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Top Five Best Utility Pocket Knife Reviews

A Utility Knife is a weapon, which has varied functionality. The Best Utility Knife can be employed for arts, DIY, crafts, scraping, cutting, & other plans. It all depends on the work, which requires to be done with the utility knife; the choice of the Best Folding utility knife can be made. For example, when you need to hit a box, a blade, which can extend & remove immediately to a set length, would be helpful. Whereas, while crafting the knife which holds different heights will give versatility. If you are confused and finding for the Best Utility Knife, don’t worry. Here we have done some research for you and examined 10+ products and then finalize these five best utility knives for you.

Why did we need to use the Best Utility Knife?

use the Best Utility Knife

The Best Utility knives are an essential part of all human’s toolkit, whether you are a DIY hobbyist or a highly-skilled expert. There are so few places where it’s damaging to have one, and you never identify when you will need to slice through a unique material or get a sharp cut to check out a judgment you have taken.

However, not all knives are designed equally, and utility knives are no different. However, unlike traditional kitchen knives, the varieties are not merely in the aesthetics and sharpness – some will provide for different lengths or interchangeable knife blades, and others might be made purely for cutting the specific material. Purchasing the best tool is necessary, particularly if you are preparing to use it pretty often.

Below is our list of Top five Best Utility Knife Reviews that stand out from the comfort, along with few reasons why they might be excellent for you.

Best Utility Pocket Knife

Here at BestDamascusKnife, you will find several Utility Pocket Knives – some knives have fixed blades, few folds, and few are retractable. You can buy on your choice, but it’s great to look at any of the top picks on buying right now. So, please take a look at these five good knife reviews if you’re hoping to find the best utility knife for your requirements. Check and consider all the positives points about each product, think about your budget and demands, then get an informed purchase!

Editor’s Note: We will update this list as more Cool Utility Knife hit the market.

No. 1 Box Cutter Utility Knife – All Purpose

Box Cutter Utility Knife - All Purpose


Retractable Multi-Position Blade, Lock-Back for Safety 5 Sharp Blades with Storage in Non-Slip Handle Ergonomic, Easy Comfort Grip Design Protects Knuckles!


  1. NOT YOUR Normal BOX CUTTER/UTILITY KNIFE! Completely RETRACTING and LOCKING variable position blade – Lock closed or reached out to 1/8, 1/2, 3/4 or 1″ – Lock-back design secures the edge in any position. Remarkable Protected DESIGN includes reasonable control for accurate cutting and spares your knuckles as well.
  2. Simple CHANGE, Snappy Discharge – Expand the blade, press the button, and reverse or switch. Accompanies 5 hardcore reversible high carbon SK5 blades with substitution stockpiling incorporated right with the handle. Utilizations standard substitution blades. Disregard CERAMIC! Go for dangerously sharp and reasonable to supplant!
  3. Rock-solid, Tough zinc-alloy body with agreeable, ergonomic TPR rubber grip. Still lightweight – Fits in your back pocket! 6.75″ x 3″
  4. BEST FOR GENERAL and Accuracy Slicing – Cut through cardboard, carpet, drywall, rope, vinyl, leather, flooring, wood. Use for boxcutter apparatuses and accurate cuts for expressions and specialities or interest. MAKES An Incredible Present for the practical individuals on your rundown!


No. 2 Internet’s Best Premium Utility Knife

Internet's Best Premium Utility Knife


Set of 2 – Retractable Razor Knife Set – Extra Blade Refills – Box Cutter Locking Razor Knife


  1. Heavy-Duty UTILITY KNIFE: Metal, solid design with elastic grip takes into consideration an enduring, amazingly tough cuts and cuts on boxes, plastic bundling, and lashes. Incorporates 2 premium utility knives. Impeccable box cutter utensil
  2. RETRACTABLE and Movable BLADE: Razor slides open to 3 diverse blade lengths for precise cuts. Blade effectively withdraws to bolt securely inside the metal frame when completed the process of utilizing
  3. Fast Discharge: When razor should be supplanted, broaden the disposable cutter as far as possible, press the red button, and expel the extremely sharp steel. Supplement the new knife while pressing down the red button until secure
  4. Substitution BLADES: Incorporates top off pocket containing 5 additional blades
  5. DIMENSIONS:5″ Width x 6″ Length. Set of 2 Utility Knives.


No. 3 Husky Folding Sure-Grip Lock Back Utility Knives Multi-Pack (3 Piece Set: 3 x Husky Knives w/ Blades) (Colors Vary)

Husky Folding Sure-Grip Lock Back Utility Knives


  1. TEXTURED HANDLE takes into account expanded friction between the unit and your hand, taking into account more prominent control, even in dangerous conditions
  2. Cord LOOP at the base of the handle will empower you to keep this on your individual when you need more space in your pockets
  3. Intense BELT CLIP on the unit keeps this safe on your pockets or work belt for when you need it most
  4. SAFE DESIGN: This blade folds in on itself, so you can spare you and everyone around you safe when it’s not being used
  5. INCLUDED BLADES: 3 dispensable blades accompany this unit


No. 4 Tape King Utility Knife Box Cutters (12-Pack Bulk, 18mm Wide Blade Cutter)

Tape King Utility Knife Box Cutters


Retractable, Compact, Extended Use for Heavy Duty Office, Home, Arts Crafts, Hobby for Cutting Boxes, Cartons, Cardboard


  1. ECONOMICAL AND Expendable BOX CUTTING BLADES – Blade width is 18mm (0.71 Inches) Compact and lightweight with an agreeable grip and higher retractable blade.
  2. Slicing Easily – Prepared to utilize, cut, and hurl or keep some around as an extra utility knife in your carport, tool kit, home, and office.
  3. 18MM More extensive BLADE – Hardcore Perfect for Thicker Cuts. Use for business or modern applications like thicker paper, tape, plastic, cardboard, balsa, basswood, photos, coupons, cardstock, mat board, foam board, fragile fabrics, crafts, amazon, ups or post office bundles.


No. 5 COSCO 091524 Box Cutter Knife w/Shielded Blade, Black/Blue

COSCO 091524 Box Cutter Knife


  1. Easy cut Individual Retracting cutter
  2. The Best Box knife cutter with the shielded blade.
  3. The Safety-tipped blade
  4. The Blade storage section
  5. Retractable edge guides



“All brand names and images are Registered Trademarks of their respective companies. All manufacturers names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and it is not implied that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers or approved by any of these manufacturers.”


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If you usually discover yourself opening boxes, the best box cutter remains one of the must-have accessories for you. Although most people prefer to kitchen knives for cutting taped flaps of a cardboard package, it is not the perfect tool for the task.

Regardless of how sharp the knife is, applying it for this purpose can make it dull quicker reducing its effect on what it is built to do. Now the question appears; should you just go for any box cutter out there?

That is NO! If every box cutter out there was deserving purchasing, none of us would be here! But since you are here, my team and I have found the market’s top 10 box cutter for you in 2020-2022.

Hence, before you reach your wallet for one, make sure to give some minutes to our top-notch reviews!

The Best Knife For Opening Boxes In 2020

The Best Knife For Opening Boxes

In this article at BestDamascusKnife, will give you the guide on Best Box Cutter. Check out 10 of our top picks below, or scroll deeper for longer reviews of Box Cutter and other high-ranking options.
Here is the list of Top 10 Best Box Cutter in 2020.

  • Box Cutter Utility Knife – All Purpose, Retractable
  • Internet’s Best Classic Utility Knife – Set of 2 – Retractable Razor Knife Set
  • FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife – Heavy Duty Box Cutter with Holster
  • COSCO 091524 Box Cutter Knife
  • RJWKAZ Mini Utility Knives Box Cutter
  • Lnchett Box Cutter
  • Tape King Utility Knife Box Cutters
  • Utility Knife Heavy Duty Box Cutter
  • Folding Pocket Utility Knife, Heavy Duty Box Cutter with Holster
  • Slice 10400 Box Cutter

Editor’s Note: We will update this list as more Box Cutter hits the market.

1: Box Cutter Utility Knife – All Purpose, Retractable

Box Cutter Utility Knife - All Purpose, Retractable


  • Multi-Position Blade
  • Lock-Back for Safety
  • 5 Sharp Blades with Storage
  • Non-Slip Handle Ergonomic
  • Easy Comfort Grip
  • Design Protects Knuckles!


  1. NOT YOUR AVERAGE BOX CUTTER Or UTILITY KNIFE! FULLY Removing & LOCKING variable position blade – The lock closed or continue to 1/8, 1/2, 3/4, or 1 inch – Lock-back configuration locks the blade in place in any form. Uncommon Limited DESIGN combines great control for accurate cutting and protects your knuckles too.
  2. The EASY-CHANGE, QUICK RELEASE – Simply stretch the blade, squeeze the button and reverse or switch. Appears with 5 heavy-duty reversible high carbon SK5 blades with replacement storage developed directly into the handle. Applies standard replacement blades. Omit CERAMIC! Go for razor-sharp and cheap to renew!
  3. HEAVY-DUTY, Enduring zinc-alloy body with convenient, ergonomic TPR rubber grip. But lightweight – Implements in your back pocket! 6.75″ x 3″
  4. Most beneficial FOR GENERAL and PRECISION CUTTING – Slice through cardboard, carpet, drywall, rope, vinyl, leather, flooring, wood. Use for boxcutter tools and precise cuts for arts and crafts or hobby. Offers A GREAT GIFT for the working people on your list!
  5. 100 percent of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! If you are not entirely happy with your Utility Knife.


2: Internet’s Best Classic Utility Knife – Set of 2 – Retractable Razor Knife Set 

Internet's Best Classic Utility Knife - Set of 2 - Retractable Razor Knife Set

Sours: https://www.bestdamascusknife.com/guide/best-box-cutter/
  1. Razor bean bags
  2. Bennche 1000 utv
  3. Epson 2760

If you tote a knife as part of your everyday carry, you probably don't need a limited-edition full-tang damascus steel beast designed for skinning game. On the other hand, pocket knives are easily misplaced. They also break and get confiscated in the name of homeland security. Here's a small, inexpensive Gerber knife that'll thrive in any urban wilderness situation, whether you're opening Amazon boxes or cleaning your nails after hunting down some feisty take-out.

The first thing you'll notice about the 22-41830 EAB is that it's tiny. The stainless steel knife measures just under three inches when folded and features a lock blade when extended to its full 5-inch length. If its edge gets dull, simply replace the blade with a common utility blade. These come in packs of 20 and cost eight dollars. There's a built-in clip that'll help affix the knife to your pockets too, but EDC minimalists may want to use it to store their cash. And at a few cents under $14 for an entirely new one, it won't be the end of the world if you accidentally bring it to the airport and the TSA officer decides he wants it for himself.

Sours: https://www.wired.com/2013/09/gerber-tiny-knife/
Damascus steel from two tape measures and 100 blades of stationery knives

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7 Reasons Why You Should EDC a Utility Knife - Everyday Carry

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