the new Pokemon games are available for free online. The answer is yes they are, you just need to know where to look. Many people are asking about this lately and there have been many rumors floating around. One such rumor centers on a game called Pokemon’s X and Y. If you’re familiar with these games, you’ll know that they are remakes of old games in the series.


This is one of the most talked about games and understandably so. People love to catch all the creatures that appear in these games, and they want to be able to catch them in this new version as well. With so many people having the PC as their primary gaming platform, it makes sense to have an alternative option if you don’t have a Nintendo DS or Wii. The fact that you can now download Pokemon’s X and Y for free online is a great deal.


Although there are many places that offer these downloads, the one we will talk about here is one of the biggest because they have the most variety 1.16.5 and a high quality. The website that we will talk about here has been around for a long time and is still going strong. They have one of the largest download sections on the web and this is because they update constantly. It is also a lot easier to use compared to many other places that charge you a fee.


This website has many different options available to anyone looking to download the files. To get the best selection, you will need to make sure that you take a look at their payment options. Some of the more common choices are a one-time registration that gives you unlimited downloads or a monthly plan that has a huge number of downloads available to you for only a low monthly fee. This is obviously a personal choice and one that you should make according to your own needs. You will need to look at what each plan offers before you make any final decisions.


Once you are at the download section, all you have to do is find the game that you want and follow the easy step by step instructions to get it loaded up and ready to play. As long as you meet the download requirements (which there are many) you are set to go. As soon as you are done, you can start to enjoy yourself and have many of your friends’ and family members to join in on the fun as well.

Pixelmon Kalos - Pokemon's X & Y Recreated

When you are finished playing, you will be able to download the files so that you can begin storing them on your computer. If you did not know, there are many websites that allow you to transfer the games so that you can continue to enjoy them on your computer. As long as you use one of these services, you will never have to worry about missing one of your favorite Pixelmon Kalos games again. There are many of them out there and they are all completely free for you to download and enjoy.

Get Pixelmon Kalos – Pokemon’s X & Y Recreated Download Options

Download Links of Pixelmon Kalos – Pokemon’s X & Y Recreated Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5 / 1.12.2

Sours: https://www.2minecraftmod.com/pixelmon-kalos-pokemons-x-y-recreated-mod.html

Kalos pixelmon

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Road 18 a jeskyně!! - Pixelmon Kalos Adventure Map w/FireWater(Mod)

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