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Acclaim Sound & Lighting
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ADJ Stinger II 3-FX-IN-1 Moonflower, Laser, & UV Effect Light with Xstatic X-T770 Twister Fog Machine & Remote Package

American DJ Stinger II 3-FX-IN-1 Moonflower, Laser, & UV Effect Light

Similar to the Stinger 1, the ADJ Stinger II offers 3-FX-IN-1 mobile friendly fixture. What’s different with the Stinger II is the eight 3W UV LEDs that offer a new dimension of excitement for mobile DJs, bands, small clubs and bars, roller rinks and bowling centers with its room-filling razor sharp beams of light.

The UV LEDs combined with the HEX LED Moonflower and the red and green “Galaxian” style laser give entertains a lot of options for hours of entertainment. This fixture has 15 built-in color options, smooth steeper motors for a premium lightshow and a 4-button DMX function display.

The Stinger II may be controlled by DMX, its own built-in programs, a UC IR wireless remote, or the Airstream IR app.

Xstatic X-T770 Twister 770 Watt Water-Based Fog Machine with Wireless Remote

The X-Static X-T770 Twister is a powerful 770 Watt Water-Based Fog Machine designed to provide superior and uninterrupted performance in the demanding mobile applications of today. Includes wireless remote control.

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American DJ Startec Rayzer RGB LED Wash & Laser Light

American DJ

Starting in 1985 as a supplier of lighting products to mobile entertainers, the Los Angeles, California-based ADJ Group has grown into a diversified global enterprise that includes five successful companies: American DJ, Elation Professional Lighting, Acclaim Lighting, American Audio and Global Truss. Collectively, these companies provide lighting, audio and staging products for nightclubs, discos, mobile entertainers, bands, concert tours, theatre productions, TV shows, cruise ships, churches, trade shows, architectural applications and more. With offices on five continents, the company has earned an international reputation for quality, reliability and value, and is credited for many breakthroughs that have occurred in the professional lighting industry over the past 25 years. Much of this is because, despite its stellar growth, ADJ is still operated by its founders, who have always adhered to the strictest quality standards and followed a visionary philosophy of innovation. From the company’s earliest days, when it introduced the first reliable sound-active lighting for discos and clubs, to its present-day advances in the field of LED lighting, ADJ Group has been a pioneer in lighting technology, while always putting the customer first. ADJ Group offers a wide range of lighting products, including intelligent DMX moving heads, sound-activated club effects, gobo projectors, LED lighting, fog and special effects machines, lasers, stage par cans, low resolution video screens, and indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, as well as lighting controllers and control software. In the professional sound area, the company sells mixers, turntables, digital CD/MP3 players, speakers, amplifiers MIDI controllers and microphones.

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