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I thought at home I would get the first number, but my parents didn't say anything for almost a week. And so one evening they invited me to the table and started from afar. I saw that they didnt know where to start, and that bothered me even more. Unable to withstand such a situation, I asked directly on the forehead: - If they called me to scold, so scold, otherwise look at.

Each other and be silent.

What have I done. And if you suddenly made a mistake in something. And now Phaethon will not just let anyone on board, but will not let me out of here either. What if everything freezes.

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And now it's time to enter the office, I went in, greeted, she answered, she was not scary at all, on the. Contrary, quite calm, so that all my excitement immediately disappeared somewhere. She showed where to undress, where to put things. I went behind the screen and began to take off my jeans.


Everything that could be shoved inside my body, bottles of different calibers, different containers were used. The youngest of the sisters and the smallest, Sveta offered a very interesting option. She lay down on the floor and bending her left leg, pressing the heel to the buttock, put her sharp knee forward.

Having lubricated it, Julia and Anya took me by the arms, and Yana and Olesya by the legs, began to lower me, thereby pushing me on my.

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Let's make an agreement from Moscow to work tomorrow morning. I was not so confused, but when I arrived home, I looked at the mail, and there was a letter from her from Nelia. My husband is a moron, he is terribly jealous, even though I have never cheated on him.

Therefore, you can only meet in Yasnogorsk, where my mother lives.

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My aunt decided to build a small bathhouse, which was located at the end of the garden. Before that, there was not a single bath in the village. I had to wash in the oven or in the trough, right in the hut. It was very uncomfortable, and you can't call it a good wash.

In the summer, we washed ourselves on a river or pond.

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I want you, I'm all wet, take me. - begged the sister of a friend. Ivan, knocked the maiden onto a painted desk, on which during the day village girls were embroidering with a cross, lifted the hem of her dress, pushed the fabric.

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